March 14, 2007


Hello everybody,YUP!! New template again!After receiving many mails from readers that they can't leave comments or get into this blog,I decided to change the template.I see many of you can access this blog now which makes me very happy.If you still have trouble commenting,read Kalyn's comments in my sidebar where she advised me what to do.Hope it helps you too!

One more thing buddies,please read the whole recipe and understand it before you start cooking any of my dishes.If you have any doubts at all,you are welcome to ask me about anything before you mess it up! ;D

Well..I am thrilled to bits today to give you a my ultimate(fruit of my labor!) Naan recipe for which I finally hit a perfect balance after many tries and trials.I was sooo happy with these Naans, I even postponed this week's planned post to next week so I can bring you this Naan ASAP. After going through innumerable cookbooks and hours of internet surfing,after many unsatisfactory results than Naans,I finally ended up with this recipe adding,eliminating and adjusting the amounts of the usual ingredients.I just couldn't stop smiling when I tasted this delight.I have given you step by step photos to make it easy is for you.I know I am hyperventilating now!!:P

A perfect Garlic Naan:

You Need:
A bread Machine with dough cycle or grease your elbows and get ready to knead!!:)
Take 1 Pack (1/4oz)Active dry Yeast,1 cup warm (105F-115F)water,2 tsp Sugar,2 tsp salt,3 tbsp oil,3 tbsp Yogurt,1 egg,1 tsp dry Parsley and 3 3/4 cups Bread flour.
To brush on top:Mix 3 tbsp Melted butter,3 minced Garlic or 1 tsp Garlic pd,pinch of salt and 1 tsp minced cilantro.

In Bread Machine;
add the ingredients as in the above order given,liquid first and then solids.Put it on the dough cycle and wait until it beeps.Do not add garlic to the dough now which kills the yeast if added in excess with yeast!
By hand; mix all the ingredients and knead until you get a dough and set aside to rise covered until double.Punch down and let it rise again.

Now preheat the oven; to the maximum 550F or as high as you can go with Pizza stone inside.Melt butter to brush on top with a brush and heat a grill or cooling rack on stove top medium high to get that burnt look on the Naan.
Take the dough,cut into four or eight pieces.I made four huge ones like Afghani bread called "Snowshoe"(shapes like ovals) naans!Press gently and stretch it to make a tear shaped Naans.

Place one Naan on a foil to make it easy to slide in the oven and put in the oven quickly and bake for about 3 minutes.When you see the Naan puff up and slightly reddish on top,take it out with a pizza peeler or leave it in the oven for 5 mins to let the top get brown and skip the next step of browning the top manually.

Invert/flip the top of the Naan with the bottom up on the heated grill/rack to get that reddish look on top evenly, moving it over the heat Place it on another big cooling rack,brush the top of the Naan immediately with melted garlic butter generously and let it cool.

Or if you don't want to do this and did let the Naan cook in the oven for 5 mins until brown on top,brush with garlic butter immediately after taking it out of the oven.I like soft Naan, so I do bake for 3-4 mins,grill the top and brush with butter.It's up to you to choose either way.

Serve these with any creamy rich veg or non-veg gravy dish and have a great meal.These serve for 6 people as they are thick and soft to mop up the gravy.

That's it!! Look at those beautiful Naans!! I ate quarter of one Naan even before it's even cooled and it's hiding behind or under the three!:D

Gola Kurma Masala:
I also made Gola Kurma masala to go with Naan,which I used to make in B'lore as a young bride.I bought my first pressure cooker 2 week's after I got married and with it came a recipe book which is completely yellowed now after 20yrs!!:D
One of the recipes in this book is "Gola Kurma Masala"(real title "Vegetarian Mutton Kurma!" because the gravy with Golas look like meat chops!!),a wonderful recipe which I had almost forgotten and haven't made in a long time. When I saw how beautiful these Naans looked,I thought of this vegetarian dish,took a while to find the book,wiped the dust off, and cooked!

Gola Kurma Masala:

"Gol/Gola" means round or circle in Hindi.In this case,a steamed or boiled like pasta,then fried crispy flour balls added to and simmered until soft in a delicious vegetarian Kurma gravy!Once I made this dish and gave a bowl to my Coorgi vegetarian neighbor in B'lore,she almost had heart attack because she thought I brought her a non-veg dish.She loved it after I explained to her how I made those Golas!!:D

How to make it:

Grind all these first to a smooth paste:
2-3 tomatoes or 1 cup Tomato sauce,2 green chilies,1 tsp chilli pd,2 big cloves of garlic,1" piece ginger,few curry leaves,2 tsp of poppy seeds,1 tsp fennel seeds,1 1/2 tbsp dry coriander seeds,1" cinnamon,1/2 tsp cardamom pd,3 tbsp grated coconut,3 cloves,1 tsp sugar,salt.
Golas: Make them as explained below.If you think they are too many of Golas for this dish,you can add half and freeze the rest for next time.Don't add Golas more than a cup. This green peas Kurma is excellent tasting even without the Golas. Enjoy.

Mix 1/2 cup plain flour,2 tbsp Besan/Gram folur,3 tsp chili powder, 1/2 tsp cumin seeds,1/8 tsp of soda,1 tsp garlic pd, and 2 tsp ghee or butter,knead to soft dough.Roll them like rope about 1/2" thick,(looks big in the photo bcos of the Zoom)cover and let it rest for 1/2 an hr.

Then cut them about 1" pieces and steam them without water covered in pressure cooker or boil in lot of water with little salt until they float on top.When done,separate them on plate and cool.Shallow fry or deep fry,when cooled and keep them aside.Soak and cook 1 cup dry Green Peas until soft until soft but do not overcook.

