July 11, 2007


Remember I kept telling you "I can't take a break now even when I am on vacation because something special is coming up"? Here is the reason!;D

YAY!!! This post is my 100th and on July 14th 2007,I will be completing one full year of blogging! What a coincidence that it came to 100th post this week and a year too! I had never thought I would be blogging for so long.Many times I have thought of making FH into a private blog and just keep it for my kids! Sometimes I got stressed to keep up,sometimes I have laughed whenever I update my old posts and few readers are shocked(;D) to see my post show up in their blog roll other than Wednesdays and most of the time I am too happy to blog about food and such.It's been fun so far!:)

It's all because of you my blog friends and your comments which I appreciate tremendously that kept me going.Comments are like a protein boost to any blogger's creativity.I comment on so many great blogger who hardly get any comments at all from others!! But It is also a two way street indeed. Bloggers got to appreciate others' work too! Just lurking around without commenting is not enough either! Blogging is harder than people think and not to mention the funny politics which goes on!! OYYY!!;D

Anyway,one mile stone is reached and I am happy for that.Let's see what happens in the 2nd year,more excitement about food blogging or brain freeze??!!
A note to all new bloggers; Foodie's hope is my main blog with new post every Wednesday! I know many of you like Aroma but makes me happier to see you here as well!!:)
"Thank you all once again,here is to the beginning of second year.Cheers!!"

Okay,let's eat now people; how about a Black Bean Burger platter!!
When in Nashville,we went to a fast food chain called 'Charley's Cheese Burgers'.They had these wonderfully spicy veg.Black bean burgers which I loved and had to make them as soon as I came back home.Here it is,slightly Indian style Burgers! You can make the burgers as thin as you like,I made them thick. Beans are quite bland,make them spicy!!

Black Bean Burger,Potato Wedges and homegrown Cherry Tomatoes platter:

How to make Burgers:
1. Drain,rinse 16oz can of Black beans well until very dry and mash in a big bowl.
2. Now mince 2" ginger, 1/2 large onion, 1-2 garlic or 1 tsp garlic pd,1/4 tsp chilli flakes or 2 minced green chillies,1 tsp cumin seeds or 2 tsp cumin seeds pd,1 tbsp coriander leaves/Cilantro,1/2 tsp Mango pd,2 tbsp bread crumbs and 3 tbsp plain flour ,add all these to beans.
3. Mix well to stiff dough,add more flour if it's soft and add more water if it's too form, use your judgment. Adjust the seasoning. Divide into medium sized balls as thin or thick as you want and flatten them slightly to make thick or thin patties,chill in the fridge for half an hour.
4. Deep fry or shallow fry them until golden both sides.Add some cheese on top while they are cooling,so they melt in the heat of the Burgers.I added some crumbled Habanero cheddar cheese! SPICY!!
5. Meanwhile,slice 2-3 Potatoes in to 8 wedges,deep fry them as well until cooked.Drain them well on a paper napkin,sprinkle with salt,pepper and any spices like Mrs,Dash on the Potato wedges while still hot.
6. Serve burgers on the bun with Tomato slices,red onion rings,any sauce you like with Potato wedges and a salad.Enjoy! :)

Coffee plantation/Coorg style Benne` Kadubus with Coorgi Koli Kari:
Benne` means butter in Kannada and Kadubu (or Kadambattu for Coorgis) is a unique steamed bread/rice dumplings from the Coorg region and also from my grandmother's coffee plantation Lingayat kitchen in Hassan district,Karnataka.You will not get these authentic Kadubus in any restaurants except may be in small restaurants in and around Madikeri/Coorg!
My ajji would argue that Butter is not included in this recipe,but the texture of Kadubus itself is like butter hence the name Benne Kadubus but my theory is add a little butter to make them taste yummier!:D
You can also add 1/2 cup grated coconut to the Kadubu while cooking the Kadubus and 1/8tsp Cardamom pd for extra sweet flavor.
Of course, my ajji is a strict vegetarian,so Chicken curry or Koli(Chicken in Kannada) Kari in this combo is a Coorgi recipe which is traditionally served with Kadubus or Paputtus. Another Coorg/Kodagu's favorite side dish to serve with these breads is Pandi Kari/Pork curry or red coconut chutney.
You can make it vegetarian adding Cauliflower and Potato or Bamboo shoots,Black eyed peas and raw Jackfruit like my ajji, using the same masala,tastes great too.

Sunday lunch with Benne Kadubus with Chicken Curry:

To make Kadubus, you need:Makes about 6-7
1 cup thari(coarsely crushed raw rice), 1 1/2 cup of water, salt to taste, 1 tbsp Butter.1/2 tsp cardamoms pd and 1/4 cup Coconut(both optional)
To make:
1. Grind 1 cup raw rice without water until you get a coarse powder like Rava/Cream of wheat.Mix the thari, water ,butter and salt together(coconut and cardamom if you are using), simmer on a slow heat, stir it gently,cover and cook until you get lumps of soft almost dry rice.Take off the heat,cool slightly.
2. When it's still warm,apply some oil on the palms and roll it into medium sized balls.
3. Steam them like Idlies in the pressure cooker as usual for 12 mins.Serve warm with curry or Chutney of your choice.You can reheat these sprinkled with some water in the Microwave covered in a glass bowl.
4. You might be wondering how to eat these! You pinch off a piece of Kadubu and crush it to mix with little gravy to eat,it's as simple as that folks!:D

Step by step photos for Benne Kadubus and Coorgi Koli Kari:
Click on this to make it larger.

To make Chicken curry,you need:
3 chicken breasts,cut into medium sized pieces,1/4 cup cilantro, 1 large onion,thinly sliced, salt to taste,1 can of coconut milk,1 tsp sugar or Jaggery.
Roast these: 1 tbsp coriander seeds, 2-3 red chillies or 1/2 tsp chili powder+ paprika,1 tsp cumin seeds, 2" cinnamon/dalchini, 4 cloves, 2 tsp poppy seeds, and grind with 1/2 tsp turmeric, 2" piece ginger, 3 cloves garlic,tamarind juice until smooth paste.Keep it aside.
To make the curry:
1. In a pan,(I use pressure pan) heat 2 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp butter oil.Add the onions and fry until caramelized,as in the picture.
2. Add the ground masala, salt and fry well until you see the oil on top. When the raw smell goes, add the chicken and fry. Add about 1 cup of water ,cover and cook till done.Turn down the heat,add sugar and salt to taste.
3. Add the coconut milk and gently stir,simmer for 5 mins.Add cilantro and lemon juice if needed.I add some coarsely crushed peppercorns after I take it off of the heat.Tastes better a day after. Enjoy:))

If you don't want to make Kadubus,(which you should try to make at least once in a life time!),here is a wonderful light savory bread you can bake with either bread machine or make it by hand and have it with your chicken curry!!

Buttermilk Onion Bread:
I encourage you to bake this wonderful bread.It's very light and it smells so good when it's baking.Since it's savory,it tastes great with soups and any gravy dishes like Chicken curry above.The recipe is adapted from my favorite 'Taste of home' magazine.Hope you try!:)

How to bake the bread,you need:
1 cup plus two tbsp warm buttermilk (heated 80 degrees F), 1 tbsp soft butter, 2 1/2 cups bread flour, 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 2 tsp Wheat Gluten,3 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp dried minced onion, 1 tbsp dried parsley flakes, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp dill weed, 2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast.
To Bake in the bread machine:
1. In a bread machine pan, place all the ingredients in order suggested by the manufacturer of your bread machine. Select basic bread with light crust setting and 1 1/2lb loaf size.Bake.
To make it by hand:
1. Warm Buttermilk to 80F-90F, add all the ingredients,knead well,let it rise until double.Punch down again ,knead and let it rise again for an hour.
2. Heat the oven for 375F,put the dough in the greased,floured 2lb loaf pan and bake for 35-45mins or until loaf is hollow sounding and fully baked.
3. Cool on a rack and store wrapped in foil or Saran wrap.That's it!:)

I will end my 100th post and a year of blogging with a huge,

to all of you.I love you all bloggies!:))

Before I go,a sweet request to all the ghost readers/regular obsessive compulsive lurkers!!
PLEASE leave comments on all the blogs you visit,read,cook from and enjoy. Don't take us bloggers for granted.If we make all our blogs private,what the heck are you going to cook in your kitchens and do with your free time!:0 Think about that!!!;D
We work too hard to cook,type and post.We are too happy to entertain and help you out if need be.Please say is 'Hello' or 'Thank you' to us!!!Is it too much to ask? I think not!!:))
Okey dokey,have a great weekend and keep smiling. RCI Punjab next!!

A MeMe:
Last but not least, a tag for a short and sweet MeMe "Five Double Luxuries" to do which is just launched by Anali from "Anali's first amendment" blog.
She says "This makes me think of all those wonderful and unnecessary luxuries in life. In no way do we need them to survive, but they make life so much better!"
Take it up if you like and enjoy!:)
Here are my Five double Luxuries:
1. Cookbooks and Laptop.
2. Indian Chaat(Street cart food) and Masala Dosas(Savory Pancakes)!:)
3. Exotic spices(Annatto,Mace) and herbs like Mint.
4. Movies and Dish Network!:D
5. Camera and Camcorder!!!

Thanks Anali,it was a fun MeMe!:))


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Asha and all the best for coming years :). I love your coffee plantain traditional dishes. I have tasted them before (only veg) and they all taste good and I am happy that you are keeping those recipes alive.

Btw..thanks for Sumeet link. I got one and its amazing. My mom is very happy with it, she need not struggle with my old blender :).

swapna susarla said...

Hi ashaji
The bread is looking so soft.i missed the independence lunch too.my lappy has gone her motherland due to some problems.ofcourse it is fixed now and coming to me.it is on the way.these days i am using my hubby's lappy before he goes to office.becoming busy with daughter's school and all i am not able to check all the blogs.

the pictures of Nashville are beautiful.have a great time watching "harry potter".

Raaga said...

