June 20, 2007


It's Eggplant time for JFI which was started by Indira from Mahanandi and this month's host is Sangeeta from "Ghar Ka Khana" blog.Thanks for choosing my favorite vegetable and for hosting JFI too Sangeeta!:))

Masalyachi Vangi:
I made this for RCI Maharashtra,but then I heard about Eggplants for JFI.Of course,I had to save it!;D This is my favorite dish ,tastes great with Rice rottis or Parathas.With that little touch of cloves,it makes it to the Gourmet level!!;D

You Need:
3-4 medium sliced long purple Eggplants,cilantro.
Masala paste:
1/4 cup coconut fresh or dry, 1 large onion, 1 tbsp coriander seeds, 2-3 red chllies,few peppercorns, 4 cloves, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, salt to taste, 2 tsp thick tamarind juice, 1/2 tsp sugar.
To season:
2 tbsp oil and ghee, 1 onion minced,few curry leaves.
How to make it:
1. Fry the coconut, onion, coriander seeds, peppercorns ,chillies and cloves each separately to a reddish color and grind together with tamarind,turmeric ,sugar to a coarse paste.
2. Heat 2 tbsp oil and ghee and add onion and curry leaves ,fry 1 minced onions to almond color. Add Eggplants, salt and turmeric. Cover tightly and cook without adding water over a low heat till half-cooked and shiny.
3. Mix in the coconut paste, and simmer for 5-10 mins covered on low heat.Make sure Eggplants are cooked but not mushy. Remove from the heat.
4. Garnish with cilantro and serve with Parathas or Rice rotis.

Thai Eggplants in Red curry paste:
A delectable dish,this is an easy Thai style vegetarian red curry.Traditionally,beef and Shrimp paste is added to the Eggplant sauce but I skipped meat here and made it with just Eggplants.Tastes delicious with rice.Enjoy.

For Red Curry Paste:
Toast 2 tsp coriander seeds, 2 tsp cumin seeds, seeds from 3 cardamom pods, 2-3 red chilies, chopped, 1/4 tsp peppercorns, grind these with little water, two garlic, 1 small onion chopped, 1 inch ginger, 2 tbsp tomato paste, 2 tsp of tamarind juice, 1 lemon grass, sliced, 1/8 cup cilantro stems(not leaves), few basil leaves, salt, 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg, 1/4 tsp ground mace to a smooth paste.Keep aside. 1/2 cup coconut milk + 1/2 cup water.(1 tsp Shrimp paste is optional)Green onion and cilantro for garnish.
To make Eggplant curry, you need:
One Big Purple Eggplant(US style) or 3-4 long purple ones cubed into big pieces,1 small onion minced,cilantro and green onions for garnish.
How to:
1. Heat 3 tbsp oil, fry 1 onion minced until reddish, add 3-4 cups of cubed eggplants, and stir-fry for 5 minutes.
2. Add ground paste to the pan,fry until oil shows up on top and the Eggplants are cooked but still firm without adding water.
3. Turn down the heat,add 1/2 cup coconut milk ,1/2 cup water and salt ,simmer for 2 mins until the raw smell from coconut milk disappears.
4. Garnish with cilantro, green onions and serve with rice.

Hyderabadi Bagharey Baingan:
Every Indian have their own blend of spices for this classic dish of course,here is mine.I love it with Rice rottis but tastes so good with Parathas too.This recipe is from Bilkees Latif, and she says it's a popular Hyderabadi Muslim dish which is always served at the weddings.Sounds good to me,tasted great too!

You Need:
6-8 small round eggplants, 2 onions (finely sliced), 2 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tbsp poppy seeds, 2 tsp Fennel seeds, 2 tbsp peanuts,1 tbsp sesame seeds, 1 tbsp coriander powder, 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds, 2" cinnamon, 1 cardamom ,seeded,1 tsp chironji (melon seeds), 1/4 dry coconut, 1 tbsp tamarind juice, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp red chili powder, salt.
To season:
3 tbsp oil, 1 tsp ghee,2 tsp each ginger and garlic ground,1 tbsp tamarind juice, few curry leaves,salt.
How to:
1. Remove stem from eggplants and make four slits down the sides from the top keeping the stem intact.
2. Fry onions until reddish, dry roast all the other spices separately and grind all these to a smooth paste.
3. Mix this paste with salt, chili powder, and stuff the paste in the slits of each eggplant.Save any extra spices left over.
4. Heat 3 tbsp oil and 1 tsp ghee, fry ground ginger, garlic, curry leaves add saved masala paste for 2 minutes.
5. Add stuffed eggplants and fry on low heat, turning gently so they get fried all over evenly. Add tamarind pulp, 1/4 cup of water and simmer until eggplants are cooked,shiny and the sauce is almost dry.
6. Serve garnished cilantro and with some parathas.

