August 22, 2007


I am home from vacation and back to blogging. I successfully resisted the temptation to open the laptop for almost 4 days!! Hurray!!:D

NC coast at 6pm! Just the sight and sound of water soothes my soul!!:)

"Regional Cuisines of India" aka RCI event is started by LakshmiK from "Veggie cuisine" blog! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to host my beautiful home state's cuisine LK! :)

Here is my Karnataka cuisine logo for you to display with your entries with a link to this post! You can post RCI logo as well if you like.

About Karnataka cuisine:
Karnataka is blessed with a rich culinary heritage. Regional food habits differ vastly depending on locally available ingredients; the result is a richly varied spread. The state’s vast culinary repertoire covers the earthy flavors of North Karnataka(Dhrawad,Hubli,etc), the delicious traditional fare of South Karnataka,the yummy Mysorean (Lingayats, Gowdas,Madhwas) spread with the use of lot of coconuts(my dad's home), the spicy Seafood dishes of the coastal region(Tuluvas,Konkanis,Bunts, Saraswats),the distinctive Kodava (Coorgi)cuisine and unique mix of Coorgi and Mangalorean cuisine from the coffee plantations of Malnaadu(my mom's and hubby's home!).
I would like to make special mention of our beloved rivers like Cauvery (Thala Kaveri also called Dakshina Ganga="Ganges of the South" rises from Brahmagiri Hill in Coorg/Kodagu), Tunga, Bhadra, Sharavathi & Ghataprabha which pass through this beautiful land (with beautiful people too, inside and out!).I must say that I am a very proud Kannadiga or Kannadathi (feminine)!:)

I love rivers, specially my childhood playgrounds Cauvery and Netravathi rivers.(My heart aches now!) How proud and nostalgic am I of my roots?! Here is my SUV's license plate!! Hahaha!

Scroll all the way down to see my husband's "very Indian" license plate!!:)

A typical Karnataka vegetarian spread I made for Deepavali last year and check out these K'taka recipes in Shivaratri post too:

Some typical dishes from Karanataka; Cumin seasoned rice,Veg. Pulao,Uppittu,Chitranna,Mosaranna,Saaru(sambhar),Thili saaru(Rasam),Bassaru, Massoppu,Majjige hui/Saaru,various rottis,Beans, cucumber and Carrot Kosumbari(salad),Chakli,Pakoda,Bonda, Bajji,Kodubale,Nippattu,Mysore Pak,Kobbari Mithai(coconut Barfi),any Payasa/halbai,Ambali,Dose,Idly,Obbattu, Majjige(spiced Buttermilk),Paanaka, Happala,Sandige,chutneys,uppinkai(pickles), and many more!!Samosas and Jamuns are not typical South Indian desserts but Indian desserts of course!:)
A sample of Karnataka style Benne Biscuits!
Here is an authentic Karnataka Kannada Brahmin special Butter cookies I made last week before I left (all cookies are called Biscuits in India,southern US biscuits with Gravy are different!) or Benne Biscattu as we call in Kannada. I learned this from my dearest friend Bana from Bangalore.Iyengar Bakeries in B'lore and Mysore are famous for these, but of course you cannot recreate those at home! This is the best I can do!:)

To make them:
1. Sift 1 cup plain/all purpose/Maida flour, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp baking powder,1/4 tsp of salt.
2. Cream 1/2 cup softened Butter or margarine (my friend uses a mix of butter and Dalda,a Indian product which probably make a lot of difference in the texture) and 1/3 cup white Sugar until creamy and fluffy. (Adding 1 tsp of Vanilla essence is optional,she never used it, I don't use it either)
3. Add in the flour mix little by little to make a soft dough, not sticky. Turn on the oven to 350F.
4. Make about 12-14 balls lightly rolling on your palm,flatten a bit on top. Do not press too hard.Place them on a non-stick baking sheet 2" apart,sprinkle little flour on top for a thin coating,not too much (to get that floury coating bakeries have). Keep in the fridge at least for 5 mins until the oven is preheated.
5. Place the sheet in the oven and bake for 10-15mins or until very slightly golden but they must remain almost white when done.
6. Cool on a rack, and enjoy with a hot cup of Mysore coffee!
Savory Biscuits: Instead of Sugar, you add very finely chopped green chillies,curry leaves,Cilantro and crushed Cumin seeds.Adjust the salt, make and bake as above. YUM!

Another easier and yummier recipe for Benne Biscuits, which you can adapt to make Khara biscuits with Cumin, Ajwain, finely chopped curry leaves and chilli flakes instead of sugar to enjoy is here.

A new award and got Schmoozed multiple times!!:)

Our own true blood Odiyan Pragyan from "Sorisha" blog awarded me with this! Thank you darling P, we are all very proud to have you as a blogger from Odissa and Srivalli from "Cooking 4 all seasons" also passed on the same award to me. Thank you Sri, I will be too happy to comment in your blog, no need to ask!:D Viji from "Malabar Ruchi" and Raaga from "Chef at work"have added me too in their award list,thank you so much Viji,I appreciate it:))
I will pass this to:
I see most of you already have the "Rocking Girl" award. I would like to give this on to Linda from "Out of the Garden" blog, who is truly a rocking unofficial Indian!I have never seen any other American lady cooking Indian food so passionately as she does and she cooks better Indian dishes than us "the natives" sometimes!!:D
And I would also like to give this to Anusha from "Talimpu" blog who amazes me with her recipes which are most simple and ALWAYS delicious dishes with so few ingredients as her "Talimpu=seasoning" blog name suggests! You do rock Anusha!
I know my posts shock the Talimpu out of ya every week with my long and multiple ingredients but you still come to me anyway, take time to read EVERYTHING! Thanks!:)
Schmoozed again and again by:
Manasi from "A cook @ Heart", Richa from "As dear as salt", Priyanka from "Aahar", Viji from "Malabar Ruchi" and Srivalli again awarded me the "Schoomze" award! Thank you gals, love ya!:))



Jihva for ingredients aka JFI is started by Indira of "Mahanadi" blog. This month's host for JFI is Sharmi from "Neivedyam" blog and she has chosen Asia's favorite staple ingredient "RICE" as a theme! Thanks for hosting and choosing a great theme Sharmi!:))

Here are two delicious entries for JFI;
A vegetarian Indonesian snack Rempeyek, crispy fried rice balls or patties,
and second is a non-veg, all American "Campbell soup" dish; Rice and chicken casserole baked with Campbell's soup. Enjoy!

About Rice:
Rice plants have been traced back to 5000 BC, but the practice of rice growing is believed to have originated in areas of China, and southern and eastern Asia, in about 2000 BC.Today, this unique grain helps sustain two-thirds of the world's population.Rice cultivation is the principal activity and source of income for about 100 million households in Asia and Africa.Rice is a good source of carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, niacin, iron, riboflavin, vitamin D, calcium, and fiber,low in fat,low in salt,low in sugar,no cholesterol and Non-allergenic. Not bad,eh?!! Unrefined brown rice is even more nutritional! More interesting facts about rice is here.

Indonesian Rempeyek:
This recipe adapted by "Rice and Spice" book by Robin Robertson.Basically,these patties are made of Indonesian fried rice mashed and fried with a crisp coating.A tasty crunchy shallow fried spicy rice fritters,apparently a popular snack in Indonesia sold like our own Indian Pav Bhaji,Sev puri on the street carts! It sure tastes good with Soy sauce and hot Sambal Olek. Try it!:))

You need:
2 1/2 cups cold cooked rice(Jasmine or any other kind of cooked rice), 1 cup very finely chopped cabbage, 1/2 cup minced onions, 1/2 cup finely grated carrots, 1/4 cup toasted chopped peanuts (spicy beer nuts will do too), 1 tbsp Cornstarch, 1 garlic minced clove or 1/2 tsp garlic pd,,1/2" ginger, grated, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce or kechap manis,1 tbsp Cilantro, 1 tbsp grated unsweetened coconut, 1/4 tsp light brown sugar, 1/2 tsp each ground cinnamon and Cardamom or 1 tsp Chinese Five spice),salt to taste,1/4 tsp cayenne pd to taste.
For coating: 1/4 cup seasoned plain flour with a tbsp of very crunchy Japanese Panko bread crumbs,
1 cup Canola oil to shallow fry in a wide non-stick pan.
Garnish with cilantro, and serve with Sambal Olek(fresh red chillies minced and mixed with little oil and salt) and Soya sauce or ketchup if you are a scardy cat to try HOT Sambal Olek!!;D
To make them:
1. Mash the cooked rice until grains are soft and mushy. Add in all the ingredients except the seasoned flour and oil in a food processor or by hand until well blended.
2. Transfer to a bowl,taste for correct seasoning, scoop 1/2 cup of the mixture, shape into 1/4 " thick patties or smaller balls. Place them on a plate. You should have 6-8 patties or many balls.
3. Lightly coat the patties with the flour and bread crumbs mixed with salt and pepper, shake off all excess flour and chill it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.
4. Heat the oil in a large pan, over medium heat. Add the patties and cook in batches until lightly golden on both sides. Serve immediately with Soy sauce and Sambal Olek! Have fun!:))

Deliciously Cheesy Chicken, vegetables and Rice Casserole!
Recipe adapted from Campbell Soup kitchen with my little changes!

You need: 1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Campbell's Healthy Request concentrated Cream of Chicken and Mushroom Soup, 1 1/3 cup water, 1 cup uncooked long grain white rice(or use quick cooking Uncle Ben's rice to make sure they cook in time!), 1/2 tsp. onion powder,1/2 tsp Garlic pd, 1/2 tsp Mrs.Dash mixed spice,1 cup fresh or frozen or canned vegetables, 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves, 1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese,2 tbsp Parmesan cheese.
To make it:
1. Stir soup, water, rice, dry powders, and vegetables 12 x 8" shallow baking dish.
2. Top with chicken. Season chicken with salt and pepper as desired.
3. Bake for 375 degrees F for 45 minutes or until done. Top with cheese,let it bake for 5 more mins until it melts.
4.Delicious casserole is ready,serve with a salad.Vegetarians can skip chicken and add potatoes etc.Hope you try.