Oh Asha... a beeeeeeeeeeeg hug from your little sister here in blogosphere :-) Such a coincidence. The rate at which I am hooked... ab 100 door nahin :-)

I must thank you for being part of the addiction gang.

Congratulations and keep up the good work. Out here, you'll always be known for who you are... not Trisha's and Tushar's mom, not Dr. Arvind's wife... just for the wonderful Asha that you are!

Lata said...



You are really a great friend to all the bloggers around and a great inspiration. Keep it up. And do post wonderful recipes, I am going to try your Onion Bread soon.

Sia said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyy... congrats ashakka for completing one year and on 100th post:) ur blog is one among the few which inspired me to start blogging:) a tight hugs and kisses on ur way:)
how come no sweet dish for this double celebration?;) may be u know that i like savoury and spicy food than sweets;) he he...kidding.
benne kadubu recipe is exactly similar to the one i make(akki unde). but would love to try that curry with veg. too tempting not to try:) patties look equally delicious.
i was laughing so much while reading last paragraph u have written for ghost readers:) yeah, how it would be if all food blogs go Private(like pvt companies;). he he he...
once again, congrtas and hugs to u:)

J said...

Congratulations on your century Asha!! A whole year of blogging and 100 posts, wow!!! Way to go dear! And your presence is definitely encouraging :)) Kodubus seem like kozhakattas. Liked the bread - looks perfect!

Sangeeta said...

Asha, congratulations on your milestone. Both K and I enjoy visiting ur blog and trying out the recipes that you post - they are all keepers.
Thanks also for this absolutely yummylicious spread :)
Take care and ave a gr8 weekend.

Priyanka said...

Dear Asha, Congratulations on your 100th post. It is such an achievement. Keep the good work going. Hugs-Priyanka :)

Suma Gandlur said...

OH! my, my...
Great, big hugs from me.
Let me congragulate you first for reaching two mile stones at the same time and for all your great posts.
It was kind of surprising to learn that you have posted Only 100 posts so far on FH. But again, you did post a dozen recipes in each post. so that makes many..
Have a great time with your kids.
Oops, I forgot about the food. Great patties. My SIL was in search of a veggie pattie recipe. I will let her know about your nutritous recipe. Thx.
Once again, congratulations for one of the best bloggers I have known.

FH said...

Shilpa,thanks girl.I love posting traditional recipes,makes me happy too.I am glad you have got own Sumeet now!!I bet your mom loves it,I do too.Have a wonderful time with your parents dear girl.Hugs:))

Thank you Swapna.Sorry about the Laptop,I know it's frustrating to lose something you need.Take your time,that's okay.Hope you bake that bread,it's very soft and flavorful:))

Aw..!! Raaga,that is such a nice thing to say!Thank you so much,you made my day!:))
I know blogging is addictive,but got to have priorities!Blogging should fun,right?Enjoy it!
Hugs to you too lil sis,I am glad to know you.

Lata,thank you dear.You are all are such great bloggers,I couldn't stay away even if I want to!:D
Hugs to you,have a wonderful day today.I will see you later:))

Arts said...

Congratulations Asha...
Hope to see many such centuries soon :)
I am learning to stay hooked onto blog frm u ;)
The burger looks awesome!Just had one sometime back when had been for shopping! :D Now will try ur recipe! :)

Aruna said...

Asha, Happy First Anniversary.....

I have to go bake that delicious looking bread of urs with coorgi koli curry...bet its a great combo.

I totally agree with on the lurkers, who dont care to leave a line of comment, as u say lets make our blogs private for a few days, they'll get the message :)

Thanks Asha...


sra said...

Don't you dare make your blogs private. I visit most blogs for the stories and experiences rather than for the recipes themselves. And you have plenty of those.
By the way, provocative comments on comments and no comments, eh? ;) Best of luck, evangelist,I'm with you.

FH said...

Hi Sia,thanks girl.It took almost a year for 100 posts but mine comes with multiple recipes of course!;D
I thought of making Cup cakes but didn't have time.Kids are home now,gets hectic entertaining them!
Ghost readers are so irritating!!Surf in and surf out without a word!!:P
Kadubus are familiar to Mangaloreans too,may be with different name.See,you have got to post the traditional ones!!Moms and grandmothers will be happy!:))

Hi J,thanks girl.Feels like I have been around forever!!:D
Kozhakattaai are similar,are they? Never made them but I have seen them in blogs.Have a great day darling:))

Thanks Priyanka.Good to see you all you young bloggers having such a great time!:)) Hugs to you and happy blogging.

Suma,you are a great blogger too.I know!I feel like I have posted 1000 because of the multiple recipes in each post!:D
It was great fun so far,hope I don't get tired the 2nd year!You can use any beans with the burgers too,Rajma is great with red color.Enjoy.
Thanks Suma,have a great day:)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Congratulations!!!on your 100th and 1year completion...You have pictured out very detaily the pains behind each post in blog....Hats off!!!

I liked the bean burger very much....Coffee plantation seems to be very interesting and new....

Great !!!!you are perfect in home managament...entertaining kids as well as posting blog promptly...Hope you will have nice time with kids at movie...

Last but not least...as i mentioned in my blog before..you are a very good encourager for novoice bloggers...as well for us too...

Anonymous said...

Big S! 1 Yr and 100 posts is quite a task. Congratulations! Though you say 100, I would count it as 500! Dont you have at least 5 mouthwatering recipes in every post?
I truly admire your passion for cooking. How do you do it? running a family, raising two kids, updating two food blogs and still having a positive attitude all the time. Your family is very lucky sissy! There has never been a post in any blog that I have seen, where you have not left your comments. I have to say this...you have been an encouragement and inspiration to new and old bloggers alike. Keep up the great job and dont you dare think of going private with your space here. You will dissapoint a lot of people. HUGS.

Laavanya said...

Congratulations on your 2 milestones!! Has it only been a year since you've been blogging? Since your index has so many fabulous recipes I always assumed that you've been a blogger for a long time. I would also like to say a BIG thank you for being such an encouraging and sweet person. You are DE BEST!

Anonymous said...

toot toooooooooooooooot
its my sis.....u done it
thought 100 th post might be 500+ recipe
keep going
dont leaves us ever ;)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that your bread look amazing. I recently made veggie burgers with soy chunks and pinto beans. I like the indian touch here. Thanks and have fun at the movie!

bee said...

happy birthday to one of my favv blogs. it's also j's birthday on the 14th. congratulations, and keep the fabulous posts coming.

Angela said...

Hello Asha,
First of all a hearty congratulations for all the hard work you've put in this blog.
My name is Angela from Kuwait and am a regular Wednesday 'lurker' on your blog. And this is the 8th time I am writing a comment on your blog, but somehow I can seem to leave one. I have tried a couple of your recipes and have bookmarked a few more. I must admit you foodie bloggers are really passionate and are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.
Thanks a lot

Mishmash ! said...

Asha....a tight hug , smiles and virtual flowers for :) You re one of the few bloggers who encouraged and supported me when I was a baby in this block and I did miss you when you were on vacation recently:) This might be your 100th post but makes me wonder how many recipes you have blogged so far!! Heartfelt Congratulations!...You have summed up pretty much everything in your intro notes...:)
Once again congrats....

Tee said...

Congratulations Asha! wow, 100 posts and 1 year is a milestone!
I remember you as one of the first and regular people to visit my blog and leave a comment...very encouraging!
All the recipes look delicious! I absolutely have to try all of them!!! :)
Loved the last paragraph too :)
COngrats once again and Thanks for the encouraging words !

musical said...

Congrats, Akka! thats a milestone indeed! Looking forward to many more yummy creations from you :). and you posted benne kadubus, wow! mind-blowing!! thanks for sharing.

Sig said...

Wow Congratulations.... This is awesome Asha.... One year and 100 posts, but if you could count the number of recipes you have posted, I am sure you could easily hit 500 at least... :)
Keep up the good work, and your unmatched energy and enthusiasm... May you keep blogging for years more to come... What a legacy you are leaving for your kids...
Enjoy the HP movie, I should sneak out and see it too... :)

SeeC said...

Congratulations Asha !
It shows your dedication, commitment and interest.
Very good inspiration.

Lots to learn from you (as I mentioned earlier)

Thanks for the Burger and Wedges recipe. Will definitely try it.

Have a nice day !

Beccy said...

Asha, congratulations on a year of blogging. I'm not sure how you found me but you are one of my oldest blogging friends. I am always in awe of the wonderful recipes you post.

Here's to the next year!

TNL said...

Wow, Ashaji...its been a fabulous year!! I am so glad I met you through this medium, I just love your enthusiasm...and you're someone I admire!

Have fun watching the movie....Sahil got to see "Transformers".....his masi took him.... :)

Hugs, trupti

Little Miss Muffet said...

yay! ur 100th :) and please please please don't make ur blog private..what in the world would i do when i want to make something interesting??? hows the new harry potter movie? i'm dying to watch it soon..and of course, nice food as usual..before i forget, i tried your hopping john recipe coz i was bored with my usual black eyed peas curry..it was very nice..The Better Half wants it to feature again in the kitchen some time...:)

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Congratulations on the milestone and hope to see many many more posts for years & years to come! :)
- Roopa

Rachna said...

Hey Asha, a biiiig congratulations on reaching 100 and a year of blogging... i have learnt so many recipes from your blog... and your blog was definitely a motivation to start fusion food, and I cant forget how you used to check up on me in my early posts, was so encouraging. thaaaaank you and god bless....

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogaversary and congrats on your 100th post!! Woot woot!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Pdk said...

Hi Asha... COngratulations... Just like u, i too had this funny thought to make my blog private and then public... But with people like you around , trying to encourage efforts of other bloggers , i was able to get my interest renewed and join all of you.. COntinue blogging.. i love all the snacks that u post... Tried a couple of them which didnt last for the photographs sessions... They we yummy!!! Congratulations once again and hugs...

archana said...