Other Eggplant dishes I have made before:
(I told you it's raining Eggplants already!!;D)

Eggplant Bajji/chutney
Eggplant Ennegayi
Vangi Bhaat
Mirchi-Baingan Salan
Masala Baingan
Aloo-Baingan masala
Imam Bayildi
Another version of Vang Bhaat!:)

From my front yard:

That Ceramic frog was handmade by one of my husband's patients and was gifted to us.It is beautiful and looks perfect in our front yard!:)

My homegrown veggies!
I have Green beans, Cherry Tomatoes,Banana peppers,Bell peppers, Cucumbers,Red and green Amaranth leaves and an Eggplant sprouting out!!I am so happy!!! Most of all I had planted Ridge Gourd seeds and they have sprouted too! Click on the image to make it larger.Unfortunately,my snake gourd seeds haven't sprouted yet,will update later.

Have a great weekend all you gals and guys! I will see you next Wednesday from a surprise location!:))


Shivapriya said...

WOW Asha, Can I get to-go please:D. All of them are my fav's. I should try your mirchi bagian salan sometime.

Coffee said...

Its for sure raining eggplants everywhere!!!!!
The frog looks cute! Nicely guarding your plants ;)

Arts said...

Thats a lovely spread.. seems u love eggplant.. I am not such a big fan of eggplants except when it comes to baingan bharta.. Now that we have so many eggplants recipe, I can try some for my husband who just loves them! The other thing is taht its one of the Indian vegs found abundantly here.. so I have to learn Eggplant dishes now.. Btw, MAharashtrian style bharli vangi look great and wud be the first thing to try!!

indosungod said...

Asha I have been looking forward to this post. All the dishes got into to my try list. The froggy looks so cute, love his eyes. You already have peppers and brinjals. Now that you are tired of eating egg plants I will be glad to accept them :) Maybe drive down to NC to pick them up! Let me know :))

Viji said...

Wow, this is a great post Asha, so many goodies. All dishes look yummy. You are like me loves brinjal correct? But jai doesn't like them much. So, no chance of eating them often. Love to see your little garden. Very nice. The frog is worth taking photograph. Beautifully done. Tks asha for everything. Viji

FH said...

Hi Shivapriya,you made it first this time too.You should be rewarded!!Wish I could pack all these for you girl!:))

Coffee,this is NOT your post ,is it?;D Hold on until next week sweetie.That Frog is huge,doesn't look that way there.

Arts,make that Masalayachi Vangi.It was so yum and spicy.I made it with rice rotis,it was delicious:))

Indo,I love Eggplants too but after all these ,I need a break!:D
Wish I could send it you but got to cook it yourself girl!Hahaha!Enjoy:)

Thank you Viji.Arvind likes Brinjals too,so I am very happy.My plants already are flowering,so I am looking forward cook more of these this Summer!:))

Bong Mom said...

Asha ...going on a vacation...You sure made eggplants rain, I hope the kids had their fill ;-)

archana said...

Thats gr8 Asha ,so many varieties of recipes!. Bharli Vangi and Hyderabadi both are so famous and that Thai brinjal is interesting. It certainly is raining brinjals. I liked your kitchen garden too :)

bee said...

love your veggie garden, ash.

as for eggplants, silence is golden. lol.

Anonymous said...

oh no
just got up
and this is my first thing
still am not in top 5
hahaha haaaaaaaaaa

luv the vangi means brinjal right
we make vangi bhaat with brinjal
its simple and thai more more diff. more ingredients....
n ya i do bagharey baingan completely diff.
hey asha
wheres vangi dessert? just kidding

Shobana senthilkumar said...

Hi ashaji,
great post in eggplants...all of them looks spicy too.I love it.That
hyderabadi dish looks tempting...

Anh said...

