June 27, 2007


Hello from (?!):) Look at these photos and see if you can guess where I am right now!!!I will tell you the answer next week although you probably can guess easily.I am having a great time here and checked out all your blogs on Monday for a very short while since it was raining outside although I didn't leave many comments,will resume as usual from Monday!

This is the city where we are staying.Guess where this beautiful structure is located! (Hint:Athens in US!!)

This is where we visited yesterday,a VERY famous "building" in another nearby city.Take a guess! (Hint:Maharaja!;D)

See you next week with lots of photos and answers to these photos!Thank you all in advance for all your comments and guesses:)

Guess who was mentioned in Times of India's "In Times" section?!:D
Thanks to 'My Dhaba's VKN and 'Garam Masala's Dilipbhai,Times of India wrote an article about "Feed a Hungry child" cookbook project we all contributed with recipes and the author and food writer of Times of India, Ms.Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal mentioned my Coorg cuisine and mentioned "Asha Arvind" along with few others too.This is the first time I am in the papers with my own talent!;D
Usually,it's either Dr.and Mrs.Arvind or Trisha and Tushar Arvind's mother in local paper,this time it's solely me!!I was pleasantly surprised when Dilip e mailed me this article.Thanks so much VKN, Dilip,the author of TOI and to all the bloggers who contributed to this great project.We bloggers rock,don't we? You can donate cash for this cause too,check out my side bar and at Vkn's as well!!:)
Click on it to enlarge on the article and hope you can read it.I tried finding this article online but did not know the exact published date.

Now comes the MeMes:

I have been tagged for five MeMes and are due for the longest time! Since I am vacationing until Sunday,I did these before I left.Here they are,some fun MeMes you could read meanwhile!
Thank you Lady A, Cyber Kitty ,Gattina, Shilpa. and dr for tagging me and for your patience! Better late than never,right?!:D
Have fun this week and I will see you all next Wednesday as usual.Why am I not taking a break did you ask? You will know why on July second week!!;D

"You are what you eat!!"
I am tagged by Lady Amalthea at "Noshes,thoughts&Reves" for this MeMe,thanks Lady A!:))

Here goes:
What is the most unusual food you've eaten?
I haven't eaten any unusual food! I am not very experimental when it comes trying new ones!I am a coward!!:D
What is the most unusual food you've eaten and liked?
Refer to the first answer!;)
What foods will you avoid eating (either because of a dietary choice or allergies or just plain don't like)?
I don't like most Sea food because of the fishy smell.I don't have any food allergies but string dislike for smelly things.I am blind as bat but extra sensitive sense of smell!!:P
Do you cook?(and by that, I mean prepare a meal that you'd serve to friends)
DO I COOK?????!!!!! Hahahaa!!!
If yes, what is your favorite dish to prepare to impress someone?
Anything and everything elaborate,colorful and looks fabulous on the table!!
When you go to a restaurant, what's your ordering strategy/preference?
Appetizers, Entree` and sometimes Dessert(If I still have space left to for that in!);D
Have you ever returned a dish or wine to the kitchen at a restaurant? Why?
I haven't but my husband does often He is very fussy when it comes to restaurant food.He wouldn't DARE return anything at home!!!HAHAHA!!!
My two old bookshelves full of cookbooks!I am crazy indeed:)

How many cookbooks do you own?
Boy!!! More than 200 collected over 20yrs and still hoarding.They are my legacy to my kids,hope they appreciate them one day!!
What is one food that you wouldn't want to live without?
Snacks!I love all kinds of colorful,crunchy and tangy Chaats!!;P


"Ten Favorite Things"

I have been tagged for this "Favorite things" MeMe by Cyber Kitty from "meowlife". Thanks for that Miss Kitty,I did enjoy it all!:))

Ten Favorites:

Favorite Color:Red and Blue
Favorite Food: Pav Bhaji(Mmm..!!)
Favorite Month: September(Fall colors!)
Favorite Song: Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya!(Anarkali)
Favorite Movie:Anarkali
Favorite Sport:American FootBall
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Day of the week: Monday(everybody's out of my hair and I am free!:D)
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mango
Favorite Time of Day: Afternoon(time for blogging!)

Eight Currents:

Current Mood: As usual,smiling
Current Taste: Masala Chai
Current Clothes: As always,Pants and shirt
Current Laptop:Compaq
Current Toenail Color:Always,Silver!
Current Time:1.25PM
Current location:Family room
Current Thoughts: joy doing this MeMe! ;D

Six Firsts:

First Best Friend: Vimmi
First Name: Asha
First Pet: Johnny
First Piercing: ear lobes to wear my Diamonds but don't wear them!!HUH!!:D
First Album: Latha Mangeshkar
First Movie: No clue but remember watching lot of Tamil films mom dragged me to and we are pure Kannadigas!!:D

Five things:

Thing You're Wearing:Pants,blouse and earrings
Thing You've did Today:Cooked,took care sick son,ate leftovers and I am doing this thingie!
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: AC cranking up!
Thing You Can't Live Without:Books and now blogging(I can give this up but not books!)
Thing You Do When You're Bored: The word "boring" is for stupid people who cannot find something to do in this big Universe!!
Things you like to Watch: happy kids and colorful birds,nature and Ocean.