Asha Congratulations! you have made a century :D My best wishes to you for completing one year and also for the coming years :)
Its a treat to visit your blog.
I appreciate you for replying to each comment on your blog and also visiting our blogs regularly and dropping a line.You are a true inspiration to all of us :)

Anusha said...

congrats! I didnt realize you'd been blogging only for a year! your energy and enthusiasm is AMAZING!! so thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

Praba Ram said...

Congrats, Asha! You are such an inspiration and a blog guru to so many of us, here!

Lovely dishes! This summer has been crazy with my move. I've been a terrible procrastinator with respect to blogging and cooking is back to the basics - haven't tried any of your recipes, but would love to after I settle down.

We love you, and please keep the posts coming as you've always done!

Li'l Lite said...

Didi, First of all a big hug to you!
I just love your blog..come wednesday i have to read your blog before anything else!Wishing you the best in life!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th post Asha. Way to go and a great achievement as you work hard to with your recipes and beautiful pictures.

Keep coming and love to see your lovely recipes....

Neelam said...

Hi Asha..Congratulations for the blog anniversary and also for the 1ooth post! Great achievement and Keep it up! Lovely lineup of recipes again!Wonderful!

FH said...

Aarti,I believe you when you say you are hooked on blogging! Remember RCI Maharashtra?;D I was there to comment on almost all of them!:))
You are great blogger,keep it up,I will be there and thank you:))

Aruna,I agree.If somebody uses some blog recipes to cook,or read to enjoy,they should say thank you.If they are just surfing ,it's okay not to say anything.Yeah,we should ALL disappear for a while,that would be fun to see!:D
Thanks girl.Enjoy.

sra,thank you friend.I remember you are one of the first few bloggers I met and communicated.I appreciate your sense of humor and way of writing!:))
Evangelist!! HeHe!! I usually am "nice" ,aren't I? But I was itching to say that bcos many say "my site meter says this amount of ppl surfed my blog and I hardly get any comments". I am upset about that specially when they are great bloggers!Well..hope they get the message this time,I have told them before too!:))

Usha,thank you!:) I just came back from the movie,kids enjoyed it.Going to the movies is expensive these days!
I love when you share your life with me.When you go to visit relatives,when they come to you,when you have your birthday,you always tell me.I appreciate that.I will be around for you girl.Hugs:)

Hi lil sis! You always make me smile and I can't forget the photo of Ananya standing in the window looking out!:))
See,that's what makes me happy blogger bcos I remember all that which is wonderful.Recipes and MeMes are just a ploy to make and keep friends!;D
I used to post one dish several times a week.Now once a week ,several dishes which is far better for me!Haha!!I will try my best to hang around as long as I can.Hugs.Have a great day.

Richa said...

Congratulations on the 100th post, Asha!!! and here i was thinking with ur speed u wud hv completed that milestone eons back heh!heh!
it is so cute how u keep us posted @ ur whereabouts, movie time ;)
ur enthusiasm really rubs off on us bloggers :)
those kadubu look so cute & plump, would love to try them :)
great going & look forward to many more posts...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I am a regular visitor of your site. Many Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

Have you tried Adobo. It is a very popular dish among Philipinos. I got it from one of my Phili friends. We daily meet in train on our way back home. I felt it's good. Please give it a try.

- Geethi

FH said...

Lavanya,thanks!:) July 14th 2006,I hesitantly started blogging inspired by Sailu's blog.At first one dish at a time 3 times a week!:)Then recently I thought 3 times a weeks is too much and started posting once but at least 3-4 dishes together!:D I get some time,works for me.Happy blogging,I will be there as much as I can for ya!:)

Hahaha!!Thanks Anusha,you are so sweet.I will be here for you in your blog and mine too.You know, I never counted how many recipes I blogged,got to count one day.I am curious now!:))

Hema,movie was great,kids were mesmerized although they like books better!:)Bread smells so good when it's baking,hope you try.

Happy Birthday to Jai from me.I am sure you make it a great for him!:))
Phew! One year! I can't believe it.I have to organize little more from now on and blog great recipes,traditional as much as I can.Thanks Bee,you are great girl,intelligent and skinny!!:D

YAY!! Got one!! Thanks Angela,I appreciate it.We have a close friend ,a Orthopedic Surgeon, in Kuwait.Nice to meet you.As long as you say hello once in a while,I will always remember you!:) Enjoy the recipes and have a great time.See the list of all these ppl here,you can click any of them,you will love their blogs too.Yes,we foodies rock!:D

Revathi said...

Hugs hugs hugs !!! Congratulations to you !!!!!

I sometimes wonder how you are able to do posts everyyy wednesday and ur being able to be so organized.. It takes so much effort to post a single recipe and u do post so many recipes in one single post.

Keep them coming with more. All the best to you dear.

Last i have to admit shamelessly that I am a ghostreader sometimes too. You know what happens is sometimes in office in between meetings, in between manager walking up and down I do alt+tabs and keep reading food blogs. I want to read as many as possible given the short window of time and dont post comments when in office. I will make a conscious effort henceforth.. Not to mention I lovvvveeee comments on my blog :)

Suganya said...

My heartiest congratulations. I accept with commenting on other blogs. Whenever i come across a new blog, i see that you have already commented there :). Am quite surprised to see u sooo energetic. Particularly reading yr y'day's post on making 3 podis. I see you as a person who doesn't stop cooking new everyday for bfast and dinner (I know u have left-overs for lunch :)). You always amaze me Asha. I am so glad you are blogging with all those beautiful, clear and crisp photos.

FH said...

shn,thank you.I remember few months ago suddenly there was huge rush of new bloggers and since then,you are all become part of life.I did think of you when on vacation but resisted from opening my laptop!:))
I am too happy to visit you always and I learn a lot from too.I am honored to be one of you!Hugs to you.I will start counting my recipes now!;D

Thank you Tee!:)It is wonderful to see so many of you wishing me today.I feel overwhelmed.New bloggers are like breath of fresh air and bring so many new life stories to our life.It's not just really about food,is it?It's like a huge community. Happy blogging:))

Hi Musiacal,thanks!:)) Good to see you.I saw your post in the morning but my kids literally dragged me to the movies before I leave a comment!:D
I will see you right after I reply these.Benne Kadubu is my fav, although I don't make it often.Enjoy and watch for Punjabi next!:D

Hi Sig,am I glad to see you!:))Just came back from HP movie,kids loved it although books are better they say!:) Yeah,must be 500+.got to count one day.HeeHee!I feel like I have been around for so long though!:D
Thanks Sig,you must be busy.I appreciate you taking time.Hugs:)

Hi Seec,good to see our newest blogger!:)) Thank you.Enjoy the Burger and Potatoes.Hope to see you there at 100th post one day very soon.I will be there,I promise!:))

FH said...

Cheers to the 2nd year Beccy!Glad I found you and love to share your life for many years to come!
I met your mum first and then I started commenting in your blog and you in mine.I love reading day to day stories of your family,thanks for sharing!A great distraction from just food for me!:D

Hi T! You are the best mommy in the World! I dropped off the kids to watch the Transformers bcos I have no clue what's it all about!:D They like that film better than HP!!
Thanks for being around Trupti.I know how tough life gets sometimes for us but one day it will be worth it when kids are grown and appreciate what we did!:))Keep it up and I will try to do the same too.Hugs.

Hi M,thanks sweetie.HP was great,lot better than the old ones.Little Harry has grown to a muscled man!:D
Hopping John is great isn't it,very healthy and spicy too.Glad hubby liked it.No,I will not it private,just thought of it bcos I post our photos and stuff but who cares.Let them look!:D
I haven't read any HP books(Myopia,eye strain etc).kids say it's way better than the movies.You must have read them.Enjoy:))

Roopa,thank you.I hope so too.I am thinking of getting a Lasik surgery next month,I may take a break.unless I go totally blind,I will be blogging for a long time.Keep blogging and enjoy:))

Dumela,I remember your blog and commenting on it too.Then you stopped for a while,I think I lapsed after that.But I am back in your blog,can't get rid of me that easy!:D
Thanks,we foodies will be around for a long time.Enjoy the recipes,fusion and all.See you later:))

FH said...

Thank you Ari!I love reading your blog with Interviews,very interesting to me:))
Blogging is a funny thing and celebrating a anniversary is even more funnier!:D
It is hard I must say to keep up every week but look at the virtual friends we earn thru' blogging,it's all worth it in the end:)

Hi Priya,thanks girl.I know the feeling,specially when I post photos!But it's great to be part of the blogging community.When it's too much for us,we can always go private any time.Happy blogging until then!:))

Arcahna,thank you.Many times,it takes longer for me to reply to all the visitors than writing a longest post! Sometimes I think I should stop replying but then when I see somebody saying 'Hi Asha',I am ready to say 'Hi' again!:D
Well..one year down,let's see how year 2 goes.I am glad to visit you all!:)

Hi @,thanks buddy!:) I remember @ when you used to comment!:)) Now that your Kodi's mom,I know how busy you must be!Yup! Just 1 year and I feel like a retired veteran already!Have fun with the kid:)

Hi Praba,thanks.I appreciate it.I know there are many bloggers way better than me.I do my best!:)
Glad you are coping well with the moving and all.Take it easy until you are settled.I will be around ,don't worry!Don't give up blogging though but come back when you can:):))

Chickoo said...

Ashakka! Congratulations!!!!!!!
I have kept track of all your posts starting from your first one, not sure if it was beetroot rasam or something. WOnderful work, keep it up! Your dishes are on my menu at home always :)

FH said...

dr,thank you and hugs to you too!:))
One whole year,can't believe it!Wednesdays are magic word here,huh?:) Somebody asked me why did I choose Wednesday. I said because it is the middle of the week and most boring day,let me brighten it a little!:D Enjoy.

