July 25, 2007


Hot Chillies!!! That is the choice for "Jihva for ingredients" aka JFI which is started by Indira of Mahanandi and this month it's "Nandita from Saffron Trail"'s turn to host. Thanks for taking time Nandita!:))

Red and Yellow (store bought) Bell peppers I used to make these dishes with my own homegrown Green Poblanos, milder Yellow Banana peppers,Pear and Cherry tomatoes!

Chili peppers,as they are called in US, are thought to have been domesticated by prehistoric people in different parts of South and North America,from Peru in the south to Mexico.The name Chilli peppers,which is spelled differently in many regions (chili, chile or chilli), comes from Nahuatl via the Spanish word chile. The term chili in most of the world refers exclusively to the smaller,hot types of capsicums. The mild larger types are called bell pepper in the USA, simply pepper in Britain and Ireland, capsicum in Australasia and paprika in many European countries.From Mexico, at the time the Spanish colony that controlled commerce with Asia, chili peppers spread rapidly into the Philippines and then to India, China, Korea and Japan with the aid of European sailors. The new spice was quickly incorporated into the local cuisines.Chili pepper figures heavily in the cuisine of India!
Chilli peppers are now grown around the world because they are widely used as spices or vegetables in cuisine, and as medicine.They are rich in vitamin C,high in potassium and high in magnesium and iron,and are believed to have many beneficial effects on health.Canadian researchers believe that chilies might play a vital role in treating diabetes.Chili pepper as a component in weight loss diets has been the subject of a book titled "The Chili Pepper Diet".
Info from WIKIPEDIA.

Mirchi-Besan Bhaji:
(Delicious Chillies-Chickpea flour Gravy or Menasinakai Gojju in Kannada)
If you like spicy food,this dish is "it" for ya! It's delicious (I have used milder semi-ripe Banana peppers,) with creamy yellowish chickpea flour gravy.If you are still not brave enough,then feel free to use just sweet bell peppers to replace hot ones.But do not miss the delicious tasting gravy.It goes well any Parathas or Pulao,Biryani as a side dish. Hope you try.

Usually I insist my kids to eat all the Indian food I cook whether they like it or not, but this time I pardoned them from eating this dish! They happily ate Ramen Chicken noodles instead!;D

You Need:

About 8 banana peppers, 2-3 any large mild green chillies,2 small green chillies,,Roasted 3 tbsp Besan/Chick peas flour, 1 tbsp Coriander seeds powder,1/2 tsp Cumin seeds powder, 1/4 tsp Hing/asafoetida,1/4 tsp turmeric,1 tbsp Tamarind juice, 2 tsp or more Jaggery or sugar and salt.
For Garnish:1-2 tsp lemon juice,salt,1 tsp Garam masala,cilantro.

For seasoning:1 tbsp butter+2 tsp oil,1 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp mustard seeds,1/2 onion sliced, 1" ginger+2 garlic, both ground together to paste.

How to make it:

1. Slice chillies in halves or fours,take out the seeds,soak in salt water for 15mins if you are using hot chillies but skip this if you are using sweet bell peppers.Drain and keep aside.Roast Besan flour until slightly golden in a non-stick pan,keep aside.
2. Heat butter and oil in a pan,add the seasoning ingredients,fry until slightly reddish.Now add sliced chillies and fry until they wilt and you see the chilies soften.
3. Sprinkle besan and all the dry masala powders and.Stir fry for a minute, and add salt,Jaggery or sugar,1 cup of water with Tamarind juice.Simmer until you see the thickish sauce, and oil shows on top.If it's too thick add more water.
4.Take off the heat,sprinkle Garam masala,cilantro and lemon juice if needed.
5. Serve with slice of lemon,Parathas or Rice Rottis or Pulaos.

A plate for you with hot Mirch Bhaji,cool yogurt Raita and yummy Wheat-Barley flour Rotis:

To make Barley flour Parathas: Use 1 cup Wheat flour,1/2 cup Barley flour,hot water,salt to knead to a stiff dough.Let it rest for 30mins,roll to circles,cut with 4" round cookie cutters (my secret to perfectly round rotis!;D )and cook rotis on a griddle both sides.
Raita: Mix plain yogurt,cubed cucumber,few Tomatoes,salt,Cilantro well and chill for 1/2 an hr in the fridge.

Hyderabadi Mirchi Ka Salan:
(Red and Orange Bell Peppers and Poblanos cooked in a deliciously thick and flavorful Gravy, a very popular Hyderabadi dish adapted from Ms.Bilkees A. Latif's Hyderabadi and Telangana cuisine cookbook with my additions)

A famous Hyderabadi dish prominently served at the Muslim weddings as the author says along with Hyderabadi Biryani,is a delicious dish you must try.You can use any chillies you like to make it mild or hot.I chose sweet bell peppers and mild Poblanos.I LOVED the taste of this with Parathas as well.
You need:
3 colorful Bell peppers/Capsicums,2 large Poblanos,1/4 tsp Turmeric,1 tbsp Tamarind juice,Cilantro,few Mint leaves,Jaggery or sugar as much as you want,1/2 tsp chilli pd(optional if you are using hot chillies but add if using sweet bell peppers)
For Seasoning:
2 tbsp butter and 1/2 tbsp oil, 1 large onion,sliced thinly.
To Grind #1: Fry 1 large onion,sliced thin , until reddish with little oil, and grind with 1" ginger, 2 garlic.Keep aside.
To Grind #2: 2 tbsp dry coconut,1 tbsp Sesame seeds/Til, few curry leaves,1 tbsp Cumin pd,5 Cashewnuts or Almonds, 1 tbsp Coriander powder,1 tbsp Poppy seeds, 2 red Tomatoes with little water to a smooth paste.Keep aside.
To make it:
1. Slice peppers into wide,long pieces. Heat oil in a pan, add 1 onion sliced,fry until reddish brown with little sugar and salt.Add ground (#1) Onion-ginger-garlic paste,fry until you see oil on top.Add Turmeric.
2. Now add sliced peppers,fry until they change color slightly,and wilts.Add in ground masala #2,stir for a minute.
3. Add Tamarind juice,salt,Jaggery and 1 cup of water.Simmer for 10 mins until oil shows on top.When done,there should be good amount of thick gravy with soft cooked but not mushy peppers.Adjust the salt,chilli ,sugar and tamarind to taste
4. Garnish with Cilantro and Mint leaves.Serve with Parathas or rice rottis or any Pulav or Biryanis.Best with Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani and Raita called Boorani!

Here are few Mirchi dishes I already have:
Jalapeno Chutney
Stuffed Mirchi Bonda
Mirchi-Baingan Salan
Chilli Pepper Stir-fry

After all that OOH AHHH of delicious spicy gravy,don't you want some good old classic flavored Ice Creams to cool your palate?