Grate or process 1 large Onion.Heat 1 tbsp each butter and oil,fry this until soft and slightly reddish.Add ground Masala and fry until the oil shows on top.Then add fried Golas and peas,simmer gently until Golas are soft.Garnish with Cilantro and serve.

A vegetarian plate for you!:))

Sailaja's (of "Sailu's Kitchen/Food")
most delicious Coconut Chicken curry:
I love all her authentic Andhra recipes so much that I don't know where to start and where to end to try them all! I decided to try this since my kids love non-veg with Naan.It reminded me of a Andhra restaurant(Amaravati?)dish at Brigade road in B'lore we used to visit eons ago!!Thank you for sharing such a great recipe Sailu!:)
Vegetarians: Don't miss out on this great tasting gravy because it's non-veg,You can skip the meat and add Cauliflower or Koftas instead.Tastes divine,believe me.

Sailaja's Coconut Chicken Curry:

I followed the recipe as it is mostly except added boneless chicken,1 tsp red Kashmiri chilli pd instead of green chillies because my kids somehow think that if any gravy doesn't look red like Spaghetti sauce,it's not edible! Little morons!!;P
Also added some yogurt to marinate and added 1/2 cup tomato sauce to make reddish !! Arvind said "she is right,green chillies taste better". Ah..!!!I can't please everybody people,next time I will make it with green chillies!;D

You Need:
2 lbs chicken breast and thighs pieces,1 onion chopped,1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste,1 tbsp coriander pd,2-3 green chillies slit,1 1/2 tsp garam masala pwd or2″ dalchini, 2 green cardamom, 6 cloves finely ground,cilantro,salt.
2 tbsp oil and butter.
Grind:1 large onion roasted,3-4 green chillies,1/2 cup fresh grated coconut or 1 can coconut milk,colantro,10-12 mint leaves,10-12 cashew nuts,soaked in 2-3 tbsps milk.

How to make it:
1. Marinate the chicken in 1/4 cup Yogurt,coriander pd,turmeric,ginger garlic paste,2 slit green chillies and few mint leaves for 10-15 mts. Make a paste of fried onion,green chillies,coconut,cilantro,mint leaves and cashew nuts. Keep aside.
2. Heat oil in a pressure pan, add the green chillies and chopped onions and saute till it softens. Add the marinated chicken and cook on high heat for 4-5 mts, combining the ingredients once in a while.(Add tomato sauce now if you are using it)
3. Reduce the heat,add the ground paste and salt and mix well.Let it cook for 8-10 mts, uncovered. Cook till oil separates.Add water if necessary.
4. Finally add the garam masala pd or powdered masala,pressure cook the chicken for 3-4 mts.Turn off heat and garnish with fresh cilantro.It's done!
5. Serve with rice,Naan or Parathas.

Naans with delicious Chicken Curry.Enjoy!:))

Both my kids have their 12th(son)and 16th(daughter) birthdays this week on the 14th and 16th of March respectively but the party will be on the 17th Sat.Imagine two very busy parents (over tired mom included!) and two happy kids with loads(9 kids total!) of happy and stuffed up to the nose with food friends!!;D This year I am not baking or cooking but buying everything for the party,thank God for that. You too have a great weekend guys!

Here are some "Aroma" dishes if you would like to try:

Gajar(Carrot)Masala Roti with Garlic chutney

Pineapple-Coconut mini Bundt cakes

Latha's Maddur Vadas

Cornmeal-Methi vadas


Anonymous said...

Yippee, I can comment here again :)

I stayed home from work today just to catch the special Weds. buffet, and you never disappoint! ;) Naans look so delicious, I wanted to stop my cleaning project and start kneading right away!! Will have to use that as a reward for getting my work done :) Peas kurma and chicken look great too Asha, thanks for sharing and Happy Happy B'day wishes to the kiddies!

Sharmi said...

OK I am the first one today. feels great. Delicious Naan. I know Naan is a lot of work and it has come out so well. Never heard of the kurma before. New to me and innovative. very happy b'day to your Son from my family.

Beccy said...

Asha those naan look very tasty, my children will be thrilled if I make them.

Happy birthday to your children. We have a birthday here next week, Dillon will be 14. We will also be buying food, he wants a take out pizza whereas I usually make them my self. I will make a cake though.

TNL said...

Ashaji: did it! Love the look of Garlic did all the hard work of searching,trying and testing, how could I NOT try it? I am definitely going to make it is, I have to make some treats for Kartik for his big old world cup cricket thing *groan* This is perfect. Liked the korma idea...Its somewhat similar to Rajashthani "Gatte Ki Subzi".

Many wishes for both the kiddos...
glad you're taking it easy!

love ya,

FH said...

Linda!!!You are first!!!Yippee from me too.See it was all the template's fault,you were right.Naan is my reward for you!:D
Hope you try the Naan,it was excellent and goes very well with Sailu's chicken too.
Thanks for the wishes:)

Hi Sharmi,made ot second though!:D
Naan is so easy if you have a bread machine but it's that hard by hand.It's like making chapatis.
Thanks for wishes:)

FH said...

Hi Beccy,thank you.Happy 14th to your son.I usually bake cakes every year for their B'days too.This year is Trisha 16th B'day,so we are buying a huge one and Pizzas.Hope we will survive Saturday with all those kids!:p Try Naan,good recipe.

Hi Trupti,thanks girl!:))Thank God for ready cakes and Pizzas!:D
Gattes!I have to look for that recipe,I think I have seen somewhere ,but not sure.It tastes like Pasta though,little harder like Al Dente.Arvind is glued to the TV too for Cricket!:D Add some cheese,chilli flakes and chives on the Naan,it will be heavenly.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice spread Asha. Both your kids have b'day in same week?? thats cool. It will be a small b'day bash :).