Four places you have been today: Bathroom,Kitchen,front porch and high school to pick up the kid!

Three people you can talk to:Arvind,Trisha and Tushar.

Two Choices: To smile and to think positive.

One thing you want to do before I die: To see my kids independent and happy!

Two down!!:D


I have been tagged by Shilpa from "Flog & Rosbif" for this MeMe.Thank you Shilpa:)

"If you had to live on a deserted island for a year, which 5 bloggers would you bring with you and why?"
This is hard,just five people!!I wish I could take about hundred bloggers,my best buddies! Hmm..!!:)

Let's see! First I will be little scared when I am stranded on the Island at first,I need some positive thinking person to cheer me up,right?!
I will take Viji from Vcuisine because she has great this attitude towards life and always puts positive quotes at the end of her posts! I would like somebody like that around me to cheer me up.

Second, we need to eat!! We most probably have loads of edible plants and flowers on the Island!!
I will drag along who else but queen of vegetarian cuisine Trupti!!! That girl cook anything and everything from vegetables she can get her hands on and so well too!! Oh yeah!! I want her there for sure:))

Third, we get thirsty!!!
SIG!!!!She can make mean Cocktails and mixers and cooks mean non-veg too!!I bet she can come up with some fermented liquid over there and some meat,get creative and fill us up AND keep us HAPPY!;D

Fourth, we need somebody to chat when we get bored and keep us entertained.
Supriya/Sia comes to my mind!! She is very chatty and can keep us in better mood for longer time by talking dime to dozen and she knows lot of stuff too because she knows lot of "Did you know?" trivia she ends her posts with every time!:D

Finally,we need some handy man to build some shelter there for us you know? A guy??!! Hmm..!!!Do we need a guy, girls? or shall we keep the Island man free??!!:D I am thinking Sanjay,Deepak,Twisted DNA or DeepSat.Nope,I think we will keep that Island man free!!;D
Then who would I take to the Island last?! Oh wait! Why not the girl who tagged me for this MeMe?! She "deserves" to be there.Shilpa from "Folg and Rosbif" it is!!!Ahoy Shilpa:))

Alrighty then,who is going to crash the ship?! COME FORWARD PLEASE,I am ready with my buddies!!!:D


Sunday Breakfast or Brunch MeMe:
This MeMe was started by "Rosa's Yummy Yums" and I am tagged by Gattina from "Kitchen Unplugged".Thanks Gattina.

Here is what we are supposed to do."The idea is that you show us your typical Sunday breakfast or brunch table, give us a detailed description of what's on it and tell us why you love to sit around it to eat. If ever you live in a country where Sundays are not free (weekend) or if you don't really do much on this day, then you can also participate by writing about the kind of breakfast/brunch that you have when you are on holiday"!

Well..that's easy.Sundays are always special to us.Because that is the only day we sit together whether it's for breakfast , lunch or dinner as family as we are have different schedules during the weekdays caught up in daily routine.Weekends are relaxed,so we make something special:))

Let's see. In India,where I grew up,Sunday breakfast is usually something like Dosas(Lentil-rice Pancakes) or Chapatis with vegetarian side dishes since my mother is a vegetarian.Being in a tropical country,somehow we are ravenous by 8 am,we would hang around the kitchen waiting to be gobble the delicious food down.
When we moved to UK,we just didn't feel as hungry as we would in India in the mornings (although I kept on making Indian breakfast for the few months), so gave up on traditional breakfast and started having just toast and jelly,cereals. Sometimes during the weekends,the usual English breakfast Toast,Sausages,eggs and bacon etc.
Then we moved to US and had kids,the whole idea of breakfast changed again! Now on weekends, it's a very typical American breakfast/brunch; from Pancakes,Hash Browns,fruit bowl,OJ, Waffles, Bacon to breakfast quick breads!!
Life is a constant change! And what a change for us hopping country to country and changing our food habits and our life styles along with it has been quite a ride!!Thanks Gattina:)

Here are some pictures of weekend brunch I had posted before.

Tagged for the "Currently Reading" MeMe!!

