August 08, 2007


Hello Y'all! Hope you are all doing well and keeping cool this hot August!:) Ah!!! Two more awards for me from the sweetest girl Amanda of "little foodies"!:))

"The Thoughtful Blogger Award is for “those who answer blog comments, emails, and make their visitors feel at home on their blogs. For the people who take others’ feelings into consideration before speaking out and who are kind and courteous. Also for those bloggers who spend so much of their time helping other bloggers design, improve, and fix their sites. This award is for those generous bloggers who think of others.”

Hee Hee! Me likey dis!!

"The Power of Schmooze Award is for bloggers who “effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.”
Thank you Amanda.I appreciate both of them and what they are meant for.However,I CAN NOT choose just five bloggers out of my fave 100+ to award these,so I am skipping this step! Hope you don't mind!:)
Have a great holiday dear Amanda!

Colorful sweet Bell peppers; feast for the eyes and soul!

I am in love with these colorful Bell peppers,and I am attracted to them like magnet at the grocery store! You will see more recipes with these at Aroma too until they run out of these colorful peppers for this season!!:D
Anyway,today's menu is Shahi veg this and Shahi Murgh that,a Filipino Chicken Adobo(rejoice Y'all non-veggies!:D),Naans and a yummy Chocolate Ice cream with a very shameful story for a cook like me!!:D
Shahi Kaju Mirchi-Baingan(Royal style Bell peppers and Eggplant in Cashewnuts gravy)
Shahi Badami Murgh (Royal style Chicken dish in rich creamy Almond gravy)
An easy No-Yeast Naans, Nita Mehta style which I liked!!

And a very popular Philippines dish Adobo with Chicken,
for dessert, Chocolate Ice cream with Chocolate chip Cookie chunks!

Shahi Kaju Mirchi-Baingan:
This recipe is based on Nita Mehta's book but I changed the recipe slightly and used Peppers and Eggplants.

This is a flavorful rich Mughlai style dish with creamy nutty sauce which tastes so good with Parathas.Tastes better next day,so all flavors mingle together overnight.You can use meat or any of your fave vegetables as well.
You Need:
2 long purple Eggplants, 1 each yellow ,Green,red and Orange bell peppers,2 tbsp oil, 1/8 tsp Turmeric, 1/2 tsp Rajwadi Garam masala or just regular Garam masala,salt, 1/4 cup plain yogurt,1/4 cup milk,1/2 cup water.
To grind: 6 tbsp Cashewnuts broken to pieces, 2" fresh ginger,2 garlic, 1/4 tsp sweet paprika for color and 1/2 tsp chilli pd for heat.
To season: 1 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp butter mixed, 1 tsp shah jeera or cumin seeds,1 Bay leaf, 2 small onion finely chopped.
For Garnish: finely chopped cilantro,4 toasted Cashewnuts,split.
How to make it:
1. Slice peppers and Eggplants and fry in oil in a non-stick pan for 3 mins until they wilt.Keep aside.Grind Cashews,ginger ,paprika and garlic to a smooth paste.Keep aside.
2. Heat oil+ butter,add a bay leaf, Shah Jeera or cumin seeds,onions,fry until reddish.Add turmeric, Garam masala and salt.
3. Add in ground masala paste,cook for a minute until you see oil on top.Whisk yogurt,add to the pan and cook until almost dry stirring often.
4. Turn down the heat, add water and milk,simmer gently for 5 mins.
5. Add in all the fried vegetables to the pan,simmer until the sauce thickens a little.
6. Garnish with Cilantro, toasted Cashews and serve with layered Parathas.

Shahi Kaju Mirchi-Baingan with layered Parathas:


Shahi Badami Murgh:
Badam Murgh is from a book called "Simply Indian" by Tahera Rawji and Hamida Suleman.I changed the recipe again since the instruction were not very clear in this book.I used my experience with their ingredients to cook my way,dish turned out very tasty!:)

You Need:
4 chicken breasts, chopped into bite-sized pieces,2 medium onions, 2 tbsp oil and butter, 1 cup plain yogurt,whisked smooth, salt to taste, 1 bay leaf, 2 tsp coriander powder, 2 tsp cumin powder, 20 whole almonds, blanched and peeled and ground to a paste or use 6 tbsp already peeled and sliced Almonds,toast slightly and grind to paste with little water.
To Grind: 2 garlic, 2" fresh ginger, 2 green chillies, ,
To Sprinkle: 1/4 tsp each of mace powder, cardamom powder and cinnamon powder or powder 1/4 tsp of each whole spices or 1/tsp Garam masala.
To garnish: 2 tbsp cream,cilantro few slivered toasted Almonds.
To make it:
1. Make a paste of ginger, green chilies, and garlic. Keep aside. Slice onions finely, fry in 2 tbsp oil until they are golden ,cool, grind to a paste.Blanch Almonds in hot water,peel and grind with little water to a smooth paste.
2. Mix yogurt, salt, ginger garlic paste, onion paste, and chicken. Marinate in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
3. Heat 2 tbsp oil and butter. Add bay leaf. Take out just the chicken pieces out of the marinade (not the liquid) and fry until almost dry. Take them outon a plate.
4. Add all the marinating sauce to the pan , fry until thickish sauce and oil shows on top. Add coriander powder, cumin powder, 1 cup of yogurt, and fry again on low heat until thickish gravy is left.
5. Add the chicken, Almond paste with 1 cup of water, and simmer for 15 minutes on low heat.Add salt and pepper to taste.
6. Sprinkle mace powder, cardamom powder and cinnamon powder on top, mix and turn off the heat.
7. Garnish with cilantro, cream and slivered almonds and serve with Naan and/or rice, Lime silces,sliced red onion and raita.

No-Yeast Indian style Naan!
So far,I have tried yeast Naans like here and here, which are great tasting but I always wanted to try the real Indian style Naans.I saw this recipe in Nita Mehta's book as Kheema stuffed Naans.I skipped the stuffing,followed the recipe,came out pretty good.Tastes best fresh out of the oven!

You need:
2 1/2 cup Plain flour,1/2 tsp baking soda,1/2 tsp salt,1 tbsp Ghee,1/2 cup Milk, 1 tsp Baking powder, and about 1/2 cup warm water.(Melted butter,1 tsp black Poppy seeds to brush on top)
How to make Naans:
1. Heat milk until warm for 1 minute,add to a big bowl with baking powder to it and let it rest 1-2 mins.You see the bubbles on the surface.
2. Now mix flour,soda, ghee and salt,rub with your fingers to mix ghee,add to the milk and baking pd mixture.
3. Knead to a pliable dough adding enough warm water,smear some oil,cover and let it rest for 3-4 hrs.
4. Heat the oven to the maximum 550F. Divide the dough to 6-8 pieces,roll out to circles,stretch one side to make tear shape,place them on baking sheet 2 or 3 at a time.Touch the top with wet fingers wherever you want the naan to be golden.
5. Slide into the oven and let it puff for 5-6 mins,watch it carefully.Take them out,brush with butter and poppy seeds mix and cool on the rack.Repeat with others.
6. Wrap with the foil if you are not using them immediately,reheat in the oven.

Homegrown Pear Tomatoes Salad:

This is easy to make.I have surplus of Pear Tomatoes with just one single plant! I am practically eating these every day which I don't mind at all.Love the color,shape and the sweet taste, perfect!:)
How to toss the salad:
Slice the tomatoes lengthwise in a bowl.Sprinkle some Cilantro,salt,freshly ground pepper and 3 tbsp Italian dressing which has olive oil, vinegar,garlic,Italian herbs and chilli flakes.Toss everything and chill in the fridge.

Badami Murgh with Naan, rice and Salad:


A delicious Filipino Chicken Adobo:
One of my readers,Geethi asked me whether I have ever tried Adobo.At first I thought she is talking about a Mexican Adobo (Chipotle Chillies soaked in Adobo sauce) and then started searching for a popular Filipino Adobo.I tried a small amount just to taste it first.This dish turned out so delicious,it is going to be a favorite dish for us.Hope you try and enjoy.I found the original recipe for Adobo here, I have changed the recipe a little by skipping Potatoes etc.Vegetarians can use the same recipe with any veggies like Potatoes and Cauliflower.Hope you try!:)

Dark and delicious Chicken bites marinated in soy sauce, Lime juice, Apple Cider vinegar, garlic, onions, and bay leaf, and simmered with little brown sugar, dashed with Sambal Olek or pepper,Adobo from Philippines is a absolutely surprisingly delectable dish.
Here is how I made it:
1. Cube 2-3 Chicken breasts into bite sized pieces,place in a bowl.Now add juice of 1/2 a lime,1 tsp Garlic powder or 2 fresh Garlic pounded,1/4 cup light and low sodium soy sauce,1 tbsp dried Onion flakes or 2 tbsp minced onion, 2 tsp brown sugar or dark molasses,2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar,1/2 tsp Chinese Five spice, mix and marinate overnight in the fridge.
2. Next day, heat 2 tsp butter in a wide non-stick pan, add 1 bay leaf.Pour in the marinated chicken with all the liquid,2 tsp sweet dark Soy sauce and pepper or Sambal Olek(red hot chilli sauce).Do not add salt until dish is done,since Soy sauce has salt in it already.
3. Stir-fry on medium heat until it cooks down and the sauce is thick,shiny and clings to the chicken.Taste for salt and sugar, add only if needed.Serve garnished with Green onions on it's own or with little rice. YUM!!
Thanks Geethi,it was a great and delightful learning experience!:)


Ghirardelli Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate cookies served with honey and Vanilla filled Pirouette!