Naan looks very good. I have never tried making them before. May be will try sometime. Gola kurma? that name is funny :).

I wish happy birthday to both your kids.

Sia said...

wow ashakka... now i wont hesitate to make naans:) thanks to all ur hard work, now all i have to do is just refer ur recipe;)i guess i will ask K to buy me a bread maker.
loved that gola kurma... looks so delicious. i love green peas. K always makes fum of me abt my love affair with green peas. so this one i am surely gonna try soon.
and b'day wishes to both kids. dont forget to parcel my share of cakes;)
before i forget, check ur mail...:)
hugs to u:)

Bong Mom said...

Naan looks better than all and less than none.. hee hee pun intended

Lovely Dishes Asha but I was kind of hoping some stuff from the 2 B'day parties

Anonymous said...

Awesome dishes!never seen a Gola kurma, looks absolutely stunning ! I'm still reeling under the spell.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add, you are indeed a Foodie's Hope :)

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

What a suprise!!guess what i made yesterday for dinner?Yep!it s naan,it has come out well...i liked both the side dish...
Wish i could have one Naan with that side dish...

Mishmash ! said...

Salute !! U took so much of effort and ur write up captures all that enthusiasm and excitement of getting the perfect naan, and after reading all this, how I can not try?????? but before I venture into something like this,le mt clear this, can i manage without a breadmachine coz i dont have one! i usually make the pizza dough with a hand mixer using the whipper for hard doughs, will it work in this case? So not much work for the next post huh ?? everything is ready in ur dashboard and just a click away right ? :) Hugs for sharing this recipe :)


Surya Hith said...

No words to say,Ashaji.what a beautiful naan!!looks perfect.I never heard of gola kurma,will try this one for sure.
My hearty birthday wishes to your children!!

FH said...

Hi Shilpa,thanks for the wishes.Busy Saturday for us,hope to survive that in one piece!:D
Lot of golis(marbles) in the sauce!:d Hope you try the Naan.You can freeze them too.

Sia,bread Machine makes it so easy,hardly any work except baking in the oven.For Kurma,you can skip the Golas,tastes great without them too.Thanks for the wishes,cake is on it's way!:D

HAHAHA!! You got a way with words,thank you Sandeepa.Hope you try and then tell me if it's good or what?!:))
Birthdays are today and Friday,party is on Sat,may be some photos next time,ain't baking this year,they want too many goodies this year! Girl wants a Laptop and Boy wants a Electric Guitar.After all that,they expect me bake too,NAH!!;0

Anonymous said...

Ah! So this is the surprise you were talking about, huh?

Well, I must tell that I am still hunting for that perfect naan recipe and ever since I saw Archana's (Spicyana fame) and then Patti's recipe, I thought well I think I have the answer and now this recipe of yours. Well, this weekend its going to be naan..:)

Arvind is absolutely right, Asha, green chillis impart a great flavor to the chicken curry. Anyways, you guys enjoyed and that's what matters and am so glad about that. And coconut chicken is a great curry to go with naan.

Gola Kurma is an interesting recipe. I am bookmarking to try and will now go over to AH for the special Mexican spice mix you were talking about.

Anonymous said...

And wishing both the kids a very very happy b'day and you guys have a whale of a time..:)

Anusha said...

I have a table top grinder with knead attachment - you think I can use that instead? And don't blame me if I make this for the MBP! (just a thought at this point, I usually don't make the deadline to these things!)I think I'll substitue the golas in the kurma with guessed it, tofu!

FH said...

I know Lera,that book is great and came with the cooker too!:))Hope you try and thank you so much for the compliment!;P

Hi Usha,great and make this too next time.You will love it.Make side dishes too,will ya!;D

Shn,you can knead with processor but just enough to mix the dough and then let it proof.Warm water should between 105F-115F,orelse you will kill the yeast!:))You are making the Pizza,this is easy,just different proportions of ingredients,that's all.Hope you try.

Anonymous said...

Asha, the Naan looks absolutely fabulous...just like what we have in restaurant..soft and delicious...

Actually I tried the naan recipe from your previous post last week and they came out very good..( well not good as your's in today's post ) . But we both enjoyed it a lot...

Wishing your son and Trisha a very very Happy Birthday ..( Sorry dont know your son name :-( )

Also, I couldnt post a comment yesterday on your blog about cooking naan..

Take rest and enjoy to the fullest.


Sig said...

Comments are working again... Hurray!!
Another Naan.. Asha, you should start marketing these, just add a Shopping cart to the blog. :-)
I got excited by the Gola Kurma Masala title, thinking these were some meat ball kurma masala recipe, but the recipe still sounds great,and the pictures look amazing, so I will definitely try this one.

FH said...

Thank you Surya for your wishes:)
Hope you try Naan this weekend,you will love it.Make sure Yeast is fresh.Gola is great tasting too with a funny name.Enjoy.

Thank you Sailaja for a fab recipe,we did have that with this Naan.Divine:))Hope you try this Naan.
Yes madam,I am making chicken curry again with green chillies next time,we loved it.Gola kurma is tastier with parathas rather than Naans.Thank you for your wishes,we will enjoy the party:))

HI @,Tofu is great too and looks pretty with red,green and white!Enjoy.and yes,you can mix the dough in the grinder but process too much,just enough to bind them to a dough.Cover and let it double,punch down and let it rise again.Then bake.Great entry for MBP.That's it!:)Hope you do try.

Anonymous said...

hi asha
just wanted to see if i could post my comment again


Nee said...

Ashamma, you have so much patience, and so much creativity! Gola Kurma looks awesome...
Wish TnT very Happy Birthdays from me and The Boy! Extra special for Trish with her sweet 16!! And next year you are going to have two teens on your hands, ayayay!