My husband's license plate!

"Vaidya" in Sanskrit, which is the oldest language of India, means "doctor" or "medicine man"! Arvind is a medical doctor!! How cool is that to drive around with Vaidya mobile? ;D

A local Gynecologist drives around with a plate which says "I do Paps"!!(short for Pap smear) Vaidya is way lot better,don't you think? Sanskrit rocks!!:D

Last weekend:
Beach vacation was great, 95F+ everyday! While white people literally fried themselves to dark brown in the Sun the whole day, we brown people went to the movies every afternoon to save our skin!;D
We went to play in the warm Ocean in the early morning and after 5pm, had a wonderful time. Then visited a outlet mall, bought shoes for the kids and the I found myself a "Kitchen Collection" store!! I dumped the kids immediately with hubby, told them sit outside and shopped for gadgets,cutlery etc till I dropped!! Hahaha! (Too many stuff to take a photo!)

I came home to these beauties yesterday, quickly watered all the almost dried up plants and now I have to cook all these ASAP!!

YES!!! Got six gourds at one time!! I spent few hrs peeling and chopping them yesterday. Phew!!

See you all next week with I don't know what in this blog!!:P My own K'taka cuisine will be in 2 weeks, still got to cook. Have a fun filled weekend you guys!:)


Shivapriya said...

I'm sure u had ball of time at beach Asha. As usual another delicious spread.
I'm waiting for RCI-karanataka. I learnt wonderful recipes from my MIL, my in-laws lived in Manglore for few yrs. She always tells me that she misses so much.

Make kofta's & desert with kaddu. :)
Good Luck n Happy Hosting RCI.

Arts said...

Lol... ur license plates rock!! :D
Loved them!.. And the Thali u served last diwali has left me stunned.. how do u manage?? Biscuits and JFI rice dishes are yummy..
Have 2-3 dishes planned for ur RCI.. will post soon :)


Laavanya said...

RCI - Karnataka... how exciting! Thanks for hosting this. I love that spread of dishes you made for Diwali last year. I've made the biscuits too and love them - so simple right? Those rice patties look really good. Didn't know of this Indonesian dish. Nice entry there. Congrats on the awards!!
That looks like a cool vacation and all that shopping huh? :) Good for you. Nice license plates for both of you.

J said...

Yay! You're back!:)) I'll surely cook something from one of these blogs, not too hard to find a recipe for Karnataka cuisine ain't it? Benne biscuits seem too good. Great entries for Jihva! Wow, you are allowed to have those tags on your cars? Cool! I've only seen boring license plates wherever I've been.

sra said...

"I do Paps"?
And I loved your sentence about how white people fried themselves brown and the brown ones went to the cinema to save their skin - made me laugh. Your veggies are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Ashaji, Lovely post on Karnataka! How nice to visit home and blog from Mysore for RCI Karnataka? I am flying to Mysore in the first week of September. Heard from MIl and sis that avarekalu season has started. I may flood my blog with them and send all of them to RCI Karnataka. Btw those benne biscattu sakathagi kantha ide. I am looking forward to go home to eat all my favorite food!and enjoy meeting my loved ones.

Anonymous said...

hi Asha,

4 days without laptop and you!!!!!!!!! c'mon, did u not even peek into other blogs? ;)

so many recipes to try from ur blog(s) so no time to sit snd comment:)



Sia said...

my head is buzzing with so many things u have posted today... cant wait to participate in RCI-karnataka:) i have got loooooong list of things stored for u. so be warned and prepared ashakka:)
LOL...u never get enough when it comes to shopping for home especially for kitchen rt? i am just like u:)
and i really really loved those licence plates, both of them:)
ok, i got to go now and start preparing big menu for RCI:) hugs to u:)

FH said...

Hi S, Google went off on me in the morning for an hr, couldn't get into my own blog!Thanks for your patience.
Looking forward to your MIL's recipes!I love traditional dishes anytime. I made a dessert already, planning the Koftas today!:))

Arts, even I am surprised at my own Thali,don't know how I did all that all alone!:D
Thanks girl,can't wait for 25th to start!HeHe!

Laavanya, too happy to host RCI K, a great opportunity to show case my state!:)
Looking forward to all the entries.Benne Biscuits are easy and so tasty too.Still need to perfect the art of making them thogh:)

Hi J, yeah.Every year they send a form to apply for personalized plates for a fee. It's fun to choose your own.I saw "Dadaji" and "LuvKush" plates yesterday ,Indians of course!:D
K'taka food is simple ,not hard at all. Make it when you can,plenty of time:))

Anonymous said...

yay yay :D - im waiting for the feast

Anonymous said...

Hi asha
benne biscuits remind me of bangalore.hope u had a good vacation.


mommyof2 said...

nice veggies and yum entries for the events. I am thinking of making your style urad powder today.. Let you know the result:-)

Srivalli said...

hahhaah...asha you simply rock...such a wonderful read...that i do out of the agree vidhya is so better....

am all ready for RCI : k'nata...can't wait to send in my entries...

your garden items are so wonderful...lucky you


bee said...

my dear gojju tabli ambat gal, i missed ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool plates. One of my friends' plate is 'Nim Ajji'. Do i need to explain? ;)


FH said...

LOL! sra, you can't believe how long they sit in the Sun literally baking! Australians are more aware of the ill effects of Sun bathing and Sunburns.It's scary and funny to see them here with dark reddish brown skin all over with white skin around the eyes bcos they wear the sunglasses while sunbathing!:D
Personalized plates; you get to choose 7 letters or numbers,so they come up with will sorts. Trisha got one too,some Japanese stuff like ISONLINE!!Only kids know what it means,they won't tell me!

Ooh!! Lakshmi, so nice to hear that! Entries from Mysore!! I am flipping out here!!:))))
Get really really authentic recipes from Amma and atte, and make your state proud.I am thrilled myself! Avarekal season there already. How lucky are you woman!!I just get dried ones here,I am jealous!:D
Have a great time there,don't forget to take photos.Hugs. Enjoy, love you.

LOL! Sam, I really did it this time even though I had my Laptop with me there too.That is a achievement and I am proud!;P
You don't know how addictive blogging can be, glad I enjoyed my little vacation without the temptation!! It's hard when I go for a longer vacation though!:)
Thanks Sam, glad you came back!

KA said...

Cool! So you have a bounty of veggies now..I am guessing the ingredients in your future posts will constitute gourds & more gourds.

KRISHNA said...

I was waiting for ur benne biscuttu recipe, nanna maganige madalu.
Ivatte madutene,
RCI - karnataka ge saha wait madutide. Kelavu authentic recipes kalisutene, :)

Namratha said...

Yippee, RCI K is here finally! :) and my the Deepavali feast, looks fabulous Asha! I'm drooling all over at just the sight of it..yum yum...Now I gotta buck up and find something for RCI ;) License plates, too good, hehe! Hope you had a fun trip:)

FH said...

Sia, this post was almost ready to go before I left,or else I would be scrambling today!:D
Raaga , Lakshmi, and you are scaring me with your promise of Kannada dishes Avalanche!Hahaha!
Bring them on girls,you won't get another chance like this to showcase your state! I am too happy to work a little harder to make it happen!:)
Oh, I got so many little gadgets,you won't believe! It was like Heaven,went there second time to buy some more,Arvind was puzzled a little but sat outside anyway,good guy!:D
Have fun cooking, love you Sups.Glad you are feeling okay now and am thrilled about your new Ajji's cooking series.Good for you:)

Thanks Lakshmi!:))
Hope you are cooking for me too. Haha!!

Shalini, we did enjoy although it was very short!:)
Yeah, Iyengar bakeries make the best ones, I miss them too.This is best I can do!

Hi G! We had that pickle with Urad yesterday.It was fabulous,still crunchy and wish I had used little more chilli pd but it's great.Enjoy.Put the pickle in the Sun to speed up the process.Enjoy. Hugs to you too. Cooking any K'taka dishes for me? ;D

Anonymous said...

of course - il cook for you - im yet to try some of my fav dishes - akki roti, maddur vada topping the list of "to be tried" :D

musical said...

Akka, i am dancing with joy seeing the benne biscuits!! yippeee, finally the recipe is here :).

and you know what, Punjus also make a wada recipe with left over rice :)

You always have such an amazing khana for all seasons :).

and i LOVE your number plate :)

hugsto you, akka,

Priyanka said...

Asha the Indonesian rempeyek (i hope i spelt it rite) sounds too gud. will try to make it on the weekends. these days with school hardly get time for anything else.

Mishmash ! said...

Heyyy...I loved those license plates...and u re giving some ideas, seriously ! :)))

So how was the vacation...btw I got a comment from u y'day so this 4 days is from when to when :D :)))

that chicken dish looks very rich and creamy.


FH said...

Sri, you can't believe these plates some people have but it's so fun to read all those.Many Indians have "RamSita", "LuvKush" too,love to see those here!:)
Can't wait for your entries,bring them on! Veggies, I am out of ideas to cook all those and I better do it fast too!:D

Hello Avial, Thoran girl!;D
I missed you too, kept thinking what did you post and what did I miss but resisted though! I am proud of myself!:)
Got a plan for K dish girl? Of course there is plenty of time, no hurry!

