March 28, 2007


Spring is here and so is my Allergy season!!;D A beautiful tree in my front yard.Aren't we all glad Winter is over at last?!

JFI, Tomatoes!!

Okay,Here I am with loads of Tomatoes! Phew! Last week was some week I tell ya, thought it would never end.So much work and so busy,it was hard to catch my breath!
Beautiful Tomatoes are RP from "my workshop" blog's choice for JFI for April.What a glamorous vegetable/fruit for this event,loved creating these recipes. Thank you RP for choosing Tomato and for hosting JFI for this month!:)

Before I start with my "Hanumanji ke Dhum"(Hanuman's tail) post as one of my reader calls it, I would like to share some 'Saturday Night Live' moments which kept me laughing last week with all of you!

1. Last week's letter for Nupur's A to Z cooking event was "I", for which I steamed some Idlies.Bee, a witty girl that she is, left a comment that "nice. very nice. I'm waiting for someone to make "ijjat papad" for 'I',that will be fun."!!;D I replied "Bee,I would like to keep my Ijjat and my Lijjat papads to myself,thank you very much!!" :P
2. Ayesha,another reader left a comment "Asha,Tried ur Kesar Murg .. It was awesome .. used a cup of saffron milk instead of coconut milk ....U should have also given the risks of making this dish,(I thought "UH OH!!") like burning ur nose while trying to inhale the irresistible smell :-) .... I literally burnt my nose while smelling it and i couldnt control the temptation to smell....It smelled so wonderful,I burned my nose trying to smell the dish while it's cooking!" :D For days,I imagined her eating Kesari Murgh with a red nose and made me laugh every time!!:D
3. I made Migas or Sundance Eggs for WBB "Eggs" event and Kate said "looks like one hell of a breakfast!very filling and yet tasty and easy to make.Have to make this for my hubby..."whats for breakfast honey... sundance eggs luv !" and I thought that was a hoot!;D
Thanks to all three of you for making me laugh on a truly hectic 10 days and this is why I love blogging so much.All your comments,not just these three, make me feel that blogging is worthwhile and I want ALL of you know that I truly appreciate you.There is no better reward than to enjoy what we do with a big open heart without malice!

That reminds me to tell you that I have decided NOT to open my blogroll and comment on weekends because I find myself little too much obsessed with it all!;D So if you don't see me in your blogs on Sat and Sunday,don't worry,I will catch up with you all on Monday!!Now that's said,let me start with...

Plum Tomatoes, my favorite kind among all of the Tomatoes!

The tomato is a plant in the Solanaceae or nightshade family, native to Central, South, and southern North America from Mexico to Peru.It is thought that the Pueblo people believed those who witnessed the ingestion of tomato seeds (got it?) were blessed with powers of divination!They are fruits rather vegetables and are high in Vitamin C and A,are said to prevent Cancer if consumed regularly.More a Wikipedia.

What's on Menu this week? Tomatoes, of course!!
Tomato Chicken,
Tomato Bhaat,
Tomato Salad,
Focaccia al Rosemarino con Olive e Pomodoro!(Olive and Sun-dried Tomatoes Focaccia with Rosemary)

Here is my official entry to JFI; Tomato Chicken:

You Need:
3 chicken breasts and 2 thighs cut up to bite sized pieces,1 cup tomato sauce,2 large plum tomatoes sliced,2 large onions,sliced into half rings,3 green chillies sliced in halves,few fresh curry leaves,1 small bunch of coriander leaves ,turmeric , 1.2 tsp sugar and salt to taste.
To grind: 1 1/2 tbsp coriander seeds, 1 tsp peppercorns,2" cinnamon (Dalchini),1/2 tsp Cardamom seeds, 4 cloves, 1" ginger,3 garlic.
For seasoning: 2 tbsp cup oil, 1 bay leaf.
How to:
1. Heat oil in a pressure pan,add Bay leaf,onion and green chillies,saute until reddish on the edges.Add in all the ground paste,fry for 2 mins.
2. Add chicken,fry for 5mins until they are white,add Tomato sauce,1 cup water,salt,cilantro and 1/2 tsp sugar.Mix and pressure cook on low heat for 5 mins and turn it off.
3. Open the lid,add 2 sliced Tomatoes and simmer until you see the oil on the surface,garnish with few chopped coriander,1 tbsp butter and serve hot with white rice.
4. Your fabulous tasting Tomato Chicken is ready to devour.Make the sauce thick to serve with Parathas and thin to serve with rice.

Another peek:

My yummy Ugadi special; Tomato Bhaat, Bengaluru style!:D

You Need:
2 cups rice cooked and cooled, 1 large onion sliced to half rings,6-8 Plum tomatoes,1/4 tsp turmeric, a handful of fresh coriander, a few cashew nuts, salt to taste, 1 tbsp coriander seed powder, 1 tsp cumin seeds powder.
Grind to Paste: 3 garlic cloves,1" inch ginger, 3 red chillies, 1/2 onion lightly roasted ,cilantro,4 cloves, 1/2 tsp cardamoms, 1" cinnamon stick.
Seasoning:2 tbsp ghee,1 tsp Cumin seeds, 2 bay leaves,few Cashews,raisins,2 green chillies.
How to make it:
1. Heat 2 tbsp oil in big pan enough to hold 2 cups cooked rice,fry the sliced onions with a pinch of salt until crisp and reddish,keep it aside.Cook rice seperately,spread it on a wide plate to cool.
2. Add butter to the pan,put in all the seasoning ingredients,saute for a min.Add Tomatoes,coriander pd and cumin pd,cook until little soft.
3. Add ground masala and cook until thick and you see the oil on top.Add salt and cilantro,adjust the spices and turn the heat down.
4. Add the cooled rice,mix well and taste it to check the salt.Add crisp fried Onion,cilantro, mix well.Serve with a Salad and some crisps or Vadas.

Seasoned Cherry Tomatoes-Yogurt Salad/Raita:

Here is a wonderful, refreshing Summer salad I made, with my home grown Cherry Tomatoes.It's very typical Kannadiga raita/pachadi which can be eaten with plain rice too.It is an easy eye pleasing salad which is also healthy and delicious to eat.Take advantage of summer sun and put those beautiful cherry tomatoes to work! Goes very well with any spicy dish you have or as a light lunch on it's own.Tastes delicious if kept in the fridge for a day and goes well with just plain rice on a hot summer day.