Kavitha said...

wow. the africa shaped nan looks so yummy. garlic nan is my favorite. i always always order it when we go out. i think now that you have succeeded in your quest for the perfect naan, you should try pudina paratha next. oh who am i kidding, you probably have already. let me search your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

The naan looks fabulous & golden brown.The side dishes to go with it are awesome.Will surely try naan this weekend & get back to u.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Gola Kurma Masala....its new to me...have to try it...i do love the as if cooked in a tandoor...wonderful meal you have there...thanks for sharing...take care ben

J said...

Asha!!! I'm drooling at your naans!! I'll HAVE TO try it now! I have been waiting all day to read your post!!! I'm so hungry now. And hats off to you for all your patience and stamina! Happy birthday to you kids, and I did smile on reading that you won't cook for their bday party. :)

starry said... eyes are just popping out.can almost smell the garlic.The naan looks good and also the gola kurma masala. I also like your new look. you have got my taste buds going.have a good weekend and a good party.Happy birthday to the kids.

Little Miss Muffet said...

i'm so happy i don't need to open a new browser..i think i missed commenting coz of that earlier...ur food looks ooh so delicious as usual..and ur gola korma reminded me of a marwadi dish i made- gatte ki kadhi and pulao..the gattas are similar to ur golas...and before i forget, i made bisibele bhaath and yummy! The Better Half has total faith in ur recipes now :)

Sana said...

Hi Asha,

Can you tell me where to get the stove top grill/rack ? I have been looking for some time to make my phulkas on.



FH said...

Sushma,this one really taste like Naan,last one was like a good bread which is great too.I made cheese bread today with Paati's recipe!
I changed my template yesterday!:))Thanks for the wishes.Son's name is Tushar,we will have great but very noisy time ,I know it!;D

Hi Sig,you do love non-veg ,don't you?:D Try Sailaja's,you will love it with Naan.You could add meat balls to kurma and skip the green peas,that's good too!
LOL @ marketing.I need multiple bread machine or industrial size for that!!;D

Hi Shalini,yes! It's working and I am so happy I don't get e mails telling me "Asha,I can't get in!!" anymore!:))

Nee,thanks girl,I will tell them!:))Tushar is 12 today,that's what I told him,"enjoy this year as a pre teen"!:D
They are good kids most of the of the time,so I am not that concerned but some attitude now and then is okay I guess.Forgivable!
Try Kurma,great without Golas too.Have a great week!Hugs.

FH said...

Hi Kate,thanks girl and hope you try!:)) Oh!!I always forget to ask you,if you have a blog,could you leave the URL here,bcos I don't have link to you.I would love to visit you!

Hi Dilipbhai,thank you and enjoy all the recipes.Have a hreat weekend,busy one for me!;D

Hi J!Thanks for the wishes.Every year I bake and cook myself for the B'days and invite just 2 two of their friends.This year,they want expensive gifts and invited 9 kids!!I thought "OH NO!!" and planning to buy two cakes and Pizzas!:))Phew!!

Hi Spicelover!:)) No,I haven't tried Pudina Parathas and guess what's next!!No, I am kidding but I will try one of these days.But I did try one of your's for MBP "let's roll".I will post in Aroma on Monday!;)

FH said...

Hi L! My eyes popped too when I saw that!:D I was just experimenting and then surprise when I wasn't expecting!!Hope you try.
Thanks for the wishes,we will have a blast!:)

Hi Miss M!!I am so glad many of you could get in here now.I think something was wrong with that template.Hey,I am thrilled hear that and enjoyed both dishes,a classic K'taka dish BBB too.
Gatte Kadhi,somebody told me that too, but they said it's Rajastani!Got to Google now that you tempted me!:)

Hi Sana,I am happy too that I changed that darn template!!:))
That grill you see photo is available in all the grocery stores easily where they keep the baking pans and baking sheets.They are called "cooling racks" to cool the baked goodies.You can get big rectangle,square racks and small round ones too.If you can't find it,ask them for cooling racks.Hope you get them!:)

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Asha, that naan does look great and you make it look so easy. A true inspiration. Plus I have to have a try of that coconut chicken curry. Nice feast.

Sana said...

Hi Asha,

I saw that yours has a handle - that is the kind I am looking for. I have seen the normal cooling racks, but not one with a handle to make phulkas on.

FH said...

Thank you Meeta!:))
Naan is easy if you make it with bread machine dough cycle,all you have to do is stretch and bake!But this recipe is taste like Naan rather than bread!Hope you try and Sailu's chicken curry was like heavenly combination with this!:))

Oh okay,I know what you are talking about now!
Well..ahem.. that came with a mini table top indoor BBQ you get in super markets!The whole thing costs about $15 and it's top grill you get with BBQ!;P
I threw the bottom part away and kept this for making Phulkas.Inside gourmet secret!!:D
Keep looking for mini BBQ's and peek inside the package to see what kind of top grill they have,you might a get similar one.Good luck!:)

Deepz said...

The Naan's look delicious and I am hearing about gola for the first time. Advanced birthday wishes to ure kids. Also thanks for the step by step pics. It makes it easier for first timers like me.

swapna susarla said...

really the garlic nann is looking perfect.ashaji..wonderful work.the kurma is different and interesting..will try this definitely.

swapna susarla said...

oh..i forgot one thing.a very happy birthday to the little one..enjoy!

Li'l Lite said...

There goes another fantastic post..Pls pass on my Birthday wishes to your lovely kids!!
Do we also get a virtual treat on saturday?;))

Anonymous said...

These Naans looks absolutely delicious! I prefer a crisp buttery exterior and a soft interior to sop up all the gravy, I will be trying out your recipe as I've been looking out myself for a good naan recipe and here you go with the entire menu planned, making my life easier!

sunita said...