LOL!!!! Haripriya,I can't believe it. OMG!!! Nim ajjina badiya is a saying which is pretty bad curse words!!;D
Oh Lord,may be I should collect all these names!I will let Arvind know when he comes home today!:D

KA, I am planning one whole post too on Gourds!;D
They are beautiful but everything comes to an end in few weeks.I better enjoy them while they last!:)

Seena said...

Asha,Glad to see you back after holidays..
As usual wonderful dishes, everything new to me.Have to learn them one by one..

FH said...

Mamatha, this benne biscuits are great for kids, madi nodi.You can add vanilla too, makes them more fragrant.I can't wait to see K'taka dishes everywhere!:)
I tried to find a cookbook on K'taka dishes ,not one out there! It's sad.I will keep trying to get one for my post.Enjoy cooking:)

Namratha, sometimes I go overboard cooking for festival although I don't do any rituals!;D
Enjoy and looking forward to all the entries girl,I am thrilled!:))

Lakshmi, both dishes you are planning are yum. Enjoy trying and eating them.They are classics!!:))

Hi M! I remember you asking for Benne biscuits ,so I thought what a great time to make some for K'taka!
Rempeyek, yeah! I think we do have dishes like these in India. Make it one day Punju style and post it!:))
Make a K'taka dish for me too when you can,plenty of time!Hugs to you,have a great week.

Tee said...

You sure had a great for kitchen gadgets and cutlery, I am jealous! ;)
I had checked for your post 1/2 an hour back and did not see anything, then I checked the calendar to see whether today is wednesday, and finally I saw your post :) I am excited for RCI-Karnataka, will definitely try to send something from North Karnataka...have to talk with my dad on this :)
Your JFI entires are delicious! And the licence plates are super cool!

Richa said...

so, all geared up for rci :) loved those gourds, so gorgeous.
those plates r hilarious, hv seen many such desi names out here!

Those rice bhajia sound good, there is a similar gujju bhajia, but with diff spices & some buttermilk as well. You hv posted very unique dishes, great going!
want to try savory bisc.
congrats on the awards!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Chicken...

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

RCI Karnataka! Idikke kaitha idde!! Thank you!

FH said...

Priyanka,thanks. Sorry about the mix up I made in your blog!:)
I am cooking with those gourds since yesterday,I am sure my kids will hate me now!:D
Take it easy, I know we all get busy once the school starts!:)

LOL! Shn, I said ALMOST 4 days, didn't I? ;D
I was browsing in the morning before we left yesterday while the family slept in and again soon after we landed home. Vacation was over!:P
Yeah, you could come up with a nice Malayalee word for the L plate only Keralite can understand, it would be nice. Get it:)

Hi Seena,great to see you.Hope you had a good time in India. Take your time, it is a long post..well.. they are all are!!:D

Tee, blogger went off in the morning for an hr,even I couldn't get in for a while!
Little kitchen gadgets are the best.Most of them help and some don't but it's fun shopping for them!:)
I remember your dad is from NK, that is helpful.Hope you get a good one! It's exciting for me to host Karnataka!

Unknown said...

Hi Asha,
Good to see you back, can't wait to start cooking. Love Benne biscuit, my mom used to make that when we were kids.....
Cool license plates......

Lisa Johnson said...

Welcome back Asha and congratulations on your hosting the RCI event!

I love the license plates too! Oh and what is Maida flour?

ServesYouRight said...


This is my favorite post!!!!!! So many wonderful things - Love your license plates and ALL the INCREDIBLE recipes and pictures!!! Way to go!!! Can't wait for RCI - so glad you're hosting :-)


FH said...

Richa, now I understand the joy and apprehension of hosting an event!:)
Glad I got the chance, not many Kannadigas around in blogs.
Musical said there is a Punju dish too like this, now Gujju too.Make it one day when you have time and post!Sounds interesting:)

Enjoy Manas.There are plenty of chicken dishes in this blog,click on Non-veg on the side bar menu!:))

You are welcome Roopa.Nanagu tumba kushiyagutta ide!:))

Madhu, great to see you! I can't wait until the round up now for K'taka, which is next month of course! It's exciting!:))

Hi Anali,thanks. It feels great to host for the first time and probably the last time for me too!;D
Maida is just a Indian word for all purpose or plain flour. They are butter cookies, Indian bakeries make the most delicious ones. Try it:))

Manasi said...

HAH!!! I hope i can dish up something nice for RCI!! u have already posted all the dishes I ever knew!!
The car license plate ROCKS!! SAnskrit rocks!!

Bong Mom said...

Both your and A's license plate rocks. Now I know how to find you if I am ever down there, just follow Vaidya & Cauvery ;-)

You had alovely relaxing vacation, all geared up for school now ?

Would love to participate in RC-K'taka as this is again a state where I have spent 2 years of my life. But Sept is going to busy with in-laws coming over and more following, let me see if I can squeeze in some time

Loved all your dihes as always

Jyothi said...

Wow Asha! what a lovely spread....yummy. Entry for RCI and that biscuits are yummm....great ....thanks for sharing dear.

Padma said...

Asha, both your license plates are cool...thats really hilarious reading about *I DO PAP*...still LOL!

WOw that diwali thali is incredible. loved your presentation. I liked the
Rempeyek so much, will try them soon, can we use any kind of rice or should it be jasmine only?

Nice post

FH said...

Smita, your long wait is almost over!:))
I was waiting to announce it too, but didn't want to get in the middle of Oriya cuisine! Send them in and enjoy your state's cuisine at the round up!:)

LOL! Manasi, I am sure there are plenty of recipes left. Come to think of it ,even I have no idea what I am going to cook for K'taka!:D
Good luck, you can make other Kannadiga bloggers' recipes too, keep looking!

Hahaha! Keep a watch for Cauvery and Vaidya,we might be in your state too next!
Sanskrit is a beautiful language, it was fun finding one. In-laws are visiting! That is a busy time indeed. Try and squeeze if you can no hurry,got plenty of time!
School's on 28th,daily grind starts for me!There is mandatory Uniform in schools from this year, so no buying clothes much but needed to get some shoes for them:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha!
Glad to hear that you had a good beach vacation. Benne biscuits are tempting me to make them but Iam trying to resist my tempataio as I already made seven cups sweet with lots of ghee and still munching on those little hearts.But yes,these benne buiscuits are sure going to come up in my kitchen this weekend. I made tomato soup from your blog last weekend and we all liked it. will make it again and post in my blog.Can I send my already posted 'puliyogare powder and 'bisi bele bath ' for RCI -Karnataka?

Suganya said...

I am so looking forward to participating in this event. That cheese casserole, you can even send it to Nupur for her campus kitchen project. Even though its in the back of the label, its still a good idea.

TBC said...

What a nice post, Asha!
First, I just want to say that I loooved both the license plates.How very clever!
Your Benne biscuits look so cute:-)
Congrats on all the awards.You truly deserve each one of them over & over again!Goodluck hosting RCI Karnataka.
Missed ya while you were away!Hugs to you :-)

starry said...

Loved your licence plates and I think Vaidya ia a lot cooler than "I do paps" I am sure you had a lot of fun on your vacation.The campbells chicken and rice dish looks yummy and will be tried.thanks.You indeed rock.

Latha said...

Hi Ash,
Too much to read in one post! :-)
First, u go girl! love u'res and arvind's number plates! So proud of u guys!
Love u're description of Kannada naadu! made me feel so proud and so nostalgic!
U'll see me cookign tons this month then!
Glad u had a great vacation, seems like it was fun.
Benne biscuits are making my mouth water here! wish i could eat some now with my insipid yukky black cofi!
Rice dishes - sooooooo different! hats off- u try so many new things!
i'm such a sucker for traditional stuff - dont venture outside my comfort zone too much :-)
Have fun with open houses etc.!
Isha just started KG too! she's having a blast!

FH said...

You are welcome Jyoti! Those are for JFI Rice, RCI entries coming later.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!:))

Padma, thanks. It was fun choosing the names for plates too!:D
Any soft cooked rice will do as long as you mash them well to make the patties.They have to hold together! Enjoy.

Madhavi, thanks.Try the butter cookies later, they have plenty of butter too!:D
Yes, you can send the old posts too.Edit those to add my logo and link to this post, so when people come to your blog for the recipe,they will know about RCI K'ataka! Other than that ,you are free to send any from 26th!:))

musical said...

Akka, your comment misted my really remembered that i asked for these. can't thank you enough.....and yes, i will prepare something for RCI Karnataka, to pay an ode to the fond memories of my erstwhile home, if i may say so :). who needs a cookbook for this, i have you Akka, for inspiration here.

you too have a great weekend,

much much love and hugs,

Sharmi said...

since I have know this is the first time you are hosting an event. the car plate are very impressive. thanks for the delicious entries.

Saju said...

Nice to see you back Asha, looks like you had a good time. Congrats on all the awards. The indonesian recipe looks superb. I am geting ready for the Karantaka. But first the Orissa, I still don't know what to make.

Li'l Lite said...

oh the license plates are wonderful!!loved ur veggies(gourd is one of my fav vegs!) and the chicken dish was YUM...looks like i ll start eating chicken soon ur dishes are tempting me ;)

ChrisB said...

Asha the beach looks lovely and not too crowded. I think your husband's number plate is brilliant now you've explained the meaning. You came back to a lot of lovely produce was that all grown in your vegetable plot?

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
I love those biscuits.Waiting for RCI karnataka it's my neighbouring state.I love the cuisine.And ur vegetables r gorgeous.nice weekend ha...

Neelam said...

Lovely post Asha...Had fun reading it! Nice to know you enjoyed your vacation...its great to see you back with such a lovely spread!
I like the chicken and Rice casserole. And I like those biscuits too!

FH said...