You Need:
2 Cups of sliced Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 Cup Plain Yogurt
1/4 Cup Red Onion chopped
Salt and Pepper
1/2 tsp garlic Powder

Season: ( Optional)
1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
Curry Leaves
1 Fresh Green chilly, chopped or chilly flakes

How To:
1. Mix all the above and serve chilled. Add salt just before serving.
2. To make it even more tastier, you could season it. Heat oil, add mustard seeds,curry leaves,1 chopped green chilly.Add to the salad.
3. Keep it refrigerated until needed.

Focaccia al Rosemarino con Olive e Pomodoro!
Focaccia is a flat, rustic and chewy Italian herb bread served with cold cuts as a Sandwich.Also makes a great appetizer on it's own as well!

Here is my Bread Machine version of Focaccia:

1 1/2 pound dough, you need:
1 cup warm water,3 cups Bread flour,1 tsp sugar,1 tsp salt,1 1/2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil,1 tsp dried Rosemary,1 1/2 tsp Red Star active yeast,3 pieces of Sun-dried Tomatoes chopped finely.
Topping: 12 Black Olives sliced, 1tsp grainy Kosher salt,6 pieces Sun-dried Tomatoes chopped,3 tbsp olive oil to brush, 1 clove garlic sliced, 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese(optional),2 tbsp chopped fresh Rosemary.(Saute 1 red onion sliced in to rings with 1 garlic and little salt for smalled round version)

How I baked Focaccia:
Add all the ingredients except toppings in the bread machine on dough cycle and wait for the beep!! Take the dough out,spread on a cookie sheet brushed with some Olive oil,with your hands gently stretch and press dough to fit evenly or half way in the pan about 1" thickness.Cover and let it rise in the warm oven 30-40 minutes until doubled.
Preheat oven to 400F. With two fingers, poke holes all over the dough.Brush with olive oil and sprinkle Kosher salt, and bake for 10 mins,slide the pan out and quickly add the other toppings on top,press gently and bake again for 10-15 more mins or until reddish.Do the same for round ones,top with sauteed onion rings and garlic.Remove and cool on a wire rack.Cut into squares and serve warm or slice horizontally,add lunch meat and cheese for a yummy Sandwich!Place it in a Zip lock bag to keep it fresh at room temperature for 2 to 3 days.Enjoy :)

Focaccia squares made with Rosemary,Black Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes:

Bread Machine method and ingredients differ slightly than for hand made Focaccia dough. For those who don't have Bread Machine, here is a wonderful site by Anna Maria Volpi with step by step photos and even more beautiful Focaccia than mine.I didn't use that recipe but I hope you really try to make some either way and enjoy the delicious Focaccia.

Grazie ed il arrivederci!!
(Yeah, googled it for "Thank you and bye". Hope it's right orelse I will get smacked on the head by Italians!;P)

If you have missed these at Aroma..

French Onion soup

Masoor-Dill soup with Dill cream

Corn Chowder with Chipotle flavor

Beet and Avocado Rotis with Chutney

Some pics of Spring flowers from my yard:



Coffee said...

Am I the first one????!!!!!!!!

PHEW!!!!!!!!!! what a huge tomato farm that was!!!! (did you laugh????) ;)

Focaccia looks fab!!!!! needless to say all the others too!!!! (except the chicken of course since I can't even in my dreams guess how it would be like!!!)

The first pic of the tree looks great!!!!!! Get more of your garden up here for us to see..........

Bong Mom said...

hee, hee...I loved that "ijjat Papad" , can you imagine that bunny singing "Ijjat, Ijjat" . Too much

I was thinking of making Tomato Chicken, would have been a first time as I have never made it before. But decided against it and for good, now I have your recipe to follow :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a very nice "tomato post" Asha. Tomato chicken is something I would make soon. Konkani food does not involve too much of tomato usage. But I use it a lot these days because of all my food trials. Your tomato bhath is also different than mine, so I will try it soon

btw...I am trying my best to allow subscribers on my blog. Every small change takes a lot of work, so let me see when I will be able to do it.

J said...

With the internet connection playing up, it took me ages to get into your blog...:) And I can see cheerful tomatoes smiling here!! :) I loved the tomato chicken, I use the same ingredients, but preparation style is a bit different. Want to reach out to that Focaccia...

FH said...

YAY!! You are first Coffee,you made this time!:)) Oh Yeah,I am waiting for May and then there will be a REAL Tomato farm here!:D

Hi Sandeepa,Ijjat joke was good ,wasn't it?:D Tomato Chicken rocks,hope you try this recipe,simple but delicious.

Thanks Shilpa.I love Tomatoes,specially the sweet ones.Hope you try this one and Bhaat,after the photo,I mixed the fried onions in the rice,tastes great.Take your time about subscribing,no problem.Lot of blogs are like that,it just takes time to type in every time ,that's all!:))

You are right about internet today,took me long time to dowlload photo for rp and I have to refresh twice! I thought it's mine.Take your time,no need to hurry:))
Focaccia was great for making sandwiches too,kids loved it.

Sia said...

aha... this is the 4th time i checked ur blog since 1 pm here. i was waiting for ur plumpy, juicy tomatoes on ramp.
every veggie dish gets thumbs up from me;) very different to usual tomato recipes. thats why u r uniqe:)
did i mention i made ur bhature again yesterday? we had our french friend for dinner. made so many good big size bahturas and guess what i ended up heating frozen paratas;) by the time i finished 2 bhaturas K and he finished eating 5+. howz that? i dont think i need to tell u how good they were:) thanks to ur wonderful recipe of making soft, fluffy bhaturas. its a keeper:)

Suma Gandlur said...

Wow, so many delicious, tomato dishes.
When tomato was chosen for JFI, my SIL told me to make tomato bhath & she would teach me :-(

Gattina Cheung said...

great to see your recipes recieved excellent review! I giggled too :D
YOu have a gorgeous tree and flowers! Never feel seeing them enough, although I'd "ka-chooooooo" ;p Allergy just suddenly built up these two years *sigh*

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

It was a treat to both my eye and mouth...