Both Dinesh and me have our b'days in March-1st and 11th respectively and the kid have their's in August-21st and 29th-oh! I love birthdays...Many wishes to your kids...

As always you have not disappointed...everything looks delicious!!!

FH said...

Hi Deepz,I made it easy for you,no more excuses now!Thanks;D

Hi Swapna,hope you try this Naan.Thank you for your wishes:)

Monisha,that's exactly how these come out!I made it a thicker than usual but still was crunchy and soft like sponge inside to soak all the gravy.Hope you do try and enjoy!:)

Happy B'days to both you!When you have of them 2 days apart,it becomes little hard to manage but it's all good in the end!:))
Enjoy the recipes,thanks.

Sangeeta said...

Asha, Asha, Asha .... what have you done. K has seen this post (he reads your posts every wed without fail) and now I have been getting very broad hints about the Naan and "Gola curry" :) This is definitely on my weekend "to make list" Yummo ! Everything in this post was so mouth watering :)

K joins me in sending b'day wishes to your son and daughter. have a great one. Waiting for the post to see all the goodies u made for them :) :)

Take care girl and have a great weekend.

bee said...

those are fabulous naans, asha. will link your recipe to my naan post.


Margie said...

Hi Asha
The chicken curry and Nann will be so perfect together..I am going to try them!

Asha, I wish your kids a very happy birthday!

Got to run...Jake needs mt attention...gosh, it's more work with a puppy than a baby!
Take care....see you soon!
I do so enjoy all your visits to my blog!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Take care!

Margie said...

Oh, I forgot to say thanks for all the recipes.....Thank you Asha!

Priya said...

Gola kurma looks delicious asha:))
Without that machine is it not possible to make??

Wishing your kids a wonderful birthday and hope they enjoy all their favorite foods.

FH said...

Hi dr,Sat will be busy,may be I will get photos up here next week.Not cooking this time,all store-bought!!:) Thanks.

Uh OH!! Sangeeta, K is making you do all that because of me!;P
Well... make it for him,you both enjoy the dishes.Thanks for the wishes,I am baking so may be some photos next time:)

Margie,thank you.Jake is giving you run around!!:D
Good for you,keeps you smiling and active.Enjoy the puppyhood,they grow up fast just like kids but behave better than kids!;D

Hi Priya,thanks girl!:))
Yes you can, all you have to is mix all and form a dough and let it rise once,punch down,let it rise again covered.Then shape and bake.

Machine does all that instead of me mixing and kneading and proofing.It maintains the correct temp so the dough rises really well.That's all.
It takes a little practice to do by hand.Hope you try!:)

Hi Bee,thanks for linking my Naan as well,appreciate it!:))

By Deepa and Supriya said...

haven't had a chance to look at the recipes in detail yet, will be back..garlic naan is definitely "a must try" ....but wish your kids happy bday on my behalf and make sure to post pictures next week.Have fun!

Anonymous said...

wow, that veg plate looks yummilicious !!!! Naan and gola curry - I want to eat it now but no one is here to cook it for me :-(

I wish hubby could cook.....

Richa said...

hi Asha, i can feel your excitement about the naan!! i too feel very happy when something turns out good and can't wait to share it with loved ones.
the kurma is on the lines of rajasthani gatte ki subji, it is made up of besan, no maida there.
Your enthusiam is spreading into the blogger homes :-)

Unknown said...

First, wishing your son a very very happy birthday!!!.Hope he had a great time.Second, i happy to see the links working here in IE.Thanks a lot for changing the template.Now back to those delicious dishes.Another naan perfect Asha.Gola masla is new to me.Can we use soy chunks or meal makers for this masala?.I loved the look of that Coconut chicken masala.I am going to try it for this weekend's dinner party.One ques. sailu's recipe, she had mentioned to grind onion ( i mean raw onion) with other ingredients.I always had problems (like bitter gravy) when i grind raw onion.Can i sauteit before grinding..does it change the tsate?.

Unknown said...

Again advance birthday wishes to your lovely sweet sixteen girl T there...

Anonymous said...

Wow!! the Naans have got a lovely golden colour n spongy too. I have never made garlic Naans , must try yours :)
When I read Golas I thought something to do with non veg. But was delighted to see it is veg :)
In marathi we also call them golas:)
Good recipe . It is a pleasure going through your posts :)
Does the bread maker bake a bread loaf too?This is the first time I have seen a bread maker :)

Anonymous said...

That Naan looks so good! I don't think I could have stopped at just one quarter. Delicious!

Latha said...

Hey Ashu,
The gola kurma looks divine! Not to mention the yummy golden naans! Wish u lived close by! I am such a lazy cook. I have all these grand ideas but i make the same boring stuff again and again!
Happy bday to Tushar and Trishala! May god bless them and they have a wonderful year ahead!
I have 2 bday babies at home this month too.. Kishore on 19th and Isha on 30th!
Its one hectic month!
Have fun at the party.
Love Latha

Keshi said...

Actually Garlic Naan is my fav from all kinds of Naans.

btw I wanted to ask u Asha, do u guys go out to eat at all? I mean with ur brilliant expertise in cooking all kinds of food, d u guys even need restaurants? :)


Melting Wok said...

Asha, this is the few times my screen is not frozen or had a long wait while your pix loading up. ah..finally, I can come here more often. Anyway, more vadas and korma, and garlic naan..eeww..I so envy !! :)))

Sana said...


Kalpana said...

Again, wonderful recipes. My Birthday wishes to your Son and Daughter.

Viji said...

Excellent presentation Asha, Very easy to follow as you said, need to read it fully. Tks for sharing. Wills ure try your version also. Going to try the Cornmeal stuff. Viji

FH said...