A celebration of eggplants! I adore them all! You should open a restaurant Asha!

FH said...

Kids want to kill all the Eggplants!;D No,I made these just one at a time once a week,so they lived!:))

Thanks Archana.Thai spices are almost like Indian recipes,it tasted great.Try:))Garden is growing very well,can't wait for fresh veggies.

Bee,LOT of ppl seem to hate it too!:D
This is not a post for you indeed!!Enjoy your weekend:))

Anusha,that's ok girl,wake up late.Number is not imp. as long as you say hello to me!:))
Vangi is Brinjal.Love that veggie!I thought of making some Brinjal Bondas and wish I knew any Eggplant dessert!!:D

Hi P! Yeah! They are spicy in a good way,very tasty.Try one of them.At least you like Brinjals!!:D

Sia said...

what???? i thought i will be the 1st one to comment when i saw ur post at food blog desam:( nio such luck this time;) no worries...
now coming to ur eggplant rain, wish i could drown u with so many things i want to say but somehow i have lost my toungue;) i loved Masalyachi Vangi recipe although frying each ingredients separately sounds little time consuming;) thank god u missed adding nonveg to Thai Eggplants in Red curry paste;) now i can prepare this w/o using my own brain;) Hyderabadi Bagharey Baingan is my favvvvvvvvvv.... i love this dish and one of my friend's mom used to make excellent dish. ah...slurrrrppp... i didn't know that u had Rasavangi recipe. i should have had known u will have most of the recipes here:)

Richa said...

it sure is raining eggplants here!!! what a spread, so many varieties :) for the masala vangi, is the onion dry fried as well? loved ur garden patch, am waiting for mine to flower :) the frog is so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh Ashaji...those Thai eggplants really stand out!
I'll be back to comment more....am in the middle of making a HUUUUGE Dinner for a party tonight.


Mishmash ! said...

Ahh...its eggplant mela today :) where is the sweet item with eggplant? :P just kidding :)
Enjoy your surprise location...waiting to hear more from there :)


FH said...

Anh,as if I have some spare time to breathe now.Add a restaurant to my chores!!Ahh..!!:D
Thanks.Glad you like Eggplants,many don't!Enjoy:))

Sia,no worries as long as you say hello on Wednesday!!;D
Every Summer I get plenty of Brinjals from my garden,there will be many dishes I cook with it,watch out this Summer too.
Rasavangi is a fab. recipe,try it woth Dosa.You can fry all spices together on low heat too,dal takes longer than dry coconut to fry,that's why you fry separately.Have fun.I have got to take the kids for an appointment later,busy day:))

Richa,I use a thick bottomed non-stick pan to fry without oil but you can add 1 tsp oil to onion just to make it caramelize.I love that Frog too:)

Hi T! Don't worry.Take care of the business first.WOW!! I don't know how you manage all of that alone girl.Wish I were near you,would have helped!:))
Take it easy,hugs to you.

sra said...

It's pouring eggplants on your blog - I'm sure you can't face them anymore. Have fun at your surprise location - that frog and flowers and veggies were really nice!

FH said...

shn,wish I knew any dessert made with Eggplants,got to google for it.I am sure they are out there:)
I will try and get the photos and make you guess where I am!:D

sra, if you give me green B'lore Brinjals right now,I will cook them again!:D
Thanks girl.It's been a long time we have gone anywhere.Had to wait for kids school to end.See you next week from there:))

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Now my eye is full of Purple colour....lotos brinjal recipes...Great entry for the event..Beside i loved like cute hadmade ceramic Frog from one of the patients...Looks perfect in front yeard....with beautiful flowers at back...

Saju said...

hey Asha,
it is certainly raining aubergines!
my fav
love the hyderabadi ones

Anonymous said...

oh man i live in bangalore, possess a sumeet mixie and was mourning its ill health - coz EVERY SHOP here says sumeet is closed for ever and you can't do anything with it - go buy another brand. and to think that i get to hear of it again all the way from the US!!! thanks for that link - will contact them right away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha
Eggplants are my fav too.i am going to try ur masalayachi vangi.


Aruna said...

Eggplant feast it is!!!! So many recipes to try Asha, cant wait!! Love the bagare baigan :)

Li'l Lite said...