Authentic Indian Kulfi! Unlike Western Ice Creams, Indian Kulfi is traditionally made from boiling milk until reduced to half the quantity with sugar and 1 tsp Cornstarch added to keep the shape(No eggs added).To this any fruit and flavor and color may be added.When thickens,it is poured into small coney Kulfi containers(like Popsicles cones) and frozen.Unmould and serve on a plate garnished with pistachio pd or Cardamom pd.Kulfi is also served with falooda which is made from heating Cornstarch,milk and little sugar,thickened to a dough,cooled and passed thru' a press like Noodles.Serve Falooda chilled with Kulfi on top to be authentic!! Here is a photo(not mine) if you want to see how Falooda-Kulfi look!

Finally!!! A delectable ever popular Pistachio Ice Cream/Kulfi, a recipe made Ben and Jerry's style from their Ice Cream book! after freezing for about 3hrs!!:)

Look what I made after nearly 2 months of getting this Ice Cream maker as a gift!:D I had to make some space for the Ice box in my freezer before even I tried and it was well worth the wait.I will never buy another Ice Cream after tasting these.This machine really is worth every penny of $50, specially tried with Ben and Jerry's creamy Ice Cream recipes.Pista Kulfi(Pistachio Ice Cream) was out of this World! There are 3 methods of Ice Cream base,according to this book.I used the first one,which makes the creamiest and the most delectable version.Egg makes all the difference in this recipe avoiding the Ice crystal from forming and gives the Ice Cream a fluffiness of a cloud! Skip the Eggs if you like.I made half of this recipe that makes 1 Pint of Ice Cream instead of 1 Quart(2 Pints). Here it is goes:

Served right after the processing in the Cuisinart, still in creamy semi-solid stage:
Recipe makes one quart(2 Pints) of Ice Cream,I made half the quantity ie 1 Pint.

Basic sweet Cream Base #1 (to make 1 Quart): 2 cup heavy cream,1 cup 2% or full milk,3/4 cup sugar,2 Eggs. Whisk eggs until light and fluffy,add sugar next whisk,then add cream and milk along your fav. color(I added 3 drops of green color for Pista Kulfi)and 1 tsp any Essence and pour it in the frozen Ice Cream bowl and start.Fluffy Ice Cream is ready in 30 mins.Add any nuts (I added 1/4 cup crushed Pistachios)and fruit you like just a minute or two before you stop the machine.Collect and freeze for 3 hrs in a air tight container.Scoop them and enjoy.
Don't have this Machine? Whisk everything together in a blender except nuts,add to a container,freeze for 3 hrs.Take out and blend again until crushed and creamy ,add Pistachios,mix and freeze until set.Beauty of owning a Ice Cream machine is in the constant churning of cream and creamy light texture which is unachievable without this gadget!

Here is the process with Cuisinart Ice Cream maker:

French Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Oreo bits on a slice of Pound cake!!

After my favorite Pista Kulfi,kids wanted to make their own favorite with French vanilla with Chocolate Oreo bits! Same as above with French Vanilla essence and Oreo bits added just before stopping the machine after 30 mins. I baked a Pound cake(Betty Crocker's low fat mix) and topped with Ice cream scoops!!(My son HAD to add some colorful Xmas sprinkles on top!)

Two more Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Bases:Makes 1 Quart
Base Cream #2: 2 cups heavy cream,2/3 cup half and half,3/4 cup Sugar.(creamy but does not store well like the first base,got to finish all in 1 day!)
Base Cream #3: 2 cups light Cream, 1 cup sweetened cold Condensed milk.(less creamy,less rich)
Add color,flavors,fruits and nuts of your choice.Enjoy!:))

Lemony Watermelon Slushy!
What's a Slushy? According to Thesaurus,slushy = being or resembling melting snow; "slushy snow". Every time we go to movies,kids have to have those Blueberry and Raspberry slushies they sell there.Now, no more spending money on those,when they can make their own at home!!:D

When you have a huge Watermelon, you make what else but Watermelon slushies with a squeeze of lemon juice!!You can make any flavored cool aid slushies in the same way.

Slushy ready to be served!

Slushy is very simple to make with machine! Blend 2 cups of sweet Watermelon chunks, seedless of course, with 1 tsp of lemon juice until smooth,add to the frozen jar to start and it's ready in 15mins to scoop up and devour immediately!! Or you can blend Watermelon chunks,lemon juice and ice cubes in blender until it's slushy !

That's it!! Enjoy.See you all next week.
Oh btw, I went to a Eye Surgeon for consultation for Lasik surgery on my half blind Myopic eyes.Although I don't get rid of my glasses completely,he will try his best to fix it.I have one more discussion with him next Wednesday and then get a date for my chop-chop time! Will let you know what happens next week!:)


Suma Gandlur said...

Even I , who is a chilli phobic fell in love with banana peppers after trying it. They are relatively mild and I think your recipe sounds great. Is it your own creation.
I have already posted Mirchi ka salan for A-Z event and haven't mastered the art of making mirchi bajjis yet.
Given a choice, I would go for icecream. Those icecream scoops look perfect, like from those Icecream shops and want to lick them off from the screen.
Hopefully every thing goes well with your eyes.

FH said...

Hi Suma,you made it first today.You can have all the Ice Creams as a reward!!;D
The first recipe is my own, and usually I make it this way with other vegetables.Banana peppers are the new addition to the recipe for this event.Tasted wonderful though.You are right,after you fry chillies,it does taste lot milder!:)
Thanks,I am little nervous since it is my eyes but Surgeons do this everyday,so I am okay!:)

Sia said...

my nose started running and i could feel the steam coming out of my ears looking at ur spicy mirchi dishes:) then i see beautiful icecream posts...wow...pista and saffron kulfis ae my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ones:) ~hints~ ;) i got to pester K to buy me tghis icecream maker. ashakka, u n archana(mama of twins) dont leave any chance to tempt me:) french vanilla ice cream with chocolate bits on a that Pound cake is very very drooooolworthy:)

FH said...

HeHe!! Sia, the first dish is a little spicy,you can add other vegs to replace but for the second,I added bell peppers which are sweet.Hope you try that Salan,it's excellent.Ice Creams are to cool down!:D
You don't need to ask him!!Go get it if you want it! Bread machine is the best if you ask me.
I don't ask Arvind at all.If I want it,I will order it online.He likes all the electric and electronic gadgets,so he won't fuss!:)

Viji said...

It's a fabulous post Asha. As usual with variety of recipes. Your version looks great too - MKS. The icecreams are making me drowsy . really what a texture. Very nice. Viji

sra said...

Asha, that's a nice mix of hot and sweet! Best of luck on your laser!

Anonymous said...

it takes time to read
so let me say....good shots
now on to read the recipes ;)
am i 5th?
i hope not

Anonymous said...

soaking in salt water is good tip.
mirchi ka salan is mouth watering
dont ask me abt icecreams.
i wish i have the machine.
they look fab. esp on top of pound cake. i finish watermelon before even making anything out of it :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Two hot & spicy dishes to be washed down by cool & creamy icecreams.The mirchi ka salan & bhaji are really hot !(pun intended)I love the kulfi & french vanilla icecream settled happily on a perfect pound cake.Yummy dishes as usual.