To make this: Beat 1 Egg and 6 tbsp sugar until white and fluffy,add 1 cup Half and Half or cream, 1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup melted Ghirardelli chocolate,1 tsp vanilla essence.Add to the machine,churn for 25mins or freeze in the container for 2 hrs and blend again.Now add 6 chocolate chip cookies cut into chunks to the machine,let it mix for 2 mins or add to the blended Ice cream,mix and return it to freezer overnight.
To serve: Drizzle honey on the top of Ice Cream and arrange few Pirouettes.

My miserably failed attempt to make Mexican fried Ice Cream!!!

Well..I thought I will try making fried Ice Cream.Took 2 scoops of Ice Cream, rolled them in the Graham cracker crumbs powdered, and put them in the freezer for an hr.I heated the oil, brought the Ice Creams out and immediately added to oil.They fried well ,I got happy and then the disaster!!! They split and started to melt.I threw them all out along with the oil!!
What might have gone wrong? I should have frozen the coated scoops overnight and heated the oil little more,fry quickly less the minute and take them out! Shame on me!! :D

My "little girl" is ready to fly drive! Actually,she has a learner's permit and still practicing to get the real license!:D

We bought her a Nissan Versa SL yesterday with AC,Power,Blue Tooth phone tech and MP3 plug in. Her rank in school is #1 in 10th grade again, so we thought we should reward her with a new car.I am glad I don't have to haul her everywhere from this year! One down,one to go.YESSS!! Nissan car dealership manager and salesman both are Arvind's patients,so we got a pretty good deal!!;D
She will be finishing HS with 6 AP's and one year early after 11th grade this year.For 12th grade, she will be attending first year of college(school's choice) for lessons although she will still graduate(official ceremony) from HS after 12th. School will take up the tuition for first year of college,then she can choose which college she wants to go to graduate in Biology.

Have a great weekend! Next week, I will post some cool summer veg. salads and more non-veg dishes!:)


swapna susarla said...

Hi ashaji
CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!!for both the awards.

Congrats to trisha for her wonderful achievements in studies and for her new gift also.

What is lasik surgery?I can understand it is for the eyes but why ??????Take care of urself.

Sometimes disasters happen asaji.As a great cook i think u know it:-D

Unknown said...

I have always wanted to try to make Naan. This no-yeast recipe looks like a good starting point. Can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

YAy, I am the first to comment. That Bell pepper-Brinjal Sabzi is looking too good. The Filipino Adbobo has been on my to-do list for a long time. I think I will just go with your tried, tested and much liked recipe.

However, the real reason I wanted to comment was to congratulate you on those two awards you got. I cannot think of any other blogger who can claim those two titles as much as you.

Go Asha-ji!! That Car looks Hot, btw. Your daughter should be very happy...

Kay said...

Trisha, you go girl! :) Congrats on the car and the grades!

Asha, that makes sense to have two blogs then. Congrats on the two new awards. :) I appreciate the way you take time to reply every one of the comments.

J said...

Hi Asha! The "Shahi" got me here :) What a lovely spread! And you are on an icecream feast!! I should make some too I think! Can I use potatoes instead of eggplants? Or some other veggie? Congratulations on the awards! you truly deserve them :) Congrats to Trisha too for her car and hardwork! You can send me some of those tomatoes, they look lovely :) Have a nice day! Hugs!

sra said...

Asha, you deserve every bit of those two awards, keep up the good work!
That's such a vast array of dishes! And the eye business is scaring me - best of luck and keep us posted.

Kajal said...

I think this thoughtful blogger award is only for you.....Like your Shahi Kaju Baingan…this is very different but delicious dish. Indian Style Naan looks very crispy.....and my favorite is here..... I love you chocolate ice cream. One day I also taste fried Ice cream but I love ice cream not fried.....Trisha Coagulation for your License and Rank. Asha this is very nice idea to reward your daughter.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
congratulations for the awards.u truly deserve it.u respond to each and every comment and tht is what i like in ur blog apart from ur cooking.u make a non blogger like me feel at home.
the dishes look delicious and i am going to try ur naan.


gayathre said...

Hi Ashaji,
First of all,congrats to the proud mom and then kudos to the lovely daughter!ur blog is really inspiring and the recipes are easy to follow.i am getting addicted to ur blog.

Priyanka said...

Oh... now i know about the bell pepper dish that you were talking about on your previous post. Its a real feast for both- the eyes and the palate. I havent ever made naan before.... will try it out sometime... since schools started, its been a little hectic. I dont even have a blender, not to mention the icecream maker.... you keep dishing out such mouthwatering icecreams, it makes me ravenous and then i drag P to our local cold stone for some:)

Priyanka said...

And congratulations on both the awards- you deserve it. Your daughter must be so happy and excited to be driving the new car!!!

Pavani said...

Hi Asha, Happy Wednesday!!! Shahi Bell peppers recipe and no-yeast naan look yummy. Will try that gravy with paneer..
Congrats to Trisha (and of course you and Arvind)on her achievements. Have a great day and take care of urself.

FH said...

Swapna,are you commenting from India girl?! Thanks!:))
I wear thick glasses bcos I can't see without them!Planning to get a surgery to correct,nothing major.Trisha is a great gal,she deserves it!:)
Have fun there buddy.You are right!A little disaster shouldn't stop anyone.Hahaha!!

Hi Erin,thanks.I do have a great garlic Naan recipe with yeast if you would like to try.This Naan is great tasting fresh out of the oven,when cooled it does gets little tough.Yeast keep them soft longer.Enjoy both!:))

Vee,thanks for visiting and yes! Trisha is grinning like a Cheshire cat!!:D
I didn't know Filipino Adobo existed until Geethi told me and Boy, is it tasty! Hope you do try.Easy too,one skillet dish.
Thanks Vee,call me Asha, ji is not necessary!!!HeHe!!Have a great day buddy.

Kay,thank you very much.It does take time to reply everyone but I am glad to do it smehow!
Foodies are a great bunch and it's feel good to be appreciated!I will let Trisha know,she is a great caring and loving daughter!:)

Hi J! Thanks girl as always!:))
Yes,you can add any veggies as long as you have the Shahi gravy.Original recipe is for just Potatoes.Tastes great.
I have too many Tomatoes,wish I could send you!:)

Arts said...

Congrats to the roud mother :)
Loved the array of foods.. ANd your tomato harvest looks nice! Loved the chocolate icecrem.. felt like helping myself with a scoop! :)
You are allowed one disaster in entire cooking "career" :D

Anonymous said...

thoughtful blogger and schmooze .....luv ur awards.congrats sis
like the shahi dish with yogurt.
when u said
"So far,I have tried yeast Naans like here and here"
fix the links dear
luv the oven toasted naan....vl try it for sure
those pear tomatoes looks so juicy.
cant belive they are from one plant.
fried icecream? never heard of it before.
but what u said was true.....more time on freezing and less time in frying.... dont worry...we all do such things.
congrats to trisha and happy driving
good luck again with the appointment dear....take care :)

Nirmala said...

Great Asha! Congrats on the awards...and again this dinner plate is making me drool like anything...Wonderful combo!

TBC said...

Love your salad, I had no idea that you get yellow colored tiny ones!
Shahi bell pepper sabji looks good.
Congrats on both the e-awards:)You really deserve it.I do't know how manage to do it all inspite of ur busy life , but I'm glad u do!:-)
That is one great looking car & Trisha is one smart gal.She deserves it. Congrats to her!

Mishmash ! said...

Hey, "So far,I have tried yeast Naans like here and here, " the link is not showing...wonder if you forgot to add! Abodo caught my looks so good....and so is Naan....:) And you truly deserve the award...u re a thoughtful blogger...makes us feel at home..,.encourage the new bloggers tremendously!


Mishmash ! said...

hey, u keep the ice cream rolls frozen for over night and then coat with cookie crumbs and coconut flakes if u like and again leave it in the freezer for overnight and fry it....hope it works!


Sharmi said...

hey Asha, congrats on the awards. loved all the recipe. looks like a party at ur place.
Congrats to Trisha on her achievements and a Beautiful Car. She is so lucky to have such great parents and vice versa.
Regarding the surgery, hope all goes well by God's grace.

indosungod said...

Asha, Wonderful and Congratulations on those 2 awards, no one deserves them better than you do. And Congrats to Trisha too and how exciting to be driving that car Hot in Red.

Shahi Kaju Mirchi-Baingan is looking delicious, Have fresh bell peppers and Eggplants so there is nothing there to stop me. There is that Naan again, one of these days I am going to make them too :))

Suganya said...

Hi Asha.....
Alomond chicken is looking great....Naan is looking perfect.... chocolate ice cream in rocking.....