OMG..Eggplants here too!!Awesome!
Have u tried Brinjal pickle..we got one from hyderabad - heaven!!!..but it got over in a week :(

Little Miss Muffet said...

nice! got some eggplants at home and two of the dishes on my mind are the thai one and the hyderabadi one...already have eaten the masalaychi vangi before...i think The Better Half loves eggplants..we seem to have a constant refill in the fridge! he is going to be delighted :)oh, before i forget, i tried your missi roti and also the chana dal chutney with my dosas...IL's liked it :)

FH said...

Hi Usha,thanks girl!I am glad she chose Eggplants!:))Enjoy.

Hi Saju,great to see you.Hyderabadi Baingan is a great recipe,try it:))

Hi d from B'lore.So sorry about the old Sumeet.They are precious.I am enjoying my new one.
Contact them in Canada.They might ship it for you little extra charge,it's worth paying a little more.Let me know when you get it.Good luck!

Shalini,great choice.Tastes great with rice rottis.Enjoy:)

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

What a super delicious offering :)I was drooling over the recipes. Thanks for the contribution to JFI :)

The frog is soooo cute - perfect under the beautiful orange flowers. Your plants have reaped a great harvest. Enjoy them :)

Have a gr8 weekend.

Jyothi said...

Hi Asha, what a coincidence. Today I also posted a eggplant recipe for the same event. Yours all recipes looks great. Even eggplant is my all time favourite veggie too. I want to try some of these recipes. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful delightful recipes.

FH said...

Aruna,I enjoyed having them all!:D Enjoy the recipes.Wish I could get some B'lore Badnekai here.I know no chance of that.

Hi dr,I saw the Brinjal pickle in the Indian store but didn't buy it thinking probably it's mushy inside.I will get it next time.I guess we can make it at home too:)

Hi M.Good to see you.Been busy,are you?:)) Bhagarey Baingan is good recipe,try it.
Glad your in laws are enjoying the dishes.By the time they leave,they will be addicted your food!;D
Have a great day.

Sharmi said...

you do so many things. waw yarr. I love eggplants and didnt know so many can be done out of it. lovely recipes. will keep in mind.

FH said...

You are welcome Sangeeta.Thanks for choosing Eggplants,I enjoyed cooking them!Can't wait until the round up!:))

Thank you Jyoti.You will see LOT of Eggplant dishes from now to July 1st in all the blogs!:)Enjoy.

Sharmi,Eggplants are like God send to me!!:D
I love them.Try some of these.You will love it.Thanks girl:)

ChrisB said...

Lovely looking dishes Asha. I love the picture of your front yard (I have those flowers in my front garden and posted a picture on my photo blog a few days ago). All your veggies are doing well. I am off on holiday next Weds so will have to see your surprise location when I get back :)

Tee said...

Wow! So many recipes for eggplants!! They look delicious! I will definitely give each recipe a try as I am always struggling with what to do with eggplants besides bharta and Maharashtrian style 'bharli vaangi'...

Meena Raj said...

Lovely dishes. Masalyachi Vaangi looks yummy. Its right now killing me that I just get to see it and not taste it... just kidding. Your photographs are a true vision.

FH said...

Thanks Chris.Somebody gave those plants to us and we just put them in the ground last year.We surprised when came out this Spring.They are beautiful.
Have a great holiday.I will be somewhere else too.Check it out where I was when you come back!:))

Thanks Tee! Do try them.It's always better to experiment with recipes than cooking the same things again and again!Enjoy:)

Thank you Meena,good to see you girl:))
I wish that too you know!I see some beautiful dishes and wish I could grab them off the screen!;D
Well...technology is not that great yet!Enjoy cooking them:))

Pavani said...

Yummy eggplant recipes. First dish I'm going to try is your Thai style eggplant, looks simple but delicious.

Cynthia said...

Asha honey, I know that it will begin to sound like a stuck record but I have to say it, my mom is going to love all these dishes when I attempt to make them for her. That woman could eat eggplant everyday. I am not a big fan of it myself, only 2 ways I like it so far, (that I've tried) as a choka and then a dish that Trupti made recently now I have yours and the other JFI participants recipes to try.

FH said...

Hi Pavani.Thanks girl.Try the Thai Eggplants.with rice.I didn't ad Shrimp paste to that REAL authentic taste but taste good without it too:)

Hello Cynthia.Make them for your mom,specially Indian dishes,I am sure you will love them!:))
Lot of people are not a fan of Eggplants,I know!:D
Enjoy Eggplants galore this month everywhere!Have a grea day.Hugs:)

Anonymous said...