Pria,you are a great blogger too and always make me think with your questions and article.It's good for me to do that other than just food blogs.Keep it up!Hugs:))

Thank you Neelam!:)
Good to see you.Hope I can make it for for 2nd anniversary!I appreciate all your support and affection.Enjoy blogging!:)

Richa,thanks girl.I get tired just thinking about the recipes I have posted so far.No wonder ppl think I am around forever!:)
Sometimes when readers don't see their comments published quickly,they start leaving many like 'where did my comment go' etc,so I just have to tell them in advance!:D
Keep blogging Rich,hugs.Are ya ready for Punjab recipes?!;D

So So Simple said...

Hey 100 that's great your first century. You certainly brighten up my week Asha.
That bread looks yummy I shall try it this weekend.
Took my grandchildren to see The Bridge to Terbirthia. Lovely movie I cried. Kids loved it too

Pavani said...

Hi Asha, Hearty congratulations on your 1 year anniversary and 100th post. U have us all hooked to your blog every week and hope to see many more new recipes, memes and tidbits in the coming years.
Have fun watching Hary Potter.. Do tell how you liked it.

FH said...

Chickoo,you are right! I started with welcome post and then I think Beetroot!:))
Man! So many recipes,I didn't know I had them in my mind.I have to start blogiing some ajji's dishes regularly like a cookbook! Enjoy Deepa, thanks for being with me and let's blog together for a long time.You can post some dishes too sometimes,it would bring many to your blog.Foodies are a united force!:D

Geethi,good to hear from you!:)
No ,never tried Philipino dishes although Adobo sauce is Mexican.It's in a bottle,few hot chillies soaked in red sauce.I will search for it in the Internet,will see if I can post that.Thanks for the info,hope you come back!:))

Revathi,thank you so much girl!:))
It's okay if you are busy and can't comment when you want to but there are some who NEVER do comment but will be happy enjoy the blogs!;D
Take your time,comment only when you can.I am good organizer,always been that way,am a perfectionist which drives me crazy sometimes too!:D
Enjoy blogging,I will be there for you in your blog!Hugs:))

Suganya,let me tell you I can't match your photographs in any shape or form!:)) You are great at food photography.
I don't do breakfast either,everybody grabs their own cereals,toast,Oatmeal etc.I cook Dinner ,that's it!:))Now the kids are home for Summer ,got to cook some lunch.
I remember how I felt when I posted my first few when I saw only one or two commenting.I keep that in mind and make sure I appreciate new bloggers.They also need to comment on others so ppl know them,that's what I wanted them to know!:))
Have fun Suganya,that's all we want in the end,dishes you can get from anywhere,right?:))

Kay said...

Ooooooh! Congratulations, Asha! This calls for celebrations!!! :)

May this blog grow on and on, forever! :)

Thanks for blogging about those yummy coorgi dishes... I like reading about Coorg. After I watched 'muthina haaraa', I could spot coorgi style saari anywhere within a mile. Boy! I love that style..

Manasi said...

Here's hoping that I have many more words of congratulation to offer!!!!

Anonymous said...

Only for you, Asha, on this special occasion...I'm no longer lurking!:D

Hi, Asha!

I'm Carol. I live in Texas, and have been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I know I found it by following a link on another blog but I can't remember which one.

You did have wonderful news for us this week, Asha - Congratulations! Your blog is a lot of fun to read, and I appreciate all the extra information you provide. I hope you never grow tired of blogging!

BTW, did you ever try making the Pista Kulfi in your Cuisinart ice cream maker? How did it turn out?

FH said...

Hi Gilly,thanks!:)
It has been quite a year with so many MeMes and dishes! Well..I am glad I made it at last.
My son went to see that movie with his friends too and liked it.You are a great grandma!Enjoy:))

Pavani,thanks friend.Wednesdays have some cult following here at FH!:D
Hope 2nd year will be as good as this year,fingers crossed!:)
Harry Potter was quite good.I haven't read the books but kids say books are better but this movie is better than last ones.First half is little boring and then it picks up speed for a great second half.It's pretty good.
You know the best film we liked is Bruce Willis's Die Hard!! Man! Non-stop action from beginning to the end.Fabulous!:))

FH said...

Thank you for all your blessings sister Kay!:D
You watch Kannada movie too,cool! I have two Raj Kumar DVDs ,and that's where it ends,don't get them here at all.I wore Coorgi style(pleats in the back,pallu from back to front)whenever I attended a Coorgi wedding!My SIL is from Coorg too but not a Coorgi,but from coffee plantations.
I do have a photo of me wearing Coorgi style saree,will post it later in my blog!I plan to cook more of my ajji's dishes this year.

HeHe!! Manasi,good one and thank you! You are a great gal,a Chaat lover like me too,love to see more of those in your blog!:))
Hope your's is coming around too.Enjoy blogging!

Carol,thank you for your lovely wishes Miss.Lurker!;D
Good to see you at last and I appreciate your readership too.Keep on visiting!:))
That darn big Ice Cream maker bowl I have needs to be frozen first for 24hrs and for the life of me, I can't find space in my freezer for that.I am trying to bake frozen stuff as much as I can to make some space.I will make that Pista Kulfi before Summer ends,I promise!:)
Thanks again Carol.Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
Congratulations for completing one year and also for the 100th post.hope u have many more like this in the coming years.


FH said...

Thanks for your wishes Shalini.I am so glad I bolgged non-stop for one whole year. Phew!:)
Hope to see you again and enjoy all the recipes.Have a great day!:))

Coffee said...

Asha, the initial paragraphs of your post you need to make is bold and underlined for it to really go into some peoples head!! ;)

Congrats dear and I am so happy to know you. :D

Kadubus looks just like idli, but I guess it will not have the fermented texture like idli right?

bee said...

Congratulations Asha. Its wonderful having you around in the blogosphere. Thank you for the joy you have brought to b and me. --Jai

Roopa said...

wow Congrats Asha! its one year can't believe. benne kadabu love it navu kayi mudde helthivi. the bread looks so good. whenever i try baking bread it is never so soft and nice. does adding gluten help it i have bought i pack but never got to use it. A big hug for the ever inspiring posts to the bloggers that you give. i can see any blog i visit your comment is never missing. ghost readers chenagi helidri.... Have a great weekend :))

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Asha,
congrates dear for the sucessful completion of a year of wonderful blogging and 100th post.Thaks for dropping by and telling me to go thro' the soft bread post.I would have really missed it otherwise.Looks great..Will try it and get back to you.thanks again.

Cynthia said...

Hi Honey, Happy Blog Birthday to FH & You! And, congrats on the 100th post! whoooooo hooooooo - let the party begin. We already have the food which is enticingly displayed on the blog.

I wish I was living in the US so that I could have seen the HP movie today. How was it? No, don't tell me, I'll until it opens here.

Sai said...

Congrats Asha!

Hey I didn't know grandmother was ajji in Kannada as well. I love kadubus. Thanks for sharing the traditional recipes.

Keshi said...

HAPPY CENETENARY and hey HAPPY FIRST BLOG BDAY TOO! :) HUGGGGGGGGGZ Asha ur a great writer and it's a great pleasure being a blogger buddy of ur's. SO I thank u too!

**Black Bean Burger

neva heard of one b4...wow! must try that out some day.


is that what we cakk Idlis?

** we make all our blogs private,what the heck are you going to cook in your kitchens and do with your free time?!

LOL Asha I totally agree!

**Indian Chaat(Street cart food) and Masala Dosas(Savory Pancakes

definitely! Arent they the yummiest.


DEEPA said...

Ashaji , Morning it self i wanted to stop by your blog , I even commented , but suddenly there was some problem in my laptop .I had to shut down it ....But now it is fine .

Congrats on your success..Many more to go ....The bread looks great.I will try it soon ...

Sorry , I think i am late ..No toooo late

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Visited your blog after a haitus. Had been busy relocating to New Delhi from Bengal. And it wasn't very exciting.

Came to know about your blog anniv. My best wishes for the anniv. and the 100th post. Talking about your posts, it was a mouthwatering experience, of the type I have experienced several times before.


Jyothi said...

Hi Asha! congratulations my dear. All the best for upcoming year. All the recipes are very tempting. Mostly that bread looks very soft. I want to try this. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up dear.

Kalpana said...

Wow! Congrats... Keep rocking the same way. I hope you had great fun watching that movie. Wonderful na..... OK..take care...

Mrs. K said...

Congrats...wow! come on let's dance! :)
Hmm you are right about commenting. I used to comment on every blog I read. But when the number of blogs dramatically increased during the past year, I had to find more time reading the blogs. So I got lazy about leaving comments.
I wonder how you manage to make long posts every week as well as commenting on all of our blogs.. May be when kids grow up, I will be just sitting here and blogging away just like you. :) Right now, I never get enough time for blogging. I have several pictures waiting for me to type the recipes. But kids rule! Oh well..:D

Viji said...

A hearty congratulation to you Asha on achieving this milestone. As you said, it is not that easy to keep the stuff going. You need persistent effort to achieve this. I appreciate your interest in showing us the clear/neat way of preparing the stuff in the quickest possible time. You always entertain your viewers with your replies especially. You love to share your personal life too to some extent to have a personal touch with your blog friends. So everyone feels at home when they visit your blog. You have a good collection of recipes from all around the world. Being a house manager and mother of two school going children, I could imagine the responsibilities. You just lift every one of us up with your prompt comments. I could feel your maturity in the way you encourage the novice ones when they stumble and your childishness in humorous replies. You are doing much more than food blogging Asha. You are very modest. The points you mentioned are noteworthy.

It’s not correct on my part if I don’t comment on the recipes you have presented here. The Black Bean burger is inviting, the Benne Kadubus are new to me and Butter milk onion bread is perfect. Please don’t ever have second thoughts. We need you to motivate us. Keep going. We love your blog. Your pal, Viji

TheCooker said...

Your blog has been a huge inspiration for me.
Thanks for doing what you do!

A, mama of twins said...

congrats on your milestones Asha! Its great to see all these beautiful recipes espcially the karnataka ones and coorg is one of my favorite places in the world and every coorgi man and woman I have met so far have been beautiful in and out. So I already have a preceived notion about you. :)

Congrats again!

Srivalli said...