Bong Mom said...

Hey Asha
Have heard so much about the Mirchi ka Salan...want to try it sometime. And your ice cream looks so very delicious....creamy and perrrrfect

FH said...

Thanks Viji! I always end up posting last and when I see the MKS in other blog,I think "OH NO!" :D But they are all slightly different, so I post it anyway.Ice Cream maker is worth every penny,texture is really unbelievable.Enjoy.

sra, I thought to mix cold after all that hot!:D
Thanks. Lasik is not scheduled yet,I will know on Wednesday,will see.Hopefully,I will be able to see without my specs!:))

Anusha,you are 5th!! How do you do it every time,same number!!:D
I know it takes time to read,glad you came back.
Soaking takes most of the heat out,then frying lightly in oil also makes it milder.Hope you try Salan,it's yummy.
Buy that Ice C Maker if you can,it's worth the money.Makes you put on some weight but hey,we live only once!;D

Srivalli said...

not fair....all are looking so yummy and you are having it all by yourself....


TBC said...

What a variety of recipes!!The ice cream on pound cake looks so good!
Given a choice between hot and cold, I'd go for HOT!!The hotter, the better!!
Hope everything goes well when you see your eye surgeon next week.
Take care.

Coffee said...

You are tempting me to buy that ice cream maker asha!! Lovely flavours!!!
Mirch ka salan sounds good too.... but I don't get these kinds here:(
Great combo of hot and cold together! :)

sunita said...

You have so much to offer every time i come here that i am really at a loss as to which recipe is the best...well, all of them are different and equally yummmmm...those ice-creams look sinfully delicious :)

All the best to your eyes...

FH said...

Hahaha!! The first dish is fiery and the Salan is mild with Capsicums,it should have been other way round!:D
Of course,had to have Ice Creams after that!
Thanks Kate,you are a gem of a girl.Hugs to you!:))

Sandeepa,try this salan recipe with any vegetable or sweet peppers,it's so delicious with Parathas. As for the Ice Creams,even I was surprised to see that texture,that machine rocks!:)

LOL!! Sri,wish I could treat everybody with Ice Creams girl!! They taste great.Enjoy looking!!:)

Tbc,if you like it hot,first dish is perfect for you if you make it with Banana peppers! Gravy tastes so good with hot peppers.Hope you try.Salan is usually made with hot chillies,but I tried with milder ones.Enjoy:))

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

I will go for cold first ...home made fresh icecream are really tempting...:((Wow the scoops making me to feel chilli in...Wonderful gift by kids..Sometimes hot too...these mirchi recipes looks delicious..

Nice to know about your consultation,, keep updating us..Takecare.bye

Anonymous said...

Asha, everything looks delicious! I'm so glad you made that pistachio ice cream, since my husband has been after me all summer to make ice cream. So this weekend I'll get out the ice cream maker (it's the white version of your red one), and will definitely use your recipe; it's a promise! :)

bee said...

what a HOT spread!!!

ash, i had lasik seven years ago in india. has held up fine. good luck with yours.

Jyothi said...

Hi Usha, great entry of chillies. Your mirchi ka salar looks awesome. I will try this. Icecream maker cool. You are such a creative person. Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes.

Unknown said...

Delicious Mirchi Recipes.. and the Icecream looks gorgeous...!!
I am almost drooling over the pictures :)

Saju said...

yum yum yum
you have surpassed yourself again
Excelent recipesl I love the first recipe, I am going try it for sure.
Icecreams look delish!

musical said...

Lovely! thats a balanced diet ;). Love the ice-cream pictures, Akka. Great spread :).

Mishmash ! said...

As with every wed, its my routine to look at your post and admire all your energy in cooking up so many dishes, with step by step pic for some, and then writing all that notes and posting so religiously...Salute you, My lady !! :) Mirchi ka salan is interesting to me...I have a chili plant too..let me wait and see if I get to see some in 'em..I also use the pound cake to make easy quick desserts...


Meena Raj said...

Hello Ashakka.. First off, Good luck with your Lasik treatment. Hope everything goes fine.
The icecream.. yummo. Oh my God. Given a choice I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your kids should be very lucky to have an "icecream making mom" like you :)
That reminds me of the Indian style kulfis I made a couple weeks back.. Darn forgot to click some pics for posting. Guess I got carried away with the taste and kept licking before clicking.. well atleast I got it to rhyme.

FH said...

Coffee,doesn't matter which Capsicum or large chillies you use in Salan,it's a great recipe,try it.Those makes it colorful ,that's all.Buy that IC maker if you can and you can use the second base I have written there to make Ice Creams.Hope you do!:))

Thanks Sunita.I am little nervous but not scared about the surgery.I am sure it won't be that bad,I have chosen the best surgeon so I can make him richer!:D

Thanks, I will update next week Usha.Hopefully,I can recover quicker, so I can blog and comment!!;D
You can make Ice Cream with the same recipe in the freezer too,try Pista Kulfi,it was yum!:)

Carol,good to see you back.See, I told you I will make Kulfi for you!:))
Use that IC maker girl! You can add mango pulp too instead of Pistachio.If you don't mind adding egg,use it,you won't believe how wonderful it tastes! I made 1 pint ie half the recipe.Hope you try and let me know.Thanks for visiting Carol!:))

Priyanka said...

My mouth is watering Asha.... such fiery chilies.... i m going to make baingan mirch ka salan for the event... and the icecreams... too gud... i m putting on weight just luking at them...

FH said...

You did!!! WOW!!! Bee,thanks for telling me.That makes me feel lot better.I don't know what to expect post surgery,little apprehensive,that's all.My eye doctor has had that Lasik too,she is fine.
My surgeon wants me get the latest with contacts inserted behind the Retina.My eye sight is really bad in one eye,let's see what happens next week!:)

Thank you Jyoti.I didn't use that IC maker for 2 mnts,can you believe it? :D Enjoy both hot and cold!:)

Hi Cinnamon,thank you.I loved the taste of Salan.Besan Bhaji tastes great any veggies,try it!:))

Thanks Saju! You love HOT food ,do you? :D Most get scared but that dish really tastes good with creamy besan gravy.Hope you do try!:))

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,
I just love your blog and all the effort that you put in, really shows from the recipes that you post.
I have one question, a real simple one, how is it that your rotis are really round. I have a big problem with making them, so your guidance would really help.

FH said...

Hi M! LOL!! I needed that Ice Cream after those Banana peppers! Tastes great,hope you try!:))

Hello shn,make sure you soak the chillies in salt water to the heat out unless you like it HOT!!:D
I pluck them before they are very mature,so they are not that hot.Try it. I like Duncan Hines Cake mixes,lot less sugary.Didn't get the Pound cake by them but kids ate this within 2 days anyway!:))

LOL!! Meena,you are a good rhymer! With the IC maker,you just need 30 mins to make them.Kids love it.
Hope you don't forget to take pics next time!:)
Thanks,hope I will recover quickly.