What a beautiful picture of tree and colourful flowers(my favourite lavendour too)..

Wonderful tomato recipes ,again a mixture of modern and traditonal varieties (like Ashaji:))..

I like tomato bhaat very much,especially from my neighbouring aunty'shouse...i want that that texture colour,...I didn't get till now after many try..
Yours appears same as how i want....actually i use to do like pulavo,now i got the trick how to get it..Let me try...

sra said...

Very nice post, Asha! Sad to hear you won't be obsessed with your blog now - not for the comments but it seems most people are getting serious and I'm one of the few who's still obsessed and it makes me wonder if I'm normal! :(

sra said...

Lovely pix of the garden, I meant to say that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha, one more question...which browser do you use for browsing? If you use firefox, it keeps all your entries in cache so you cannot type your nam/address/mail again and again. I do it all the time and so I don't type my info on wordpress blogs.

Aahaar Vihaar said...

I always wonder how you come up with so many dishes within a short span. Great pictures and recipes btw.

Mishmash ! said...

Wednesday mornings, I am off to Foodie's hope ;)That was a tomato fest !! I have en eye on that focaccia bread..thats my favourite..sometime I just have that alone for my dinner ;)Btw, I am happy to see that flowery its yet to blossom and evey year i decide I will click a snap of that and then one day I see all of them washed off by a heavy rain and wind!!!


TNL said...

wow, are you all red and glowy from eating all the tomatoes yet?? Lovely dishes. The tomato bhaath looks so good Ashaji, will have to wait to make that yet.....!
Love that tree..what is it, some kind of blossoms or dogwood? I am way off, i think.

No probs about not visiting blogs on weekend, I have limited my posting too...takes me away from a lot. I catch up late in the night, as it is, I'm a night owl. Take care...!


FH said...

Hi Sia,I know.My brain working slow these days,forgot about posting FH and it's about to get slower!Kids got 10 days off school,but will be busier hauling Trisha back and forth.Check your e mail,hope you don't mind me not participating!
Glad you enjoyed the Bhature,even more softer one coming up in April! Watch out:)

Hi Suma,you got mine now ,so don't worry!:) Do post when she lets you know.Tomato recipes are easy.Hope you try this.

HI Gattina,some comments keep me in stiches!;D I love it.
You have allergy too? Mine gets worse.Remember Will Smith in one his movies after eating Shrimp? That's exactly how I look in few weeks until I get a shot!;D

Thank you Usha,now you got the recipe,give it a try:))I love the flowers this time of the year but can't stay out much,Pollen!!
Anyway,Focaccia makes a great sandwich bread.

FH said...

sra,you are normal,don't worry!;D
I used to leave comments on weekends too,when kids are at home!I have realized I can take it easy a little and comment only on weekdays.It's good,that's how it should be at least for me as I am stay at home mom.For you,weekends are better to surf,right? Thanks,Spring time is beautiful:)

Shilpa,I do use Firefox browser and it's only some of the Wordpress blogs which don't remember my info.Most of them do.Little strange,don't know why.

Thank you AH! I just take photos as I cook weekdays and only sometimes I particularly cook events like for Aroma blog!:))

HAHAHA!! Yeah,my nose and eyes are red,but only bcos of the Allergy!;D
You are right,it is Dogwood tree and blooms which is killing me by it's beauty and Pollen!Wishing for some rain.Weekdays are easy for me,get some time to blog and comment.Kids are out of school this Friday,gets only busier now!!
Enjoy and hugs.Take it easy girl.

Anonymous said...

Bee is funny...Ijjat Papad :-))
Asha Asha..what can I say..I am drolling over all your recipe..and everything is so amazing...

Focaccia looks wonderful...and so does the tomato Bhaat bangalorean style..:-)


Surya Hith said...

looks wonderful Ashaji.Tomato chicken,focaccia...mouthwatering and wonderful.You have been busy with all these.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

Tomatoes Galore for the JFI.What a wide variety from veg rice, chicken & bread too.A complete tomato festival.My to do list is growing quickly :-)


Anusha said...

you can't just stick to one dish, can you?? you just have to dazzle with three!!! and here I am still stumbling to post my ONE entry for JFI :)

ps: like your new header...

ChrisB said...

Hi Asha I love the picture of the tree and flowers in your garden. You've given us some marvellous ideas for tomato dishes. I will be trying the tomato chicken soon. thank you

Anonymous said...

How did I miss the Ijjat pappad comment? That one really is a classic and ought to go on a board somewhere!

Tomato Chicken looks delicous! I'll try not to burn my nose while I savour its aroma..:D!!

FH said...

Yes she is Sush!:D I have got to do multiples!! Thanks ,hope you try at least one of these!;)

Hi Surya,yup!! Busy cooking and typing more than anything last week.Hope you try some:)

Hahaha! Kate,you have got one whole to try at least one before the next post:))Enjoy.

Thank you @! Supriya just made it for me.Kooks good!:)
One doesn't do it for me since I post just once at least here at FH.Aroma is whole another Enchilada though!;P

You are welcome Chris.Tomato chicken was tasty,hope you do try:)I love the Spring flowers,makes you feel giddy!!:D

sra said...

Asha, just saw your header, it's really, really nice. It wouldn't load all these days!

Maneka Nirmal said...

tomatos ...tomatos everywhere and i am confused what to eat first..i fell in love with the tomato chicken first and then it turned to the pretty focaccia!! always, u r filling our stomachs with so many wonderfull dishes!

Sangeeta said...

Asha, that is such a wonderful spread (drool ! drool !). Can't wait to try out all these recipes :). K is nodding his head vigorously in agreement Thanks so much for sharing these absolutely delightful recipes. :)

That is a beautiful tree in your yard. Is it Cherry Blossom. I just love Spring :)

Take care girl and have a gr8 weekend

FH said...

Hi Monisha,isn't that funny?:D Somebody must start Ijjat papad and patent it ASAP!Btw,it's in my "other" blog Aroma in Idleez post.Hope you cook safely and enjoy!;D

Hi again sra!:D Lot of ppl who are in India tell me that my blog doesn't load or takes a long time even with the high speed connect,don't know why? Too many posts? Thanks, Supriya made it for me!!