Congratulations Asha!!...great job...I know how difficult it must be trying to be regular..and you have two blogs that you maintain regularly. Its wonderful to come to your blog and check out all the recipes you post. But apart from your recipes your write up is so exciting to read...keep up the great work...and wish you happy blogging for many more years...


deena said...

A big congratulations to u Asha !!..actully u r right ..i really didnt know that FH was ur main blog .i always visit Aroma & miss FH..All the posts r excellent ..burgers were quite healthy
when i saw benne kabudu first,it reminded me of idlis..but when i read thru it was a lil diff..but worth a try for breakfast
& that onion bread looks soo fluffy & soft ..
Asha u r such an insipration to new bloggers like me.i've got to learn alot about this blogworld from u ur write ups ..thanks ..& keep going !!

Seema said...

HUGSSSSSSSSSS SWEETHEART....Congratulations on this great milestone combined with 100 lip smacking posts...each one had your love n dedication embedded in it !!!

Thanks for being around alwaysss...you are an inspiration...the lovely person that you are...you simply ROCK ASHA !

Benne Kadubus with Chicken Curry: So invitinggggggggg !

Hope you had a nice time with the kiddies at Harry Potter...

Wishing you lots more....

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

You are the winner of 100 ....mind blowing....really your blogs are nice..

Sreelu said...


Hearty congratulations on your mile stone, your blog is as warm as you, feels like coming home when I visit your blog, not only did we get a peek into your kitchen but also your life. You have always made us a part of your life and happenings and thats wonderful.
Hope to see a lot more in the next year.
as always your comments are true inspiration to any blogger.
In between burger looks yummy and the wedges looks very very appetizing as well

indosungod said...

Asha,Congratualtions! on your milestone and wishing you many more fruitful years ahead. Sure look forward to yours posts every week.

FH said...

Coffee,thanks friend.When I wrote that first and last paras,I thought of what you wrote about site meter and comments!Thanks to your writing,they just came out,hope it works.Already got 4 of them commenting here!:D Kadubus are made of just rice,so it does have a good texture,not smooth like Idilies,but like crushed cooked rice,try once.

Jai!! What a pleasant surprise! I thought Bee forgot and left a second comment again!:D
Thank you and it's wonderful to see and feel how much you care for Bee.I know it's certainly not easy for my hubby!;D
You are great baker too which I love,keep it up.I am so glad I know you both,wish you lots of happiness in your lives!:))

Roopa,thanks sweetie.Kayi Mudde sounds like Kadubu! Mangalorenalli madtare annisutte itara Kadubu.
Wheat Gluten does help to make it rise and softens the texture.Don't add more than 1 tbsp for the whole bread.Try it,smells like masala Uttappa!:))

Hi Sowmya,thank you so much!:)
Bread smells so good when baking,I did not want you to miss it,goes very well with any soup which I know you like to make often.Enjoy.Hugs.

Thank you Cynthia!:))
One year was a dream achievement!I didn't think I had so many recipes to blog but made it somehow.Hurray!:D
I think we all blog not necessarily food but for a sense of community and belonging.I certainly am sharing many lives!!:)
HP was great.Kids read the books,I haven't.Go see it there,probably will be out shortly! Enjoy.Hugs to you:)

FH said...

Hi Sai,thanks buddy!:)
YUP! Ajji,Thatha or ajja was great loves of my life! They were so loving.One ajji is still around and healthy too,all others have passed away.Lot of similarities betn Marathi and Kannada!
Traditional recipes are going to come out more in the 2nd year.Have a great day and be safe.Hugs:))

Keshi,I think I met you thru' John's blog! I am so glad I did,it has been so much fun sharing your life,good distraction from looking at food all the time.Hope to be around when you have little Keshis too!:))
Yeah,like cake Idlis without dal,tastes great.Your mum probably make something similar,since it is from the south.Ghost reader got a earful from me,hope they don't abandon me completely now!;D
Have a great day Kesh,lots of love from me to you.Hugs.

Deepa, you are not late at all dear girl,don't worry!:) As long as you are not a ghost reader,it's fine to comment anytime!:D
Laptop went off on me too yesterday,it's sooo frustrating.Thanks Deepa.Enjoy the bread.I appreciate you taking time to visit me every week,hugs:)

Hi Kulpreet,so good to hear from you after a long time!:))
You are in Delhi now,thought it would make a Punjabi happier than in Bengal but I understand Bengal must be lot relaxing and laid back than busy Delhi!
Thank you so much.I will see you in your blog later.May be a updated one!:)
Have fun in Delhi,got to adjust whatever life throws at you and be happy with it.We moved so many times,you don't want to know!:D
Hugs to your wife and kids!:))

Hello dear Jyoti,thank you so much for your wishes.I will try and keep it up somehow,let's see what happens this year!:))
Enjoy the bread,it is soft and very fragrant,don't keep it more 2 days though.Have a good day:)

FH said...

Hi Kalpana,thank you!:))
Somehow I made it,hard to believe!HP was good,little boring in the beginning but gets better after that.I am sure you don't want the whole story!:D Enjoy.

rp,jumping up and down!HeeHee!! Thanks friend.We are from the old group of bloggers I think,and yes,there are literally hundreds of new bloggers now,pretty hard to catch up.Yes,it's harder with little kids around,big kids are better for blogging!:D
I am very organized,I comment early in the morning when kids are at school or sleeping like now for about 2 hrs and then get on with my work the rest of the day!It works out for me!:)
Have a great day and enjoy.Comment when you can,that's okay,I know you are not a regular non-commentor.Hugs:)

Oh Viji!! I almost teared up reading all that praises!Thank you so much.It's Early morning here,you made my day with your nice words.It's so sweet of you Viji.I do appreciate it.
I love to read your positive notes in the end of your posts,always makes me smile.I like to be happy and I want others have a smile too.That's why I take so much trouble to comment and reply on every blog and comment,specially if they are new!:)
Enjoy the recipes Viji and keep on blogging your's too,I will be there.Hugs to you and to your kids.

TC,great to see you and thank you.Hope you enjoyed blogging so far and keep it up.I love traditional dishes although I don't always post them but love to see in other blogs too.Enjoy,hugs:)

Archana,thank girl.As long as I could help a few in their kitchen,specially newly weds,it's all worth it!:)
I am not a Coorgi but a Lingayat from the coffee plantations(Mom and hubby!),so Coorgis and us do have similar culture and food habits.Coorgis are really beautiful people,tall,confident and unusual old world names like Subbakka,Somayya etc!:D
I have learnt so many recipes from them too. My mom grew up with those kinds of food,vegetarian of course.So I know some of them!
Have a fun day today Archana:)

Life said...

Hey ashaji congratulations !!! Its been wondwerful to travel with u and whish to travel long life.Your dishes are always mouth watering..i will come to ur place when ever i am there
thanks for visiting my flag ship blog and wishing me .....

and enjoy holiday.........

Take Care

FH said...

Hi Srivalli,thanks girl!:)
It does get difficult sometimes to cope with all these and home too,but I manage somehow.Blogging is a great distraction from the usual household chores,I love it.But family comes first always!:) I am so glad to have met you all thru' blogging,have a good day!:)

Deena,I appreciate your visit here too!:)I know many think Aroma is my blog and some don't know Aroma and FH is run by me!;D
Glad you could use these recipes too.Try the bread,it's really good.I wouldn't post anything I don't like.Kadubus are similar to Idlies but made with just rice ,try it once.Thanks again Deena.

Hi Seema,thank you sweetie:) You make my life easier too with your beautiful poems.I am glad I met you all thru' this blogging!Enjoy the Chicken curry,excellent with Kadubus.Hope you try.
Kiddies almost dragged me the movies yesterday(they just need a driver!),I would have waited until next week or so!:P

Thanks Raghu,I appreciate your visit!:))Glad you liked the blog and recipes, enjoy.I will visit you whenever I can too!

Sreelu,thanks for taking time to wish me girl!:))
You all make me happy too and glad to share tidbits of my life with you.Some say I shouldn't too much but I say what the heck,it's fun!:D Enjoy the Burgers,it's very healthy too,full of protein!You can shallow fry or bake too.

Hi Indo,thanks friend!:))
It's a pleasure to know you and DD thru' you too!You are my kinda girl.Hope we will share our lives many more years to come and happy blogging. Have a great rest of the week,hugs!

ChrisB said...

Asha congratulations on the 100th post; you write such amazingly long and informative posts I'm full of admiration. Did you realise your year anniversary falls on Bastille day which also happens to be Fred's birthday (Sam's partner).

sallywrites said...

CONGRATS on your100th Asha!! I agree about the lurkers. I do wish everyone who visits me would comment too! Don't make it a private blog btw!!!!

Meena Raj said...

Hello Ashakka, The kadubus looks so yummy. Was planning of making idlis today for dinner instead am gonna try these... and who can forget about those sweet little cherry tomatoes.. They look awesomely cute. Thanks for such a great post. You are truly an inspiration.

FH said...

Hi Vikas,thanks for your wishes man!I appreciate it!:)
I didn't realize you have another blog,I have got you in my blog roll which is as long as Hanumanji's tail right now!:D

Thanks Chris!:)
My long posts have become legendary now!It's fun.14th is Bastille's day! I didn't know that,great!Two in one celebration.Happy birthday to Fred too.Hope he has a wonderful day!:))

Thanks Sally.I had posted once before asking the ghost readers to show up,some did say hello.This time I got 4 of them,they are from all over the world!It is good to know that they are reading the blogs though.
You do have a wonderful blog with great stories,I love reading it.I will keep this public,I just thought of that going private bcos of the photos I post but so far it's been safe.Have a great day Sally:)

Hi Meena,good to see you lil sister!:)) Cherry tomatoes are really cute,I pop them in my mouth straight out of the plant!I have Pear Tomatoes too,I will post later. Kadubus are great too,little work but worth it in the end.Enjoy.Thanks for visiting FH Meena,come back again:)

J said...