Priyanka,that's the one bad thing about Ice Creams! You have to use cream to get that texture,low fat doesn't cut it.Oh well...you can't have Ice Cream and then worry about it!Just enjoy!;D

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,
I really enjoy your blog and all the recipes that you post on it, I have one question, it is abt making rotis, how come all of your rotis and really round? They look like store bought ones, I am sure you make them at home...I am an amatuer at cooking and your guidance or a post on how to make rotis would really help...

Tee said...

I am speechless!!! What a great post! Loved all the recipes...My choice is Hot AND Cold :)

Beccy said...

Oh Asha I really need to buy me an icecream make, all those icecreams and sorbets look delicious. My only problem is what to get rid of to make room for one!

A, mama of twins said...

Asha - This is so beautiful again! I love all the mirchis but you know my weakness.. ICECREAM! I have a recipe for saffron icecream in my book but between yours and Jason's Kesar Pista, I think I will have to go with the bloggers than David's recipe! :)

Isnt that Cuisinart grand? I cant believe how smooth the icecream is after several hours of freezing instead of brick like!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
all the dishes are looking perfect and the ice creams are making my mouth water.


Anonymous said...

Wow...nice spread Asha. I loved the kulfi post. my mom used to make it and i used to love it. I dont have the kulfi cones with me now :(.

Suganya said...

Yr ice cream is out of this world Asha. Can't take my eyes off!

FH said...

Hi Anon(leave your first name next time),thank you for visiting me:)
I try my best to post something interesting every week.Everybody cooks well,I just blog mine!:))
Trick for round rotis; lid from a coffee can or any other 6-7" wide lid will do.For Pooris,I use 4" round cookie cutter!! ;D
Now you know what an expert round roti maker I am! Hahaha!

Is Sammy the same Anon as above? Even if you are not the same, answer for round rotis is right up there!:))
I do make my own rotis at home,don't like the frozen ones from the store.Tried those once when we were on vacation,never again!:)

Tee,good for you.Not many like HOT dishes!:)) Enjoy all of them then.Thank you.

LOL!! Beccy,that is a million dollar question!! I stick it under the dinette for lack of space anywhere else.These gadgets do take space.But this IC maker is really worth the money.Those textures are divine.I am making another as we speak! Next time!:)

Archana,I can't believe I didn't use this for 2 mnts.My kids were begging for Ice Cream all this time!!It is grand and worth the money.Saffron gives it a great aroma for Kulfi,makes expensive Ice Creams too!:D
I had made Ice Cream once, the freezer style, in B'lore.It was so bad with Ice crystals,I never tried again until now with this.Glad I have this now. Enjoy your's and bring more!:))

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Wow! Just how much time do you spend in the kitchen everyday?! Very curious :)
Good luck with lasik!

FH said...

Hi Shalini,thank you girl.Hope you try some of these.You can skip Banana peppers though if you don't like very spicy!:)

Hi Shilpa,you can buy kids Popsicle cones in any store for Kulfi but they are like rectangular though,not like Kulfi cones.Kulfis are the best Ice Creams.Enjoy:))

Suganya,thank you.I was wondering how would you photograph the Ice Creams.I bet lot better than me,it was tough to click those!:))

Hi K! Let me see. 10 mins prep for Ice Cream, machine does the rest and 30-40 mins per HOT dishes in a week's time!! Not bad,huh? ;D
I love cooking but will try to get out of the kitchen as soon as possible,good organization is imp!!
Thank you ,Lasik is coming around,hopefully it doesn't hurt much!:))

bha said...

I would gp for the ice creams.....simply wonderful

ChrisB said...

Asha I am so jealous of your icecream maker- your icecreams and sorbet have me drooling here. I thought embee was going to buy one a couple of years back but he decided it was a bit expensive- at the time it was a lot more than you paid (I must take another look)!!
Hope everything goes well with your eyes :)

Foodie said...

Dear Ashaji, too much heat is going on with this fiery spread of chile peppers. Wow! that's the word.
Loved all your recipes from Mirchi Salan to Jackfruit kebabs and Pistachio icecream to Mango lassi.
Each and every recipe to marvel at.
hey I read on Swapna's blog, you are having your lasik surgery, all my good wishes for that and hope you will be back soon. I have heard that it's just 10 minutes surgery is it true?
Keep me posted dear.

indosungod said...

Oh Asha, the Pista Kulfi Ice creams are to die for. We always make it to the Indian restaurant to eat them and ice creams on Pound Cake, I am catching the next train over to your house and while we are at it some chilli bajjis would be perfect too.

Asha Take care of those eyes and Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, loved your chillies post and the chilly ice cream treats that came after! I never knew one could make any ice cream without the maker (either hand or electric powered). Agree that it's so much better than anything from the store! Kids and I love ice cream so much, I would never get a machine... that's all we'd eat!

Spicy pepper dishes look yummy too... will try both of those for sure! Good luck with eye surgeon and do keep us posted :)

Anonymous said...

Asha: Every recipe is mouthwatering and that icecream hmmm can't take off my eyes.

FH said...

Great choice Bha!:))
That is really delightful,fluffy Ice Cream.Try and get that IC maker.

Hi Chris,try and see if you can get this in UK,Amazon is selling it right now for $50,must be less there.It is worth the money,makes creamy Ice Creams.Hope you do:)
Thanks,will see what happens next week!

Pintoo,you will see many chilly dishes until the 1st!:))
Thanks girl. Yes,it is maximum 15mins surgery and done precisely with Lasers.Hopefully,it's very not painful post surgery.School starts in 3 weeks,so I need to drive ASAP!:) Enjoy the dishes.

Hi Indo,Hahaha! YUP! Catch a train ,you will be here in 3 days!
Thank you.Thank God kids are home now,so they can take care of me after the surgery.Hopefully,I will get that done before school starts!:))

J said...

Ok, I'm taking the next flight from here to NC :)) Save some icecreams for me!!! A friend of mine had lasik done many years ago, it was quick and helped him I think. So don't worry too much about it :)

Priyanka said...

How do you know whenever i post a new recipe? you are one of the first ones to comment.... you must be glued to your laptop:).... your comments do mean a lot to me but, do rest your eyes Asha.

FH said...

Linda,it's true! As much as we love Ice Creams it's dangerous to make them very often.All that Cream in that,oh boy!! I make a very small quantity ,so we can taste many flavors but in small portions.But it's worth buying it Linda.You won't believe the texture!!
My son loves Chocolate Ice cream,got to do that one day!:)
I will update next week about the surgery.