I got tagged again by dr from "A little light" blog for this MeMe.Thank you dr!:))
The rules of this tag are:
1. Name the person who tagged you with a link to his/her blog.
2. Publish the 5th paragraph of page 123 of the book you are currently reading. (If the page does not have a 5th paragraph, take the last paragraph. And if the book doesn’t have page 123, take the last page.)
3. Tag five people (I will skip this part!)
Here is my favorite book I read whenever I have some time and whenever I travel because every page is enlightening and soothing to the soul!!!

"The Treasured Writings of Kalil Gibran" (The author of "The Prophet")
A great book of Philosophy ,wisdom and heart warming and wrenching articles about life in general written by Khalil Gibran (born January 6, 1883; died April 10, 1931), was a Lebanese American artist, poet and writer. He was born in today's Lebanon and spent much of his productive life in the United States.Gibran died in New York City on April 10, 1931.Before his death, Gibran expressed the wish that he be buried in Lebanon. This wish was fulfilled in 1932, when Mary Haskell and his sister Mariana purchased the Mar Sarkis Monastery in Lebanon. Gibran remains the most popular Lebanese-American writer ever.
Gibran willed the contents of his studio to Mary Haskell. There she discovered her letters to him spanning 23 years. She initially agreed to burn them because of their intimacy, but recognizing their historical value she saved them. She gave them, along with his letters to her which she had also saved, to the University of North Carolina Library before she died in 1964. Excerpts of the over six hundred letters were published in "Beloved Prophet" in 1972.All these info obtained from WIKIPEDIA

Here is my own treasured and well read copy!

Page 123, last paragraph;
He writes about slavery in US and at the end of this article titled "slavery" he writes;
" When midnight came and the spirits emerged from the hidden places,I saw a Cadaverous,dying specter fall to her knees, gazing at the Moon.I approached her,asking "What's your name?"
" My name is Liberty," she said.
And I inquired "Where are your children?"
And Liberty,tearful and weak,gasped "one died crucified, another mad, and the third one is not yet born."
She limped away and spoke further, but the mist in my eyes and cries of my heart prevented sight and hearing".

Phew!! I am choked up now! Let me not write anymore about this fabulous book and I hope you get this wonderful volume(Barnes and Noble), a collection of various writings and poems of Khalil Gibran to read ,feel and enjoy or at least the single and fabulous book called "The Prophet"!

Finally,a rose from my garden for you:)

I enjoyed these MeMes which took me down the memory lane,thanks to all of you. If you would like take on any of these tags,go ahead and do it.I will see you all next week.Have fun buddies.Hugs and kisses to all of you!:)


Shobana senthilkumar said...

Hi ashaji,
How r u? Great ...u came in the paper...congrats dear.
It was nice know all tit bit facts abt u .Njoyed reading ....

ushaprashanth said...

Hi !
Congrats!!!!! wow! what a collection you have!!! it will definetly help your kids!

indosungod said...

Asha, I am still trying to guess!
Congratulations! that is great. I will read the full article soon.
Looks like you are having a great time and you blogged too!!! Reading the memes was interesting too. It is hot here and want to get out, so trying to finish up work ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha,
I keep visiting your site very often and am a kannadiga living in UK. Like enjoying all your dishes (seeing and preparing), I enjoyed knowing more about you too.
I love the sprit with which you prepare different cuisines.

Meena Shankar said...

Hello Asha,
I keep visiting your site very often and am a kannadiga living in UK. Like enjoying all your dishes (seeing and preparing), I enjoyed knowing more about you too.
I love the sprit with which you prepare different cuisines.


Vini K said...

Asha,well at first glance I guessed it must be some greek type structure but no idea what it might be.Will wait for your answer instead of making stupid guesses:D.Enjoyed reading your memes.Wow,that many books???can come over to borrow some?:)It was always my dream to own lots of books but in a situation ike ours,hopping from country to country at the boss's whim and fancy is no good for hoarding books.Even so,in the last year alone I have bought atleast 4 books!:)

Altoid said...

Hey Asha

You are in Nashville, the first Greek structure is the Parthenon and the second is Grand Ole Opry :D

Great to hear about your mention in TOI. Keep going and best wishes.


bee said...

are you in georgia?

TNL said...

Ashaji....you're in The King's lair.....Nashville! wow...I hope you're having a grand time there....congrats on the mention in Times of India!
and thanks so much for taking me along on the deserted island too! :)


Nirmala said...

Hi Ashaji,
Wonderful Memes. I like your way of writing things. Whenever I read your recipes (have tried a few too)I would imagine skilled fingers with a song on the lip creating magical dishes in the kitchen. You deserve all the kudos. Have a wonderful vacation!

Sharmi said...

hey Isn't this place Washington DC?
congrats for the achievement on papers. by the way how did you know yarr. did VKN tell you or you just bought the paper and yahooo!!
lovely MEMEs!

Lisa Johnson said...