Asha, the safety moment announcement is on the sidebar of my blog. You can still make a post on kitchen appliances if you want. There's a part 2. I've included your tips on knives in my post without asking u....hope you don't mind!!

FH said...

Hi J,I will check it out and I will post for next month's theme.Knives post fits perfectly there for this month,so it's fine!:))
Thanks for replying quickly J,have a great day.

Seema Bhat said...

Congratulations on your 100th post akka. And on completing or nearly completing a year. Happy first b'day to FH. Thanks for asking about me Ashakka. I have been so so very busy from last couple of months that I hardly get any time for myself and my blogging world. Things should slowly get better. From last couple of weeks guests after guests even on weekdays. Iga nange school ge raje ( summer break alwa) adikke even weekdays someone or the others keep visiting. Hangella shuddi. How was your trip? How are the kids doing? Neenu mention maadange its so true Ashakka, so many try out our recipes and don't even bother to leave a line mentioning about it. That really hurts alwa. Now coming to the recipes I loved your onion bread recipe. Hugs again on your 100th post and just wanted to let you know again that I love you and your blog very much.

FH said...

Seema,thank you so much!:)
you must have many relatives living here in US.They visit every weekend? That's lot of work Seema,you poor girl.Hope somebody helps you out too.Summer holidays are bad for you,huh?:)
Naavu Hassan matte Mysorenalli iddaga ide kathe,jana sumne bartaane iruttare.Help kooda madta iralilla! Kootukondu thinnodu ashte!
Anyway,take care of yourself.Somehow we just have to go thru' with it,no choice.School starts in a month again for you,thank God! I am sending lots of love and hugs to you too.Take it easy and blog when you can.I will miss you and your dishes too!:))

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Ashakka, Many more to come and all the success in your future endeavours. I loved the onion bread and will surely try the kadubu atleast once in a lifetime :-P


Anonymous said...

Wow! century and first birthday congratulations!! really your amazing. I dont know how ur commenting almost all the blogs:) your comments helps lot of bloggers like me to go forward than to become private. Thanks a lot on this wonderful occassion.

Sharmi said...

hey I hope I am not the last one to wish you. congrats on your 100th post and anniversary. I always remember you as a very active and friendly fellow blogger. I like the way you post comments regularly, help, advice and can never imagine you to take a break:) loved all the recipes. the kadubu, I have to try.
Keep up the spirits always. happy blogging!

FH said...

Dee,thanks girl!:))
Kadubu has few steps,so ppl hesitate to try.I recommend to try at least once in a life time!:D Try the bread,it's easy and very yummy.Hope you are having fun week.Hugs.

Hi Jas,thanks friend.I remember I was the only one commenting on your wonderful blog at first,glad ppl know you now!:)) That's why I try and comment on most blogs as much as possible.Everybody must have equal opportunity ,right? Keep up your good work too and thank you!:))

Hi Sharmi,you are a sweet girl.No,you are not late,don't worry!:))
I try my best,hopefully 2nd year will be better!We all belong to one community,let's have some fun,what say Sharmi?:D
I might have to take a little break next month,will see how it goes.
Thanks and happy blogging to you too.Hugs.

Shobana senthilkumar said...

Hi ashaji,
congrats.I am a great fan of ur blog.Ur blog is a inspiration for all new bloggers like me.
Bread is so soft ashaji...which is tempting so much to prepare.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha!
Welcome to my blog.finally you got to know my blog.Evrerytime I see a blog ,I see that you are the first person to comment for most of the posts in many blogs. you were really bothering me for a while.Why doesn't Asha visit my blog or may be even if she visits why is she not leaving comments.So,aren't my recipes interesting to a person who comments in many blogs.This is what I was thinking all these days.
Iam just blogging as a hobby like many others.
Iam happy that finally you got to know abt my blog.thanks for visiting me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha, *big congrats* and happy blog-birthday to you!! I've had lots of fun getting to know you and your family, drooling over yummy recipes and always great photos to make me hungry when I visit! Your enthusiasm is truly contagious :)

Wishing you lots more fun blogging and thank you for all your encouragement and smiles!


marriedtoadesi.com said...


Your recipes are wonderful, and you seem like a super mom and wife. I hate frozen food, and black bean burgers are a favorite for us! I love the homemade recipe. I would try this in a mexican salad too!

I really appreciate how you always leave a comment for me when I post. It seriously brightens my day, and encourages me to continue blogging. After starting back to work full time, I am feeling pressure of time that it takes to maintain my blog. Thanks to my husband who is a very supportive sweet guy, and encourages me to keep it up.

Thanks for being such a great inspiration! Hope I can meet you one day!!!


Prajusha said...

hi asha,
A big Congrats to my dear friend for completing 1 yr and on 100th post. wish u all the best for the coming yrs.
i liked the recipe of kadubu.looks like iddli:)this is something similiar to kozhukatta recipe
hope it is a good combination with chicken curry,iam going to try this.have a Happy weekend.:)

ushaprashanth said...

Hi Asha!
wow! congratulations!!!!that's a great work you have done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

My heartiest congratulations on the birthday of your blog baby.
An excellent american & a traditional indian breakfast to celebrate your blog anniversary. The kadubu looks like kushboo idli that is famous in chennai hotels.The bread looks so soft & inviting.I love this visual feast.

Lots of love,

Keshi said...


I meant CALL...lol sorry!

I cant rem how we met but im SO GLAD we met too!


Lakshmi said...

Ashaji, 100ne entryge shubhashayagalu. Loved all the items you have posted. I make kadubus, but my version is a bit different. Will try yours they look so tempting.

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, Asha, congratulations!!!!!!!!! Has it only been one year??? Wow, with the number of recipes you have published on this blog I thought it was much longer. Anyway, here's hoping you have many,many more blogiversaries! Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and cooking tips you share with us...I'd be lost without your blog.

*much love*

Anjali Koli said...

Asha same pinch for the love of veg burgers! Centurial post was really good read congrats. The bread looks amazing the crumb is even. You know I will try that one don't you.

Seema said...

Heyyy Asha...I have a Q...do you know how to make the present blog thats a public one into a private blog???

Cauzzz now i am begining to hate it...the number of visitors who just wander each time a new post is up is like 50 -60 and the comments is like 5...dont even want to think of the proportions..

SInce you also mentioned of the wandering souls and no comments thingie...thought you wd know this :))

Lisa Johnson said...

Congratulations on your 100th post and one year anniversary! What a special week!

I'm so glad that you are a blogger and that I found your blog! You really helped me to see what the blogging community was all about. Oh my, I'm feeling so sentimental! I'd give you a big hug if I could! ; )

I'm looking forward to all that you have in store for this next year. And I'm going to try the black bean burger. I have a can of them and I've been trying to think of something new to try. Thanks again for everything Asha!

Kajal said...

Congratulation Asha.....100 times.......you work great in one year. When I start my blog then I don’t post recipe but when I read your blog first time then I think I also try you give me lots of encouragement for that. I am really very happy to see your 100th post. Black bean burger looks delicious with nice photo of cheery tomato my dear. In one year you post lots of new dishes and each dish is something new idea with simple and nice writing :)

Meena Shankar said...

Congratulations Asha!!
And I love 'kadubus'..but didnot know the method to prepare..also I have some thari and dint know what to do...Thanks for a timely post...
Ee weekend...nammaneli Akkithari kadubu and kai chutney as we are also strict vegetarians like your dear ajji..

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Congratulations Asha. Your blog is much loved by a lot of people. You're so often spot on with your observations of things and life in general! You also leave wonderful comments. Keep on blogging - we love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Thank you for a wonderful blog... I was just a lurker around here for sometime.. I love ur blog ,.. Thanks a lot for the wonderful work you are doing.. for all the work you put in here... Thanks again

FH said...

Hi T,thank you!:)
Post your version too,will be good to know all kinds of traditional dishes.Enjoy this version.

HeHe!! Lotus,seems ages for me too!:) It was fun,sometimes stressful.I must say,I made lot of virtual friends.That is more rewarding than anything else.Glad to have met you and your wonderful blog Lotus,keep it up.I will be there.Hugs to you:)

Hi Anjali,thanks buddy,I will check your' burgers too,yum! Bread came out very well,enjoy making it:))

Meena,naanu Kayi chutney madidde kadubu jotege.Makkalige Chicken ishta,nanage chutney.Try making it,it is tasty with chutney.Thanks girl:))

Thank you so much Amanda.Love your trips around the world too,will be there with for the ride!:))
Thanks you for being a friend.Hugs.Have a great day.

Seema,I can understand completely,many stop and take recipes and leave without thanking.You feel used of course.
I think you have to go profile page or settings where you edit and view and click on the box to make it private or public.Then they will ask which blog url you would like to choose to give access.You type in and they send us the info thru' e mail.
Only problem with going private is ,we have to thru' extra steps to get in your blog,so some might give up completely.Think about that and see if you can do it.Good luck:)

Padma said...

Congratulations Asha on your 100th Post, and also more than 100 paw prints, it must be a great sense of pleasure watching down the lane your achievements. And I am happy to comment on such occasion, your blog has inspired so many globally, count me also among them.
I was always a silent reader of your blog and I am amazed the amount of energy and time you have invested in it. I need some tips and tricks on this...I must say I have to try you buttermilk onion bread, though I am not a great baker but I have to start somewhere
I am new to this blogworld and recently started my food blog, when time permits do visit at http://padmaskitchen.blogspot.com
Thanks for the inspiration! and looking fwd to many more milestones ahead!

FH said...

Priar,thank buddy,I appreciate it.It is very satisfying to see so many blogger show up to wish!:))
Have a fun day today.

Hi Madhavi,good that I found you too.I saw your comment somewhere and didn't think I knew about your blog.So I said hi:)
Happy blogging.

Thank you Linda.It's has been fun knowing you and your kids too.We do have lot of things in common!:))
Let's hear for the 2nd year and many more recipes and sharing from me and you.Cheers.Have a great day,hugs.

Hi Kanchana,I will always be happy to visit whenever I can.Take your time and blog when you can,it should be fun but not stressful!:)
I hope so too,will see what happens in future!Hugs and thank you.