Thank you Priya.Hope you try some of these.Ice Creams are fabulous for Summer,couldn't get enough!:))

Hi J,that's what everybody telling me about Lasik, which is good to hear! I have never had any kind of surgery before in my life,just getting little jittery!:D
I can make any kinda flovored Ice Cream in 25 mins,don't worry,fly in!;D

Priyanka,I have given you the link,check it out and see how I do it! ;D
Laptop is open daily from 7.30am to 6pm! I check every hr for updates in betn my house work.No wonder I am half blind,right? HeHe!!
I am okay now, routine retina dilation lasts for a day or so.

Laavanya said...

I'd like both, hold and cold please. What am amazing array of recipes. I can't take my eyes of the icecreams. Now I just wish you lived closeby or maybe I'll move to your area (after I lose weight! ) ha ha... :)

FH said...

Laavanya, after you lose weight,give me a call and then I will feed you so many flavored Ice Creams to make you put on some and then some more weight!;D
Enjoy the recipes.

Neelam said...

Wow Asha this is amazing as always! I am really in awe of you!
I love spicy food and you mke me hungry for more!
By the way , Asha I made your saag bhaji recipe , it was a hit at home, thanks a lot.

FH said...

Neelam,first dish is perfect for you if you like spicy food! Hope you try!:)
Thanks for the feedback on Saag Bhaji,glad you all liked it.YAY!:)

Anonymous said...

I just want to pick up that plate of mirchi-besan bhaji - I love hot and spicy food special when its this cold ! Hot paratha and spicy mirchi curry is jsut what I would like to have !! I have got to try it, it seems pretty easy to make too :-)

I love mirchi ka salan too with biryani(offcourse Veg ! )except that I have never added tomatoes and cashews to it - will try your version next time.

Padma said...

Mirchi's have always been my favorite, coz I am really spice-phobic... All my recipes calls for handful of green chillies. I loved the Mirchi ka salan. Also Ice-cream scoop makes my heart melt apart from 84F(today). Love your pics and post too. As always eagerly wait for Wednesday for your wonderful posts...LM invite myself to ur dining table (*_*)

Roopa said...

hottttty and coldiiiiiii he he so yummy yum! my favorite mirch ka salan. i still haven't able to get those lovely mirchis. the pistachio ice cream is worth it kanri :) i have alreasy made h an application next on the list is the cuisinart ice cream maker. ohh neeve mathe archana icecreams nodi i am tempted.so we even make 1/2 litre right else i have to buy a freezer. ohh the kids are having a great time :) hugs to you

Richa said...

hot or cold, tough choice :)
mirchi besan bhaji looks YUM!
homemade ice cream tastes much better, love the kulfi :)

Prajusha said...

those icecreams r so tempting..Mirhci ka salan and bhajji looks spicy and delicious.
Don't worry too much.All My wishes for the lasik treatment.

archana said...

Asha, it is a hot n cold post :D Spicy Mirchi dishes and coooool ice creams. Loved those recipes Asha. I love spicy dishes but today your ice cream has stollen the show. They are looking so creamy and soft. I have fallen for them . Wish we could get that ice cream maker here in India.

deepsat said...

nice mix of dishes!! all the best for the laser asha!! take care!!


Sig said...

Asha, what a pefect combo, hot peppers and cool ice cream and slush... u guys are tempting me to buy an ice cream maker, first Archana now you... :)

Good luck with your eye surgery... don't call it chop chop....

Keshi said...

I love chillies and I love spicy food.

So I wont get Diabetes then...yeyyyyyyy! :)

** went to a Eye Surgeon for consultation for Lasik surgery on my half blind Myopic eyes

seriosuly? I mean how did u end up getting that?


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Asha. I will say this again you are amazing. That icecream looks very yummy. Hope things go well and I can soon say for your eyes only! :)

SeeC said...

It's really mind-blowing Asha. A day is not enough to read your post. So many dishes... When I read the title I said to myself "Lemme go for hot" but when I scrolled down...I got melted :)
You inspire a lot Asha.

Hope you eyes are getting better.

Hey one more thing I wanted to ask you. How do you comment immediately after the post?

FH said...

Abha,bhaji with Parathas are the best combo,my fav too! Hope you try.
Cashews in Salan give a little richness to gravy,you don't have to add it.Enjoy.
Hope you had a great day on your 7th anniversary!!:))

Padma,handful of Mirchis in every dish!! WOW! You do like hot food!:)
I had a stomach ache after eating Bhaji,but I liked the taste!:))
Have fun day today.We have temp. at 80s too,not better than 90s though!:)

Hahaha!! Roopa,hot was HOT and cold was COLD!! ;D
Archana comes up with great flavors too,yum! Mine is mainly kids oriented flavors.Cuisinart has a bowl about 9-10" tall which must be frozen before you start the machine.So unless you have space in the freezer,don't buy it.Bee had the same problem,small freezer section in the fridge.If you have space,then it is best thing you can ever buy.Makkalu tumba enjoy maduttave!:))

Richa, homemade things are always better ,no matter what.No preservatives ot artificial thing,we know what goes in there! Enjoy the Mirchi besan,it's great!:))

FH said...

Thank you Prajusha.With all your wishes,I think I will be up on my feet in a jiffy!
Enjoy the dishes,hot and cold both!:)

Archana,you might get a different brand of Ice Cream maker in India,try and look for it.Here Cuisinart is the best and reliable.It is worth the money.It comes out so creamy,it's amazing.You can create your own millions of flavors too.Try it!:)

Thank you Satheesh.I am a little nervous but I am sure it's not that bad at all.Many have told me so!:))

Sig,thank you.I will be alright,kids will take care of me for a day or so.After that it's back to normal I guess.
Ice Cream maker is really great gadget.Buy it.I bet you can come up with some great "tipsy" flavors!! Hahaha!!Have a great weekend Sig!:)

FH said...

Hahaha!! Keshi,you might avoid getting Diabetes by eating Mirchi but with Ice Creams you will get it super fast!!:D
Nah,I don't think you can prevent Diabetes if it's inherited,no matter how many Mirchis you eat but they say you can lose weight!!Hurray!
Nobody in my family has Myopia but I read so much as a kid and as a teenager,my eyesight weakened and it got worse as I got older.Finally,I thought let me try and get a thinner lens and chose to have surgery.Hopefully they can fix it!:))

LOL!! Madhuli,thanks girl.I hope so too and able to see without glasses or thinner lenses,will see.
Enjoy the dishes!:))

Thank you SeeC for your wishes.Enjoy both hot and cold sweetie!!:))
I just got up and started publishing the comments.
I will let you know in your blog how I do it later!:)

SeeC said...

Thanks for leaving the information in my blog. So nice of you.

FH said...

You are welcome Seec! Enjoy.Hey! I AM a nice lady you know!!;D

Unknown said...

Hi asha, I am a spicy-food lover! Thanks for these recipes. My husband is opposite , he has sweet tooth, I ce creams seems a better option for him ;) ....Thanks for posting the method to prepare ice cream without the machine.

Unknown said...

And take care of your eyes too:) Hope u get good news from surgeon:)

FH said...

rv,you are welcome.Make one hot and one cold,will be perfect!:))
Thanks.I hope I can get rid of my specs too,let's see what happens next week.