FH said...

sra,thanks girl!:)
Enjoy the non-veg dishes for a change! Eye surgery itself is easy, convincing the doc is harder!:D

Kajal,I will let Trisha know!:)
We all want to be rewarded for our good work don't we? A good incentive to kick the kids to college ASAP!Hahaha!
Fried Ice Cream is a classic Mexican dessert,tried it once!Oh well!:D

Thank you Shalini.That's what I think.Everybody cooks well,it's not about that but to belong to a great foodie community is great feeling!:)
Enjoy the Naan.It becomes little hard when cooled since there is no yeast,so make them just before dinner.

Gayatre,don't get addicted!!:D
I know what you mean.I too go to the blogs just to look at them.It's fun!:)
Thanks about Trisha,she a good kid!So young but she acts and speaks like she is 40!!:D

FH said...

Priyanka,I love those colored peppers and can't stop myself from cooking those often!:) Enjoy the Naan.I have Yeast Naans too,lot softer than these.Try it.
Trisha is grinning from ear to ear.She used to drive my big SUV,didn't like the heavy vehicle.She is happy now with a tiny car!:)

Thank you Pavani!:)
Paneer with Naan sounds yummy! Try the Naans and enjoy.Hugs.Have a great week too.

Hahaha!! Arts,thank you.I think so too,that's why I am smiling.I ALMOST got the perfect fried IC!!:D
Enjoy the day.

Oops! Anusha ,thanks for telling me about links,I will fix it.You do read everything ,don't you? I am happy!:))
Fries IC is popular Mexican dessert,wanted to try once,will try again sometime.Have a good day lil' sis!:)

Jyothi said...

Hello Ashaji, hearty congrats for both awards.

All the dishes looks so yummy... Just love them all. Mainly I am going to try that naan. Looks awesome.

Car looks so pretty. your girl is so lucky and convey my wishes to her about her achievements in her studies.

Take care about your health (eyes)dear. All the best.

Nee said...

Hey you!!
Heartiest congrats on both the awards - can't think of another blogger more deserving.
The bell pepper subzi looks really good, as do the Naans!
And Congrats to Trisha too - are you going to make her ferry Tushar around?? ;-))


Saju said...

What a lot of great recipes! Were the all served at one meal? I am definately coming round for dinner at your house.
Congrats on both the award. Your daughter is lucky - brand new car!
Hope all goes well with the surgery Asha.

FH said...

Thank you Nirmala!:)
I have a great bunch of foodie friend,I am lucky! Enjoy the Badam Murgh,it dise tatst good.Keep one day in the fridge to make it even tastier! Enjoy.

Thanks tbc.I try my best to manage everything,I am a multitasker and enjoy it too!:)
I saw those plants for the forst time too this year,glad I planted them.They are sweet too!

Hi shn,you have fried IC before! You must post next time you make girl and thanks for the great tips!You know freezing twice must work.I will try it again before Summer is over,fingers crossed!:D
I fixed the links now!!I did forget to link'em. Enjoy the Adobo,it's easy and tastes excellent.Glad I tried it and glad you liked the REAL non-veg!Hahaha!

Thank you Sharmi.That surgeon is the best here,so I do feel safe.Trisha deserves it.Hopefully,she won't cause any accidents and drives safely.She is 16yrs old after all!:)
Enjoy the dishes.

Laavanya said...

So much to write... :)
First, Congratulations on the awards - I can't think of anyone else who deserves these more than you.
The bell pepper + brinjal curry looks fab and very rich. Yummy. naans looks really good. Didn't know they would turn out well w/o yeast. Glazed over the chicken pics and went straight to the dessert - chocolate icecream and pirouttes - pretty and oh so delicioso. I'm not a big fan of fried ice-cream but looks like it requires quite a bit of technique huh? Better luck next time.
Cool car and congrats on Trisha's achievement. You must be one proud mom.
Hope your dr. and you can finalize on the Lasik soon. Wishing you the very best!

Tee said...

Congrats! No one deserves these awards better than you :)
A shahi feast in the middle of the week...always welcome. I had a question...what is Rajwadi garam masala? how is it different from the regular one?
Chocolate icecream, my favourite!! can this be made without the machine?
Congrats to your daughter too, both on her academic achievements and her new car!:)

Manasi said...

CONGRATS!!!! u deserve the awards!!

Shahi!! Lovely!!!! Those Nans look perfect.. and without yeast makes it all the more tempting!
as for the disaster dessert... just a small nothing!

Congrats to Trisha!! WOT A BEAUTY that car is!!! lucky gal!! ALl the best to her !!!

FH said...

Indo,blogger is acting weird on me too today,shows error! I deleted three of your's ,that's okay don't worry!Try the easy Naan girl,you will love it:)
I do the same these,cooking with lot of homegrown veggies.Feels great,still waiting for Ridge gourd and snake gourd,being very patient!:D
Trisha is a very happy camper.Good to see she will be independent of me soon,I don't have to drive her everywhere!:)

Thank you Sukanya.Naan and Badam Murgh are perfect together!Hope you try!:)
Ice Creams are a necessity now with almost 100F heat!Phew!

Thank you Jyoti.We were thinking of buying a old car for her but then they are more expensive,plus lot of miles on them too.
Try the naans,easy recipe that the yeast Naans!:))

Hi Nee,great to see you!:)
Hope you doing well after the parents left.Well..time to cook these and pass some time!
You know, I learn to drive when I was 30 and these kids are getting a car at 16!! But I am glad I don't have to drive her around anymore.
Tushar is not sitting there with her for the first year,may be after that I will let him!;D

No, veg with parathas is weekday meal and naan and non-veg is Sunday meal!:D I post once a week ,so I combine them to please both veg and non-veg eaters! Adobo was a experiment with Sunday meal,it was really great,will make again.
We will see what happens next Wednesday about the eye,will update.Trisha is a lucky indeed!:)

Hi Laavanya,thank you so much.I love you all gals,you ARE the best!:)
Fried IC ,I wanted to try bcos it fascinates me.I got some great tips from shn,so I might try again.Enjoy the recipes and thanks for the wishes.Hopefully,he will fix it for me!:))

bee said...

wow, can i come over? everything looks super delish. congratulations and hugs to your star, trisha.

SJ said...

Hi Asha-ji,
COngratulations on both your awards - you certainly deserve them (and more!). Love the chicken dish as well the be;l; peppers one. Will surely try the veg one first as I make only 2 boring preps for bell peppers. Thanks for all your awesome recipes.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Hi Asha

Congratulations. Very colorfull pics... looks delicious ....

Take care

Priya said...

Congrats to your sweet little girl Asha. Wat a way to go.

Congrats on your award and really deserve it.

Whatz all about the surgery? Take care Asha.

Li'l Lite said...

You soo deserve the awards didi!Congrats on the car...the color of the car made me scroll back up and see the red bell pepper!haha..never mind..i m weird in my own ways!The filipino adobo makes me drool..aahh
Reg. the surgery get well soon and take care!

FH said...

Thanks Tee!:)
Rajwadi masada is different for the regular and has a great taste probably with spices than the GM.I bought it last month,really like the flavor.IC can be made made without the machine.I have written that too in there,in between the lines! Enjoy.

Thanks Manasi!:) It is a cute car,perfect for teenagers.I don't like driving that,I am used to big SUVs.She wanted only the red color,had to wait for few weeks!
This Naan is easy,best eaten out of the oven.Try it.

Bee,you are welcome.Make it on a Sunday bcos right now I am eating yesterday's leftovers!:D
They were great,try it sometimes.Trisha is a lucky girl,she is first one who got the car to drive among all her buddies!Hope she drives safely.I have been training her this summer and got an Ulcer too along with many mini heart attacks!;D
You have to experience to know the trauma of sitting beside a teenager while they are driving.They all think they are immortals!!;p

Sj,you are welcome and thank you!:)
Enjoy the dishes.Both Shahi recipes are good with different taste Almonds and Cashews.Hope you try.

Raaga said...

Congrats on all counts. These are well deserved awards indeed. Car is lovely. Trisha must be very happy.

FH said...

Thank you Vanamala!:))
Hope you try the veg dish,tasty with parathas.

Hi Priya thanks.Trisha earned the reward by hard work!:))
Oh, it's just a Lasik surgery for my poor eye sight,nothing major,will let you know what happens next week.

dr,color is color.right? She wanted only the red car,so she got it.It's as big as a bell pepper too, cute!:D
Surgery probably next month,I am okay now:)

Thank you Raaga.Of course she is happy! 16 yrs old and a car! She is grinning from ear to ear since yesterday!:D
Enjoy the dishes.

Richa said...

shahi mirch looks good, i've green, red & orange pepper in my garden, would like to make this :) naan w/o yeast sounds good. for fried icecream, do u think dipping in a thin coat of cornstarch dissolved in water help? just guessing, never tried it myself, though. Congrats to Trisha.

sunita said...

Well deserved awards there...congratulations with a big 'C'...the same to Trisha as well. all the's always such a feast over here :)

Tee said...

Oops! I saw it Asha...thanks again!

Latha said...