Suganya, looking forward to your entry. I didn't know about Nupur's project,will see what I can do.She is a vegetarian though!This has chicken!:))

tbc, so sweet of you girl.I missed all of you but resisted!:D
Searching for license plate name was fun,takes a long time too.Enjoy the dishes.Hugs to you too:))

Thank you Lalitha! I can't imagine driving around with I do Paps either!:P
Watch out for Karnataka round up next month,Kannada food galore!:D

Latha, I know! Take you time with my posts!!Hahaha!
Can't wait for your traditional dishes too,always loved them.Glad I got the chance to host this:)
Isha is in K this year! Ooh! Big girl now!Enjoy.
Open houses are not fun for me girl,they try to squeeze in all those kids and parents at one place in 1 hr! Phew! But got to do it though!:)

FH said...

Hi M! I remember you also asked for Chow Chow Bhath too but Roopa has cooked it in her blog,so I didn't. Enjoy. I know we all don't need a cookbook but I couldn't find any about K cuisine when you can find every state's cookbook in India!!Still trying!:)
Have fun there.

Hi Sharmi, hope you got my e mail I sent.If not , take them from here!:)
This is my first and most probably the last event I host!:D
Enjoy the Rempeyek and good luck with round up:)

What?! You got 3 more days left for Orissa Saju!! Make something easy quickly. There is plenty of time for K' dish anyway.
Rempeyek was great tasting,almost like fried rice patties.Hope you try.
Short vacation are the the best if you ask me.Week long vacations gets boring sometimes!:))

Unknown said...

Hi dear:)

I just checked the RCI event and wud love to post some recipes , I am by the way staying a hotel here with husband for 3 weeks, however, I have a small kitchen here, and I am sure I can come up with something which I wud definitly post but without the pic:( coz my camera's cable for uploading the pics is back in boston. Is it ok if i post without the pic?

Cynthia said...

You have a good week too dearest.

Arvind's licence plate is way cool!

Can't wait to feast my eyes on your Karnataka cuisine.

FH said...

dr, don't start eating chicken bcos of me!!:D
I have been cooking Gourds since yesterday.Six of them, what the heck do you cook? I made a dessert, Sambhar, Yogurt based Kootu and making Kofta tomorrow! Phew!:))

Hi Chris, on Sunday afternoon most of the people left for Monday's work.So it was relatively less crowded on weekdays.Weekends are very crowded,you have to weave thru' people!:D
I am still struggling to think what to make with all those veggies!:))

Ramya, yup! Great weekend specially at the Kitchen store!;D
Looking forward to what you are going to come up with for your blogger neighbor here too!:))

FH said...

Hi Neelam , thank you. Good to be home and back to blogging too!:))
Enjoy the casserole.

rv, you are in hotel for 3 weeks? You don't have to cook at all girl,don't take all that trouble there in a small kitchen.But if you like to send some,go ahead and do it without the photos too, no problem.I will link your posts. Hugs.Take care.I know you must be missing all the comforts of home!:))

Hi Cynthia, thanks buddy.Hope you make those butter cookies!:)
I still have to plan my own post for K'taka, have not even began yet!:D
Have a great weekend, see you later.

swapna susarla said...

Hi Ashaji
Hope u have a nice vacation.happy hosting of RCI.
The name plate is so good.nice idea.
The veggies are looking so beautiful!the gourds are all in dumbbell shape right??u can post this in a news paper or something like that..:-))Happy gardening Ashaji.

FH said...

Hi Swapna, so good to see you! Hope you didn't mind me announcing RCI K 3 days early!:))
Yes, it was short and sweet vacation, but back to normal now.
Veggies; I could send it to local newspaper I guess.They do look good, don't they?:D
Thanks swapna, see you at the round up, can't wait!:)Have a great weekend there. Hugs:)

musical said...

Hey Akka: i meant that your blog is the best cookbook for finding good Mangalorean recipes, and it really is :).

Viji said...

Wowww Asha,benne biscuit!!!I love it,even my hus loves it,so its defenitly going to my bookmarks.Let u know the feed back once i prepare it.I liked the number plate.whos idea was that???And for the RCi i will be surely in :-) U know something,I have something waiting for u in my blog.

FH said...

Hi again M, thank you for the compliment darling!:)
I thought you read my reply to Mamatha.I was telling her that I am trying to find a book on K'taka cuisine so I can post it,but I can't seem to find any! No Kannadiga wrote a cookbook of our food so far, strange,isn't it? Somebody should!! I will keep looking:)

Viji,enjoy the Benne biscuits.They may not taste exactly like the one you get in the bakeries but not bad for homemade!:))
Well..when they sent us the form for personalized plate,we thought of all the western words,didn't sound right.Then I remembered the river Kaveri and told Arvind to think of some unique Indian word for his SUV and he said "Vaidya" immediately!:D
I will check your blog, thank you!:))

Sreelu said...


Yummo benne biscuits will make them. With Asha it had to be k'taka cooking, have my entires all lined up.
Love both your license plates, pap for a license plate oh boy !!.
glad you have enjoyed your vacation

FH said...

Sreelu, I am glad I got to host Karnataka, feels great! Of course, Benne Biscuits are a classic Kannada Brahmin recipe, had to post!:))
I know,some plates are too hard to look at them!:D
Looking forward to your entries, yay!:))

Pragyan said...

Hi Asha, Beach must have been so much fun. Envy you! Just kidding :) Loved the "true blood Odiyan" adage for me..ha ha..should tell that to my folks! All the best getting back to the routine after the wonderful vacation :)

Anonymous said...

Asha, dear -- thank you so much for your kind words, brought me a great big smile today! You always blow me away with your variety and enthusiasm -- you're a great inspiration! :)

Coast photo is lovely, as is the piece about the river -- will enjoy reading further about that place. And your garden made it, hooray!! Veggies look fantastic. I managed to pick a few things tonight too. Hope to have more for your RCI next month!!

Benne biscuits and rice balls look great; might have to try that casserole on the kids :)

Thanks again for thinking of me! Hugs

Rajitha said...

wow! those biscuits look great. Do they taste like nankatai? It is nice that ur husband has a cool sanskrit name plate... so much better than the wierd joint-named ones i keep seeing here....

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashaji,

How are you???? I haven't been around in a while...but I am sure glad to see your posts. The Vaidya plate is so cool!
Many hugs to you....I'll be around more next month!

cheers, trupti

Anonymous said...

So you are bck from a wonderful vacation....and back with such varied dishes....
count me in for the RCI Karnataka

Kalpana said...

Wow, will be waiting for those Karnataka dishes......:)

Anonymous said...


i am thinking why we are stil in aug 22nd i wanted this month to go as early as possible becasue i wanted to see all karnataka cuisine, and want to try each and everything which are posted.

it's really surprising that i wanted to eat beene biscuit, honey cake, and kobari biscuit which are available in bangalore iyengar bakery, (i am pregnant) and in australia i am not getting anything i was searching like mad from past 2 days to get this recipes, god has listned my prayers and today i have benne biscuit recipe, i have already made and ate it, it is wonderfull, pls post other recipe of bangalre bakery if you have. plsssssssssssssssss, i am missing the bakery here, especially now

Prajusha said...

hi asha,
nice to know that u ahd a good time at beach.
ur deepavali thali is superb.
Congrats on the award.
JFI -rice looks delicious.
hey one question, do u use canola oil regularly for cooking. have read somewhere that canola oil is not good for health. it is made from canary seeds or so .do check it.

Little Miss Muffet said...

i was so happy to see you talk about Karnataka cuisine..even though i'm not too crazy about our dishes (I'm a Bunt)probably coz they use rice a lot, i'm still proud of my roots..incidentally i wasn't born there but in bombay..however both my parents are, so I visited Mangalore practically every year..
love looking at ur fresh veggies..and totally think Arvind's license is cool :) that's an innovative idea, btw...

Unknown said...

Asha, thank you for selecting my favorite cuisine!! :-) And congrats on the awards... The license plates are WOW, especially Vaidya.. It sounds very dignified..
The JFI entries are mouth watering! I am looking forward to your entries for RCI..

Keshi said...

Some very exotic Karnataka dishes there YUMMMMMMM!


also is Doctor in Sinhalese. WOW nice one. So is he a doc? :)

WB Asha I missed ya!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely spread ! I am running out of words and you are just rolling out lovely recipies one after the another !

"vaidya" is cool for Doc and I just love your fresh picked veges. Spring is on its way here and I am so inspired by looking at your harvest to try growing some veges myself. Do you grow them in pots or in your garden ? I need some tips please :-)

Have a great week !!

Foodlover said...

Vaidyana Cauvery(Vaidya's Cauvery)

Kudos to both of you for coming up with lovely name plates for your cars. Asha, as always I enjoyed reading your lovely post. I have been away from blogspot way too long. And what a time I chose to come back to post blogs. You hosting RCI karnatak at the same time I want to start posting on blogs. The instant I read RCI- Karnataka, I knew what I'll be posting. Can't wait to post on Aug-26.
Also, I am definitely trying the chicken and rice casserole. can't go wrong with rice and chicken.

deepsat said...

you had a good time at the beach for sure!! and good you didn't open that laptop!!!

Happy hosting RCI!!!


Anonymous said...

thx for the rockin award sis
i need to keep up to my big sis right ;)
i really prepare myself with a glass of water and some snacks at times on wednesdays ;)
cauveri rocks...just like vaidya
i feel like having my own car now ;)
those biscuts are yum....i thought they need a little color though
they are easy too...vl try sometime
Rempeyek looks good...i kinda want it spicy :) olek seems hooooooot
i got lot of time for movies at kauai.
kitchen collection!!!!!cant wait fo see them.
n those veggies r lovely.
u got urself white brinjal if am not mistaken.
those tendli look awesome.
do have fun with the fresh veggies and ur new collection ;)
n hey, am late time :(

Unknown said...