Shilpa said...

What a masaledar collection! :) Fortunately you have an ice-cream maker! I personally have high heat tolerance, but am unfamiliar with the species of peppers that you used here, so it may be beyong my range! :)

Ice-cream makers, like deep-fryers, are high on the list of kitchen appliances that i covet and at the same time, refuse to buy because of the temptation factor! I know I will definitely eat fries and ice-cream every single day if it was so easy to make my own! :)

FH said...

Hi Shilpa.It's true! The more gadgets you have,more tempting it is to use them.!:)
You can use any Chillies you find there in the dish,there are no hard and fast rules really.I usually make it with mild Green bell peppers.Hope you try!:))

swapna susarla said...

I have never tried these pepper curries although seeing so many recipes.Looks wonderful.

At last u used ur ice cream maker:-D
the kulfi is mouth watering.This is a perfect dessert for ur menu(chillies).

karmic said...

Lovely food as always and the ice cream is truly delicious.
We do make Mirchi-Besan Bhaji and it is similar to what you do.

RML said...

Hi Asha,
Mmmm.I can feel the taste of the peppers.I am sure gonna try this to impress my husband.
Thanks for sharing.
Good luck for your Lasik.
Have a nice weekend!

FH said...

Swapna,thanks.It's true! After all that chillies,you need those Ice Creams!;D
I am glad I used that machine at last!!Enjoy.

Hi Sanjay,good to see you!:))
I love that Mirchi bhaji ,very tasty but usually I use milder peppers.Banana peppers are fiery!
Ice Creams were fabulous, glad to find that machine!

Anonymous said...

BigS! It sure is pretty hot around here. I can feel the heat. Good that you have coolers too:) Mirchi ka salan looks good. have made it once and liked it. will try your version too. Icecreams look heavenly. Good luck with your lasik!

Li'l Lite said...

Lovely...mirchis and IC's are my fave..lasik seems to be painless ..pls dont strain too much!

FH said...

Hi Madhuri,do try Mirchi-Besan.It tastes great with parathas!:))
Thanks about the Lasik too.

Thank you lil sis!:))
I love the taste Salan too,peanut and sesame seeds go well together.Lasik is not scheduled yet,let's see.Have a great weekend,hugs:)

Hi Dr,thank you. Everybody says that too about Lasik.I am a little relieved,will see how it goes next week!:))

FH said...

You are welcome Jaya and thank you for appreciating it too!:))
Yes,Peppers won't be that HOT like they are fresh after all the soaking and frying.It is tasty ,hope you try!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Ice creams look too tempting.
I have got the lasik surgery done on my both eyes...for power about -4 and -4.5 it took them less than 5 min total. The best part is this one surgery you see it happening.....I found it to be a great experience [after giving birth to my lovely kids]...everything looks like under water....You still keep your eyes open after surgery. The surgery happens like you are in some factory...the surgeons have masterd it so well. I started working back on computers next day onwards, though my doctor did not put lot of restrictions, I personally feel, the more rest you give to your eyes, by sleeping thru at least more than 4 hours after surgery....not watching TV for 1 week to 2 weeks, same applies to computer monitor..wearing the protective covering on your eyes while cooking sleeping...so that to avoid accidents......you will attain 20/20 vision faster. After about 2 years of surgery my vision is still 20/20. Wish you all the very best.
Best Regards,

FH said...

Asha,I can't thank you enough for the info you gave me experiencing all that first hand!That makes me feel so much better.I did watch their dvd etc. I have -7.5 in one eye and other one even worse,so I probably till have to wear thinner lens glass.Let's see what happens.They are telling me about a new procedure,they insert a contact behind the retina.I am not sure I want a foreign body in there.
Thanks again for the advice.I might take a week off blogging.But not reading for a week is a torture for me though!:))

So So Simple said...

What is Jaggery please. The ice creams look divine

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashaji, thanks and it was our 11th anniversary, Aman is turning 10 next week !

I just came back to wish you well for your surgery as I forgot to mention it yesterday. Hope everything goes well and you come back with your great posts and recipies soon after you have given adequate rest to your eyes.


Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Asha!

I am blown away with all the lovely icecream and slushies your icecream maker can whip up! Wow, I want to rush out to the nearest Sears and pick one up for myself! My girls love icecream (infact the older girl has a summer job at Baskin Robbins) but they would so love to make their own. What a really "cool" idea!!! :)

BTW, my 12-year old is attending a culinary camp this summer. This week they were introduced to "Oriental Cooking" and she has been making some delicious things..will have to share some of the recipes with you soon.

Take care Asha and thank you for another fabulous post, also, best of luck with the lasik surgery!

Anonymous said...

Okay I am a Ghost reader/ obsessive compulsive lurker. But a big thankyou for writing.

FH said...

Hi Gilly,thanks. Jaggery is unrefined lumpy moulded brown sugar we make in India and South America.After that lumpy moulded stage,they bleach and refine it to make what we know as sugar.
Jaggery has a distinctive taste as dark brown sugar has and it's available in Asian store.But you could use brown or white sugar to replace in this recipe.Enjoy!:))

OOPS!!:D Abha, happy 11th anniversary! Now you know about my eye condition!!Hahaha!
Thank you.After the surgery,I might take off a week or two.I don't think it will be that bad,will see!:)

Lotus,then she knows all the "secrets" of Ice cream combo!She deserves a IC maker!!It's really worth buying,excellent texture!:))
Learning Oriental sounds so good A.Trisha is not interested in cooking at all,when she does attempt,she ruins the whole dish!!:D
Looking forward to those dishes in your blog,can't wait!:)
Lasik; I am really excited.I will be able to read without getting a headache,can't wait to have surgery! Have a fun summer,can't believe next school year is almost here!:)

LOL!! Anonymous,a big THANK YOU for commenting today!:))
Leave your first name next time,so I will remember you visited me and I appreciate your comment and any feedback you have in future.Thanks again,have a great weekend!:)

Kajal said...

Great Great Great great great..............................ice-cream with chocolate and slice of cake....ohhhh.....this is very difficult to say nice words because my eyes really not blicking after see your nice post my dear....but you not invite any time for a lovely and mouth watering dish..:)

Kajal said...

Only Cold Cold Cold and cold my dear.:)

FH said...

Hi Kajal, you can have all the COLD COLD dishes girl! Hahaha!!! You seem to love Ice Creams.Make some at home,it's really easy recipe.Thank you and have a great weekend:))

Anonymous said...

Can I be buried underneath your kitchen? Then I'd love to claw my way out because everything is just so delicious!

The Goddess In You

FH said...

LOL!! Hi Joy,that is most complimentary comment I have received so far!! Thanks.Hope you try some these!:))
Have a great weekend.

Suganya said...

OMG....U r great my dear!..... Loved all ur hot and cold dishes... The Pistachio Ice cream is looking amazing....Lovely entries...