Hey Asha,
Congrats on the two awards! You deserve it all! I've not seen anyone with so much enthusiasm and drive as u on blogsphere. You're all over :-)
That looks like a cool meal! I'm not a big fan of baingan but still the shahi bell pepper dish looks real yummy! The naans look so good. I have been wanting to make naan sometime, will try one of u're recipes.
Congrats to Trish on the new car! She must be ecstatic! Lucky girl, she has good parents and u guys have a good girl! Good luck to her!
And on the eye surgery! Good luck, take tons of rest after that!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Asha, congrats on both the awards - well deserved. Also lovely to hear about your daughter's success. A lovely gift!

I also wish you all the best with your surgery!

Your feast looks incredible and I've been drooling all over the notebook!!

FH said...

Rich,thanks! Corn starch is great idea too bcos it binds the coating.I will try next time.I have to get that right,I won't rest until I do!:D

Thank you Sunita!:)
Once you are a parent,you got to do all that,no choice.Our kids are luckier in material things at least than us!:)

Tee,you are welcome.I shouldn't have written inbetn the line there! My bad!!;D

LOL! Come on! You are way better cook than me Meeta!
Thanks for your wishes.It's about time I got my eyes fixed! At last I developed a backbone to pick that phone and call the clinic.Hopefully,it will done soon.
Trisha worked hard in HS both years,so her dad said "okay,she can have a new car".She is happy and she better keep up grade this year too!:D

FH said...

Latha,thank you.Try this Naan ,it's easy and best served fresh.For Shahi can add any veggies,in fact it was made Potatoes in the original recipe.
Trisha worked hard for it,a great reward.Her goal is go to Med. school.Hopefully,that will happen,it's pretty tough here to get in.My surgery is not going happen until next month,will see!:)
Have a great day Latha.Hugs.

Chickoo said...

First of all congratulations!! Trisha is a very bright girl! (Like her mom I guess :)). Nim recipes sakathagive. I will surely send you some authentic karnataka dishes for the RCI karnataka event. Thanks for the update on your health. Take care.

Arts said...

Oops.. I meant "Proud"
And congrats to you to for your awards.. You deserve many more such awards! :)

FH said...

Hello chickoo,thanks girl.Her daddy is smart too,so it works out well like most Indian parents with kids.Our kids are really hard workers wherever they grow up!:)
Try these recipes and yes,send me some authentic recipes too for RCI.
Maryaade ulisikobeku alva Kannadigaru ella serkondu!Bari nalku entry bandre,Karanatakaddu maana maryade mooru kasige hogibidutte!!:D

Thank you Tee! Don't worry about it,I know what you meant.Some days I do lot of typos in comments too!:D

KRISHNA said...

First of all, congrats to trisha and to her proud parents. I like the color of her car.
I love naan recipe without yeast, shahi bell peppers and salad. kanditavagi try madutene.I never tried fried ice cream,I will, some time soon,
Namma friend 12-13 yrs back B'lore nalli lasik surgery madisikondaru, until now they don't have any problem,(they are in S/W field), they dont wear glasses or contacts
Best of luck for your surgery said...

Awesome recipes. The Naan looks out of this world, all of you naan makers are inspiring me to try it out.

Pear Tomatoes look delicious.

Car looks fabulous, Congrats to your daughter!

I have a few friends who got Lasik and swear by it. They got it done at the Aravind Eye Care Hospital in Madurai India!

Chickoo said...

When is the RCI karnataka event? Last date entries ge yavattu? Evattu kelavu adige madi photos tegedu hakona antha iddeeni.

Sumitha said...

Congratulations to Trisha!Everything here looks yummy.For the icecream,do we have to churn the mixture continously for 25 mins Ashakka?
And are you hosting this months RCI-Karnataka Wow!this I shouldnt miss,having spent all my life amidst the wonderful Kannadigas in Blore.When is the deadline?

FH said...

Mamatha,thank you.Hope you try the naan.Fresh agidre chennagirutte.
Good to know about Lasik,many told me the same too.I am ready!:)
My eyesight very poor,I don't think I can go without glasses but will be lot thinner glasses,which is great for me!

Kanchana,thank you!:)
you got Lasik done in Madras.Cool! Here they make too much fuss bcos they are scared of getting sued basically.They go thru' every tiny little thing!:p
Try the Naan with yeast and without yeast,both are great!:))

Deepa, RCI K starts on 26th this month(I will announce little early on 22nd bcos of "only on Wednesday" post here!) and ends on Sept.25th. Bekaadashtu time ide,avasara enilla.Nidhanakke madidroo agatte.Just get photos,you can always type later.Thanks girl!:))

Sumita,thanks.Trisha worked hard last year in school!:)
No,use the blender for 5-7 mins until it is well mixed,airy and fluffy.Keep it in the freezer for 2 hrs,blend again until smooth,put it back in the freezer for overnight.Machine does all that itself within 25mins,blender is fine for 5-7 mins too.Try Pistachio or Mango as in my previous posts.Enjoy:)
Yes ,I am hosting and it starts on 26th Aug to 25th Sept.Plenty of time,send me some authentic ones.I will announce on the 22nd!:)

FH said...

Thanks Bha about everything!:)
Those peppers are very sweet,you will have to add some chilli pd to make them spicy.Enjoy the dishes.You can make IC easily even without the machine,hope you try.

sallywrites said...

Congrats to you for your well deserved awards.

ED is also learning to drive. Scary stuff. Your daughter sounds very bright! Clever girl.

FH said...

Thank you Sally!:)
Trisha drives okay,needs little more practice and then I will take her for the test.Scary is a understatement Sally.I have Ulcer now!:D
Good luck with Ed too.They have to do it somehow,so we can be free!:)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Asha you have some great recipes here, I love the almond one - I just bought some almonds the other day too. :)

Cynthia said...

Asha darling, perhaps I was not reading carefully before... I did not realise that you are going to have eye surgery. Sounds painful, is it going to be?

In terms of the food, your naans continue to be the best around the blogsphere and that homegrown tomato salad lightly dressed to bring out their natural flavour - heavenly.

A hearty congratulations, love and hugs to your "little girl" :)

Anonymous said...

I am speechless ! What a great spread !

Congrats to Trisha on both accounts - studies and car :-)

Thanks for your update on surgery, I was wondering if you had had it yet or not ? And you deserve those awards you are getting from the fellow bloggers !!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know whether plain flour and all purpose flour is same. Or rather can I use all purpose flour for making Naan..
I always get confused with all of these "flour" names..
Take care

Neelam said...

Hi Asha, first of all congratulations for the awards! You really deserve them, I completely agree.
And You are one proud mommy, I must say! Congrats to Trisha for her achievements and the new car!
And you know I was looking for a no-yeast recipe for naan...and here yoo go...Thanks a lot ..I'll try and let u know.
And last but not the least I really feel at home on your blog! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

Congrats on both your awards. I am becoming a fan of your succulent naans.It looks lovely paired up with shahi almond chicken,chicken adobo & kaju mirchi baingan.Top it up with the wonderfully churned icecreams you make.It's a treat for the eyes & the palettes for your lucky family. Take Care Asha.Goodluck on your surgery.


Sig said...

I was waiting for this post Asha... and you didn't disappoint... all the dishes look great... but that adobo.... OMG, mouthwatering... Will be trying that soon...
Hey, cute car... so do you let Trisha drive alone yet? And congratulations on the awards... :)

Keshi said...

Asha that Shahi Kaju Mirchi-Baingan is making me droooool! Im off to lunch soon :)

Best of luck to ur lil girl! The Nissan Versa looks dazzling! Just the right one for her.

HUGGGGGGGGZ n TC of ur health Asha!


Anonymous said...

deserve them! :)i loved that icecream and congrats to ur little princess for her car!

A, mama of twins said...

Hey Asha,
All your food is making me hungry again. Its 10 pm here! :) The adobo chicken sounds good, I made a slightly different version with drumsticks/bbq the other day and we loved it.

Congrats to T on her new machine. I am sure she will love it.

Good luck with eye surgery.

archana said...

Asha Congrats !! for both the awards.You deserve them :)
Congrats and hugs to Trisha.Nissan looks nice.
All the best for your surgery. Take care.
Shahi kaju mirchi looks nice. Naans look gr8 too :)

deepsat said...

Double congrats!!!

Wishes to Trisha on her new car!!

Asha, don't go for surgeries. take a second opinion!!

take care!!!


Meena said...

Hello Ashakka.. You were true about having girl kids.. they are little bit more stronger on the emotional side huh ?? I am so happy for your daughter.. You should be floating in cloud eleven now. Congrats and Good luck to her with the new car.

And yummy recipes as usual.. I have some salad tomatoes hanging in my tomato plant too. Gonna try the salad you had posted. Thanks for the recipe.

Roopa said...

congrats! ASha you rightly deserve the awards! congrats to Trisha for her achievements and hardwork! wow thats a cool present from proud parents to a dedicated daughter.

Lisa Johnson said...

Congratulations on the new awards!! And I love your "little girl's" new car! My first car was a red Nissan Sentra. I loved it!

That was a valiant effort on the fried ice cream. I'm sure you'll perfect it next time Asha! ; )

Srivalli said...