Thank you Maneka.I would try Tomato Chicken first.It's delicious specially after a day in the fridge.Hope you do:)

Sangeeta, I am making you cook too many things for your hubby!:))
That tree is Dogwood,it's already turning green,blooms fell off.It is beautiful everywhere now.Have a great weekend too:)

Manjula said...

Always wonder how do you come with so many wonderful mind blowing dishes in one post!
Nice header image, nice caption too.

Cynthia said...

I think that you are ready for Iron Chef! And the secret ingredient is - tomatoes! Excellent post.

Richa said...

hi asha, wow what a spread, but then kinda' expecting that from you, you are some woman, rather superwoman!

gotta' try the foccacia, looks too good!

Sia said...

now i like this one much better ashakka:)

indosungod said...

That is mouth watering array of lovely rich tomato foods. Take it easy with the blogging, cooking/eating and blogging is a deadly combination if you come to think of it. Do both in moderation I guess. So yours is a good decision.

FH said...

Thanks to Supriya Manjula.She came up the nice header for me!:))Enjoy.

Cynthia,you are a fan of that too! I love the way he says it!;D Thanks,I love plum tomatoes,so it's easy to come up with dishes.

Hi Richa,hope you try.It's just dishes time unlike my previous ones!;D In fact,I took one out for next post.Enjoy the Focaccia.

Hi Sia,it's really good!:) I trimmed the edges a little and fitted it.Thanks Sups.Hugs:))

Thanks Indo.I am blogging so much that I lost some weight,so engrossed in to it ,I forget to eat on time which is not good!;D
I will stop at least weekends,weekdays are no problem for me,I get time when kids and hubby are out!:))

swapna susarla said...

Hi ashaji
i love tomato are fabulous.never heard of focaccia.nice spread of tomato recipes..

Anonymous said...

hi asha
ur tomato bhaat is a must try.


Mythreyee said...

Hmmm...I see a tomato festival in your site. Your bangalooru style tomato bhat looks gorgeous. All the pics are wonderful. I don't know to comment on the chicken recipe, but sure looks great. Thanks for the treat. Tomorrow, I am posting a rare recipe with tomato. I am pretty sure none would have even attempted the recipe. Drop by tomorrow for my entry.

Little Miss Muffet said...

tomato chicken is on my list to make now :) i make tomato rice though in a much simpler way than the one u described..I just use onions, chillies and ginger -garlic for seasoning...helps to make it real fast..i will try urs out too though..i'm sure all those spices must make it yummy!

FH said...

Hi Swapna. Focaccia is Italian,makes a great sandwich with flat,and chewy bread.Try it:)

Hello Shalini,Tomato Bhaat is classic Karnataka dish,give it a try this weekend.

Hi Mythreyee,thanks girl.After that Orange peel Gojju,another rare one! Can't wait and I will be there:)

Anonymous said...

A very simple question asha..."How do you manage to make & post so many varieties in a week?"
Hope to stay somewhere near you...I would be like a fly wandering around ur house..:))

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Asha! Oh those Spring flowers did my heart good!! Flowers aren't quite blooming here yet, but soon!

The focaccia looks amazing! Such pretty colors. And I love the header with the fork and spoon! So cute!!!

jayakarthik said...

hey asha
finally i m able to comment yeeeeeyyyyy
asha wonderful blog
looks wonderful
as well wonderful dishes too(as usual)

Seema Bhat said...

Those were all wonderful recipes . I am surely gonna make your tomato bath as I was always on a lookout for a good tomato bath recipe. Naan vonderad sarthi tomato rice madakke try madi adu flop agittu kind of gaveup. Will try your version and let you know. By the way how did those flowers bloom already. My plants still look dead :-(

Shionge said...

Aiyooooooooo Asha, you make me want to catch the next flight out to N.Carolina now..this very instance.

I can't take it anymore coz you are driving me crazy with all food and now with such pretty pretty flowers ...oh HELP!!!!!

Luv it and talking about tomato....I do like it in my soup and steam pomfret but eating it on its own is not my cup of tea but my D love it.

I must show him your dishes, he'll promise to send me out to your house now..kekekek, do you have a spare room Asha?

Oh...I love your neighbourhood and I want you to know that I have two couples whom I get to know when I was on a Russian tour with them. I have not been writing to them since a long time but do you come across a house known as The Hermitage?

Have a nice day and thank you so much for sharing...I'm drooling at the same time typing ahahhaha...

oops...sorry for long comment ;)

Priya said...

Asha: Too bad. I still don't see a single flower here:)

Tomatoes hmm awesome

deepsat said...

all of them looks delicious as always asha!! the spring pics from your yard looks absolutely beautiful. take care from the allergy!!


Menu Today said...

hi Asha,
Awesome looking focaccia !!!
I am fan of Tomato rice and your version looks nice. All dishes are perfect.Good entry for JFI , Thanks Asha:-)

Fuzzylogic said...

First time here and I am dazzled!Your blog just blew me away,this is like a foodie paradise:)I was missing the home style tomato bhaat now I am glad to have landed here.Now I have to blog park here often:)

Viji said...

Oh So many dishes as usual Asha, no doubt that you were busy :) Nice presentation and pictures. Tomato bath is awesome. Enjoy reading your tib bits always :) Viji

Keshi said...

Arent ya lucky that Spring's on ur side of the world now.

Tomatoes...I love em! I love tomatoes in chicken curry, and I love tomatoe juice :)


Sig said...

Wow Asha, love the tomato chicken recipe... but that tomato salad is beautiful, very creative, love that...
BTW, I thought you post blog events on Aroma? I'm confused now :D

Beccy said...

Love the tree, so many blossoms.

Love the recipes, tomatoes are so good for us, I try to eat them in some form every day.

Anonymous said...

Tomato feast looks lovely Asha! My favs are the tomato rice and the cherry tomato salad -- and of course the spring flowers! Hope old man winter is beaten back for good now. Oh, it's so nice to be able to comment here again :)

FH said...

Hi M.Yeah,there are many ways to make Tomato Bhaat,each one tastes great!:)Hope you try this very festive Tomato Bhaat:)

Dhanya,a fly in my kitchen?!You will be sprayed with pesticide!!;D
One week is plenty just for 3 dishes,I cook 5 days and 10 meals!