Pravs said...

Asha, those garden grown chillies look so good.
I started reading about chillies and then got lost in those yummy looking ice creams...forgot what i read about chillies :D

Little Miss Muffet said...

i think i'm the last person to visit your blog this week :( love your mirchi wali dishes, will try them with the green bell peppers I have...and u have no idea how difficult it was to scroll down looking at all those ice-creams :(( am trying to avoid eating any ice-cream/cake in the weight loss effort..and u made it look so delicious...i'll try your slushie though..i had no idea it was easy to make :)

Little Miss Muffet said...

oh and good luck with the lasik...a couple of my friends have had it done and are totally happy with the results..

Anonymous said...

That oreo ice cream on the pound cake...I have died and gone to heaven!

deena said...

that was quite a hot post !& how coool is that !!..i loved ur ice-creams.esp the one with the oreo..mmm!

Life said...

hey asha--bhajis ..this is the best season to have them. Onion bhaji in rains..hmmmmmmm

India is the largest producer of red chilli.Guntur is largest market of world. I am in to chilli business. India is the largest expoter of redchilli.

desert was mouthwatering......stomach bahrgaya!! thanks for such delicious dish :)

Take Care

WokandSpoon said...

OMG! What a feast. I don't even know where to start! Oh, I know, the ice cream with oreo bits in it! Mmmmm!

Hope your lasik surgery goes well. I had my eyes lasiked about 10 years ago now and they came out well!

bee said...

wonderful stuff. enjoy hot chiles very much and enjoy icecreams too. you've presented some great dishes. you've triggered some thoughts here...how about chile icecream. --jai

FH said...

Hi Sukanya,good to see you!:)
Thanks.I just sent the first dish to Nandita,everything else is bonus!

LOL! Pravs,those Ice Creams were fabulous.I didn't know it could that delicious if they are homemade!Hope you try:)

M! No problem.Take your time.Summer is a busy time for everyone!:)
Slushie is great,fruit and Ice,no addition is needed.Try it.Banana peppers are really hot,better use milder ones. Lasik; that's what I heard so far,I am happy to hear that!:))

Hi Kristen,that IC maker is to die for!!;D I didn't really expect Ice creams to come out that good!
I think you have Cuisinart already if I can remember correctly.Enjoy:)

FH said...

Hi Deena,thanks girl.I thought some like hot and some like cold,why not post both!!:)) Enjoy.

Hi Vikas,I have heard of Guntur chillies too.You are in the chilli business,that is so Cool!:))
Bhaji is the easiest to make in a hurry,a very good dish.Thanks,enjoy the Ice Creams.Have a great weekend Vikas.

Hi WS,oh ,you did get the Lasik.Glad to hear that.Makes me feel lot better,hope I can heal quickly too.I can't wait!:))
Enjoy the Ice Creams,have a great day.

Jai,Thanks.You spoke my mind about IC!! I thought of adding chopped Jalapenos into it to suit this event but kids won't eat it.May be I should make a small quantity next time.I have watched on Food network that kind of combo with chillies!:))

Unknown said...

Wow Asha! A lot of heat and chill doing on here.. And the icecream is mouth watering..

And All the best for the eye surgery..Take care..

FH said...

Thank you Chadrika.Enjoy the hot and cold!:))
Hopefully I get that Lasik done before kids start school, so Arvind doesn't have skip work!:))

Pravs said...

Hey Asha, After seeing how well the ice creams and slushy came out for you,i am tempted to buy the machine and try out the recipes.
Hey i just read in one of the comments you are going to undergo a eye surgery...i hope all goes well. All the best.

Shivapriya said...

WOW Asha,
Everythings looks hot and delicious. Mirchi Ka Salan was one of the dish for my wedding reception. That's my husband's fav.

FH said...

Pravs,that is IC maker is fabulous,see if you can buy it ie if you don't mind the cream!:))
Thank you,Lasik is not scheduled yet.let's see what happens next week.

Thanks P! Love that Salan! It's so delicious even though I used the milder peppers!Worth of attending a wedding just to eat that!:))
Have a great weekend.

Dee said...

hey ashakka, im late as usual, love all the recipes, especially the icecreams and mirchi ka salan...

Anonymous said...

Will definitely try them! And recommend them to friends. My cupboards are a bit bare at the moment. Doing the grocery tomorrow. How would you like to be a Kitchen Goddess on my website? That would really be great. Please swing by and let me know what you think. :)

Hail hail!

The Goddess In You

FH said...

Dee,it's okay to be late as long as you are here,you make me happy girl.Enjoy the salanmild chillies!:))
Hope you are having great weekend.Hugs.

Hi Joy,I did come by to your site,didn't register though.I am already a member of a blog like your's.I am afraid I can't spare more time to anything else,I am swamped already!:)
Good luck to you though,interesting blog.I will read it whenever I can,hope that's okay! Enjoy the weekend:)

Mona said...

Asha! what a lovely sumptous spread!

Thanks for the mirchi ka salan recipie. just what I have been looking for!

& god! is that not pistachio icecream? My most favouritest!!!

Not I Scream...Waaaahh! I want some!

mommyof2 said...

Asha, my "to try" list is getting longer after your post on every wednesday:-) This is something I want to try first now;-)

FH said...

LOL!! Mona,Kulfi is my most favoritest too!;D
I made just a pint bcos it's full of cream but it's great for tasting now and then,specially in Summer.
Salan is a great recipe,add spicy mirchis if you like. My kids fuss if it's spicy,so I use Capsicums.Enjoy girl!:)

Hi G! How are you? Hope little A is eating better now.
If you like Mirchibhara swad,here it is!!;D
I know your hubby doesn't like spicy,you can substitute colorful sweet peppers to the same gravy,tastes great too.Hope you try, have a fun weekend!:))

Dhana said...

Mirch ka salan, barley parathas and that amazing looking ice cream! Put me down as your official food taster anytime ;) Fantastic pics of the ice cream and the making process!!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I love the sound of the first dish but I think I would definitely need the kulfi to cool down afterwards.

Good luck for your next appt about eye surgery.

FH said...

Okaey dokey!! You got the job!!;D
Thanks,hope you try some of these.Hot or cold ,your choice!:))

LOL! Amanda,it's true.You do need that Ice Cream!! But that gravy is tasty and easy.If you use sweet peppers,you will love it.
I don't like very spicy food either,tried for this event.Next time I will be wiser and use mild peppers to avoid the stomach ache I had!:))
Thanks about Lasik,let's see what happens this week.

Laura-1998 of Fairyland said...

I like the name Bell Peppers! Much better than dull old peppers!

Anonymous said...

It all looks so colourful as always Asha!

Keshi said...

Reading too much can make ur eyes weak? I didnt know :(


FH said...

Hi Little Gymnast,in US they are called bell peppers and in India they are always Capsicums for us!So many names for the same veggie!:D

Thank you Sally!:))
Very hot chillies are not my cup of Tea although I love spicy food!