Thanks Prajusha.Yes,Kadubus are fab combination with Chicken curry.Tastes great with coconut chutney too.Hope you try.I will see you later:)

indosungod said...

Asha, thanks dear, love and relish the recipes and dishes but the friendships is what I cherish the most.
Quickly popped here on Wednesday to wish you but going through the recipes at leisure now(I am off for a couple of days Whoooo).
Love the Kadubus you have there, it is similar to Kozhukattai but without the stuffing. Will have to try it. The onion Bread looks great too. Investing in a bread machine does not sound like a bad idea for me. :) Have a great weeekend.

FH said...

Thanks UshaP! It is all because of you girls,I must thank you!:))
Have fun blogging,see you later.

Kajal,thank you sweetie.100 posts,I cant believe it!:))
Hope your's come faster too.Thanks for visiting me so regular for every post.Hugs:))

Hi Mary,thank you sweetheart!:))
Every now and then ,if you say hi,that would be enough for me!Nice to meet you.I would have never known you otherwise.I will keep on blogging.Enjoy.Hugs:))

Hi Padma,so great to meet you.Welcome to blogging world and enjoy.I will visit you later.Have fun and try the bread.Hope you are having a great day!:))

FH said...

Indo,you are a great friend and blogger.Glad to know you ,and thank for visiting me for my every post.Have fun and take a break.Come back refreshed:))
100th post! Can't believe it.Kadubus are made with very coarsely crushed rice and little different from Kozhakattai I think but both taste great ,sweet or savory!:))
Have a great weekend,hugs.

Pooja V said...

Congrats Asha , Its wonderful that 100th post and blog bday was at the same time. I am hooked on to this blogging world for all the encouraging words by You.
I really an a great fan of urs.
Thanks for all those lovely recipes.

bha said...

Hi Asha,
Congratulations for the 100 posts and a year of blogging....thats really amazing...yours is a great blog with wonderful recipes.
And yes, congrats on your 20th as well....but when is the D day

FH said...

PoojaV,thank you for your wishes.Glad to hear that you are enjoying blogging.It is fun and I will with you all the way!:))

Hi Bhags,thanks girl.You saw that 20th post too! Yeah,I have been married for that long!;D Dec 7th is the day. Good to see you see you here Bhags.Have fun weekend:)

RML said...

Hi Asha,
Congratulations! You are my inspiration to blogging.
Lots of cooking and lovely recipes.
The bread looks nice and soft,wanna try it.And guess what I tried your amaranthus dal.It came out really very good.
Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more delicious recipes...
Keep going.

FH said...

Kate,my ever appreciative lovely friend,thank you so much.I appreciate your wishes and comments every week dear girl.
Khushboo Idlies are new to me and sounds great.If you add Cardamoms to thises,they will become Kushboo too!:))Enjoy.

Keshi,tupos typos!!:D
Have a great weekend buddy.

Hi Madhoo,thanks friend.Hope you have settled in the new place.
Thanks for the feedback on the dal,glad you liked it.Amaranth greens are so soft and yummy,isn't it? Enjoy the weekend,try the bread:)

Prajakta said...


Congratulations and just adore your blog and enthusiasm.

Have just not been able to keep up with blogging, things have just been so hectic.

Take care.


FH said...

Hi Prajakta,thanks for visiting and for your wishes.It has been wonderful blogging thanks to all of you:))
Enjoy and let's have some fun second year too.

Latha said...

Hey Ashu
Congrats! This is so cool! And bu God has it just been a year! I feel like I've known you forever! :-)
Great to come back to such a lovely post. Its been a while. I had taken a break from even visiting other blogs for a while. Will tell u why soon.
Anyways, I'm glad i'm back to drooling at all your wonderful recipes!
Love the benne kadubu and the onion bread.
Hugs to you, keep the wonderful posts coming!

FH said...

Hi Latha,I am so glad to see you girl.Hugs!:))
You are planning something special? Can't wait.I know,I feel like I have been blogging forever too.Phew! So many posts!:D
Blog soon all about where you have been.That's okay if you can't comment and blog for a while.Enjoy the break.Have a great weekend friend.Thanks so much for dropping by.

Saju said...

Wow Asha, I just love your blog! Each post contains multiple recipes! I don't know how you do it, it takes me ages to do one recipe!
Congrats for your 100th post and 1 year tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy! Congrats dear Asha, I am glad ,to be right on Time to wish you.Wishing you many many more years of Blogging with even more delightful spreads from all over the world....I missed out on you blog posts for so long, lovely food stuff that's never ceased to make my mouth water:)keep Blogging!Also liked reading your Meme ,Awesome pictures as usual.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Congratulations!!! 100th post and Blog anniversary clubbed! It couldn't be better :D Black bean burger sounds yumm... but I don't cook much these days :| neither does mommy...lol...waise I did make a Greek style Pizza yesterday.. it ws gud :D will post a pic sumtime later... cheers! and KEEP BLOGGING!

Life said...

oh ic ..thanks for adding me in HUNMANJIS tail ;) and even i have added you in blog list which is as long as monkeys tail :D

here are links of my three blogs

http://missyou-vikas.blogspot.com (i regularly update thi blog. This is of pomes)

(this blog is oDAIRY OF MY LIFE)

(this blog is of my love for art.Which u regularly visit)

Take Care

FH said...

Thanks Saju darling!:)
I have to cook for 4 ppl everyday anyway.I work around the recipes,take photos and blog them in one post once a week! Clever,huh? HeeHee!

Lera,so good to see you girl.I think of you often but I know you are having good break.Hope you starting blogging soon though:))
Thanks for wishing me,makes me happy and appreciated.Hugs Lera.Have a great day.

Skeeter,glad you made it.Thank you buddy.So glad to see you.Greek Pizza I love,Feta,Olives and Spinach.I have it at Aroma with Alfredo sauce too.YUM! I will see you later when you update.Hugs.
(Btw,you don't NEED to cook when you can eat out so often!Lucky you!)

Hey,Hanuman's tail is wayyy longer than Monkey's!!:D
I already have two of your's,will add the other.Hope to see you regularly and vice versa!Have a great day Vikas:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogversary, Asha. Here's wishing FH and AH many more milestones.


FH said...

Mamatha,you are so sweet.Thank you very much dear girl!:))
Aroma is looong way away from first anniversary.Glad I made it at FH!:D
Have a great weekend M, hugs to you.

Shivapriya said...

Happy 1st brithday Asha, Everything looks soo good. benne kadubu is something new to me. BTW can we use cream of rice or rice ravva to make this recipe??

FH said...

Thank you ShivaPriya!Can't believe it's has been a year!:)
Yes,you can use Rice Rava as long as the rice is not a powdered rice and looks coarse like Semolina.Enjoy.

Mahek said...

i really appreciate the way you handle your blog great , you are an inspiration, i would love to be in contact thro emails can you give me yours and also learn from you, you can write to me .
All your photos are so good and you are improving day by day.
The loaf of bread looks really yummmmy.....

Prema Sundar said...

Congrats Asha,
Its needless to say that u are a wonderful blogger and u have been a great inspiration to a lot of bloggers...
Wish u the very best Asha in the coming years..
i really admire ur writings , and the way u reply to the comments.

TBC said...

Hi Asha,
Congrats on ur 1st blog anniversary & 100th post!!!!That's quite an achievement! :-)
Also, thank you very much for visiting my blog( don't know if I can call it a food blog coz right now my main interest is just taking pics & putting them up !!) and leaving a comment .
Congrats once again & keep up the good work.

FH said...

Hi Mahek,good to see you and thanks for wishes.Yes,I am still learning about how to take food pics,it's hard and so much work too!
Usually I ask ppl leave their e mail here as comment.I will take it and delete the comment and then I will e mail you.Just trying save me from loads of junk mail trouble and unnecessary e mails.You can leave your's and I will e mail you.Is that okay? I also don't check my e mails everyday ,so if I don't immediately reply,don't worry.I will catch with you!:))

Prema,you are the first few blog friends I made in the early months last year when I started and I always came to you and you to here,.Thank you,I appreciate it.Many just come once,drop out just to surf and some never come at all here.So it is a big deal to retain friendships! Thanks again for your support and friendship,hugs!:))

Tbc,good to see you and thank you for your wishes.I have seen few blogs like your's too,just showcasing the food pics which I think is great too.You don't always have to post all the recipes like us crazies!;D It's different and I do enjoy looking at the photos,it says a lot.Keep it up and I will see you later.Hope to see you here every Wednesday.Take care:))

Bong Mom said...

COngratsssssss Asha :) Love you and you know it :)

FH said...

I do know Sandeepa, love you too and thank you friend!:))
Have a relaxing weekend buddy.

Inji Pennu said...

Congrats Asha! You amaze me always!

Shilpa said...

Hi dear, only one year of blogging? I would have thought you were a veteran with all the fans you have amassed! :) That onion bread looks awesome! Anything with onions and garlic is sure to make my mouth water anyway! m) *hugs*

Anh said...

Asha, it might be late, but congratulations! Keep on with the great work, ok? *hug hug*

Foodie said...

OMG!!! Ashaji, I didn't know this was your 100th post. I was trying to post the comment for the wonderful buttermilk and onion bread and that is when I saw this wishes pouring down all the way.
Happy 1st blogging year. Wow it's been a year. I didn't know that either. Well all my best wishes are with you and would love to have the same fan following like yours. You won't believe but you always amaze me as most of the time you are the first one to comment on my post and I love it.
All the best for many more blogging years .

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! Congrats. I am glad that you didn't turn this into a private blog... we would all miss you and your great writing, photos and recipes.
You are one of the smartest bloggers I know. Every time I visit, I get an education :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! This is my third visit & I lourveeee your blog. Keep up the fabulous job you r doing!! :-)

Seema said...

Thanks a ton for that tip Ashu...am surely considering that one...

Hope you had a good weekend too..take care

FH said...