I will try to post some pics Orchid,thanks for the wishes.Hope you try Naan:))

Nz,cook something girl!:)))Thanks and I know sometimes you just don't feel like cooking at all.Arvind doesn't cook either!So I have to whether I like it or not:)

Hi Richa,you are right!I couldn't wait to post this.I didn't expect it come out come out so good.Gattes are made of Besan?I have to google and get the recipe.Thanks for that info:)

Archana,thanks girl.Glad to hear that Golas are Marathi.See,I didn't know that.that's why I love blogging and see you gals here.I learn everyday:))
Bread machine is for making Sweet,savoury,dough,French Bread,etc.Buy one if you can.

FH said...

Mahesh,we think alike too!:))I always fry the onion before grinding with other ingredients or mince and fry onions first and then add ground masala.You are a cook,know the secrets!!;)Always do that to prevent bitterness.Tastes great that way,it's a great recipe.Try it.
Thanks for the wishes!:))Sat will be busy,will post some photos.Btw,I came to mail the other day to chat,you were offline!:))

You are welcome Sana:)

Kristen,thanks.I just had had lunch before baking and a quarter of Naan after that was an extra treat!;D
Hope you try.

Hi Latha,thanks.They will have fun ,I know! Two B'days for you too,Happy Birthdays to both of them.I know sometimes you are just glad that it's over for this year!Lot of work and 9 screaming kids for 4hrs!Phew!;D
I just saw your Hagalkai Gojju,yum.I am going to make it with Brinjal today:)

FH said...

Hi Keshi! LOL! Good question!!;D
Yes we do.Every Saturday is a "no cooking" day for me.We eat lunch and dinner out that day.Then I cook an elaborate Sunday lunch and get some Fast food for dinner!That's the end of eating out for that week,I cook all meals weekdays!I don't mind.

Hi Shirley,new template is saving my grace!!:))Glad it's easy for you now.Hope you try Naan,it's delicious as it is to eat.Thanks.

Hi Kalpana,thanks for the wishes:)Enjoy the recipes,hope you try.

Hi V!Thanks girl.Fritters are yummy.Naans takes a little time to make it and they are worth it in the end:)

karmic said...

The love and effort that go in to your cooking are so palpable. Another great recipe as always.

Swapna said...

Hi Asha,
Nice new look of your blog. The naan looks delicious. I wish I had a bread machine. Neways, shall definitely give a try to the Gola Masala..seems yummy..can't comment/try any of the non-veg recipes, m a pure vegetarian:)
A very Happy Birthday to your son and daughter. May God bless them!

Unknown said...

Asha thanks for responding about grinding onion.I am gonna make that chicken t'row for some guests.Actually my lil' one allows me to browse only lilttle time when he awake..that's why i was gone.hope to catch u later online.

FH said...

Thanks Sanjay! I think so too.It's passion I can't control and when I discover something new I can't wait to share with my buddies:))

Hi Swapna,thanks girl.Always appreciate your comments:))Hope you give it a try.
Thanks for the wishes too,I will let them know.

Hi Mahesh,I understand.I don't check e mail everyday either.Don't have time to be there everyday unless I am expecting some mails!:D
Catch you later sometimes too.Enjoy your party and have fun:)

Sri said...

yippy!!!! kalyn is right it works like that now i don't have to open netscape to comment on your blog...:)

Ashaji..that garlic naan does look perfect...beautiful color. Will have to definitely try it.:) Kurma and chicken look yummy too!

Happy belated b'day to your son and Happy b'day in advance to your daughter. Have a great weekend. :)

FH said...

Sri,glad you are here!I also changed the template too which was faulty!Thanks for the wishes,not late but right on time!:)
Hope you try the Naan,it's great and goes very well with Chicken curry.

Anonymous said...

hi Asha, you naan is so perfect. i too used the same recipe you mentioned in this post. I just baked but didnt grilled it. I have to try your way next time. Very happy birthday for sweet 16 trisha and to your son :)Have a nice party !!

Lisa Johnson said...

This was such an exciting post! I can tell how much fun you had making these! I guess I'm going to toss my other Naan recipes and just go with yours here. I can't wait to try it! : )

FH said...

Jas,you should have poasted it or may be you have and I missed it.Hope you do,love to take a look.Grilling optional,you don't need to.Thanks:)

Hi Anali,I am very happy with the result,hope you do try this.Don't throw the other one,keep it,more the better!:))Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Big S! I was out travelling for work yesterday and at about 9:45 a.m (my usual comment time on your blog) I was wishing that I had a wireless connection in my car:)

After all the naan recipes I have been drooling over in various blogs in the past week(including urs), I feel miserable not having made one yet and NOW you add on to my misery!!!

Gola looks similar to the rajasthani gatta. Nice recipe.

You must be glad your kids' bdays are this close. Two bdays - one party - done:) Happy bday to them!

Suma Gandlur said...

Great recipes and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Hello little sis!!You are right,one party for both and I am done:))So glad for that,they don't mind either since they get two cakes and presents.Phew!:)
Make Naan and put it up there,I would love to try everybody's version as well.Concentrate on driving girl,don't think about blogs there on the road!;D
Thanks Hema.For Gatta curry I have to Google.

Suma Gandlur said...

Forgot to wish your kids. A very Happy birthday(s) to your kids from us. May god bless them.

FH said...

You are welcome Suma,hopr you try:)
Thank you so much for your wishes,I am sure they will have a great time.

Shionge said...

Asha....Thank you for the hugs & kisses on my Birthday. I truly appreciate it :D

Taking this opportunity, Happy Birthday Greetings to your kids too and what a wonderful celebration this weekend :) My turn to send hugs & kisses to them too :)

I love Naan and I truly admired you for making your own....what an effort really. I love all these dishes and it seems to me that you have no problem buying all the spices or do you actually get them from overseas?