Hi Keshi.Hope you had a great weekend!:)
My Coorgi neighbor once told me that none of her family and neighbors in and around her coffee plantations has eye defect bcos they are always look at green lush forests all the time and enjoy the nature.What we do in the cities? Sit down and watch TV,PCs and read books!:D
I think when you don't exercise your eyes too much and concentrate on one thing most of the time,we tend to lose the strength.You know what they say, "use it or lose it!" Hahaha!Have a great week Kesh.

Bharathy said...

Yeah Asha...Unfortunately I couldnt delete it...I am so worried today to delete all your precious comments..:(..I was away for 2 weeks and was back only today and thought only I had been hit..sorry to note you too had that bitter one...sheesh..

Nice to see those hot mirchi dishes and cool icecreams to complement...icecream maker looks really tempting...espcially that whirrrrling pic..nice shots...fine recipes,Asha...

FH said...

Hi Bharathy,thanks girl.Hope you had fun 2 weeks!:))
This is not the first time he wrote that comment.There was one more last month thrashing India too and he said he will be back with another! I think he is a looney toon.Don't worry too much about it.At least we can delete or do something about it.Take care Bharathy.Welcome back:)

Mallika said...

Good luck at the eye doc. I am myopic too and would love to ehar the blow by blow account of getting them fixed!! It will also help with your cooking, no??

Really enjoyed reading the chilli recipes... I will have to make it for my spice crazy husband soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha..youve got a wonderful collection of recipes, whenever i want to try something new, FH is de blog tat comes to my mind..Keep de good work going.

Mandira said...

the entire hot and sweet them is infectious :) great mix asha, and good luck with the lasik surgery too... do let us know how it goes :)

FH said...

Thanks Mallika.I will know when is the surgery next week and then I will let you know all the details. More than cooking,I love to read and I am waiting for the day I could read non-stop without getting a head ache!:D
Spice crazy? First dish is perfect for him. I had stomach ache for few hrs!;D Enjoy.

Thank you Preethi.Glad FH helps you and thanks for commenting too.Other wise I will never know it did!:))
Enjoy the dishes, any questions,feel free to ask.

Thank you Mandira.I will update.Lasik probably will not happen for another 2 weeks!That surgeon is popular and VERY busy!:)
Glad you liked them,hope you try once you are all unpacked completely.Have a great week.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Hi asha, Thanks for dropping comment on my blog. Your dishes looks very delicious, especially i like jalebi recipe. I am your regular blogger..

FH said...

Hi Vanamala,so good to see you!:) Thank you ,hope you try some of them.Hope to see you back here and you blog often too.We need more Kannadiga bloggers around here!:D
Next month's RCI is Karnataka! Hope you post some authentic dishes too,I am hosting!See you later.

Anonymous said...

Asha, the pista kulfi icecream looks just yummmmmmmmmm.... thanks for sharing!

FH said...

Hi Sneha! So good to see you.How is your vacation/break going?
Thanks for visiting me girl.Hope you try the Kulfi,perfect for hot summer day!:)

Shah cooks said...

u went all out with the chilies! the more ice cream machines i see on the blogs, the more it is enticing me.home made ice cream looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on making perfectly round rotis and soaking chillies in salt water ! Best of luck for your eye surgery !

FH said...

Hi Shaheen,thanks.Banana peppers gave me some trouble but I love the Besan gravy!:D
Get the Cuisinart IC maker if you can,you won't regret it and you will never buy another Ice Cream outside paying so much money! We are making 1 Pint every 10days,love them all!:))

Hello Cyberkitty!:)
Yup, it is that easy to make perfect rotis! Hahaha!! Enjoy.
Thank you ,I am going for a discussion at 2pm tomorrow for Lasik,let's see.

Anonymous said...

wow!too many recipes in one single day. Too good and tasty mouth watering recipes.I wish I was your neighbour for today so that I could have those icecream delights.you have way too much imagination with hot mirchis.ever since jfi chillies was announced i have been seeing all kinds of peppers and mirchis in my house and have been thinking what should i make you bad boys? but could not get an answer .i'll try out some of your recipes today.Its been pouring rain here in tampa today so,mirchis are decided for my menu today

Anonymous said...

Hi, Asha! On Sunday we used your ice cream recipe, and had two days of wonderful desserts. My husband made the ice cream (the machine is a gadget, you know, and he can't stay away from gadgets). He followed the recipe for a quart of French vanilla, removed and froze half which we used later for cola floats. He added pistachios to the rest in the machine - two varieties from one recipe!
I was sure to smile and show my appreciation. I may never have a chance to try the machine myself. ;)
Thank you again for posting your instructions for the pistachio ice cream. :D

FH said...

Hi Madhavi, thanks girl!:)
Ice Creams were great,specially Kulfi and specially after HOT mirchi dish!;D
The easiet snack you make with hot Mirchis are Bondas.Try stuffed Mirchi Bondas,they are excellent for a rainy day!Enjoy:))

FH said...

YAY!!! Carol,I am so thrilled to hear that.You know after you asked what happened to Cuisinart,I took it out and made it!:D
Glad you liked it.You can experiment with many flavors once you have the base recipes.Mango Ice Cream is coming tomorrow!:))
Thanks for the feedback, hugs.

Menu Today said...

hi Asha,

Beautiful Post!!!! Love all the dishes. Thanks for sharing.

Nee said...

Hey Ashamma - Hope the consult with the surgeon went well. Has the date been decided?

FH said...

Hi MT, good to see you girl.Hope you had a good break!:))
Thank you,hope you try the first one,it's yummy even with milder chillies.

Hi Neeamma, how are you? I bet you are enjoying every minute these days!:D
My consult is at 2pm today.He is recommending me a advanced tech Intracorneal lens implant bcos my right eye is pretty bad.But I prefer just Lasik even if I have to still wear a thinner glasses after the surgery.
Inserting a contact lens inside the Cornea is like having a foreign object in your body like Silicon and not enough research has been done with this new tech.Let's see what happens today,I will update!:))

Unknown said...

the ice creams come as a cool relief after all that spice! Thanks for the yummy chilli recipes and cya at the round up!

FH said...

LOL! It's true and you better some cool stuff ready after all that banana peppers!:)

Pearl said...

Anda Saga Rai sounds yummy. Thanks for telling about the Ben & Jerry's book. It's in line with their pride for local ingredients to put the recipes in the hands of people in general distribution. Good to see it.

FH said...

Pearl I was surprised too to see that book revealing their secrets of making Ice Creams!Recipes are really good and they do taste almost like real Ben and Jerry's.Full cream is little scary but hey Summer comes just once a year,right!!;D

Seena said...

wow! same pinch.. :)
I tried to buy the same with red color using my paypal, but couldn't find shipping to India, when checking Indian online malls couldn't find this product too.. :)
anyway am going to check in shops here.. thank you Asha..

FH said...

Seena, hope you find that color! :)