Thats a beautiful spread. I too love eggplant. You have lot of eggplant dishes. will try some :)

FH said...

Hi Jasu,great to see you here girl.Glad you liked the recipes.I do have lot of Eggplant dishes here.Try them!Have a great day:))

SJ said...

Hi Asha, lovely spread! They all look mouth-watering.

To Anusharaji, I won't be surprised if Asha has a vangi dessert tucked in somewhere in the blog! :-)
This is like an encyclopedia of recipes.

Anonymous said...

ohhh my...I can see you love your eggplants...I am not a big fan myself but I have to say Masalyachi Vangi looks so lovely...thanks for a great set of dishes...always a learning experince visiting your blog...

Roopa said...

yummy feel like giving a big........huuuuuuuuug. oh my hope i could jump there to get a scopp of rasvangi and all the other masala. How did you manage with your kids ha ha :).So your kids do love rice rotis? no luck either for that with my kids. i still have a bag of thai gullas in the fridge i added some in morning sambhar. ok bye Asha :)

Suganya said...

What to say Asha, Each one is a beauty in a unique way! Looking gr8!

RML said...

Hi Asha,

Wow what a wonderful recipes with eggplants.This is my all time favourite vegetable too.I am drooling here .....I wanna try some of the dishes especially the one with Thai spices.Grt going!
Thanku for sharing

Coffee said...

Yeah!!!! This is not my post :) I will wait for next week ;)

Kajal said...

WOW.....I see most of blog buddies celebrate eggplants recipe.....nice recipe as you are always with perfect and great dish.:)

Keshi said...

Asha ur a legend! WOW so many yummy-looking eggplant dishes. Ur vege patch seems great too.

**Hyderabadi Bagharey Baingan:

that looks the best!

The Sinhalese make an eggplant dish somewhat like pickle...it's just AMAZING.


DEEPA said...

its really raining asha ji !!!....Love these dishes ...super lady ...

Anonymous said...

Oh, better late than never and I couldn't have missed this post of yours Asha, cause eggplant, brinjal, aubergine, call it what you will, this veggie is best and you're the eggplant eggspert! :) All the dishes look so good, and I'm so hungry. My fav. would have to be... everything! Funny I never thought to put my little grinder to work and make thai curry paste -- thanks for that inspiration along with these lovely dishes! Your garden is coming nicely, hooray! And love the frog. Hope you're headed off for a lovely vacation somewhere :)

Swapna said...

You know what happened today? Some eggplant clouds came here and it rained eggplants here too:). Lovely lovely spread, Asha..arre, hamare liye bhi kuch rakho. That Thai eggplant curry looks yummy.
Froggy is so cute.

ushaprashanth said...

I didn't know there aree so mannnnnnny recipes using eggplants!!! wow! that's great!

A, mama of twins said...

i am in eggplant heaven! I love eggplant too! Cant decide what to do for JFI!

Have a nice weekend Asha!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Asha, it is really raining brinjals up here. :)

Glad to see your veggies grow :) :) I know it is always a pleasure to watch one's green babies flourish.

FH said...

Hahaha!! Sj,unfortunately,I don't have one and can't think of any Eggplant dessert! Shocker!!;D Thanks friend.

Dilipbhai,I am not surprised! Half of male population seem to dislike Eggplants!;D
Thank you,try the first one.You might like it,you never know!!

Hugging you back Roopa,my girl!:))
Kids don't like Brinjals if I make it more than once a week but they have to eat it anyway!:D
I get Gullas too here but I always go for purple ones.Enjoy the recipes:)

Thank you Suganya.I don't get Brinjals here often but in Summer I grow some of my own, cook the dishes and freeze it!:)) Have fun today.

You are welcome Madhuri.Good to hear that you love Brinjals like me!:D
Try them and enjoy.Hugs:))

FH said...

Hahaha!!! Told ya!! See you next week.No recipes next week but lot of reading!!;D

Kajal,there will be overload of Eggplants before JFI ends in all the blogs!:))
I don't mind,more the better!:D

Helloo Keshi,thanks girl friend!:)
There are so many variations of the Bhagarey Bhaigan,thought I would squeeze in mine too!:D
I heard about that pickle too Keshi,got to research and get the recipe.Love to try it.Have a great day darling.Hugs.