Anali,you should see these Dogwood trees,they are so beautiful.They already turned green,food for soul!Hope you try Focaccia:)

HI JayaK,how are you doing? Hope you are having fun in India,mollycoddled by your mom!:))Enjoy the recipes and take care .Thanks for visiting.Good luck with everything.

Seema,try this Bhaat,like my Vangi Bhath,this is a great recipe too.
In NC, usually it gets warmer by March,this year it's little late but it's color riot now:))

FH said...

Hi Shi,thanks girl.I will keep an eye for "The Hermitage" for sure.We do two things with fresh tomatoes,add salt,pepper and cilantro and the other is just sprinkle some sugar on Tomato slices and eat like Dessert.YUM!Spare room,nope ,we are full!!!;D Hope you try Tomato Chicken.Have a great weekend,hugs.

Hi Priya,takes time in other states,specially if it's still snowing like in Michigan!!Thanks,have fun:)

Thank you Deepsat.Yesterday was the worst day for me,sneezing,itchy and watering eyes,and today it rained!!So lot better,Pollen has gone down.Allergy started in B'lore,have you heard of Parthanium weed?They started for me.

Thanks MT! My kids loved Focaccia sandwiches.It was fun cooking with Tomatoes,I love Plum ones,so sweet.Enjoy:))

Hi Fuzzylogic,welcome!:)) Foodie's paradise is a good one,better than hope!Enjoy the recipes and you are welcome to park anytime you want to;D Thanks.

Shah cooks said...

asha, yep, work load was too much and now that next wek spring break here, had to wind up stuff a bit. thanks for asking. really didn't have time to catch up on all the happenings in the blogosphere. love ur new interactive look and SNL.:)can really count on u to brighten up my day.

FH said...

Thank you V!:) I made T Bhaat for Ugadi,just added it here.Kids are out of school for 10days,more work for me!!;D Enjoy the recipes.

Hi Keshi girl,I keep forgetting you are in Aus!!It's true,we are in the opposite end.Spring is such a relief from the cold winter indeed.
I love Tomato salad so much specially in Summer.YUM!

Hi Sig,I love that salad too,you can have it plain rice,it tastes so good!Enjot the Tomato recipe.
If I am posting more than one dishes for an event,I will post here.If it's just one dish then it will be at Aroma!!Watch out for Tamil Nadu here in 2 weeks!;D

HI Beccy,it's true that Tomato helps to prevent cancer,so more the better!:)Good for you.My kids eat tomatoes if it's in Spaghetti sauce,but as a fresh salad!I love it as salad.Spring is here at last!:D

Linda,great to see you here too,glad I changed that Template!:)Make that Cherry tomato salad and keep it in fridge in the morning.When you come back from work Indian Gazpacho is ready for with little warm rice.YUM!!Hope you try,can use plum T's too:)

FH said...

Aw..!! Shaheen,take it easy darling.You probably are doing too many things at the same time.It is extraordinarily busy time these days,isn't it?It's strange but feels like 24 hrs are not enough in a day!!:))
We Indians are so nicely brought up ,it's hard for us say NO to anybody these days and bring on more and more chores on us.Hope it eases a bit,now that Spring is here and days gets brighter!
Take care Shaheen,hugs!:))

Mallika said...

You suffer from Spring hay fever too? I thought I was the only one... boo hoo. Chin up, though, it will pass, right?

Lijjat papad was one of the most annoying adverts of all time for me! Ha ha...

RML said...

Hi asha ji,
Fabulous tomato recipes and i loved the tomato bhath picture.
Tell u something yours is one of my most favourite food blogs i love to visit.Love to read the way u post your recipes.
Grt going...
And btw the flowers in your garden are lovely and so cuuuttttteeeee.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

TOMATO FEST at big Ss'! yum yum yum. Loved the Focaccia. The flowers are so pretty. What's the blue one called?

Missed the party last week. what a treat! lucky kids.

FH said...

Hi Mallika,yes I do suffer from Hay fever from mid March to Mid June and then it miraculously disappears!;D
It's terrible.I have emergency shot ready,I have to get at least once in Spring.
I have not seen Lijjat Papad ad but I do buy them!:))

Thanks Madhoori.Don't encourage me too much or I will bring even more!;D
I appreciate it.As long as you enjoy reading and cooking,it's good enough for me.Garden even gets better from now on.YAY for Spring!Have fun.

Hi Hema,you missed the kids pics and a slide.I took them out yesterday,I didn't want too many pics of kids there.It was fun!:)
Those are called Blue Bells and they come up only for few weeks in Spring and Fall.
Have a great weekend sis!:)

Manasi said...

Neat post! nice recipes (dunno abt the chicken one,though) and the blog banner/ heardelooks very nice too.... and the ree snap, super! any more? :D

FH said...

Nope,that's about it.You covered then all!!;D
Thanks Manasi.You can skip the Chicken but the gravy is great with veggies.Hope you try:))
Have a great weekend buddy.

Anonymous said...

The tree and the flowers are so beautiful. I love flowers :)
Tomato bath looks great.

bee said...

okay, you are too much. that's all i can say. when do you sleep? or do you sleep at all?

Anonymous said...

wow Asha

so many recipes at one go. i loved all the vege recipes of course.

i would want to try the batura that sia mentioned.


musical said...

Asha, great post :). Tomato baath, Bangalooru style, OMG, i love that! Makes me nostalgic of my days in B'lore.....

That and the foccacia, you add few more to my list :).

And yes, i loved Ijjat papad comment :))

Keshi said...

I like Tomato salad in Indian style...with a bit of yogurt and red onions.


FH said...

Hi Jas,how are you doing? I love Spring flowers too.I know you do,flowers are beside every dish you make!:)Thanks.

Hello Monkayy! ;D
Do you know any perfectionists/Type A's? That would be me!!:P
Early to bed and very early to rise to watch the sunrise,that's me.
Just three dishes here per week? Nah!!Should be more!!Ijjat ka sawal hai ji!:))Thanks Bee.

Roopa,Tomato Rice is good,try it.Go to recipe Index,look in "lunch" for Alu chole-Bhatura.Enjoy:))

FH said...