I do know that alot of spices goes into Indian dishes and most of my Indian friends travel to Little India here in Singapore to buy them.

Thank you once again dear pal :D Have a wonderful weekend!

Cate said...

Never made Naan before, but love eating it. Yours looks delicious!

Chickoo said...

Ashakka, Boo Hoo nanu comment madostralli alreadu 80 jana comments madiddare!!
Anyway, wish Tushar and Trishala on my behalf. Love your recipes. The pictures look great. I am soooo hungry now :)

Pooja said...

hey Asha,
do you remember anyone named Pooja here? :D , if yes then I am here to say hi to you and all others around.
feels like I missed so many yummy recipes here. I was/am on an unofficial break from blogginh for a while :P , and enjoyed it throughly. many thing s to write to you and share with all my bblog buddies.. as i enjoy a great time in roaming around in india since last few weeks. tha plan was sudden we both loved it so much and enjoyed a lot, hubby is now in NJ. i will shift bit later, since then roamign round to places of my loved one(S) here:)), having fun , but missing you all too :( .
just got a chance today to sit for a while on net, and thought to drop you some lines.
missing you .
will be back on blog after some time soon.

Anonymous said...

"If you have any doubts at all,you are welcome to ask me about anything before you mess it up!"
I have only one question. Can I come by your place and get a sample :P
(Sigh, I wish California were closer to NC)

FH said...

Hope you had a great day yesterday Shionge!:))Thank you for the wishes too.I am looking forward to it.
We do have about 3 Indian stores nearby where we can buy all the spices,we visit once a month and get everything!:)

Thanks Cate.These Naan came out delicious,hope you try at home!;)

Hi Deepa,thanks.Ellaru Budhavaarane nuggibiduttare.Nidhanakke bandre nanage swalpa time sigutte ans madokke!:))
Thanks for the wishes,busy day for me 'morrow!:)

FH said...

I Pooja,what a pleasant surprise!I checked your few times,it's all pink now!:))Have a great time while you can.Glad to hear your hubby is in NJ and hope you join him soon!:)
I miss you too,but I know there are lot of changes going on in your life,so enjoy.Once you are here,you will be like us,on line and blogging more than any social life!:D Have a great time and come back when you can,don't worry.We will be here!:) Hugs.

Hi T DNA!!HAHAHA!!! You wish!!
CA to NC is as opposite as they come,geographically and otherwise!;D
Wish I could send you some.Hey!better idea,bake some in the weekend!;p

deepsat said...

Nice recipes asha!!

Ugadi Wishes to you and your family.

Also, Happy birthday to your children!!

have a good weekend!!

FH said...

Thanks Deepsat!!:))

Ugadi!! When?!! Dang!! I didn't even know.Thanks for the wishes,busy weekend ahead!:))

indosungod said...

Asha those Naans sure look divine, Gola Kurma looks great too. Birthday wishes and hugs(hope they are not old for that) to the kiddies.

Mrs. K said...

I never had any problem commenting here, asha. :) Your blog always welcomes me with a big smile and loads of foodies. I know you post only a week, so I visit you only once a week. :) So I won't be disappointed. Naan is something I couldn't perfect as of yet. I will be trying your treasured recipe.

musical said...

Perfect Naan, Asha :). looks like WOW-with all the recipes you tried and tested and the effort you took to make the perfect naan :). and yummy kurma.....i echo Trupti, the gola preparation sounds quite like Rajasthani gattas. All in all is the stuff to please my palate. Will try this Naan recipe soon. I don't have the bread maker :(, so guess will roll my sleeves and get to it :).

Gracias for such a yummo post,

FH said...

Hi Indo,hugs from are always welcome,no matter how old they are!:)) Thank you.Hope you try some of these.

Hi rp,some had problems logging in,don't know why but after I changed my template,now they can.Go figure!;D
Thank you for visiting without a fail every week,appreciate it and hope you try this Naan and see if you like it.Got to use the Bread flour though:)

FH said...

De Nada Musical!:))

Thank you and hope you try Naan some weekend,you will love it.I have got look for Gatte recipe now that many of you mentioned it.Sounds interesting.

Mythreyee said...

I was waiting for your version of Naan. Looks really yummy. Watching a movie while kneading, I think is a good idea. Let me try this soon. I first want to buy fresh yeast. Thanks a lot.

Gattina Cheung said...

Beautiful Beautiful! (the new layout and Asha) !!!
I'm sooooooooo happy to see your naan's recipe (I just made a batch from Indira's recipe, which is nice, but a bit too rich for me). Your dough kinda "lean", I think I'd like it, plus this new method, wow! increditably fantastic! Will report to you my outcome after I try.
And gola kurma masala, oh my gosh, it's my kind of dish too!!! Really can't wait to try. But both my grinder and car broken down, got to take care of them first :(

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Asha,
This round up is mouth watering.These pretty garlic naan's looks perfect and temting deal.Really good ones.The gola kurma is totally new to me .Well thanks for sharing dear.

Me said...

Love the new look site.

Keep up the good effort, Asha!

Deepak Gopi said...

:)nice weekend to you and family

FH said...

Hi Myth,don't knead too much ,just enough to mix.Bread flour is imp too which has high gluten content.Hope you try,thanks:)

Hi Gattina.Yes,this Naan doesn't need much butter,also yeast should fresh(Red Star) and use bread flour.Hope you try,better than making a good bread!;D
Sorry about all the break downs,they always happen together,our water heater went first and then our AC!!Big ticket items in Winter too.Got it replaced quickly.Good luck with those and thank you for visiting!:))

FH said...