Congrats deserve them and some more too!!...what a lovely spread you have here...everything looks so tempting...I will replace the chicken with paneer..LOL!...

Do take care of your eyes...all the best..and congrats to your guys are doing a great job with is such a proud thing having our kids achieve all the wonders...


Viji said...

Congrats to the mom first for the awards then to the daughter. A nice gift to her too. All dishes are yummy Asha as usual. Chocolate ice cream is yummy too. Take care. The no-yeast naan is a must try item in list. Will try some time as Jai doesn't like yeast smell. Love to see your garden fresh veggies. Good luck. Viji

Raaga said...

And I don't know about mexican fried ice cream, the chinese one is made with wonton skins filled with icecream. That tastes lovely.

Here, we had fried ice cream at a Chinese restaurant - disaster. They'd fried it in some old bread.

Prajusha said...

ok let me congrat Trisha first for scoring good marks and her new gift.And a big congrats to my dear friend for those awards.:)

shahi bell peppers, no yeast naan all looks yummy yummy..
oh..oh..i forgot to tell u one thing.last sunday spl was Hyderabadi Mirchi Ka Salan and my hubby liked it a lot.once again thanks a lot for sharing it and now iam going to try shahi almond chicken.
bestof luck for next week appt.hope everything goes well fine.

SeeC said...

Congrats for the awards Asha.

Congrats to your daughter too.

So many reasons for a lovely feast isn't it.

Loved your Shahi Kaju Mirchi-Baingan. Looks very rich.

No-yeast naan...a must try i think.

Fried-icecream sounds new. I wish I try out everything [but when ?? !!! :( ]

But definitely sometime or other.
Bookmarking it !!

Wishes for your Lasik.

Coffee said...

I see your blog updated, but come only when I have looooots of time since I know its gonna be a long read..... and what a lovely read it was! :D (Despite the non veg part of course! :P )

Crngrats on the two awards!! You truely deserve every bit of it. :)Hugs to trisha!! She deserves it as well. :)

Nan without yeast sounds great and I am gonna try that next for sure!!

FH said...

Hi Jeena,thanks.Use those Almonds in that dish.You can add chicken too or any veggie you like with same gravy.Enjoy the Royal dish!:))

Hi Cynthia,good to see you girl!:)
Lasik surgery is not that painful but they say that eyes burn for about 2 days and then you will be resting the eyes.You can see immediately though!
Garlic Naan is the with yeast,keeps soft.Without Yeast,best fresh and it tends to hard after sometime.Try! Trisha is good daughter,deserves it!:))

Abha, triple thank you for everything. Try Kaju gravy!:))
Trisha does well,works hard at it too.Eye surgery is taking time,but better be safe than sorry,right?:D

Nikki,both all purpose/plain flour are the same just like it's also called Maida in India.Use plain/all purpose flour for naan.There is also a bread flour which makes tender naans,usually used to make white breads too.Hope I didn't confuse more!;D

Neelam,you are home girl and you sre always welcome here and I will be visiting you too!:))
Thanks for everything.Naan was great.I baked them just 15mins before dinner,so they were soft and tasty.Once cooled,they get harder.Enjoy.Hugs.

FH said...

Hello darling Kate,thank you Madam.Naans are always best served with Shahi dishes with their creamy gravy. Enjoy and have a great weekend.Ice Creams are saving our lives this HOT summer,100F+ today!:D
Say hello to Patti for me!:)

Sig,you and shn made me cook real non-veg last week!!Hahaha!! Adobo is fabulous,hope you try.I didn't think soy sauce would taste that good after it cooks down! Not bad!
Trisha has temp.learner's permit,must drive with an insured adult.They have to go thru' 2 week's in school road rules lessons and 6 hrs of driving course with a driving instructor(free but mandatory for all 14yrs olds!)Then they have pass written test to learner's permit.Then you have 3 yrs to get real driver's license with a teat.She is practicing with me and dad!It's hard Sig,your heart jumps every 5mins!!:D
I love your car,specially the Pearly Blue color.Enjoy.She wanted red and only the red!;p

Hope you try Shahi Kaju,yummy!Naan is doable too,easy.Enjoy.
High school kids need the cars.They participate in so many clubs etc after school,I am hauling her everywhere so far.Glad it will be over soon,at least with one kid!:D
Hugs.Have a great day.

Thank you Madhuli!:)
Little princess is almost ready to drive independently!Phew!! It's good that all HS kids are prepared by school systems to drive.I didn't drive until I was 30, pretty hard to learn when you are older!:D

Archana,I am waiting for your Ice Cream's so hot here right now,we need it!:)
Adobo was surprisingly good,I made a small amount.But it's a keeper.Try it Potatoes too.
Thanks girl,keep it cool wherever you are.Hugs to you.

FH said...

Thank you Archana!:))
Hope you try the naan and Kaju gravy,go well together,Enjoy.
Trisha is having fun with her car but not driving today,it's dangerously hot!

Hi Satheesh,thanks man!:))
I am taking it slow on surgery,not rushing at all.They always recommend the most expensive ,don't they? I am watching dvds and researching on the Internet about it.So far Lasik sounds safe but not the other ICL! So will see,thanks again.Trisha is having fun! Have a great day Deepsat!:)

Meena,girls really are very caring.As they become older,they act up a little but that's okay too as long as you let them know their boundaries and how not to cross them. We mothers know all about hormones,don't we?;D
Enjoy the Salad,we need those cool ones in this hot weather!Thanks:)

Roopa,here in US,by the time they 16,most kids have cars,driving themselves to High school! We as Indians think it's too early for 16yr old to drive but these kids do it very well.It's amazing!They have 11th grade and 12th grade parking lots and permits in school! It's so different form what we know in India.I am glad in a way she is going to be independent!
She is responsible,not like most other teenagers,.So we are happy to buy her a car!:)

FH said...

Anali,we test drove red Sentra too!:)
Then she settled for Versa.She is grinning from ear to ear!:D
I just found a better recipe for fried IC ,will try again!:)
Have a great weekend.

Sri,you can use potatoes and Gobi too with Almond gravy.Try it!:)
YUP!!They deserve it specially teenage daughters don't act like typical teenagers!!:D
Did you hear about a teenage girl who was text messaging while driving and crashed? Killed herself and 3 of her friends too.It's scary.I trust Trish,that's why she got the car!:)

Hi Viji,thanks girl for both!:)
I can't believe how fast kids grow up! In 2 yrs she will be gone to college.WOW!! But I am glad she will not be dependent on me anymore for driving.Feels good.
Enjoy the recipes:)

Raaga,fried in old bread! That sound bad.Hey,I like the Wonton idea though.Probably works better than coating with crumbs.Got to try.Thanks girl!:))

FH said...

Prajusha,gald to hear you made Salan and liked it.I love that recipe too,authentic!Thanks fr the feedback and thank you for your wishes too!:)
Yeast less Naan worked well,I didn't expect too much.Great with Badam Murgh.Enjoy buddy,have a great day!:)

Thanks for everything Seec!!:)
Try the meal on weekends,takes a little time.I cook gravy on Friday,put it the fridge for Sunday lunch.Tastes great when it sits overnight!Hope you do.Hugs.

Hello sweet Coffee,that is absolutely fine to come when you have time.No reason to rush since it will here for a week.Take your time!:)
If you want to see a longer post than mine,go to Bee's!Hahaha! That's what I told her last time too! Yeast less naan tastes great when fresh.Nita Mehta is helping a lot!
Hope it's not very hot there,we are boiling here with 100F+! In some places,electricity is failing bcos of the extreme heat with no AC,can you imagine? We are sitting in the AC fortunately,otherwise we have to go to the library to cool down!;D

Sandeepa(Bong Mom's CookBook/DesiMomzClub) said...

hey Asha
Sorry girl, yesterday DSL at home was down and by the time I remmebered it was Wednesday, I couldn't log in :(

But first a Whopping Congrats to Trisha !!! Safe Driving ok ?

I like that chicken adobo, shall try it for sure

FH said...

Hey,don't apologize for anything Sandeepa.It's okay to come whenever you are free.Family comes first as I always say!:))
Hope S is feeling well now.Take care.Trisha is still driving with me,so it is okay right now.
Enjoy the Adobo,it's really yum.Adjust the spices the way you like.Have a great relaxing weekend.Hugs!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi ashaji,
I loved the platter u speread and loved everything.I never ate this mexican fried icecream but heared from my brother.U will suceed next time.:).And good to know about ur daughter congrats to her.I loved ur gift.Hope ur surgery goes well and all will be well.Take care.keep posted.

Smitha said...

Hi Ashaji,
Hearty congrats for both the awards! Well you deserve much more!! :D Love the eggplant and bell pepper recipe you've posted. Will definitely try it out soon!

Padma said...

Yeyyyy Congratulation and that calls for a celebration too...
I loved ur badami murgh and adoba chicken...must say you have lotsa of energy dear...I am learning a lot from you and thanx for being there...I love the way you comment and treat fellow bloggers.

Those awards are well deserved to you. Also those yeast-less naan's looks mouthwatering....great combination for that chicken.