Great choice for RCI...can't wait to see your entry.will try my best to participate this time.Entry for JFI looks delicious.BTW..i loved the license plates..esply:.."Vaidhya"...:))

Sig said...

Hey Ash, beach pic looks lovely... glad to know you had a great time... Hey,you are hosting RCI this time... I am definitely in... have to put on my thinking cap now :D , and love that licence plate :D

Anonymous said...

wow..for that first beach photo
wow..for those lovely recipes
wow..for the awards!You deserve them
wow..for those license plates!
wow..for all the fresh produce,specially the cute gourds
wow..for RCI Karnataka..count me in!:)

Roopa said...

yippe jai karnataka! he he so its here! this month is only for RCI K.benne biscuit yummy yum really the trick of adding flour on top makes it so nice right! only few yrs back i knoew about it. the diwali spread looks delicious.license plate wowo great and really loved it Vaidya suits right. so innu kitchen gadjeta lucky for me no place a at all ;0. wow beach looks cool but must be really very hot... ok bye :)

Raaga said...

Lovely picture of the beach... I agree, just the thought of that sound is so comforting. I grew up on the coast and spent 2 years supposedly doing my PG on a seaside resort known as Pondicherry University. I miss the beach.

My dishes are getting ready. I may in fact dedicate the entire month to amchi dishes.

Your rice dishes are lovely. I'll try them soon. And those benne biscuits from Mangalore... miss them like crazy.

Viji said...

Hope you enjoyed your beach trip Asha. As usual enjoyed reading your post. The biscuits are yummy. You are so advance in announcing the event. Good luck. Have a good day. The bounties are a feast to eyes. Viji

Reeta Skeeter said...

Indonesian Rempeyek! Cool! I am gonna try that for sure...maybe tomorrow. Let us see if I do. *Hugs* I will now be able to sample another vegetarian international snack. Tasting another cuisine.
"While white people literally fried themselves to dark brown"... LMAO!!! Were you missing your kadhai when you wrote this? Cheers!

Priya said...

Looks like you had loads of fun and came back home. Loved those name plates and they are unique when you have it personal.
Congrats on your awards Asha.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha, I saw you using the laptop on monday night! All addicts around here.
Yes asha, karnataka recipes are havibg a distinct taste, Planning to post something verymuch kannadiga.
Already a lot of dishes are dashing in my mind.
Yourr diwali thali is great! Yet to read your rice patties proprly. will read and comment.

FH said...

Hi Pragyan,I am really proud of you.Growing up in South India,we really don't meet many Odiyans at all,glad to know you and your culture.RCI opened my eyes to Orissa!
Yes,we enjoyed our short break, but glad I am home now:)

Hi Linda,you rock girl!There is no better person than you to have that award!:)
I am still reeling under those 6 gourds,made 3 dishes, one more to go.Other veggies,I have to deal with those today, + go to 2 school open houses too.Ahh..!!:D
Enjoy,have a great day today.Hugs to you.

Rajitha, BBs probably taste like Nan-Khatai,never eaten NKs,so can't tell you! Recipes are similar though. Try it.
"Vaidya" is lot better I agree.Sanskrit has some really great words with meanings!:)

Hi Trupti, great to see you.I know you are a very busy lady, take your time.I just came home too after a short break.Kids school starts on Tuesday,I will get busy too!:)
Looking forward to return to blogging, take care.Don't work too hard girl. Hugs:))

Thank you Bha!:))
Looking forward to your entry too, make it a good one. Yup, back home and back to routine, no breaks until next summer!:D

indosungod said...

Asha, Benne Biscuits are looking oh so good. Indonesian Rempeyek looks like a super snack with Rendaag might taste awesome.
I love your white eggplant looks like an Ostrich Egg all smooth and round.

Vaidya rocks ofcourse would not No Way visit a doctor who drives around with "I do Paps" on her license plate :)

FH said...

Kalpana, I think we will all have a blast this RCI K!! Hope you give me one too!:))
I have posted most of the K dishes,don't know what to cook for my own post now!;D

Oh sweetheart Anon(leave your name next time), you are craving girl.My heart goes out to you.Glad you liked the Benne biscuits. I have Kobbari Mithai and Mysore pak in the Deepawali post.Check it.Tell me what you want to see,may be I will post if I know.I left India more than 20yrs ago,so I don't remember all the goodies!Come back and tell me what you want, your name too!:))
Take care, hugs.

Prajusha, I always use Canola oil for everyday cooking which is better than other oils you get and no smell like vegetable oil does.I use Olive oil only for Italian dishes.Peanut and coconut oils have high saturated fat ,so they are out! Butter is better than Margarine, little Butter is in too!:)
What do you use?

M! You are a Bunt! Cool!:)))
My best friend was Kiran Bunt (a boy),don't know where he is now.His dad was a medical officer in Hassan for awhile. Bunts are a such a handsome bunch!:)
So glad you are our blood M,always thought you are a Marathi girl!This is really exciting for me.
Ask your mom for an authentic recipe which represents Bunt community and e mail me with or without the photo.I will be proud to include!Hugs, love you:))

Hi Chandrika, thanks girl.Good to see you!:))
Vaidya rocks, I agree! Next time he buys a new car,we have to remember to save that plate for the new car too.Enjoy the recipes.Hope you give me a K dish too!:))

FH said...

Hi Keshi,how are you today? I came back on Tuesday,had plenty of unpacking!I missed you too, but resisted opening the Laptop for atleast 3-4 days!:D
Yes, Arvind is a Internist(Internal Medicine)and very popular doc around here! Old ladies LOVE him!;D
Vaidya is a Sanskrit word common to all of us there I guess in that part of the world!:)

Abha, thanks.Enjoy the recipes.
I have a 12' x 10' Veggie patch where I grow most of them and also in huge pots with big holes in the bottom like for gourds.They grow roots into the ground after filling the pot,the reason why they grow so luxuriously! I will make a Garden post in few weeks with photos and info.Good luck with garden:))

LOL! Shilpa, that is a great thought."Vaidyana Cauvery", very nice, I love it:)
Yes, I am glad to be hosting K'taka,not many people know about K cuisine much,not one cookbook out there girl about the whole state's food!!! Can you believe that?
Looking forward to your recipe too, bring them on girl:))

Thank you Sathish. Yeah! I succeeded in that way. It was hard ,believe me!!:D
Have a great day, enjoy.

Anusha, you are not late at all,take your time always,it will be for a week anyway.Thanks for everything!:))
Benne Bisuits are supposed to white as snow as my friend makes but mine got a little color.Try it.
Are you in Kauai for vacation or do you live there? How lucky!:)
LOL @ lot of Tan.We all do anyway,why make it wrinkled too, right?:D
Enjoy your award and see you later sis.Hope you have a glass of water today too, Hugs:)

FH said...

Hi Mahesh, I had to host my state!:D
Benne Biscuits are classic in K'taka,thought I would give a little sample.You know Sanskrit has such a collection of words with beautiful meanings. We love it too.
Cook only if you can Mahesh, don't take too much trouble.Relax and enjoy. Make a easy one if you can, it's okay if you can't too.Hugs:))

Hi Sig,glad you are back from Niagara too.Hope you had a great time with parents!:)
It's exciting to host my own state.Hope you send one too, they are not that hard to cook,relatively easy recipes.Fish curry (Meenu Kari/Saaru), Coorgi Pandi Kari(Pork curry) are popular too in K too.Try it:))

WOW!! Madhuli, you are all wowed today!:D Thank you. Looking forward to recipes form you too, it's exciting to host K'taka!:)

Hi Roopa,beach was very hot in the afternoons,we avoided it, played after 5pm!:)
You can roll the BBs lightly in the flour too,just gives that floury coating. Looking forward to all the entries girl,I am thrilled to see K'taka shine!:)

Raaga, I heard that Pondichery is beautiful.Many Indian doctors in UK were planning to move there too.I haven't been there.
Whole month!!Ahh!!;D It's great record of all the Amchi recipes for your kids in your blog though,it's great! I do that for the same reason!:)
Benne Biscuits are every Kannadiga's dream cookies!:D

Lotus Reads said...

Hello, Rocking Girl Asha, I really LOVE your blog, and no, it's not only because of the recipes, it's because your happy spirit permeates all your posts and that lifts me up so much!

Your time at the beach sounds wonderful...I am on ocean girl myself (lived a few steps away from Juhu beach as I was growing up) so I miss the water so much!

Love your license plate and hubby's too! Guess what I would have on mine if I ever customized it? :)

My kids enjoy anything with a Campbell soup aid so I am going to try the "Deliciously Cheesy Chicken, vegetables and Rice Casserole", will let you know how it turns out!

Happy to have you back Asha!

FH said...

Thank you Viji.Had to announce 3 days early so I won't be late next Wednesday!:)
Enjoy the Biscuits.I am sure every state has their own recipe for it.Kannada Brahmins make the best cookies, enjoy:))

Reeta, Rempeyak was almost a meal rather than a snack, it was delicious. Make it spicy! Got to mash the rice properly first before you add others to shape the patties.Have fun.
LOL @ my kadhai missing! Not big enough for them first of all and then I use electric Fryer which is small and needs a plug in! Hahaha!!!

Thank you Priya!:)
Personalized are cool.Sometimes when you have multiple cars looking the same in the parking lot, we cannot miss ours!!:D
Have a great weekend,hugs:)

LOL! Latha, I did moderate the comments so they don't get stuck too long! Few bloggers sent me awards too,so I had to thank them ASAP!:))
Looking forward to your entries too, you live there girl! Make something really authentic.I am thinking of one too, very old, my ajji's recipe.Hope I remember it correctly! See you later:)

LOL! Indo, she was my Gyn!!!HeeHee! But she has moved to the city now.
Try the Benne biscuits,easy ,kids love them I am sure!:)
Rempeyak is like mashed fried rice patties and very tasty,can make a meal out of it too.Hope you try!:))
White Eggplants are firm and tasty too, great for Vangi Bhath. I had bigger ones too,these are almost dried out bcos we didn't water it for 4 days. They are just joy to eat fresh:)

FH said...