Hi Musical,are you a B'lorean too?Didn't know that.Do you speak Kannada? This Tomato Bhaat is very typical special occasion dish for us.There is another simple one for everyday Bhaat!:)Hope you try.
LOL @ Ijjat,it is classic Indian foodie joke now!;D Enjoy.

Yum!! Isn't it Keshi? Simple Raita and so refreshing for summer day.You can make lunch out of that with slice of bread.:))
Hope my girl starts to like Indian food like you although you both are born and raised in western world unlike us.She hates eating Tomatoes unless it's in the Spaghetti sauce!:))
Have a great weekend Keshi girl,hugs.

Shilpa said...

Perfect timing for going wild with tomatoes, to welcome spring! :) That focacccia looks awesome! And those rotis of yours are so perfectly round! I love how you presented the Bengalooru bhaat as well!

sunita said...

Asha, I admire your manage to come up with so many delightful dishes that I always seem to be blown away...thanks...your family must be so happy to have you around...interested in adoption? know where to look.

karmic said...

I should not visit your blog at lunch time.
Great post and recipes!!!

Kribha said...

Hi Asha,
Wonderful post again. Loved all the dishes.I make a chicken curry similar to your tomato chicken,but with less tomatoes.'Focaccia'...hmm always liked it. But never knew it was easy enough to prepare at home.
Beautiful spring flowers. I have not yet started with my garden.
Hey, I was planning to do Tomato rice which is similar to your Tomato Bhaat for this event.Moreover I have already blogged about this. Wonderding if I have to post only new recipes. I have never participated in these kind of events. Could you clarify please? Thanks in advance.

FH said...

Thank you Shilpa.It's good to hear the appreciation!:))Focaccia was great for sandwiches.My kids loved them the Indian food!:D
Those are cut by a large cookie cutter to be honest!;D

HeHe! Sunita,I would gladly adopt you who love to eat all the food I cook.Arvind and I love all Indian food but kids are used to westernized stuff,not much into Indian.Hope you try Tomato chicken ,it was yummy:)

Sanjay,don't keep saying that,cook Tomato chicken for this weekend man!It's really good.
Have a great weekend buddy!:))

Dilip said...

Nice blog - many pictures and a peek into your talented cookery skills! Regarding tomatoes, I go, if at all available, for heirloom varieties. They taste so much better than the rather unexceptional types typically available. Thanks for sharing all of this great information in the blog!

FH said...

Hi Kribha,thanks for taking time to visit and for your appreciation:))
Yes,you can send whatever you already have as long as there are Tomatoes in it,not a problem.Most Indian dishes are similar anyway,don't worry about it.Deadline is on Sunday,so send it quickly:))

Minal said...

I treied some of your recipes. Didn't turn out as yummy as in your pics. but would definitely practice some more.

Shivapriya said...

Tomato bath looks fabulous. One of my favourites. My mom;s version is my fav. She just adds tadka, she don't use spices a lot but it tastes divine for me:). Love the pictures.

FH said...

You are welcome Dilip:))
I am in Triad area,good to meet you from the triangle.Tomatoes of all kinds are great to me.Plum tomatoes are just sweeter and pulpier than others I feel, good for making thick sauce.Enjoy and hope to see you again.

Hi Minal,your first comment here I see.Some of my recipes are traditional and takes little practice to make it and to look like mine for the first timer, like the plantation Rice rotis.So don't give up,choose familiar and easy recipes like Chole Bhature first and ask me if you need anymore info about any dish.I will try and help:))

Hi Shivapriya,thanks:)
You are right.There are many types of Tomato rice recipes.Simple to this elaborate one.I made this for Ugadi,so little fancier Tomato Bhaat than usual!;D Try this too.

KA said...

Hanuman's tail.. that was pretty funny :-)) and I agree with that reader of urs.

Wow look at those trees and plants..I envy you. My flower bulbs are trying to sprout but the new england weather is confusing them a lot, they are playing peekaboo with the winteryspring.

All the tomato dishes look delicious.

FH said...

HAHAHA!! KA,I can laugh at myself too which is great ,isn't it?!;D

We had 80F for a week now,it's colors riot here.It takes a little time in the North but it will come eventually:) Thanks KA,enjoy the weekend.
Orkut, turns out that I am already a member!Now if only I get some time to chat there!:))

Lotus Reads said...

I just LOVE all of your spring flowers, Asha! Unfortunately, spring takes longer to arrive in Canada so my garden is still very bare.

Thank you for all the tomato recipes...I could live on tomatoes day in and day out! Rubbing my hands gleefully at the thought of being able to make "Tomato Bhaat", YUM!

Sharmi said...

83 comments never in the world can i imagine of getting so many comments for one time!!!! man Asha you are the great.

What a spread of tomato recipes. they are all mouthwatering and beautiful. Real hard work!! Thanks to my laptop today it opened ur FH blog!!


FH said...

HI Lotus,you probably get hot weather in June ,right? I was in Minnesota,so I have some idea about that weather!;D It's Spring here,but feels like Summer with 83F for a week.Fortunately,it rained yesterday.
Tomato Bhaat is tasty,hope you make it.Will post more Spring flowers next week,can't hold myself back,so colorful here!:))

Hi Sharmi,good for you.I am glad you could come here easily now.Enjoy all the recipes.
Btw,do you know the maximum comments I got for my "Our 20th" post? 198!!!:)
I am waiting for one more comment on that post ,so I can make it 200 with my reply!;D
Have a great weekend.

Harmony said...

hi Asha-yaar tu to Pura Cook bana dege--yes u will def. make me a professional cook..

Anonymous said...

oooh! Interesting Tomato feast .Asha ,Tomatoes making it's way in every one of these delicious dishes you've displayed.Liked your Focaccia,it's stunning,do I get a piece of this ?

FH said...

Hi Pankaj,it's even better to become a cook yourself than relying on somebody else,right?;D
Thanks man,have a great weekend:)

FH said...

Who can say no to you Lera,my friend!!Take the whole Focaccia!!:D

Hey,how are you? Getting ready for Easter or what?I am baking something nice for Easter next week.Easy recipe,you might make it Easter.
Thanks for visiting Lera.Hope you are having a great weekend:)

By Deepa and Supriya said...