Asha, whatever you write about, you are always such an inspiration! Great post! I'm not sure where you are, so I'll wait until next week. And silver toenails! You wild woman you! ; )

Lata said...

Hey Ashaji,

I first thought it must be Art Museum in Philly and the other Independence Mall (in Philly again) but after seeing other comments and your clue, looks like Nashville is closest.

Also enjoyed reading all about you.

Mishmash ! said...

Haaa....our madam was at Graceland, at the King's Palace :)))hmm...hope you enjoyed your trip ! (or still touring?

Well, Congrats on the reference at TOI! Well, 200 cookbooks?? You got to be kidding??? I dont have a single one !!! Take it seriously, do document (not just thru blogs) all your works in some form.....this is your passion!


Sig said...

Lol the Maharaja clue was the best... that is Graneland, and the first one is the Parthenon... :) Have fun in Tennessee....

Enjoyed reading the memes.... :) I will be honored to get you drunk in the desserted island.... and make some fish fries to go with it... Hope we won't be stuck there forever and run out of meat... you know what happens then right.... ;)

And last but not the last, congruatulations on the Times of India mention...now that makes a complete celebrity family, eh? :D

Miss you Asha, see you when you get back!

Sig said...

aargh I meant Graceland of course :D

Anonymous said...

it took me almost half an hour to finish. but luv the post as usual.
u have fun there
n congrats for times of india
cu next week then

karmic said...

That is one meme marathon and you came thru with flying colors.

Do you happen to have Georgia on your mind? Or is it Tennessee?

I loved reading about the memes. Learnt a bit more about you.
Enjoy your time off and congratulations on your mention in the Times of India!!

Anonymous said...

love the post. have a great vacation. Congrats for the times of India article ashakka. , great post as usual!

Mallika said...

I give up!! Where is it? Have a fabulous holiday you crazy gal. And huge congrats on the article mention. You deserve it!!

DEEPA said...

Congrats...on coming in paper ..great...i am not sure abt the location ....enjoy ur self ..Good to know abt few facts that u have mentioned ..Nice one ...See you soon next week with the name of the place ...

sra said...

Ah, your life is an open book ...

Richa said...

congratulations on the mention in TOI :) enjoy your vacation, asha and then looking forward to some lovely posts from you ;)

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

You were in Memphis!! I didn't enjoy Graceland as much as I thought I would when I went there.. Hope you guys had fun!
If you have the time, I recommend a visit to Beale Street in Memphis. It's one of a kind!

Jyothi said...

Hi Ashaji, first I want to tell congrats. Very great to see that article. About the photos...are really fantastic. But I couldn't guess. Waiting for result. Thanks for sharing.

Bong Mom said...

Hey Congrtas on the article Asha Arvind, great news, first Trisha is in the papers and now you !!!
Have fun where you are

Seema Bhat said...

Congrats on being mentioned on paper and was wonderful reading your meme. Loved reading all the memes. Hope you have a lovely vacation or a small break. Navu 1 week Vegas, Canyon and Utah hogkondu banvi. Now its real real roaming around with in-laws around here. See ya and have a lovely time Ashakka.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha ,
Hope u have a great time wherever!!!u are. I dont think Iam going to guess it right.
Congrats on mention in Times of India... I know u will reach heights someday... keep going dear

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha ,
Hope u have a great time wherever!!!u are. I dont think Iam going to guess it right.
Congrats on mention in Times of India... I know u will reach heights someday... keep going dear

Shivapriya said...

Wow Asha, meme's are good in one way :) Right!! Congrats!! for ur name printed in paper.
If i'm not worng that pic sure looks like DC, If ur around lemme know. I live close and you can visit us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Congratulations to you!All the memes are very interesting.Wow! what a huge collection of cookbooks.You do justice to all the books by whipping up tasty & exotic dishes.

Have a wonderful vacation!


Beccy said...

Congratulations on appearing in the paper-fame at last!

I enjoyed reading all you meme's and getting to know you better.

Suganya said...

Congrats on yr newspaper appearance.. and, have a gr8 vacation:)

Li'l Lite said...

Thanks didi for the wonderfully done tag!!!
Congrats on being mentioned on TOI!!WAY TO GO!

Viji said...

Wowww,Asha Congratssss!!U really rock.I loved redaing all ur meme and could know more about u.U r so positive minded person.If we talk to u when we r depressed,I think,you can cheerup and fill positive attitude in us.I loved that attitude of urs.

S said...

hi ashaji...a hearty congratulations specially from my side ...happy to know abt ur article.....u r meaning of the word boring is too good..that one must inspire bye seeing at ur definition.ur collection of cook books is so good.i wanna grab all of them right away...hehehe...see u on next wednesday with ur new recipes...byebye

Inji Pennu said...

Nashville, TN
Memphis, TN

FH said...