Thank you Deepa.You are super girl too!:)) Hugs and kisses.

You are not late Linda!:)
I agree,Badanekai rocks!Another name in Kannada!:)
That ingredients are almost the same as Indian except meat and Shrimp paste.Try it.Other two are very delicious,hope you try when you can:))
Vacation; we are not driving very far this Summer,somewhere nearby to relax and enjoy.You will see next week if I can manage some photos!:D
Have a great week Linda,hugs:)

FH said...

Hahaha!! Swapna,it's going to rain Eggplants everywhere until July!:))
Thank you buddy.Enjoy the recipes.

Thanks Usha!:))
Watch out for more Brinjal recipes when I get some Eggplants from my own veggie patch!:D

Hi Archana,enjoy all the recipes.I recommend Rasavangi and Bhagarey Bhaigan,really tasty.There are so many dishes you can make with these,don't worry.You will come up with something,still have time:))

Hi Mythili,thanks:))
Yeah,they become almost like my children! It's so sad to pull them out at the end of Fall.Ahh..!!
Enjoy and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashamma! When I saw the JFI ingredient, my first thought was "Asha will have a whale of a time with this one"! And you sure did! Love the recipes.
BTW loved your Maharashtrian recipes post from last week too. How do you manage a garden too, Ash?! You're super-woman! :)

FH said...

Hello Vaniamma,great to see you here at last!Thank you:))
I thought you missed Maharashtra post,good that you checked it.It's a great post,enjoyed it all.
Badnekai rocks,I can eat every day!
I plant every year and reap a huge bounty in August.Last year,I made a post just for that.Love it:))
Have a great day Vani,hugs to M.

starry said...

Asha you can cook and have a green thumb too.Eggplant is one of my favorites and thanks for all those interesting recipes which I am sure going to try.Love that frog.

FH said...

Hi Lalitha,good to to see you.Hope you are doing better now.
Thank you.LOVE LOVE Eggplants!!Can you tell tell?!:D
Garden doing well,looking forward to more cooking this summer.Enjoy and have a great day:))

Anonymous said...

wow ashakka, so many dishes and yes bagara baingan is a great dish!! Cheers to you!!

Lisa Johnson said...

I love the frog and the lilies! What a great yard! I haven't seen any eggplant around here in a while. Maybe in the next few weeks...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

How do u manage to cook up so many yummy dishes every time & keep us drooling?I love eggplants but my hubby detests it.Anyway I would love to try masalyachi vangi & bagharey baingan.I tried your apple salad.It was perfect for the summer.Thanks for the recipe.


FH said...

Hi Dee,thanks.Hope you try this weekend girl!:))

Hello Anali,I love that Frog's eyes all bugged out!:D
Hey,I checked tat link.It's so cool.I got my letters on bill boards,lawn every where!!It was fun:)

Hi Kate,great to see you:))
Glad you enjoyed the Apple salad.It's easy and delicious.Enjoy the Eggplant recipes,eating alone I mean!:D
Have a great day today.Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi BigS!!!
I havent been keeping track of the blog happenings in over a month now and knew I would need some time to go through your recipes....and boy was I right??? Love love love baingan in any form. Baghara happens to be my favourite and the thai eggplant has certainly started ringing bells in my heart:) I loved your bakharwadi too! Something i wanted to try. Phew, I am glad to be back to at least commenting now. Missed ya!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Asha, Your veggies are looking great! We've lost a few! Those aubergine/eggplant dishes look delicious. Unfortunately, I'm the only one that really loves aubergine in this house.

Priya said...

Your home garden is smply superb. Eggplant is one of my favorite dish and thanks for all those recipes.
Hyderabadi Bagharey Baingan looks very yummy and will definitely try next week with roti.

FH said...

Hi Hema,glad you are back.I guessed you are probably very busy.That's ok,take your time.Bhakarwadis were fabulous,make it.Hope your kid is doing well.I miss you too lil sis! Blog something ,would ya?!:D
Have a great day ,hugs:)

Amanda,that seeems to be the theme here this week.Men don't like it but gals do!:D
Try it.Veggies are coming up so well,I am worried a little when we are on vacation that they will wilt away!Hope not.Enjoy the recipes:))

Hi Priya,thanks.Bhagarey Bhaingan was great,try it and enjoy.Vangi is spicy too.
I saw your post, but then got little busy today packing etc.I will check it out later!:))

Sig said...

so, i take it that you like eggplants? he he... lol you werent kidding when you named the post its raining eggplants... :)...