Thank you Lotus!:)
I know!! It would be "LOTUS" ,right? That is beautiful too.Hope you get it.Some names are already taken, you have to check before you write it on the form,can check on their website whether they are taken.
Have a great weekend Lotus and enjoy all the recipes.Casserole is the kids; fave dish, bcos it's pretty bland compared to ours!!:D

Bong Mom said...

One more awrd for you dear, go pick it up

Grihini said...

Asha, Benne Biscuit is so tempting. I've noted down this recipe, will definitely give it a try sometime.
RCI-k'tka. I would love to participate. It would be my first entry to any event. But not sure, if I can..I am on my way to India tomorrow. Will try my best to pester my mom or MIL for an authentic recipe. :)

Good write up on karnataka and nice license plates :)

Grihini said...

And yeah, before i forget, congratulations on ur awards. You so very deserve them all. :)

FH said...

Sandeepa, I am drowning!!!!:D
Thank you ,I will!:)

Grihini, all you need is a camera and a PC for a while, please try and get some authentic K recipes from amma and atte for me from India.We don't get another chance to shine a light on K dishes ever like this!:)
Do have a great time there though, recipe or not.Hugs, I will miss you:))

FH said...

Thanks G! Have a great time in India ,okay? Hugs to you:)

Swaruchy said...

wow Asha....Well,my mil is from karnataka and I think I can make a nice contribution here :-)
And I liked ur license plate dear....Vaidya is so apt and nice to hear :-)
Will post soon for ur RCI :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the Benne Biscuit (or Venna Biscuit, as we call it in Tamil) recipe. Just abt 3 days ago, I was thinking of calling up my mum to get the recipe and you post it here!!! I *HEART* them. Have you tried it with cardamom - it tastes wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the RCi-Karnataka next month! I have a few recipes lined up already! :)
"I do paps"!!?? I had a good laugh but would NEVER ever do that to myself! :) Vaidya is nice and Cauvery- how sweet! The veggies look so good.

Shionge said...

Hey Asha..I don't know where to start hahahahh....

Okay here goes:

1) Food as usual looks delicious and yummy but looks equally daunting for me to try..kekkeke..

2) Licence plate is so cool, do you have to pay a special price for this? We have to pay extra when they bid for a special number here in Singapore.

3) The gourd is nice just to decorate them in my house hehheeh..

4) Last but not least.....luv you much :D Have a great weekend coz it is TGIF here now :D

Unknown said...

Thanks dear :) you are right, i miss comforts of home :( .....but at the same time being alone at home makes me miss my hubby too hehe

Anonymous said...


thanks for the wonderfull words. i am really missing bangalore iyengar bakery stuff, if anyone knows the recipe of honey cake, kobari biscuit pls do post the recipe.

by the way my name is jyothi varad. thanks once again for your wonderful wonderful words.


Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha,
Rempeyek recipe sounds simple and practical! It is definitely a must do in my list:)).
I am just informing a handful of my blogger friends that we have touched 25000 hits yesterday! I am not announcing in the blog as I am very sentimental:).

Keshi said...

Asha u did well at staying away from the PC :)

ur hubby is a popular doc? COOL!

LOL @old ladies love him!

btw do check out my blog...n read it fully...there's a msg for ya too ;-)


Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha, Thanks for addressing me as girl:))! People around here think I am old:(.
Yes after marriage most of the time we lived in karnataka. I have some original recipes which I learnt from my neibours and friends.

BTW, How do you manage to write such long replies to all comments? It took so much time for me to search mine and read your reply.
You have not yet seen my mysoor pak!

Coffee said...

I do Paps!! Who is that guy now.... I wonder if he has a good number of patients!!

I can see u r rejuvinated after your vacation. :) Ok.... I am of to google karnataka now! I remember that Thali from last yrs Diwali! U exude so much of positive energy Asha! :)

Rachna said...

jampacked post like usual.... i had made mysore pak last week and it was finished before i cud take a pic :(
love the benne biscuits... i bet this is the biscuit my hubby keeps talking about...having them daily in mysore he telss me...will definitely try them...thank u asha

FH said...

Thank you Sirisha!:))
There are so many of us from K'taka or associated to K we don't know! It's wonderful, looking forward to MIL's dishes.Must be good and authentic:))

Mamatha, post or e mail me your version too for the RCI, more the better.We all have slightly different recipes of the same dishes anyway.I can imagine the aroma of Cardamom!Hope you do:)

Hi Vani, RCI K starts this Sunday 26th,round up is next month after 25th, wanted to be sure you know that.I can't wait for the round up, whole Karnataka cuisine will be in one place,can you imagine? YESSS!!!:))
There are some weird name plates out there,strange how they drive around with those!:D

Hi Shi, great to see you in good spirits!:))
Yeah, it is hard for you to cook up all these,you are too busy.Those bird house gourds are really decorative when they dry up!Beautiful shape too.
Happy Friday and weekend too, have fun. Hope you recovered completely now. Enjoy the family, hugs.Love you too:))

FH said...

rv, I used to do that before the kids came to our lives. Whenever Arvind was on call, I would go with him even if it is for one single night!:D
After Trisha was born, it was too much hassle to pack the diapers and all that, I just stayed home.Now, with kids are older, I don't even miss the husband!! Haha!!

Hi Jyoti, so good to see you back. In my next post, I will definitely ask others if they know about these recipes.I am sure someone will post for RCI.I will search for them too.Take care, see you later.Have a great weekend Jyoti:)

Congratulations Latha and others in YUM blog.I am not surprised at all.YUM blog is really YUM,so traditional yet modern recipes too, kinda like FH!:D
Enjoy.Thanks for considering me a friend too, love you too:))
Rempeyak is basically a good fried rice made in to cutlets,really tasty if you like Chinese food.

Hi Keshi, ooh I am excited now!:))
I just got up and moderating the comments.I will check it out in a few.
Yeah, old ladies give him all kinds of presents like paintings , coins etc,usually belongs their passed away husbands which makes their grown up kids very upset!!:D

FH said...

Oh Latha, I am 43, I never think I am old! To me, old is when I am 80+!!:D
Don't pay attention to what people say.But one thing I will tell you, my friends in B'lore who are my age look and feel SOOO older me!! I don't know why?! Life in India probably little harder than here.It's our mind set too, I am always happy,think positive,do the same.Hugs girl:))
I feel like I have to reply to each one,so I bunch 4-5 people at a time to reply!:D You have to hard to find it somehow here and thanks for taking time.I will check Mysore Pak! I make it too but not that well.I love it though.Good to know you are in B'lore for so long,must speak Kannada well, no?:)

Hi Coffee, it's she and she was good too! But moved out to bigger city last year.
Looking forward to your entry too,wonder what you come up with? Dessert, BBB etc?:D
Deepavali feast was the only one thali I had.I was thinking "What?! I am cooking too many other things than K dishes!"Haha!
I feel good, Ocean makes me happy.Arvind wants to buy a apartment in there,hope we will!:)

Rachna, your hubby was in Mysore! Yeah,this is the biscuit he is talking about but homemade is not that good as the bakery ones of course.They are tasty,try it.
Shucks!! Forgot to take photos of Mysore Pak! Would have been a perfect entry.Oh well.. may be something else!:))

mommyof2 said...

"wish I had used little more chilli pd"
same here:-)

"Put the pickle in the Sun to speed up the process."
Next time I am making a bigger batch so will do that. btw I boiled lemon in microwave & used that water for grinding. How long it stay good in the fridge with water in it?

Cooking any K'taka dishes for me? ;D
soon:-) I can't wait to try either:-)

FH said...

Hi G! Hot pickle always better!:D
I coo Lemons in MW sometimes half way and cool,add spices.Tastes wonderful.I think if the jar is clean and you used a clean wooden spoon,it will stay for months.I have some made last year too.
Looking forward to your K dish! YAY!!:))
Have a great weekend girl.Hugs.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi asha,
I knew you'll like mysoor pak! On lakshmi's birthday we did some shopping and also had visitors.So I could not take snaps while preparing. As I have conducted cookery classes I knew where people go wrong in making these burfis.Next when I prepare I'll post the step by step pictures.

As for feeling young, most people whom I meet find it difficult to believe that I have a married daughter:)).

FH said...

HeHe!! Same here! Bloggers were shocked to know I have a 16yr old daughter and married for 20 yrs.They started saying "oh,we didn't know you are married that long" and some were shocked too bcos I sound like newly married when I write! Hahaha!
Looks like you got married young too,I was 22 yrs old.Did you see my "Our 20th"(December archive) post? Posted few wedding photos!That's when everybody knew!:D
Loved the Mysore Pak,I will try your way with half amount first.Thank you so much.
If you know Kodubale recipe, post that too when you have time.That snack is so Kannadiga!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I don't know much about Karnataka's cuisine. But I only know that it is one of the most beautiful Indian states. I have been to B'LORE, Mysore and New Mangalore ( also Dharwad and Karwar). It is indeed awesome. Beautiful people, lovely landscape, great values! Now only if the political state was a little better.
In Karwar, I remember once I had been to the beach shacks and had some local fish curry and rice. It was very good. I still have the taste in my mouth. Pretty much Goan in flavour, but a lot better.

My Space My Thoughts! said...

sure... benne biscuits reminded me of blore! got all details about RCI from Nams..

Meena Raj said...

Aah.. finally got it.. was waiting to get the recipe for those yummy biscuits. My friend made those last month and they tasted awesome.. I had my heart set on them ever since. Now I have the recipe.. so I shall try them very soon. It could have been today.. just that I am all out of all purpose flour because of the weekend baking. Can I use the bisquick flour instead ??