Thanks Priar,Usha,Indo,Meena!
ViniK,it is a replica of a Greek structure,will reveal next week!:)

Altoid,you profile name made me smile!!!!Well,you are 50% is right, but which one!!;D

FH said...

Bee, GA? negative!:D

T,Nah! King is not in Nashville!!:)

Thanks Nirmala:)

Sharmi,nope,not in DC!
Dilipbhai e mailed me that article telling me I was mentioned! I was surprised to see my name in there!:)

HeHe!!Thanks Anali.

Lata,Not in Philly although we were there last year:))

FH said...

Shn,do not own one book and you cook so well! You are great!:))
Still here ,will be home on Sunday.

Sig,you can all cannibalize me,will keep you alive for a while!!;D
shh... on others!!!

Thanks Anusha,see you next week:)

Sanjay,thanks.I will enjoy the break,God knows when will be next break!!:D
TN ,yes!

Thanks Dee , Deepa and Mallika! Will tell you next week!:))

FH said...


Richa(Punjabi food,of course is coming!),watch out!

Lakshmi, Jyoti, Sandeepa(who knows where I am already!;D),thanks girls.

Seema,atte and Maava avrige US ella torisibido hagide!;D

Thanks Prema! I am just glad to see my name without attached to anybody,that's all,no ambition to become bigger than that!:D

Shivapriya,not in DC but thanks for inviting!:))

FH said...

Kate and Beccy thanks to both of you.
It's a little hot here right now,taking it easy in the afternoons!:))

Suganya ,thanks girl.

Thanks dr for tagging me.That is a great book to recommend to read.Enjoyed doing the MeMe!:))

FH said...

Viji,thanks.I like to keep thinking positive.There are too many bad things going on around the World right now!:))

Shanti,to me boring people say life is boring!;D
There are so many things around to keep ourselves occupied!!


Sana said...

Hi Asha,

I believe you are in my neck of the woods - DC - Lincoln monument.

Congrats on the TOI article

Anonymous said...

Asha, what's this -- here I was all set to gaze out on the ocean and you've got beautiful buildings instead! "Athens of America" is an old nickname for Boston, you know ;)

Hope you're enjoying every minute and yes, KG great reading material. Congratulations on your own appearance in print! See you next week :)

TheCooker said...

Silver nail polish! wow, super wow.
So, are you All Shook Up?
Graceland, huh?

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hi Asha,
Loved reading the meme.I never knew you loved reading books so much.Loved your thinking.Feel like calling you Ashaji.Really loved the way you analise and your writing is mind blowing.Enjoyed each bit of it.was like a mini fantasy land for me.thanks for such a wonderful experience.


Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Ashaji,
forgot to wish you.congrates for the first step of sucess

archana said...

Cogratulations Asha :)Enjoy your vacations . That was a real long meme, enjoyed reading it. Take care :)

swapna susarla said...

Hi Ashaji
Congrats!!!i can't guess what it is:-( still trying!!!
very interesting to read all of ur meme's.

Laavanya said...

Good to read your memes and get to know a bit more about you! :)
Have lots of fun during your vacation and relax!

Sreelu said...


Congrats on TOI article,nice to know a lot about a sweet person like you. now 200 cooking books and silver color nail polish caught my attention a lot.

Anonymous said...


i couldn't guess the place.But i am stumbled over the thought of having 200 cook books.Those r too many.And liked ur Me Me

sra said...

oh, congrats for the newspaper mention - forgot to say that!

Roopa said...

wow first of all congrats shubasheyagalu! on the mention in the TOI hats off and you rightly deserve it! sorry no idea of the place :o. The meme was fun reading loved all the writeup great mam. wow so many books great ! i do not passion anymore my daughter has taken over ha ha ega yenu illa except cook books and tech stuff.

Roopa said...

BTW have a great holiday hugs:) waiting for your next post bye:)

Anonymous said...

ok.. u r in georgia..athens and you visited Elvis Presley's house

J said...

Asha!! That was some marathon meme!!! I enjoyed reading all of them!! :) Congratulations!!! I know how happy I feel when I hear my name on the radio :))

Enjoy your vacation, dear!

Viji said...

Enjoy reading your post Asha as usual. Nice picture and nice meme. Have a great time. Missing you. Viji

Raaga said...

Congrats :-)

FH said...

Sana,thanks girl.Nope, not in GA!:)

Linda,thanks.Think "Athens of the South",I am in there!:)

TC,panting like "Hound dog" in the heat too!You are half right!:))

Sowmya,call me Ashakka like Seema,lot better than Ashaji!:D
Thanks,I am voracious reader since childhood,nowadays,I have cut down a lot bcos of my poor eyesight.Glad you enjoyed it:)

Thanks Archana.Tags were due for a long time,so I grouped it all at once:)

FH said...