FH said...

Thank you Ramya!:)
I have eaten fried IC just once,like it.I will try and try again!Enjoy the recipes.Have a great day,keep cool.

Thanks Smitha.Good to see you back here!:))
Hope you try the Shahi Kaju,it's great.Enjoy.

Hi Padma,thanks girl!:)
I always love visiting all of you.It takes quite a while for me go thru' all blog everyday but I try my best.I don't want any blogger to drop off bcos they don't get comments and encouragement.We are a foodie community now,aren't we? :) Enjoy chicken dishes,try Adobo,really easy and tasty.

Aruna said...

Asha, U r unbeatable!!! what u feast u have in there, those tomaotoes look oh sooo yummy!!!
I have the 2 chicken recipes on my to try list...Thx!!!

musical said...

Congrats to you for the awards, Akka and to Trisha for her school achievements! and those pear tomatoes are gorgeous, so are those naans! and you really keep tempting me with your ice-creams every time!

thanks for the lasik update, Akka.


FH said...

Thank you Aruna!:))
Try that Chicken Adobo,really tasty.Enjoy the weekend sweetie.

Hi M! Wondering where you were!Thanks.Trisha is very happy!!:))
Try the Shahi Kaju,it's good with naan.Hope you do!
Hope you got the sunshine there girl,we are burning u here! Lasik takes time,may be next month.

Mallika said...

I know exactly why you won those awards. I really look forward to your comments and recipes. By the way, this naan without yeast is a great idea. I am allergic to yeast so a must try making them soon...

FH said...

Hi Mallika,thank you and I look forward to your posts too.Fun to read about your trials too.I appreciate your support as well. Hope you try the Naan,it great fresh out of the oven.See you later!:))

Kalpana said...

What happened to your eyes? Congrats to Trisha. Congrats to you too. Came to Cincinnati. Dealing with jetlag. Loved your dishes. They are mouth watering.:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha , Gud to visit foodies hope , just like aroma , u sure have a lot goin on , hats off to u and i definitely cant agree more to ur being inspirational, thoughtful n also having the power of schmooze:)Congratulations ....u deserve it !!

Suma Gandlur said...

You write such big posts that I forget how many recipes were there by the time I comment.
First, Congrats to your daughter for her achievements and the new car. Hopefully every thing goes well with your eyes.
With that fried icecream, you already know what to do and I am sure you are going to post that recipe within a few days.
I am going to try those naans.
Shahi bell peppers look yum.

Suma Gandlur said...

See, as I said I forgot to congratulate you for your awards. You are the only person who deserves this. Whatever blog I visit, you are the first person to leave a comment.

amna said...

how do u manage to put in so many recipes at one go!! really!!

thanks a ton for liking the pics, I am trying to get better :)

amna said...

oh and by the way, i have never seen pear tomatoes! really amazing.. dont think we can imagine getting that in india any time soon.. is it sour?

Keshi said...

Asha as long as ur girl knows what she's doing, u dun have to be so worried. And I know ur daughter is a wise kid. :)


Bharathy said...

Congrats on your awards!!You really deserve em.Congrats for Trisha for her hard work and the lovely car..

Asha,all the best with your surgery too..:)

mommyof2 said...

Asha, its wonderful news.. You are a great mom and your kids success is the proof.. Congrats to T and hugs for you. Loved her new car. Did she choose it or was it a surprise?

Loved the recipes. Still couldn't try the recipes. A is going to school in 4 weeks so might start everything again then;-)

Just curious, all the ingridients seems almost same in this post so do they all taste like chicken tikka masala recipe I tried from here?

FH said...

Hi Kalpana,you moved! Take it easy girl.Moving is tough.Thanks for commenting though!:)
I wear thick glasses,thought I get Lasik surgery for better vision,nothing major!:)

Thank you Rahin,good to see you girl!:))
I do my best,glad you guys like it.I am trying to keep it to just 4 recipes per week these day!:D

LOL!! Suma,you are making me happy today! Thanks. I moderate and comment early in the morning,so I can get some time to cook and do chores.Sometimes,I am the last one comment too since my laptop closes at 6pm,got to feed the family!:)
Trisha deserves a reward,she works hard every year:)
Enjoy the dishes.

FH said...

Hi Nags,I post once a week just on Wednesdays,so I collect the photos as I cook during the week,easy for me!In fact I could post 6 meals in one post! Nah,just kidding:D
Pear Tomatoes are rare here too,I don't think India has it yet.I found a plant this year.They are very sweet,I just eat them whole everyday!:)

Keshi,she is wiser than me actually! Sometimes she says "mom, don't be so juvenile!" LOL! It's like I am 16 and she is 43!!
She is careful when driving,still needs lot of practice before she takes the test.May be in 3 months time,let's see:)

Thanks Bharathy!:) My sidebar is going to be full if they keep on giving me the awards!:D
It's nice of the bloggers,feels great to be appreciated.

Hi MO2,good to see you blogging and commenting again!:)
Thanks.Trisha wanted only the RED car,so we looked for the red .She came with us for test driving etc.She still needs to get the license though.
Almond chicken does taste different bcos of the amount of Almonds added.Whole Indian cuisine has the same spices but it's the way we fry,boil,cook which makes the difference in the taste.Coriander,Cumin,Garam masala,ginger and garlic are the most common we all use in most Indian cooking but each dish tastes different by the way we use them!
Try it when A starts school,you will know.A is big boy now,huh? Enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...

OMG! Looking at that apread all I can say is "You are just awesome"!!!!

I love the no-yeast naan recipe, will try this soon.

Thanks a lot Asha for sharing all these wonderful recipes!

Also, congrats to Trisha and you too , MOM!!


Pooja V said...

Hi Asha,
You truly deserve the two awards.
I am a total non-veggie. Congrats to ur daughter as well.
I loved shahi almond chicken and naan. I love this blog space of urs.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hearty congrats for those wonderful awards!
Frying icecreams? I read a recipe in Tarladalals Sizzlers. I din't try as I felt it will take too much oil. These recipes are best to read and forget.
Asha we are a team of four. Padma has been busy for some time. My drafts Look like a blog by itself. Each one pestering when are you posting mine.
I too am planning to segregate the recipes like you.
I am very happy to see your 20th anniversary button, there is some one atleast near my age.

FH said...

Hi Sneha,good to see you girl!:)
Thank you for everything.Enjoy the Naans.Trisha is having fun with her car!:))

Pooja, thank you!:)
I have been cooking so many veggie food lately,thought I needed some non-veg!:D
Enjoy and don't forget the Adobo,it's delicious.

Foodie said...

I am in love with those Dhaba Naans and the bell pepper eggplant sabji. I never knew you had a teenage daughter, until I read the few recent posts. Trisha is a lovely name I must say. She must be excited about the new car and driving it too. Sorry about the fried icecream disaster, but the good thing dear, you saved your self from that artery clogging stuff.
I just wanted to tell you that some dhaba naans have eggs too. If you want to give it a try. I might have a recipe for that. I will post it for you.
Hugs, Pintoo

Dee said...

congrats congrats ashakka, Im late as usual. Love the red car and congrats to trisha too.. It seems like shahi time here :) and like to know abt the surgery, I might be in line next!

FH said...

Hi Latha, there one more lady,Linda from "Out of the Garden" too of our "age"!:D I got married early when I was barely 22,have a 16yrs old girl and 12 yr old son.I learnt that Lakshmi is your daughter and married too.So nice!:)
Yeah,dividing blogs is a good idea.We need time to read the recipes and comment too.I love your recipes,so authentic!:)
BBB is a classic Karataka dish,loved the way looks in your blog.
Fried IC,I will try one more time and then I will give up!Hahaha!

LOL! Pintoo,you are right! Ice Cream first and then it's fried.Disaster probably meant to be!;D
Have seen my "Our 20th!" (Dec archive) post? Check it out,you will see how long I have been married!!:)
Trish is having fun but still needs to practice driving a lot,not allowed to drive alone yet.
I saw a recipe with Egg too.Post your's,let's see how they look,must stay softer for a long time unlike these baking soda and pd ones.Still searching for that perfect Dhaba style Naan!:)

Little Miss Muffet said...

ohmigosh! i actually slurped reading ur post..hehhehe..all the chicken stuff looked so stuff to try now :) so trisha got a new car! i can see how she certainly deserves it...have a good weekend!

FH said...

Dee,no, you are not late!:))
Always take your time and then visit when you have time,no problem.
Thanks.Trisha is enjoying her car,got to do the parental thing you know!:D
Enjoy the dishes.
I will definitely post the details of how it all goes down,surgery I mean.My vision is far worse than most,so it's taking a long time for tests etc.Wait until I get it done,then you can decide!:)

FH said...

Thank you M!:)
Trisha deserves this and more if she keeps up with grades and BEHAVES this year too!:D
Try the Adobo,easy and tasty.Have a fun weekend! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I love that red car... ;)

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Eh, not sure how I missed this post! I love the no yeast nan..thanks for sharing A!
And, the car looks awesome..I guess red does that to a car :)
Good luck to Trisha!

Beccy said...

Firstly many congratulations on your awards both of which you fully deserve.