Inji Pennu,you are a strong and intelligent lady.Thank you for inspiring me with your courage and tenacity.I appreciate you.
Thank you for your wishes,have a great week.Hugs:)

Hi Shilpa,are you back from your wonderful holiday spot? Great to see you!Hope to read all about it:)
Thanks,I feel that way too,like a veteran!;D But no,I just finished a year on Saturday!Hugs to you too,se you later.

Thank you Anh,I will!:))
Thanks again for your support and encouragement,I appreciate all of you gals.Have a great week:)

Thank you Pintoo for your comments and wishes.It's not easy task to visit 100+ blogs to comment but I make sure I visit all of my fav. bloggers as much as I can.It's not easy,believe me.Takes quite a while!:D
But I am glad I made it to one year.Good luck with your blog and enjoy,I will be there:)

Jayashree said...

Congratulations, Asha....I've always loved the energy and enthusiasm that's evident on your blog. The way you write and present your dishes is as good as the dish itself. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
Here's to many more years of blogging....cheers!!!

FH said...

HeHe!! Kristen,stop it!!!;D
You know I have learned a lot by blogging too while researching this and that recipe and info! And many things from other bloggers like you as well.It has been fun first year.
Thank you for your support.I enjoy your blog, reading about your family and of course yummy dishes!:)

Thank you Jay.Great to see you and hope to see you again.I will work harder and keep on blogging too.This year,I will try and organize little better.Enjoy:))

You are welcome Seema.You can also make it private at Settings,Permissions,only people I choose etc.Keep it open if you can,unless you feel strongly about making it private.Good luck,I will be there either way!:)

FH said...

Hi Jaya,so good to hear from you.How are you doing? Hope everything is going well and you are enjoying the good times!:))
Thank you so much for your wishes.I wouldn't have done it without all your affection and caring.Keep in touch and take care.Hugs.
Waiting to hear the good news soon and your return to blogging.Hugs:)

Pravs said...

Congratulations Asha !! Thats really neat, to hit the 100th post plus complete a year. I always thought Aroma was your main blog and didn't frequent this blog. I see a lot of great recipes out here too. Are you from coorg? coorg is a lovely place.
I am still not back home...but with just one post, i was hitting the 100th one, so i couldn't resist to wait till i got back :D

Benne Kadubus looks very soft...looks like an apt name for it. I think i have to try this one out.
Thank you Asha, for coming by my blog and leaving those lovely and motivating comments.

FH said...

Pravs,you and I both hit 100th almost the same time.Isn't that great? May we be friends for a long time.I know some of you donot about FH as main blog,that's why I posted a little note!:)
Thanks for your wishes,try the Benne Kadubu.I am not a Coorgi but both my mom and husband come from coffee plantations around there and has almost same culture as Coorgis except the language,eat similar food.We are Lingayats(Shaivas).
Hope to see you here too.Have a fun holiday and blog soon when you come back.Huggg!

mommyof2 said...

Double Congrats:-)and happy B'day Blog:-)

Asha,I love your blog and You are doing an amazing job. Even though I try a few, I love all the recipes you post. Can't wait to read yout new post every week (beside last few crazy weeks;-)

Congrats again and hugs..

Anonymous said...

Asha -
Congratulations !!! Celebrations and lot more wishes :)
Keep them posts coming :)


Anonymous said...

double hugs from me for double celebrations ! Congrats for your 100th post and a year of blogging - yours is one of the first few food blogs I came across and loved it right from the start and you have inspired me to try new dishes a lot of times.
Loved the black bean burger and I can smell the bread as i looked at the pic but since I am not a 'baking' person ( I am just learning how to cook first, hehehe ), I dont have a bread maker yet but I am really tempted to try that bread :-)

Thanks for all your great tasting, mouth watering posts - keep them coming....

Lots of hugs

Keshi said...

LOL @tupos!

Keeeeshi :)

Shionge said...

Congratulation...lalalaa....and celebration lalala ...:D

Well done and I'm so proud of you and I'm happy you are sharing with us although I must say I can never cook like you I've enjoyed all your yummy treats :D

You Rock Asha baby and I love you too. I thank you too for always coming by at my blog giving me all your lovely comments. You are my sunshine :D

Dalicia said...

congrats asha! it's always great to learn more about cooking from you.

and also your personal stories and pictures. thank you visiting mine too! it's a real pleasure to read your blog. i never know what i may find :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Asha!!
I have tried many of your recipes with success. Thanks for sharing all the mouth-watering recipes. Hope to see many more of those!! Keep up the good work.

Sudha said...

Congrats asha and all the best..nice spread..

FH said...

Hi G! So good to see you! I know you are busy with two little kids,I understand completely.My kids are home too,so I know!:))
Thank you so much.It is impossible to try everything I have in my blog,even I get exhausted looking them!;D
Have fun,take care.Hugs.

Thank you Mythili.I appreciate all your wishes and comments.Here is to more posts and blogging for both of us!Cheers:))

Hi Abha,thank you friend.Without all your encouragement,I don't think I would have continued.Now it's hard to stop me!!;D
Enjoy the healthy Burger,Bread making does need a little practice but you can do it if you try:)

OOPS!! You did it again Keshi!!:D
@ tupos??!!Hahaha!

FH said...

Shionge!! Thank you so much buddy.
I love your blog,to share your life and your family's and I always enjoy the lightheartedness of your posts as well.Something different from food all the time to think about,read and enjoy! We will both keep it up and blog for many years to come.Hugs:))

Dalicia,you are a sweet girl.Thank you for your wishes.I love to visit you too.Shi and your blogs are like breath of fresh air for me! Happy blogging.Hugs to you too:)

Thank you Suma.Glad you tried and liked them.That's what I want to hear,good feedback to make me even more enthusiastic and cook more!:D
Thanks again for your wishes.

Sudha,great to see you and thank you so much for your wishes.Hope to see you blogging more.I miss all the bloggers I met when I started ,so many have stopped blogging.Take care friend:)

david c welker said...

You have the coolest blog on the web ! I've saved it in my fav's and I'm going to show it to my wife, I think she will like it too. We both love Indian cuisine and maybe we can gain some tips from your site.

FH said...

Oh thank you David!:))
Glad you found me.Enjoy the Indian dishes and others too.You went to Sting concert I see!!How lucky.My husband would have loved it too.Well..recover and have a great week!

Mona said...


WOW! this is awesome!


FH said...

Thank you AWESOME Mona dear!!:)
It feels great to complete one year without taking a single break!:))

ChrisB said...

Asha I think I missed saying congratulations on your 100th post. I am getting close to my next milestone!

FH said...

Chris,I think you were in Canada or just came home from there!:))
Thanks.Yeah! It is exciting to reach that 100th post.Can't wait for your's!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

I am late to wish you Asha, but I too congratulate you on your wonderful blog. I enjoy the enthusiasm you put into it. Although I do not comment on every post - be assured I am reading and I love what you do.

FH said...

Thank you Meeta,I appreciate it!:))
I know you are quite busy most of the time,so no worries.
Hope you and the family doing well and enjoying the Summer.For some strange reason,this Summer is very busy for me too with Doctors' and Dentist (routine)appointments and this blogging! Somebody got to do it and it's always me!:D
Have a great week.Hugs.

Dhana said...

CONGRATULATIONS Asha on your 100th post! 100 recipes worthy of a cookbook!!!

FH said...

Thank you Dhana!:)
It would be nice to put all these into book!Oh well..right now,I am glad to be hitting 100th post with million recipes!;D

Keshi said...

lolz Aaashaaaaaaa! :)


Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful milestone! Congratulations! And look at the number of comments! Whoa! People are falling in love with you left and right :)

FH said...

HeHe!! Kesh,that's what happens if you have 100+ blogs to comment!;D
Don't worry,I do that too! I delete and type comments again sometimes!Takes me hrs to thru' all the blogs too but I don't mind!:)

LOL!! Seems like it,doesn't it?
Hi TDNA,you have been busy lately,are you? Not blogging much.There are lot of bloggers who ask me about your URL but I guess they are ghost readers!Grr..!
Thanks man.I am overwhelmed by all your affection,hope it last long too!:))
Have a great week.

Cyberkitty said...

Congrats on your 100 posts and one year of blogging. May you have many more posts and continue to keep coming up with fabulous recipes !!

FH said...

Hello Cyberkitty,thank you so much for your wishes and blessings!:))
It has been fun so far,let's see what happens this year.Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Ashamma! 100th post and one year is an especially nice one! :) Thank you for being such a nice, positive fellow-blogger and a great friend!
Benne kadabu is new for me. Looks yum! And your punjabi entry for the RCI is awesome! Especially loved the makhi di roti with methi. Yum!!
~Hugs~ And COngrats again!

FH said...

Thank you Vani,good to see you back blogging!:))
It was funny how 10 and 1 year rolled up in on one week!:D
Try Benne adubu coconut chutney,a classic combo.
Have a great week, hugs.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Asha! I have always been and will always be amazed at the energy and the variety of recipes at your blog. I am looking forward to a lot more delicious ones.. Thank you...

FH said...

Thank you Chandrika!:))
Even I am surprised I made it one year! I am having fun so far.Hopefully 2nd yr pass by soon too.I appreciate your wishes.Have a great weekend:)

Pelicano said...

I enjoyed reading this post Asha, and a belated congrats to you!

FH said...

Thank you Pelicano. Can't believe a year goes by so fast!:))
Enjoy blogging, and a very happy 2008 to you and your's. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

Asha, blogging has been around for a long time but this is the first one I've ever visited. Your recipes look absolutely delicious.

I've been looking for interesting veggie dishes but those in cookbooks are the usual recycled recipes. Yours are definately what I want. Cant wait to try them. Looking forward to the rum cake.

FH said...

Hi Angel, thank you for visiting. Yeah, blogging is fun and also hard work Glad you found me, enjoy all the dishes. Go to Recipe Index to find everything easily.
I have posted the Rum-Raisin cake/loaf in Feb 2008 archive, it was yummy. Hope you try!:))