Thanks Swapna,it is pretty hard to guess if you are familiar with the Southern towns and history.Wait for next week:)

Thanks Lavanya:))
This time we relaxing and taking it easy.Usually,it's one mad rush to see everything!:D

Sreelu,hope you are collecting authentic recipes from home for us!:))
Thanks,I am wearing silver nail polish right now!;D

Ramya,I used tear cookbook sections of Sudha mag and make hardbound books! My mom still has them!:)
I love to read them like Novel everyday!:D

Hi again sra,thank you madam.I was thrilled to see since I am not a journalist or anything!:))

FH said...

Roopa,I used painting,drawing ,Art etc a lot but now only thing is left is reading and of course cooking for me!:D Thanks,see you when I come home.

Hi Anonymous,nope,not in Georgia but this place is called "Athens of the south" and yes to the second!;D

Hi J.It's true!You just feel happy somebody recognizes you for your work!Other than that,don't need anything else to do with media World for me!See you later.

Hi Viji,hope you read the Island MeMe! You are there!:))
Thanks girl.I am missing all of you too.I will see you as soon as I come back:)

Thank you Raaga.You look cute there girl.So young!! Have a great time,see you next week:))

Anonymous said...

Congrats !!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Asha and you really deserve!!!!

Little Miss Muffet said...

ah i finally found some time to catch up on ur post :) i guess i'm really dumb coz i couldn't figure out ur clues at all..but then i read what the other bloggers wrote and now i know that u were in TN..guess i'm not that dumb after all!..heheh...so u have reached media attention on ur sole credits ..that is COOL :D..it was nice to know a little more about u..i'm sure u must be a little uncomfy revealing so much about urself though..it was really funny when u mentioned that arvind wouldn't dare to return food from ur table...hehehhe..but of course i'm sure he wouldn't need to at all..

Nee said...

Hey Ashamma,
TOI, no less! I am so excited for you! Good going!
And ooh, me, me, I want to crash the island party, as long as you're cooking! ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!


Anonymous said...

Ashaben...glad to see you have mentioned the FAHC and the TOI...your support is just what we need...as I mentioned to you...that we working on the cook book right now...which I am sure will include some of your recipes and others that have been contributed...thanks again for your support...

Altoid said...

Hey Asha

Good to hear my profile name made you smile, AND I know which 50% of it is true, its definitely Nashville. The other 50% was an error on my part, I didnt fully read your post about it being in a nearby city.

So its Graceland :)

Ah, enjoy TN and let me know if I win the prize....a meal handmade by the one and only foodie's hope :D.

Cynthia said...

You're in big ole TN where the King's house is (Graceland)

I enjoyed all your memes

Lotus Reads said...

What a great post,Asha, it's packed to the brim with interesting and fun stuff!

First of, congrats for making it to the newspapers, mon dieu, you are getting quite well known young lady, good on you!

I loved the memes, especially the deserted island one! Trupti is a really great choice because it seems to me she can make a vegetarian dish out of thin air..and Sanjay will be of great use to you while putting up the shelter because he weight-trains and can lift heavy stuff.

And ofcourse I loved the "Currently Reading" tag, I would, wouldn't I? ;)

Khalil Gibran is the best....I should get down my book of his most treasured sayings and read it again.

Last, but not least, what are you doing in country-singer land? :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the mention in TOI Ashaji :-) Enjoyed reading your me me's. You inspire me.

Have a good vacation - looking forward to more pics !

Anonymous said...

Oops, just wanted to let you know that I couldnt check your last few posts, but will come back to read the new recipies and spreads you have come up with while I was busy here in NZ !

Keshi said...

Asha heyy I cant guess that place at all...:( But it sure looks like a great holiday that ur having! Enjoy.

U dun like Seafood? OMG thats my fav kind of food :)


RML said...

Hi Asha,
Congrats!!!!I am trying to guess the place still.Is that place Georgia?Enjoy your trip.Waiting to see more pics from your vacation.
Interesting Memes,it was nice knowing abt u and wow! what a collection of recipe books.

Kajal said...

I don’t know about US picture but definitely say this is very nice place and good photography too...... Nice work for Feed a Hungry child and name like “Asha Arvin”in news paper......congrats gorgeous lady...............very nice article in news paper.......Enjoy reading your tag!!!!.......Thanks for beautiful rose.:)

sallywrites said...

HAvea great holiday Asha - and well done for the mention in the article!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha

This place is "Nashville" in Tennesse
so you are here..
is that right ?

FH said...


Thanks Pria:))

Hi M! Glad you are little free now.Not at all.As sra said,my life is a open book,nothin' hide!:D:D
It is TN!:)

Hi Nee,be careful there girl,I just heard about car bomb.Lot of loonies out there too.Thanks Nee,I will be back homr soon.Hugs:))

Altoid,now you are 100%!!:D

FH said...