I'm definitely going to try out the almond chicken as I know Dillon will love it.

As for the chocolate icecream...mmm...I really want an icecream maker!

ChrisB said...

Congratulations on your awards-they are well deserved. That is a lovely looking car you gave your daughter. I bet she is thrilled to get it and I can still remember how delighted both my girls were to get their first cars but they were not brand new! Those yellow tomatoes look good :)

Sai said...

Nice the shahi murg and the naan recipe.

I am such a huge fan of fried ice cream....NOT! Of course I have never tried...don't know if I would ever venture.

FH said...

Thanks Anon!:)
Teenagers!! She wanted only the RED!:D

You are welcome Roopa.Yeah! Red stands out,not one of the crowd!:D
Enjoy the recipes.

Thank you Beccy.Hope you are having fun with mum and dad!:))
Try the Almond chicken,it's rich and smooth gravy is excellent with Naan.Ice Cream maker is worth the money Beccy,hope you get one.Enjoy:))

Hi Chris,thank you!:)
We did look at some used cars but they were expensive and lot of mileage on them.These new mini cars were better value. She is happy and that's the only car she is going to get from us until she earns on her own!!;D
Pear Tomatoes are sweet too and rare here as well.

Hi Sai,thanks.Hope you try,they are great together!:)
I wanted to try atleast once to make fried IC,ut not meant to be.I will give one more try and then give up!:D
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Mouth is watering. Mine, of course. :)

ServesYouRight said...

Chocolate icecream and a Red Versa - WOW!!! You, my dear, are absolutely tireless!

Best of luck for the surgery - very happy to hear the update. Hugs,


FH said...

Hi Mnas,mine too but last week!!Hahaha! Thanks , hope you come back.Enjoy the weekend!:)

Hi Smita,thank you.Gotta what you gotta do sometimes!!:D
I have a appointment on the 15th,will update again.
Hope you are having great weekend.Hugs to you too:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the awards - you truly deserve it. And congratulations to Trisha as well - you must be a proud mommy.

The Badami chicken looks delectable - will give it a try sometime and let you know how it turns out. Good luck with the surgery.

Best wishes,

FH said...

Thank you Mamatha!I thought you were vegetarian,good to know your are non-veg too!:)
Badam murgh is great,try Adobo too,very tasty.I will update on the Lasik,appointment is on 15th at 4pm.Have a great Sunday,making Capsicum rice,Raita and Maddur vade for lunch!:)

Sreelu said...


Congrats on your awards and your daughters achivement, must be feeling proud of her.
Love the pear tomato salad.will try to attempt naan.

good luck with your surgery

Pragyan said...

Looking forward to try the naan and shahi recipes! Looks delicious. All the best for your lasik surgery. Have a great day, Pragyan

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha,
Congrats for the new car.
Neevu kannadathalli chennaga mathanaduthira!
When people ask where I belong I always say I am an Indian in the true sense, Having lived in all major cities. Though I was born in Trichy, I have stayed there only for three years.
I am happy that all of you enjoyed the Taj in roses.

FH said...

Hi Sreelu,are you back from India? :)
Good to see you and thank you.Yes,we are proud parents,both kids are great most of the time!;D
Enjoy the recipe,hope you start blogging soon.Hugs.

Hi Pragyan, thanks and enjoy the dishes.Have a great start for Monday!:))
Lasik or ICL ,not decided yet,I will know for sure this Wednesday:)

Hi Latha,Kannada is my mother tongue,English and Hindi are only 2 other languages I know and Mumbai, Madras and Goa are only three cities I have visited other than growing up all over Karnataka! My dad was a Judge,so he got transferred every 3 yrs to different cities in K'taka:)
I get confused sometimes where I am from! My mom is from Hassan coffee plantations and my dad is from around Mysore,very different backgrounds!:D
I showed Arvind(from Sakaleshpura plantations) the Lal Bagh pics,we used to visit too.Nostalgia! Thanks for posting those, we loved it.Happy 60th Independence day, enjoy!:)

amna said...

ohh,, you are the second person to tell me you cant see the pics :( i have no idea why.. sis can see it, so can i..

any ideas why?

FH said...

Nags, try and repost them.Sometimes blogger acts weird.It happens to me too.Bharathy can see the photos? It is strange.I clicked on the photos,it just shows the jpeg numbers.I will check again later!:)

Unknown said...

Hi Asha, all recipes look good:) i am fond of the Naan :) coz I have been wanting to prepare naans and wanted to know how exactly to prepare in oven:) thanks for the info...the fried ice cream is good too:) never had one till date

Cyberkitty said...

Congratulations on winning the awards. Take care of ur eyes!

FH said...

Hi rv,thanks girl.Naan is best when fresh,try it with any Shahi gravy side dishes.Enjoy.
Fried Ice Cream didn't come out well, will try again:)

Thank you Cyber Kitty!:)
My next eye appointment is on Wednesday at 4pm,let's see what he says.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Ashhhaaaa!!! Congratulations ji! And besties for the surgery. I am always the last one to comment here and that is bcoz I love to read your posts at ease before commenting...I love the pear tomatoes (oops and their salad) girl!!! Haven't seen those here India...looks so yummmyyy...And the car is cute..ur children r lucky like me :)

FH said...

Thank you Reeeetttaaa!:D
Hey,that is great to take time to read and then comment! Save the best for last,as they say!:))
Kids these days are luckier in general if you ask me.They have got it made just like you!Hahaha!!
Reeta, do you like Shanty cooler made of Beer? Check out Aroma,we loved it!I made it for the first time too!:))

Namratha said...

Hi Asha, I simply adore your blog...I came across it accidentally when I was looking for the English translation for "akki thari" :) I love to cook too and have started my own food blog as well. I must say you are my inspiration. I have added you to my blog, would you like to do the same with mine? I hope you will take a look:

Thanks a bunch, Namratha

FH said...

Namratha,thank you so much!:)
Glad you have own blog.I assuming you are a Kannadiga too.That means a great to time to have a blog because I am hosting RCI Karnataka 0n 26th.I will check your blog and add you too.Hope to see you back here every Wednesday!:))

Pragyan said...

Hi Asha, In the Naan recipe, did you intend to say "Wrap with the foil if you are -- not -- using them immediately,reheat in the oven."? Just curious if it is part of cooking procedure to heat the naan twice.

Menu Today said...

HEllo Asha,

Congrats!!!!!!!! to Trisha!!!!
Congrats for getting 2 awards..
I liked that Shahi capsicum subzi..will try this soon... Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Congrats, Congrats, first two for the awards and the third for Trisha and her mom. I know parents blessings and efforts are always there behind childrens success.

All your dishes are awesome, loved that bell pepper brinjal sabji. Good Luck for your surgery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Congrats for your daughther's performance in 10th. She must be all exited to have a new car.

Happy independence day to you and your family.

Lasik is an amazing ops. It is painless and I am sure you must be aware that it was invented by Mani Bhawmik while working for Xerox in US. Best wishes.

I have had adobo a couple of times, but getting ingredients here sometime is difficult.Thanks for the other wonderful dishes. Will look forward to the salads next week.

FH said...

Yes,Pragyan! It was missing word puzzle! ;D Nobody told me until now, I corrected it.Thank you so much!:)

You are welcome MT! Are you in India?Good to see you.Have a good time there.
Thank you and try the Shahi peppers,it's really tasty!:)

Thank you Lakshmi!:))
Shahi peppers are great ,hope you are going to try.
I know how lucky most of us Indian parents are! Our kids are hard workers!:))

Hi Kulpreet. Yes, Trisha is thrilled!:)) She didn't like driving my big vehicles,this is a latest mini car,perfect for young kids.
I heard that too about Lasik,isn't that wonderful! My eye sight is pretty bad,so I probably have to go for advanced ICL surgery,I will know for sure tomorrow at 4pm, will update.
Happy 60th Independence day to you and your's!! Enjoy!:))

Amanda said...

Hi Asha,
I made your Almond Chicken recipe this past weekend and it was out-of-this-world tasty.

Made a few modifications (just cooked the chicken in the marinade, instead of frying it first, and added only a 1/2 cup more of yogurt) and we loved it.

The leftovers the next day were even better!

I've loved all the recipes I've tried from your site -- thanks for all your hard work!


FH said...

Amanda, that is great!:))
Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback. Modifications to your taste are always great,I do that a lot too in any recipe.Enjoy:))
More soups and salads are coming tomorrow!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha,

I like your speed! We post a recipe, next moment your comment appears! I was just wondering how you handle so many comments.
BTW your home grown pear tomatoes are looking great!Thanks and bye for now!

Life said...

hello ashaji,

gr8 to know about trisha and her new lovely gift. Even i bought new maruti Wagon R few days back :)

what abt this lasik ??? is everything all right??? pls do update

Happy 60th Independece Day to you ashaji !!!

Take Care

Mandira said...

congrats asha for both the awards, thoroughly well deserved :) the shahi bell peppers is on my to-try list.