Enjoy your vacation.... can make a guess you are going to be posting from a beachhouse somewhere? :)

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

I feel soo *boozed* just reading through such delicious recipes of eggplant! If this is not getting high on eggplant, what is?! :)

Thanks for a collection of such wonderful dishes! I am still racing against time to make something for JFI Eggplant. I've come to realize, it's not easy to spend time in the kitchen with a 3 month old needing all the attention! :)

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Really its raining...wow! list of recipes of this tasty vegetable at one place.Thanks for sharing them all:-)

FH said...

Hi Sig,I just like to warn people in advance so if they don't like Eggplants they can run away!;D
Nah,we go to the beach every year.This Summer we decided go west of NC and not very far,so we enjoy more.You will see next Wednesday or you can guess again!:))

Hello K! 3 months old!! Ahh..!!:))That is great age,wait until they start crawling and walking! You can't go to bathroom alone!!;D
Yeah!There is still for JFI but if you can't make it ,that's ok too.Enjoy the recipes and the baby too:))

Hi Meena,good to see you girl:))
Yup,I thought I would list everything I have so everybody can pick and choose.
Hope you and your son are doing well.Have a great day and have fun cooking with Eggplants:)

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, you have chosen some really delicious recipes to showcase the wonderful eggplant..i am definitely going to try all three.

I am so envious of your vegetable garden...I wanted to start one this year but I have absolutely no clue how one goes about it. Have you tried growing curry leaves? I love homegrown cherry tomatoes, they really are the best!

Prajusha said...

woh asha,
all dishes looks yummy.iam going to try the hyderabadi baghare baingan.love to see ur veggie garden:)

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
I liked all the recipes. As usual lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

Vini K said...

Wow Asha,it really is rainin eggplants!love the dishes you have made.I have to try out the thai style curry though,looks rpp appetising to pass up.Love anything thai!hee hee. and congrats on your garden developments too.Ridgegourd,eh?Oh,how I would love to take a few gardening classes from you.I planted coriander but I think it did not like me.never came up out of the soil:(

Vini K said...

Ah,hit the enter button too soon..anyway,I like that frog too.So nice of that patient to make a nice frog for you.Suits perfectly to your garden:)

FH said...

Hi Lotus,thanks.Enjoy the recipes.Vangi recipe is really good.For Thai,use a tsp of Thai curry paste (store bought)for the best flavor.
Curry leaves do not survive the winter here in NC.I enquired about it.They thrive in Florida weather though.I don't think little indoo plant is enough for me!:D
Home grown veggies are the best!

Thanks Prajusha.Enjoy the recipe.Every year in Spring ,I can't wait to start the garden:)

FH said...

Hi MT,thanks for taking time.I know you are on a break!:))
I love Eggplants,so happy to cook all these!Have a great day:)

Hi ViniK,how are you doing? YUP.I am enjoying growing all these.We made a above ground veggie patch few yrs back and that's where I grow them.It is hard to grow on a regular soil.You can try growing in a pot and make sure you use fresh seeds and broken into half.
I love that frog too,it was nice of him to give it to us free!:D
Have a great weekend,hugs:)

deena said...

hey Asha its not raining eggplants..its a downpour.!!..great variety..wonderful..thanks.

FH said...

Hi Deena,you are welcome!
It is poring Eggplants here,isn't it? I love cooking them.Enjoy and have a great weekend:))

Beccy said...

Dying to see where you're vacationing. have a good trip.

FH said...

Hi Beccy,so good to see you back.Glad you had a 3 weeks of break.
Oh!! My vacation is nowhere very special really.But it's just fun place!:)

Anonymous said...

All your veggies look great. Will wait to see the dishes you make from them.

FH said...

Thanks Gini.They make me very happy too.July would be month to reap all the veggies!:))

Anonymous said...

hey asha
have a great vacation
waiting for the wednesday to come ;)


FH said...