Kajal said...

Nice photo of beach where sound and soul meet.
I am surely participate in your hosting of Karnataka Cuisine my dear.......Nice logo and nice dish of K’taka recipe you made so many item my dear for deepavali.....Sanskrit name “Vaidya” is always rock my dear.

FH said...

Kulpreet,don't even remind me of politics and all those inner fighting they do in K'taka!! It's exhausting even to think! They act like idiots most of the time.
Karwar is beautiful.I was thinking of making Fish curry too for my post!:))
B'lore has become too metropolitan now,so much chaos and pollution.Mysore is still somehow surviving it's old charm but it's sure to go B'lore way too.But yeah, most are holding on to traditions still in the smaller cities,good hearted people!:))

Hi MM, you are a friend of Namratha,huh? Another Kannadiga. Great!:))
Send someting good if you can too.Got to make Kannadamma proud!:D

Meena, I think I made all Kannadigas happy with that Biscuits!:D
I have never used Bisquick to make this girl, so I can't tell you.
I have made US style southern Cheese Biscuits with that though,comes flaky and light,might not work with cookies.Try with just 1 cup and see if it works or wait until you get plain flour.Enjoy:))
Cooking something for RCI, hope so!:)

FH said...

Hello Kajal dearie, thank you!:)
My own Karnataka cuisine is coming in 2 weeks.Biscuit is just a sample!:D
Yeah, Ocean always soothes me, feels so good to be alive when you sit there and watch the waves!
Have a great weekend girl, have fun.

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
I missed you sooo much. First of all congrats on your 100th post and also for the awards you have won. That was really awesome.
So , you are hosting RCI karnataka? I've not participated in these events since Jhiva for tomatoes. Hope to make it in time for this.
Cool license plate. You really love cauvery.Don't you? That diwali spread made me speechless. Really Asha, How do you manage to do everything?
As usual, all the dishes are mouthwatering and new to me. Have to go through them in detail a little later.
Hey, I forgot. I have an award waiting for you in my blog. I know you have already won this. But, you have always been such an inspiration to me that's it's not fair if I don't send you one. Thanks for everything.

Tee said...

There are some more awards for you...check out my blog :)

FH said...

Kribha, I often thought of you too, thinking when is she coming back!:))
Glad you are back.Thank you for more awards!My sidebar is filling up!:)
Enjoy your's too and have a great weekend.
There is one whole month to cook for RCI K, so don't worry.Cook when you can,hope you do!Hugs:)

Hi Tee, just checked out your blog.Thank you so much!You are a sweetheart!:))

Pravs said...

what a spread of food !! Benne biscuits looks like the cookie i made....yum :D Hey Asha, you are Schmoozed again by me :D you deserve it !!

Suma Gandlur said...

Hope you had a great vacation.
I miss those benne biscuits sold in Iyengar bakeries. Nankhatais come closer. Will try your version next time.
My kids schools have already started and now I have hardly any time to browse.
Hope I can come up with some few authentic Karnataka dishes. I haven't posted for RCI Orissa though.
You deserve those schmoozer awards :)
Have a great weekend.

WokandSpoon said...

Wow! looks like you've been busy! Hope you had a good break as well! All that food is just making me hungry!

FH said...

Hi Pravs, they are really butter cookies anyway,just call them Benne biscuits in Kannada where I come from!Tastes great:)
Thank you schmoozing me!;D

Suma, I have never eaten Nan Khatais,probably taste the same. I love Benne biscuits tough,I am sure there is a better recipe out there than these!:)
School already on for your kids, busy time indeed for shopping for books and clothes.My kids have Uniforms this year,so one less to worry!:)
Last day for Orissa today,hurry! For RCI K, there is one whole month,so don't worry.Send when you can.Have a great weekend:)

Hi Wokandspoon,glad you are back too.We caught up a short break before the school starts,it was great!Have a great weekend, enjoy!:))

sunita said...

The biscuits...yum!
The licence plates...rock!
RCI...will definitely send something your way!
The veggies...what a bounty!
The Diwali spread...awesome!
Now, did I leave out anything(scratching my head);)

FH said...

LOL!! No, I don't think you left any! Wait.. beach photo!!! I am kidding!:D
Thanks Sunita,can't wait for the round up of RCI K next month! All those yummy recipes! YAY!
Have a great weekend there girl:)

diyadear said...

hi asha,
u seem quite a cook :) hey im konkani n i wanted to know if u count in the konkani dishes too for the RCI-k. if so i can send in a few :)

FH said...

Hello Diyadear, Konkani dishes from South Canara, Karnataka are absolutely welcome! It's your home too. Send me and thank you!:)

Mythreyee said...

Asha, that was a cool post. the Benne Biscuits reminds me of my grand mother's. She used a small non-electric oven using sand. She does delicious biscuits with that ancient style oven. I am reminded of this. Thanks. btb, the pics are fantastic in the post. waiting for the RCI roundup Asha.

Srivalli said...

Asha...check out my recipes today...have posted for your rci...

Prajusha said...

Normally i use vegetable oil for cooking.sometimes use coconut oil. I still remember when we were in usa, we bought a big bottle of canola oil from costco.then after doing research abt canola oil, i threw the whole bottle away:(.did u check abt canola oil in net .

FH said...

Myth, I had a little round electric oven in India I used to make these. Thanks to my buddy in B'lore,this is a great recipe!:)
Thank you so much for Hayagreeva, what a great record of a classic dessert.I would make a special mention of that at the round up.Post more if you have unique recipes like these,I am proud!:))

Sri, YAY!! I will check ASAP,I just got up this morning.Thanks a lot dear!:)

Hi Prajusha, no I haven't checked the info,I will:))
I bought Veg oil once, didn't like the smell when heated.Never used Coconut for cooking though, even in India except for oiling the hair.
Thanks P, have a great Sunday sweetie.

Beccy said...

I love your hubby's number plate...very apt.

I think I'll try the cheesy chicken as my family love that kind of thing.

Good luck with your busy week, my children will be going back to school soon as well.

FH said...

Hi Beccy, thanks!:)
YUP, school starts next Tuesday and we are ready with all the supplies!:D
It was a busy week with keeping up the appointments and all.Good luck to you too.Enjoy the Chicken and rice casserole:)

amna said...

thank u so much for the correction in my blog (sheepish grin).. i hope i got to it before nandita visits :)

looking forward to Karnataka cuisine research and cooking..

Anonymous said...

Dear Ashaji, I have sent my first entry to RCI-K. I thought of leaving a coment here becuase my emails end up in Spam folder :( for some reason.

FH said...

Oh good Nags! ;D
Happens sometimes. Here in US, they get so POed if we get somebody's name wrong, don't they? I don't think it's such a big deal,sometimes we forget,that's okay.Can't wait for your RCI K dish:))

Thank you so much Lakshmi! I will check it right away.You are the third one to send,I appreciate it. I check my spam too,so don't worry, keep sending:))

Anonymous said...

"VAIDYA" is definitely better than "I do paps". LOL

FH said...

You bet it is!!;D

Bharathy said...

So...Can I feel free to Make that Yummy bisibele bhath and mosaranna from the shivarathri post,Asha!I had book marked it long back to try you version.!!..Will that be OK??!!..I dont have a cook book for kannada cuisine....I will whip up you and send you the entry..LOL..!!:D..OK??

FH said...

LOL! Bharathy, sending my own to me!
Seriously,it's absolutely okay to that.I know non-Kannadigas can have hard time looking for K dishes.Go ahead and cook.Take a photo for atleast 400pixels and send it.Enjoy BBB,it's really tasty,leftover tastes even better!:))

Mallika said...

I just got back from a beach holiday too and decided to do the whole white thing. Your beach looks fabulous. Sounds like you really did need the break before the busy period kicks in. Hope it's not too hectic!

Vani said...

Your posts are a treat in themselves Asha:)Will definitely experiment with Kannada dishes this time, many of the dishes you mentioned are a part of Marathi cuisine as well :)

I made Rajma this sunday taking cues from your royal recipe, and it turned out great:)

FH said...

Hi Mallika, Ocean is always a pleasure for me, needed that before Summer ends!
Kids are in school today, so back to getting up early and getting them out to the bus.But I do get few hrs in the afternoon for myself now!!YAY!

Thank you Vani. I just saw your Rajma meal, looks wonderful.Enjoy:))
Yes, most South India and Maharashtra cuisines are similar, so it wouldn't be that hard cook something. Looking forward to your's too!
Btw, you look cute in your profile!:))

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

We've returned from our travels and my goodness you've been busy! Your harvest looks great. We returned to find most things dead, though the tomatoes had ripened a treat! Will return to read in full later.

FH said...

Hi Amanda, good to see you back!:)
Yeah, life goes on for me as usual, took a short break though about 3 days at the beach. Kids started school today, get sometime for myself in the afternoon! Looking forward hear some details about France!:))

Latha Narasimhan said...

Asha, after cooking so much and having heavy lunch, I had a good nap! My hubby was busy in the computer so loading the pictures now. You can see them in 10 minutes.
lakshmi has prepared a sweet for your event. we'll send it today.
I think you should have a separate blog for this event as the nl of entries will run into hundreds!!!
Myself planning atleast 5 entries!

FH said...

Hahaha!! All that food and a nap! Sounds great Latha!Enjoy girl!
Photos always attract people faster than the recipes, take your time posting the photos.No hurry!:)
For RCI Maharashtra, she had 150 entries and round up was in 3 parts!! So, I am looking forward to atleast 100 entries.So send them in by all means, I will be happy to showcase Karnataka too with lots of photos and recipes.
Have fun digesting all that Latha, I wish I was in your house right now.Kids have gone to school on the first day today!:))

Rajesh &Shankari said...