I am late this time...laptop woes continue :)
My version of the tomato bath has cloves and cinnamon too.
I love Foccacia they serve in California Pizza you are saying now I cam dream of makin it at home ?? Should try one of those soups before it heats up too much here :)
Thanks asha!

FH said...

No ,you are not late Orchid.Take your time.Focaccia is easy to make at home,may not as good as the bakery ones,but not bad at all.Try it:))
Is it warm yet there? We are in the oven right now,need rain like today!;D
Have a great weekend.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Asha,
As usual a good one.I always wait for whole week to see your post.They will be so nice so many nice ones...Those tomato salad looks really great.I love salads a lot.And those nicely cut focaccia looks great and tempting...thanks for sharing.Love you...

FH said...

Hi Sowmya,good to see you girl!:))
Tomato salad is excellent,you should really give it try,best for summer.Thank you.Hope you are having a great weekend, hugs!:))

Sia said...

ashakka, r u checking ur blog on weekends? u said u will saty away from it;) he he he....

FH said...

Hi Sia,I am moderating the readers comments!I have to otherwise they'll come back and say where did it go and leave some more but I am not opening the blog roll though!It takes hrs and I will do it on Monday!:)
Did you check Aroma; Khara chutney!!!:D
Thank you so much making it to 200!
Btw,my web album says I reached 92% photo capacity and I see my photos disappearing!!Got to take some out and clean up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Focaccia squares made with Rosemary,Black Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes, I m gonna try it tomorrow itself...:)

FH said...

Hi SP!! You are!!! YAY!!! I am happy.Enjoy the Focaccia,tastes great as a sandwich too:))
I like your private blog SP.May be I should go that way too.I will check your every week now,so I don't miss your posts unless it pops up in my blog roll!Hope KCS is okay now and you too.Take care brother!:))

musical said...

Asha ji,

i just know very lil' Kannada.....i spent 6-7 years in Bangalore, and love the city.

FH said...

Hi Musical,spent almost 7 yrs in B'lore and just little Kannada?! ;D

I understand.Bangalore has become melting pot like NY and when most speak English outside the home,it's hard to pick up local language.
I speak Hindi only because in college,Hindi was one of my Minors! Most South Indians do not speak Hindi at all.

Hope you are having a great weekend.Matte banni illige!:))
(work on that too!Hee Hee!!;D)

Priya said...


I always love clam chowder soup and u have the corn chowder I will make it:))

Prema Sundar said...

OH Asha,
u have done this again.. look at those tomato dishes.. they look lovely. Hey wish I was ur next door neighbour...
Focaccia looks really great..and the flowers too. finally spring has come!!!!

Sai said...

First of all love the photos of your yard and as always love the tomato recipes.

FH said...

Hi Priya,that corn chowder has a little hint of Chipotle chilli and tastes wonderful.Enjoy:))

Hi Prema,thanks girl.Hey,got to participate and bring the best for friend rp's event ,right?Enjoy.I love the Spring flowers.I willpost more next week:)

Hi Sai,how are you doing?Taking a break this weekend.Hope you have a had relaxing one too:))
Spring is here at last! YES!!!;D

deepsat said...

never heard of that weed! yeah i am also allergic and here its allergy season for most part of the year!!! its less now but becoz of the heat and temp variation its hard to predict!!!

Dalicia said...

i get allergies too :P spring is better than winter for sure!

wat a long tomato post. i used to grow my own i don't have time :P

Padmaja said...

so many delicious recipes asha, i think i have too may dishes to try this week.
I've called frens for easter lunch on sunday and got so many recipes to try. And u know whats for afters??
u'r lovely jilebi!!!
thank u so muuuuuuuuuuuch!!

FH said...

Hi Deepsat,that Par. looks like grass but it's pollen is deadly for me.Right now,I look almost like Will Smith in the Movie "Hitch" after he eats the Shrimp!!:D As soon as Arvind comes back home today,I am getting a allergy shot,can't take it anymore.

Hi Dalicia,I will start the Tomato and Eggplants in my garden in about two weeks.I have got to fix my Allergy first before I step out or else I will look like a Tomato!;D

Hi P.Thanks.Have fun cooking all those and at the party:)) Jalebi sounds great,freshly made crispy Jalebis are the best.Make some Rabri to serve with it.(Thick milk,sugar,cardamom boiled)Enjoy!:))

Anonymous said...

Lovely new header. I did miss a couple of those recipes. Always good to get more inspiration. It seems like one doesn't hardly finish one meal before it's time to think up another.

Love your photos.

Cyberkitty said...

That tomato chicken and Foccacia look delicious. I like the way you make a mix of western and Indian dishes like Masoor Dill Soup and Avocado Rotis

FH said...

Hi Pearl:)) I know.Constantly coming up with new recipe and ideas!Somebody got to do it,right?;D
For me,it's like breathing.But i have decided to take weekends off from blogging,so some chilling time:)Enjoy.

Thanks CK! It is fun to create dishes mixing and matching all the we get here.There are very Indian vegs which are not available to me, so use whatever we do get!Good for my creativity!;D

Little Miss Muffet said...

I tried the tomato bhaath yday...i probably needed to use a little more tomatoes coz the flavour was not predominant..but otherwise it turned out amazing..tasted just like biryani :)..very very nice...

FH said...

Hi M, G\glad to hear that girl!:)
How much liquid to the amount of rice always depends on what kind of rice you use.Basmati doesn't need much while long grain rice sucks up like anything!:))Take a note and next time,add more.Learning process,right? Thanks for the feedback.
Just baked something for wed. and I think you will like it:))

Anonymous said...

Asha, Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me to the blog world.

Your recipes look delicious and posts are witty. I had a fabulous time browsing through the pages. Will come back.

FH said...

Hi Reena,thanks girl:))
Hope you come back and enjoy the all of these again.

Prema Sundar said...

Just read ur comment in my blog Asha.. How are u now..Hope u are feeling better.. and wish u to get well soon.

mommyof2 said...

Hi Asha, How are you! I looooove the tree in your front yard. The other day I was telling hubby that I want pink one of that kind;-) Hows everything going! All the dishes are very yummy looking.. I was laughing after reading those comments in ur posts.. Now I have to look for the murg dish & (avoid to) burn my nose;-)


Anonymous said...