Thank you sweetie.I will post a photo so you can guess where I am!;D
Nowhere VERY special,just a little place to relax:))

Anonymous said...

A very nice vangi spread Asha. I am not a big eggplant fan, buy hubby dear absolutely loves it. So I am thinking to make the masalyachi vangi sometime. I think he is going to love it. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Homegrown veggies are always so exciting to watch. A lot of my cookbooks don't mention boo abut eggplants. Good to see some links.

Cyberkitty said...

The frog is so royal looking, have you tried kissing him ? I'd like to grow vegetables in my garden too some day !

Rachna said...

asha, all eggplant recipe of yours is nice!! i looove the frogy in the garden too - so beautiful to be handmade...is it ceramic?

sallywrites said...

Ooh surprise location?

I love eggplant - or aubergine as we call them!

Mona said...

Asha! You have my most favourite recipie here...bagharey baingan!!

It goes so well with the hyderabadi biryani too!

& I love the ceramic froggie in your yard! & the lillies are awesome!

Shionge said...

Hiya Asha...drooling all the way to the market to pick up some egg plants now kekkekek...

Lovely froggy and what a wonderful gift for the garden. Love all your plants Asha.

Have fun and come to visit me soon :D

FH said...

Hi Shilpa,good to see you.Masalayachi vangi is good,try it.I will see you when Come back home.

Hi Pearl,we Indians love those Eggplants and have many recipes.Try one of these:)

FH said...

Cyber kitty,DO NOT NEED to kiss that frog anymore.I have a FROG already(Read not Prince!);D
Growing something itself is a good feeling,whether we do a good job or not:)

Yes,it is Ceramic Dumela.That guy has a hobby of making these,he has so many like these.He gave gave 4 little monkeys too!:D
Thanks girl,have a great week:)

FH said...

Hi Sally,yup.I am still on holiday location and having fun.I will back next week.I love Aubergines.I don't get them here all the time unfortunately.But I growing some anyway:))

Hi Mona,thanks buddy.Bhagarey Baingan was really tasty,little different for the Hindu version and milder too.YUM!
Lillies are coming out very well this year:))

Hello Shi,thanks friend.May be one day,I will see you:))
Enjoy the recipes and I will see you next Monday.Hugs.

J said...

Finally I got in!!!! Been trying to enter the comments section from last week, but it won't open!! I love that frog- so cute!! Your garden is amazing! Finally I have some ginger is growing in a pot! Did you notice I'm silent about the eggplants!! :))
Enjoy your vacation Asha! Have fun!!

Mallika said...

WOW! It's eggplant heaven... I've been thinking about what this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing these!!

Keshi said...

I miss u Asha but I hope ur have a the TIME of ur life! Enjoy ur break hun.


FH said...

J! You too don't like these!!;D
Blogger giving you trouble?That's ok,take your time.Yeah,I am enjoying the vacation,after a long time !Feels great.See you later today:)

Hi Mallika,thank God you like these! It's love hate relationship betn ppl and Brinjals!;D
Enjoy,I am on vacation,will see you later.

Thanks Keshi girl.I am enjoying the vacation and relaxed too this time.Usually we schedule so many activities in a week,we get exhausted:)
Will see you later Hugs.:)

Unknown said...

hey A...what a spread!!!.I have lotz of catching up to do...:).It's been only 2 days since i'm back and tired..but u'r spread is making me hungry girl!!
Have a great vacation...

Me said...

Great to see you're still cooking up a wonderful storm. You're an angel in the cooking worl, Anne ;)

Priyanka said...

Thats such a lovely spread. Its definitely raining eggplants. first time on your blog by the way. You have some really nice collection of recipes.

FH said...

Thank you Priyanka,glad you liked them!:))
Hope you try some of these.

Tee said...

Hey Asha,
I tried out your 'Masalyachi vaangi' and I am hooked on to it! I was so happy to see that for once the recipe did not include peanuts or sesame...:)

Gayathri said...

I love eggplant, your recipe is so tempting and will i try this soon.


I am really happy to invite you to participate in the contest that is getting launced on Feb 20 2009 - check out this link for details - http://justurs.blogspot.com/2009/02/magnificent-click-contest-2009.html contest.

FH said...

Thanks for trying Tee, I loved the taste too. Enjoy! :)

Thanks Gayatri, I have already added your event in my sidebar, let's see what I have for you! :)