Dilip,you are welcome:))
I will donate some cash to when I come back.Can't wait for the book to come out!

You are right Cynthia!Not bad for a Caribbean girl to guess about US!:))

Lotus,thought we should keep the Guys out.With 5 girls together,we can lift and build anything!!;D

Abha,that's quite ok and take your time:))
Hope you are doing well there girl.Hugs:)

Of course,T can and Sig's cocktails!!Whoa!:)
King and others are the best!Saw some Vandys hanging around too even in Summer!:D

FH said...

Keshi,I could eat some Crab cakes if they are fresh but fishy smell,I can't handle!:) See you next week.

Madhuri,thanks girl:))
If you comments ,you will know where now!;D See you next week.

Kajal,you are sweet girl,thank you.They are in the South,enjoying right now.We will be driving back home shortly.See you then,have a great week:))

Thanks Sally.Summer holidays are always fun although it gets hot here.See you next week:)

You are right Sowya.The first picture is from there and second pic is not!;D

Altoid,I forgot.No reward for second guesses!!;D

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Congratulations for Times of India. Your posts always take me on a journey. With you on the boredom thing. My children are banned from saying it, just as I was when I was growing up. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, look forward to your return.

FH said...

Thanks Amanda!:))
My kids are so used to laptops,the minute they are off,they say they are bored!:D See you next week.

Manasi said...

There now!!! i was thinking .. this superwoman is on a holiday and will not chk blogs... but I was wrong...
First off.. CONGRATS!!! another celebrity!!! U deserve it all!!! Lots pats on ur back!!!
And WHERE r u? waiting to read more abt that!!!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Congratulations Asha!..Its really really good to know that you are recognized as a good karnatik cook in new paper. Definitely this message would have reached so many others. I think its a great gift for any good cook:-)) And you deserve it all the way:-)) Happy to know about u more through all thease lovely meme's. Enjoy ur vacation...see u back with some other special dishes.Have fun friend!!

vasilisa said...

200 cookbooks? that explains it! no wonder you're such a great cook!

Hope you having lots of fun :-)

Sai said...

Very nice me me...was very enjoyable! Nice to know about your name in TOI...Congrats

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

You are in Nashville, TN. The first picture is Parthenon and the second is National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. Congrats on the article in TOI.


Suma Gandlur said...

Congrats. I am really happy for you about the article.
Hope you are having a great vacation.
Great memes. Now I know a bit more about you.:)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Just 2hours back came to my place from my akka's place(Virginia)...Had a nice time over there with niece and sister....

It is nice to know more about you....lot of Memes....you got lot of patience in writing too same as cooking...Congrats for coming in news paper..Hope kids enjoyed the outting...

Shionge said...

Oh wow! You took my breathe away Asha and I don't know where to start!!!!

Great pictures....great meme.....greate everthing pal :D

Kalpana said...

Wow! Congrats...

Cyberkitty said...

Congrats on making it to the papers. Enjoy your vacation.

Padmaja said...

hey asha, sorry missed reading this wonderful post till now as i was little busy!!
great article and you rock!!!

Sia said...

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ashakka:)
boy!!! i missed u a lot:) we had gr8 time vac n now back in office to blog, oops! i meant slog;)
wow!! so its MeMe time and not just 1 MeMe;) just like ur wednesday posts, many:) he he he... enjoyed reading it all:) and wow, u r a celbraty now:) thats so cool to see ur name in TOI:)
oh ho... so u think i am chatty? he he he... may be its just with u and few other blogger buddies:) nice to know that u wouldn't mind being with me in island:) he he...
and i guess that song jab pyar kiya tho darna kya is from mugha-e-azam. its my fav too. and i too am totally addicted to reading n blogging just like u:)
oh god!!! this looks like a letter not a comment:) so i will stop now. will send u the pics once upload. hope u too had gr8 vacation:)

Shilpa said...

Oh-ho, Asha dear, you are too nice! :) I forgot all about this meme, but thanks for taking it up! *hug* * hug*

Incidentally, I am on vacation myself (I know, AGAIN, haha) and am in a cybercafe typing this, but just had to say hello! :)

I hope you're enjoying yours, because on my side, the weather and scenery is awesome (I'm in Arles, where there are lots of Roman-era ruins and gorgeous Meditteranean sunshine)!

Talk to you when I get back!

So So Simple said...

Hi Asha

I loved reading all those things about you. Very inspirational.
Haven't had a chance to read the article yet but will do it later.
Can't guess the cities...will wait with bated breath till you get back.


FH said...