Spring over there and winters just starting here in NZ - not fair ! BTW, nice pic of that tree in your yard :-)

Now, i loooooooved the tomato bhaat - so easy ( except that little bit of grinding - but i can handle it ! )

And that Focaccia bread looks soooo yummy....

Dilip said...

Thanks, Asha, for your response. I use plum tomatoes when I make sauces, as well. Have you eaten at California Fresh Buffet in Winston-Salem?


sallywrites said...

Hi Asha!
Great Spring post!!

Take some pollen for your allergies. Works a treat!

FH said...

Hi Prema,no recovery for me until mid June!:D I am okay,got to cope with allergy,like it or not.I am trying to avoid getting allergy shot bcos it's so darn painful!Thanks for asking Prema,I appreciate it:))

G! So good to see you!:)) I thought you were sick or something,such a long silence.But I am glad to know you are okay.Next time give us a update before you disappear!!We all worry you know!;D
So are you cooking yet ot what?Need to see some food there in your blog!Hugs to you.See you later:)

FH said...

Hi Abha,hey now!You had a great weather while we were cold to our bones!!:D We deserve the warm weather but this much pollen in air!!My goodness.It's sneezomania here!:))
Enjoy the dishes.Hugs.

Hi Dilip,no we haven't been there .I am taking note of that and we will visit.Greensboro is our haunt,we don't go WS often unless we had meeting set up there.I will check it out,sounds good:)Thank you.

HAHAHA!! Sally,that will kill me for sure!!Seriously,we have 5000 times more pollen in the air than usual this year.It's terrible.I am scared to go out even to get the mail.I ask kids to do it!:D
I am the only one who has allergy in my family too.Weird!
But I do love Spring though,it's so soothing to see somuch color!:)

mommyof2 said...

I had cooked alot in feb but couln't post.. Now you will see lots of posts there;-)

FH said...

YAY!! Can't wait to see my blog roll show those posts now!Good for you G!:))

Latha said...

Hi Asha,

The Tomato Rcie looks groovy! I love the way you serve the food :-) And the focacia looks yummy too :-) How dod u cook like this woman! Wish i was your neighbour.
I liked your entry - perfect rounds parathas for Coffee's event!
You never cease to amaze me!

FH said...

Thanks pretty Latha!:))Hope you try that Tomato rice,it's good.
I loved your b'day photos,your kids so cute.I don't even remember when Trisha was five!!
Those Parathas were cut with cookie cutter!!!Shhh..!!! Don't tell anybody!;D

Praba Ram said...

Hi Asha ji -

tried your malai maar ke raajma last weekend and dhal maharani! came out very well... thank you!

Love what you wrote about how in dhabas they say - "Chai Lao! Bhaiya, Malai Maar ke" Love it Love it! I tried the recipe just for the "malai maar ke" twist...:-)

Praba Ram said...

great tomato recipes! will definitely try 'em! lovely spring pictures!

Keshi said...

Asha I was born in SL but came to Aus when I was pretty young.

Wheres ur usual Wednesday masala? :)


FH said...

Hi Praba,every body is making Rajma these days it seems!Glad you enjoyed both dishes!:))
Malai Maar ke is fun,isn't it?I just thought of it when I was thinking of Rajma,don't know why?!;D
Love Spring but don't like the Pollen it brings:(

Hi Keshi,you are like Trisha!Only Trish was born in England and when she was 3yrs old,we moved here.Tushar is born here.When you move before the school age,you are a Aussie anyway,right?:D
I just got up,it's 7am.I will post little later:)

Vini K said...

Hi wow wow!beautiful dishes using tomato.Got to try your foccacia soon.Looks soo good.I have a recipe but I think I will try yours now,adapting as always,the bread machine recipe to hand baking!

FH said...

Hi ViniK,just caught me.I was about to post the next one today!;D
For hand baking ,click on the link for Focaccia.You get a clear idea and is better than Bread machine.Thanks,enjoy making it.
Before I forget,add olives etc halfway thru' baking,they burn if you put it from the start.

musical said...

"Matte banni illige"

Definitely Asha akka :). with all the recipes you keep posting.....nothing can stop me from coming here again and again :) Naanu vaapas barutini :-D.

(enough of my murdering the beautiful language).

FH said...

M! That was perfect Kannada girl.I am so proud of you.It's not easy to learn other languages!:))
Love you M,you are a sister of heart now! ;D I mean it.

Mrs. K said...

You might be able to do it with your image editing software too. What software do you have? If it has the feature of adding frames, you may be able to do it with your pictures. I didn't do anything complicated. It is just simple. :)

FH said...

I use Picasa 2 rp.I think I can do that with it too but never explored the options!
Let me see if I can do it and maybe with flickr as well.Arvind might help too.I am doing RCI for Karnataka in Sept,might help.Thanks rp:)

musical said...

He he, Akka: looks like i passed the exam :)

Thanks for your kind words.

FH said...

You passed with flying colors!!Hugs:))

Suganya said...

Ur tomato rice looks great.

FH said...

Hi Sukanya,thank you!:))

Hope you do try and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I prepared yesterday Tomato Chicken per your recipe step by step and came out really tasty. I have tasted with coconut base before and punjabi style with garam masala but this is really good. Thanks. Next time I am going to try Tomato Bhaat as tomatos are in season and cheap in California here.

FH said...

Hello Konani boy ,thanks for trying and for the feedback.Glad you likes it.There some tasty tomato dishes here and at Aroma you could try,get it the recipe index(side dishes and Gravies).
I love tomatoes too.I am making Hyderabadi chicken Biryani today for next Wednesday:))
Have a great weekend.

Srivalli said...

Asha....142 comments is too much to manage...:) know I was scrolling up and down so many times searching where to comment....:)..

coming back to your god..I was also laughing reading it...bee is unbeatable...ijjat papad...

and of course your fotos rocks...great show ash...


Anu said...


Anu said...


I just love your blog.
The pics look so mouth waterin! I will soon try your Foccacia bread recipe.

FH said...

Hi Sri,I just found your comment here,was on vacation!:))
Yeah,got many friends,got to work hard for it too!:D
Thanks ,enjoy.

Thanks for visiting me Anu.Focaccia was great,good for sandwiches too,try it:))