You are way 2 cool. I am getting all the ingredients for benne biscuits as I type ;)Both R & I grew up in Karnataka, he in badravati and me in Belgaum. So benne biscuits are nostalgic..will try them & let u know

Anonymous said...

I love the Carolina coasts...glad you had such a nice time!

FH said...

Shankari, my dad was a Judge there for 4 yrs and I graduated from Lingaraj Arts college,Arvind went to JNMC in Belgaum, that's where we met!!We loved Belgaum.So good to know, I always thought you were from TN because of your name!:)
Badrawati, I have never been to but SOOO Karnataka! Enjoy the Benne Biscuits, hope you send a Belgaum or Badrawati special for RCI:)

Kristen, Carolina beaches are the cleanest and so beautiful indeed.We go atleast once a year just to relax!:)

Mandira said...

wow the license plates are definitely very cool! I have asked my MIL and Aswin to start thinking about RCI- Karnataka... see I'm getting help to enter this event :)

EC said...

hi, came across your blog for the first time...its wonderful. will surely try to participate in the competition. please visit my blogs also

Foodie said...

Where are you dear? Hope you are feeling better after the surgery.
Loved your posts about bottlegourds, Indonesian rice fritters. (just love those) and other bottle gourd recipes too.
My goodness you are such a passionate cook.
Where do you find the seeds for bottlegourd, seriously, I am planning to grow them next year. I love that vegetable. Please do let me know where do I look for the seeds.
Take care of yourself dear. And miss your comments.

Keshi said...

hows u now Asha? I hope ur ok sweetz.


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha!how r u and how is your health.hope you are recovering now. No hurry for bloghopping and plz take care of your health. I went thro' lasik few years back for my eye,i know how it is like. Take care and have nice time while you recover.

Bindiya said...

dear asha,
lovely blog u have ,very interactive, loved ur recipe for biscuits. and good to know you are well on the road to recovery

Rohini's kitchen said...

Delicious recipes Asha..Will try to participate in ur RCI event..I found many desi food blogs from ur website and will visit all of them.Thanks.

Seena said...

Really surprised seeing your comment on Brinjal curry..I was searching for a simple Karnataka dish to make. Can't try out lengthy one, since fasting..many thanks to you..will send my entry tomorrow..bye..

FH said...

Mandira, hope you do girl,love to see a recipe from you too!:))

Hello Easy craft, good to see a new blogger,will surely visit!:))

Hi Foodie, I do visit you girl! I am doing well,got some time off after the surgery.
I got the seeds from a site called "Exotic seeds of India", google it!Good luck!:)

FH said...

Hi Kesh, doing well sweetie, see you later!:)

Thank you Madhavi , I will. It's not that bad at all, I thought I would be sleeping for a week or so!:D

Thank you Bindiya, enjoy the Biscuits, Bangalore style!:))

FH said...

You are welcome Rohini, enjoy the sites and looking forward to your entries too!:))

Seena, That Gojju was perfect! We make it for dosas and akki rottis. See you don't have cook anything else now, a perfect entry from you!:))
Thanks for sending, looks delicious!.

SeeC said...

Very interesting L.plates.

Excellent spread. You have prepared so many...stunning.

FH said...

Thank you SeeC, I see you are catching up today!:))

Ash said...

Hi, Asha...I have never commented on your blog, but am one of those silent readers, always referring your recipes to hash up my dinner everyday :)

I am trying your benne biscuit, for some reason...the mix is still powdery. When I try to roll them, they break. Can you tell me where I have gone wrong? Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

Unknown said...

hi i a from bangalore and chanced upon this site - enjoyed reading all the recipes and comments- am a hard core north karnatakian - from hubli actually, but have lived in the four metros over the last 37 years- post marriage to a mysorean - talk about differences in language, food habits, attitudes - our family symbolises true integration - my mother is a maharashtrian, father kannadiga from Bijapur, mother-in-law goud saraswat from hyderabad, father-in-law Madhwa brHMIN, MY DAUGHTER-IN-LAW IS HALF GUJARATI AND HALF TAMILIAN iYER....SO WE HAVE A LOT OF VARIETY .. BUT NOW I AM OFTEN NOSTLAGIC FOR NORTH KARNTAKA AND ITS EARTHINESS, ITS GENUINENESS...great to know you ladies still make all the typical indian dishes - not many here do! good luck and all the best, a new friend, keerti ramachandra

arathi said...

hi asha,
happy new year!!
i just saw ur blog today.when browsing...yumm i was searching for that ''benne biscuit'' for quite some time now....the typical iyengar bekery''benne bisciut'' finally i got the recipe..thank u very much..
(i had actually tried the ''khara bisciut''earlier without knowing the recipe!!)now i find that it is the same ingredients i had used!!

Anonymous said...

ur site is too good and lovely to watch.I dont cook that much but i will sure make benne biscuits.i used to eat lot of theese in my hometown banglore.

FH said...

Keerti, whoa!! What a variety of culture and languages. I am sure it only makes you wonderful mixed family with lot of laughs!:)
I went to High school in Hubli, Lamington girls for 2 tears and then we moved to Belgaum for college. Sorry I took so long to reply, I just found your comment. Keep in touch!:)

Arathi, they are the same, we just add spices or sugar as we like it. Recipe for western Butter cookies are the same as well.Enjoy!:)

Lakshmi, now and then it's good to try few recipes. Makes you creative even if they don't come out well at first. Try it. Try the vanilla Butter cookies recipe, tastes better than this!:)

Meena Shankar said...

Hello Asha,
I have become very irregular since I am back in Bangalore and it takes lots of precious time to sit back and look at the blogs that too at the net speed as ours!!! But I do remember before I left UK, you had told me that you will be hosting Karnataka RCI..I was waiting for that during those days and today I just remembered and God!! so many roundups many dishes must be there. I have to catch up with them. Thanks for the recipes in advance....
Hope I can peak and sneak to your blog every now and then...You have kept such a huge list of recipes and one more thing!!! To tell you frankly, you are the main inspiration for me to be always lively and interested in cooking and trying out new things in the kitchen..
Love, Meena.

FH said...

Meena, thank you so much for visiting me today sweetheart!:)
I know how it is with internet connection there, so take your time. You are always welcome in my blog home. I am also taking it easy these days, post only when I can. It does take lot of time to blog indeed.
Have fun, try few recipes and enjoy. Hugs to you.Keep in touch now and then!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Lovely blog and mouth watering recipes.
My husband loves the Khara biscuits from the Bakeries in Banglaore. When I saw the recipe on your website I was very excited and I tired it out yesterday. But, it didnt come out as expected. I baked it for around 15 minutes. The outside was crisp but the inside seemed like it hadn't cooked well. I didnt use butter and baking powder while making the dough. Is that why it didn't turn out properly. Can you please guide me ? I really want to try and get this right.


FH said...

Hi Niveditha, thanks for leaving a comment!:)
Butter is essential in the recipe for light and crispness and baking pd helps the cookies rise and puff. You have skipped both of those. For Khara biscuits, use the same recipe except and follow the direction exactly. If they start to burn, cover the cookies with foil, and keep it there until the last minute.

Try this recipe below for even easier method, skip sugar and Vanilla and add spices. Let me know how it turned out. Good luck!:)

Viji said...

Hi Asha,
Happy new year!! I had been out of blogging for sometime now.But now and then i used to peek in to all ur blogs.I prepared the benne biscuits from your blog,its very simple and yum.Thanks for getting back those good old days we used to have it in india.My hus and kid loved it.Thanks again.


FH said...

Viji, you are welcome, glad you liked Benne biscuits. There is another simpler and better recipe for the same. Look at Christmas post "Vanilla Butter cookies" which I loved.
Take your time and blog when you can. Hugs!:))

KK said...

Asha u r so so so sp talented..why don't u write a cook book, I am sure it's gonna be a best seller..was going through ur much variety..I bet ur husband and Kids must be enjoying everyday like a party :)

FH said...

Thank you Miss B, I try to the best in my blogs. Glad you like them!:)
Book; lot of people tell me that too. May be one day but don't know how to go about it! :P
Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Namrata Kini said...

Your Benne biscuits look too good Asha. I will try your savory biscuits soon. Just one doubt. Should the butter be soft or in liquid form. I melted it while making nankatayi.

FH said...

Nams, butter should be softened at room temparature, not melted. Just keep it in the bowl for a while until it is soft and then add sugar to beat until creamy and fluffy!
I like Vanilla butter cookies than the baking soda and pd one, you can add spices to those vanilla butter cookies. Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...


I was searching for butter biscuit and came across urs a long time back and decided to try it.. it came delicious.. tx u so much for a sweet and short recipe..


FH said...

You are welcome Radhi, glad you tried them. Benne Biscuits are fave cookies, specially from Indian bakeries. Here we have to bake our own!Not as good as bakeries, but not bad either. Enjoy! :)

Archana Vivek said...

Hi Asha,
I tried the Butter biscuit from your ingredients. It came out very well. You have a wonderful collections of recipes. Thank you.

FH said...

Thanks for the feedback Archana, glad you liked them. They are my fave too, used to eat them a lot in India! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I tried your biscuits recipe, it came out really good. Thanks for sharing nice recipe..

Take care..


FH said...

So glad Madhuri, enjoy and thanks for the feedback! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
We came across your blog and we think what we are doing would really interest you.
Your blog is very interesting and a we are making a show on the same line. Its a FOOD TALENT SHOW which will be on air soon on a LEADING ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL .
Contact us at :
Phone no: +91 – 9820125231
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FH said...

Anonymous, thanks for the offer, I am very flattered. Unfortunately because of the Geographical distance and personal responsibilities at home, I will not be able to participate. I wish you all the best and good luck to all the participants! :)