Hi Manasi,I desperately wanted to take a break,believe me but can't!!;D You will see why next week!!Thanks:)

Thank you Meena.I was surprised too to see me in there!
It feels great, I think I will enjoy it this time.I would rather blog quietly than all the accolades:)

Hi Lisa,good to see you here at last!:))
I think I have more than 200,never counted them really.Hope you and kids are doing well.I will see you later.

Hi Sai.Thanks girl,glad you enjoyed the MeMes.About TOI,it's great news specially for a homemaker like me for somebody to say "good job"!!:))

Isha,Parthenon is right but second one is not NCRM!!Thanks for guessing though,I will post it tomorrow!:)

FH said...

Thank you Suma.We came back from vacation and still dealing with the "unpacking"!:D I will see you later.

Hi Usha,glad you had a little break too.We came 2 days ago,I am trying to cope with all the chores now.Kids had fun,glad we didn't travel too far this time.Thanks and I will see you later:)

Thanks Shi! I did these before I left for vacation!:D
It was fun doing these,glad you liked them too.

Thank you Kalpana.I appreciate it!:)

Cyber Kitty,thanks girl.Wish I knew thw date published though!:))
We enjoyed the vacation,see you later.

FH said...

Padmaja,don't worry about it.Family first and then blogging,right?:))
Glad you liked them.We just came back too,see you later.

Hiii Sia!! I missed you too but glad you had a good break from the slog and the blog!:)
You are chatty girl!:D I bet we don't get bored at all with you on the Island.
We just came back on Sunday night,still reeling under the all the "unpacking" and so much to do.But life goes on and back to business as usual.I will see you later.I opened the Laptop today and probably see you all later today.I will try anyway:))

Shilpa,I left a quick comment for you too while on vacation!:D
Arles sounds great,enjoy.I wish I was in Europe but from US,it's pretty to get out of the country right now.Enjoy girl, and I will see you later.Hugs.I enjoyed doing the MeMe too:))

Hi Gilly,thank you. I enjoyed the MeMes too,little different than the usual food posts!:D
We just came back,see you later:)

Mona said...

Asha! This is such a variety post:)
WOW ! CONGRATULATIONS! you have made it girl. I feel so happy for you. You & your family must feel so proud!

Is that Nashville? I remember seeing something like this there!

FH said...

Mona,yes it is Nashville! You are a better guesser than US residents here girl!:))
Thanks.With friends like you,I am already proud even without newspaper mention.I am back from vacation,trying to catch up with all of you now.See you later.Hugs.

indosungod said...

Asha, Happy 4th of July. No Post today? Did you have a good break?

FH said...

Happy 4th to you too Indo.I posted it little late today so I can get the photo.Check it out!:))

Dalicia said...

you're on the papers..u r famous :)
i hope you will keep cooking and share all the wonderful recipes :)

Dalicia said...

nice to know a bit about you too!

Coffee said...

Lovely pics asha...... you seem to have had a good vacation..... Congrats on the mention in TOI!!! So now its a celebrity family. :)

You wont need coffee on the island kya??? Or are you a chai person!!! ;)

FH said...

Thank you Dalicia!:))
I am not going anywhere ,so don't worry.Dishes keep on coming here!
I had fun doing these MeMes and took a long time too!:D

Hahaha!!! Coffee,you are a darling! I wish I could take all of you,but didn't have a choice.Love to have Coffee on board,but they drown and disintegrate in the Ocean!!;D
We will go on a Cruise together,don't you worry dear girl!!!Who wants to get stranded on a Island anyway,right?!;D

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Memphis, TN...in front of the home of Elvis Presley. Or is that in Nashville? Now I can't remember.

I'm behind on meme's too...have 4 to post and need to do it soon!

Enjoy your vacation!

FH said...

Hi Kristan,it is Graceland in Memphis!:) We were stayed in Nashville for a week and we are back to routine now.
Looking forward to your MeMes.I had accumulated these over 6monts,ashamed to say!:D
Have a great week.

Sheela said...

Loved reading the memes, Asha, it was nice to know little bits about you... Loved the breakfast collection photos - gorgeous!

FH said...

Hi Sheela, how are you? I have been away just for 10 days and it feels like I have been away forever!!:D
Glad you liked them.Hope you reading Aroma recipes too,they are short and fun recipes.I enjoy it.
See you at FH later today,a special post for me,a milestone!:))
I will see you later today.Have a good one.

sowmya said...

I was looking for some reciepes and came across this blog. Awesome. Jai Kannadamma.


FH said...

Hi Sowmya, good to see you. Yeah, there are very few Kannadiga bloggers out here. I will do what I can to promote a bit!:))
Did you see the K'taka round ups? There are more than 360 K'taka recipes there.Check it out!:))
Happy Deepavali.

Vanamala Hebbar said...


Nice to read all your meme stuff.
BTW Congrats dear.

FH said...

Thank you Mala. Glad you liked them!:))