Pooja said...

hey Asha,
nice recipes around here as always... and i see that i missed many types of icecream.... i think i will award you as "the best icream maker i have know " :D.
well, you already have many awards , and you deserve it. i liked the idea behind thoughful blogger. you are just like that. :) .
and you know what? you have again made something for which i was lokking a long ago- a nan without yeast. wow! now i have got the recipe , going to try it soon . letme check if i have other things at home....
was about to try your bhakarwadi recipe today then i found that i dont have dried coconut.. ihave the fresh one. any idea, can it work ? . hopefully i will be on my blog from now.
hope everything must be fine there. congrats to trisha. i cna feel how much joy she might be feeling by getting her own first car. :) .

FH said...

HeHe! Latha, blame the google reader! It pops and I am there.I check every hr until 6pm.I like Iyengar and Iyer recipes,I had some friends who gave me lot of recipes,vegetarian of course!See you later:)

Thanks Vikas.Wagon is like Jeep, SUV or pick up truck? Out of touch with Indian vehicles now, been away for too long!:)
Surgery is scheduled yet,I will know tomorrow evening,will update.
Happy 60th, enjoy the parade etc there.

Thank you Mandira. Enjoy the recipes.Shahi gravy is tasty,you can add any other veg too!:)

Poojaaaa!! So nice to see you girl!:)
I thought of you many times but I know you are in a new house and new country,need time to adjust and settle down!:)
Glad you are okay and doing well.Thanks. Biggest award for me is all of you lovely bloggers' visits.Trisha of course is very happy with the car!!:D
Fresh coconut is fine if you finish the Bhakarwadis in 4-5 days.Dry coconut keeps them longer ,that's all.
There are so many events now Pooja, did you see the sidebar? Phew! Make your VOTW once a month too (VOTM),helps a lot!:D
See you later, just salads and soups tomorrow.

starry said...

Congrats to you for getting the truly deserve it.I always love coming to your blog and enjoy reading all the recipes.I have written down a few that I would like to try.Cngrats to Trisha also on all her achievements.

Anonymous said...

Asha, so many wonderful recipes, so little time - how do you do it? I did make your almond chicken, and my family loved it! Thanks for the recipe. :D

Congratulations to the new driver in your family! I know your daughter is thrilled - what an exciting time for all of you! One word of consolation for Mom: All your friends will be on the lookout for a cute little red car, and will let you know every detail of every sighting. I learned this when my daughter started driving (she had a red Beetle). You won't even have to ask them to do it; they'll be dying to tell you. ;)

FH said...

Thank you Lalitha!:)
Yes,Trisha is happy and smiling. I just left a comment in your blog.Hope you are okay! Enjoy the recipes,happy 60th!!

LOL!! Carol,that is a great advice for me and I hope they do tell me where she was!! Red Beetle is so cute! I love the bug!:)
Glad you enjoyed the Almond chicken, thanks for the feedback.Salads and soups are coming tomorrow,see you then! Enjoy.

Swaruchy said...

Hi Asha....Congrats for both your awards....looking at your blog,I can truly say that u rightly deserve those. Thanks for the Naan recipe....I will surely try it :-)

FH said...

Sirisha, I just left a comment in your blog girl and you are here!:))
Thank you, enjoy the Naan.I loved your article, great job!

Keshi said...

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY my beautiful Indian friend Asha! :)


Cyberkitty said...

u just won another award!!

Lotus Reads said...

hi, Asha!

Man, you are so deserving of all those awards! I have often wondered how you do it! You never fail to leave a nice comment on people's blogs and you never fail to respond to a comment people leave you here, it sure takes a lot of skill and effort to do that so you truly deserve to be acknowledged for it. I am so thankful to know a blogger like you! *hugs*

Thank you for the chicken Adobo recipe. My daughter used to go to an after school program run by a lovely Philipina and she often gave them chicken adobo for will bring back sweet memories if I make it for her (my daughter) sometime!

Good luck with Lasik...I plan to do mine in Bombay when I visit next. My best friend is an eye surgeon! :)

FH said...

Happy 60th I day dear girl Keshi!!:)))
You had more fun than us here Kesh.They didn't mention it on CNN today,still waiting!:p

Cyber Kitty, thanks sweetie!! YAY!:))

FH said...

Hi Lotus,good to see you back.Tell us about the vacation!:)
Thank you, I try my best.It does take lot of my time to reply and comment in the morning everyday but I feel like I have to!:D
Enjoy the Adobo,it's tasty. Lasik must cost lot less in India too.I probably get ICL, not decided yet!

Life said...

its family 5 seater car ...

FH said...

Ahh!! We had a Ambassador car in India,remember those old cars?:D

Dhana said...

WOW, what a spread!! Its a perfect feats for the eyes and I bet taste buds :). CONGRATULATIONS on the awards!!!!

FH said...

Hi Dhana, good to see you! Thanks, enjoy the recipes. Yeah, awards makes you feel that people care!:)

Meena Shankar said...

Hi Asha,
Commenting after a long time...As you know we were in UK..But now we have come back to B'lore...for good...and so suddenly...
So, it is really difficult to catch up with a laptop...Just today I thought let me see all the colourful dishes that you have posted..and I am so thrilled to see no-yeast naan.
I had been wanting to do one..but didnot have a reciped. Thumba thanks. and Congratulations on the awards; congratulations to Trisha for her fabulous car...

FH said...

Meena, you have moved to B'lore for good!! I thought you are on vacation.Hope you have settled down there,it takes pretty long time to adjust.Good luck!:))
Thank you. Take your time to blog when you can and keep in touch. RCI K'taka is from 26th, I am hosting! Send me some good authentic Kannada dishes girl!:)
See you later.I am at the beach now, will be home Tuesday.Hugs. Take care.

Meena Shankar said...

wow!! thats a nice thing Asha!!! I have been waiting for Karnataka RCI...Great to know that you are hosting this...and It does good to RCI....You were entitled to do this. Hope to see lots of our dishes on the blog now...Let me know how to send the recipes to you if I can send some:))

FH said...

Hi Meena, glad to catch you just before I announce for RCI K, that is this Wednesday.I will give a e mail address so you can send your entry.Hope you do!:))

ServesYouRight said...


Namaskara! Hope you had a great weekend. I want to send you my Raagi Halbai post for RCI Karnataka. May I ask you for your e-mail address? Also, may I send you some older posts - Hagalkaayi Menaskai and Halasinahannu appa. Also would you like pictures attached? Wokay enough questions!!

All my love and good wishes,

FH said...

Hi Smithi darling!:))
I am still at the beach, will leave shortly to drive home.
Tomorrow I will announce for RCI K with all the details and yes,you can send me old ones too with photos.Bye for now,check FH tomorrow after 8.30am.See you then:)

Pragyan said...

Hi Asha, I did finally try out the Naan. It was too good. I have posted it today. Waiting to post for RCI-Karnataka..yumm!

FH said...

Hi P, good to see you girl.I was thinking of you yesterday since you haven't blogged in a while.Great that you enjoyed the Naan, easy to make too!:)
Can't wait for your entry, see you later:)

Anonymous said...

Hi, very good dishes. In the dish Ghirardelli Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate cookies served with honey and Vanilla filled Pirouette!, I wanted to know how to prepare the Vanilla filled Pirouette. Plz let me know, I really like this. thanks

Mishmash ! said...

Hey a BIG tight hug :) I tried the Naan recipe and liked the came out quite was my first attempt with naan and I was really confused as I saw three recipes in ur blog :P finally i decided to give this a try as you had written its the Indian one and then since my hubby likes the garlic naans, i brushed the garlic mix u had given in the other recipe and he liked the taste a lot...thanks again for sharing the recipe.

Now some time when i make this, how can I prevent the edges from turning crisp....? Is it better to roll it thick..? pls share your expert advice :)


FH said...

Hi Anon, thanks. Glad you liked the IC. I bought those Pirouettes at a gourmet store. I saw a recipe for those somewhere, but I don't remember the site right now.Please Google it, you will see many sites with the recipe.Enjoy!:))

Hi shn, so good to hear that you tried these. Yes, you have to make the edges way thicker than the center, stretch them from the center with your fingers,don't use rolling pin.
If you see Naans in the restaurants, they are always very thin in the middle and thick at the edges. Another trick for getting that golden edges is to wet the edges with water slightly,it will brown faster than the other areas.
I love garlic bread too. Personally I like my Garlic Naan recipe I have for Naans,it was yummy, try that recipe next.
Hugs to you, have a great weekend!:)

Beyond Curries said...

Wow! your little girl is so good in studies. You must be really proud of her. That's a cool car!

FH said...

She works very hard for her grades Madhu, so we thought we should buy her a new car. Tushar can use the same car as well next year, works well that way too! :)

Reshmi said...

u have a lovely space here asha...nice presentations with fabulous recipes u to be a member of ur blog...congrats for the awards....u deserve it...

FH said...

Hi Reshmi, thank you. Enjoy my blog, I try my best to bring something new every week. Glad you like them! :))

Rach said...

Nice, looks similar, but must have tasted different coz, the ingredients used are differnt. I'm just imagining or rather figuring out in my mind , not sure... :)

FH said...

Rach, some ingredients are similar like Chinese dishes but Apple Cider gives it a delicious flavor, do try next time!:)