Hi Soumya,I saw your sister's comment at Aroma today,guess she is having a great time.Naan came out very well,hope you try S!Thanks girl:)

Hi Orhan,how are you? Your profile animation is little intimidating man!:)) Thank you,took little time to realize the last Template was faulty.Have a great weekend.

Thank you Deepak!You too:))
After this reply I am off PC until tomorrow,got lot of work!;D

Sai said...

Dear Asha:
Wishing Tushar and Trisha a very Happy birthday!

Thanks for sharing the lovely naan recipe. I will let you know how it turns out when I make it.

Susan in Italy said...

Gorgeous post, Asha! Actually if you have no pizza stone, you can get great results using a cast-iron skillet or frying pan in your 550F oven. The second time I made naan they turned out fabulous that way.

Also, those golas! They're Indian gnocchi, I swear!

Cyberkitty said...

Nice template...the chicken curry and naan looks simply amazing....yumm

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, first of, sorry I am late!!! With my blog being on hiatus, I am not online all that much, but believe me, I thought of you on Wednesday!

Secondly, very happy birthdays to both your treasures! I am sure a good time was had by one and all on Saturday! :)

And hat's off to you for making naans, they look so delicious, I literally want to reach inside the monitor and grab a piece!

Thanks for including Sailaja's coconut curry recipe. Hub's from the South of India and loves dishes with coconut in it so maybe I can make this one day to surprise him.

Thanks, Asha!

FH said...

Hi Sai,thanks girl,we had a great time but very very tired today.Hope you try the naan,it came out delicious!:))

Hi Susan. LOL @ Indian Gnocchi!!Gnocchi with a Besan twist!!;D
There Golas are little harder than soft Potato Gnocchis but tastes great almost like meat in veg gravy.
Thanks for the Naan stone ideas,I will post it there so others who doenn't have stone can use that idea!:))

FH said...

Hi Cyber Kitty,thank you.Had to Template,last one giving me lot of trouble!:)
Hope you try them both.

Hi Lotus,I know you are on a break,so don't worry about it!:))
Chicken curry was fabulous,use green chillies like her and fry onions slightly before grinding and you can use coconut milk too.Make Naan and you are all good to go!;D
Kids had a great party,lot of noise and screaming!:)) I am just barely alive today!Will post photos next.

Manasi said...

Lovely!!!! And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ur kids!!Wish them a world of happiness!!!

Shilpa said...

Hi Asha, haha, you are so cute, hiding the quarter-eaten naan behind the rest! I'd bet it was too good to wait for the camera!

I love the idea of your gola masala! At the moment I just keep wanting to use besan everywhere in my cooking, so I'm sure sooner or later, I'll copy this recipe from you (will link back to you when I do)! :)

Keshi said...

hehe good on ya Asha!

Keshi. said...


Al Nims Media said...

Ugadi habbada shubashayagalu!

FH said...

Thank you Manasi.I couldn't open my Laptop until today.Party went well and tiring too!;D

Hi Shilpa,HeHe!!Couldn't stop myself,smelled so good!Hope you do try,thanks:)

FH said...

HAHAHA!! Keshi,it's hard for foodie to lose weight,now you know why!?!

Thank you Kanchana!:)) Hope you do try sometimes.

Hi Kishore,after a long time!!Good to see you:))
Nimmellarigu Ugadi Shubahashayalu,may the New Year bring you health and happiness:))

Sia said...

happy ugadi to u n ur family ashakka... will cath u later:)

sallywrites said...

I never realised that Naan bread was made with yeast. Looks yummy!! Think I will try that.

Happy Birthday to your son and daughter!!

Prema Sundar said...

Ooops I think Iam a bit late Asha..
Garlic Naan looks fabulous. Gla kuma is new to me and looks wonderful. Happy birthday to ur kids and I know that they would have had a wonderful birthday(no doubt abt that).

FH said...

Hi Sia,happy Ugadi to you too!:))I am making some snacks,that's all for today.Still recovering from the party!;D Thanks for the Blog header, hugs!:)

Hi Sally,in India they are not made of Yeast but with a dough starter but we improvise!:)) Thanks,they did have a great party.

Hi Prema,that's okay.I am busy too these days,hard to catch up with so many blogs!:) Yeah,they had a great time with lot friends but parents are tired!;D Thanks Prema.

Priya said...

Just loved your header image asha. You did a good job.

FH said...

Thanks Priya!:))
Supriya made that for me and helped me to post it.It's a little wide but that's the maximum I could cut down the size.Hope you are having a great Ugadi day.

Cynthia said...

This post is amazing! It is instructional and pleasurable.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

FH said...

Thanks Cynthia, I do my best!:))

Padmaja said...

superb naans and wonderful curries asha!!!
i gotta try them!!!!
hey did u'r kids have a wonderful party on sat?
hope u are not too tired after all that mayhem!!!

FH said...

Thanks P! Hope you try.
Mayhem is a understatement friend!;DNo,it was great but exhausting for us old parents!Will post some photos tomorrow.

Shilpa said...

Hi again Asha, I tagged you for a meme! :) see it on my blog! no obligations, though

FH said...

Hi Shilpa,thanks.I will try to do it ,no promises tough!:))

Sheela said...

Wow, Asha, thank you for all the step by step instructions with pictures! i have to try your garlic naan with gola kurma - especially since i am a big fan of bread machine. Naan has always been iffy for me, sometimes it just walks away in a huff and i am left rethinking the dinner plan :-)

FH said...

HI Sheela,glad you have got bread machine!Many don't.

It's soo easy with the machine.Try this recipe for Naan,make sure Yeast(Red Star) is fresh and the water is warm at 105F and you will get good result.Try this and come back and tell me how did it go.Hope you do!:))

Isha said...

i made my *first* dinner for a guy called john ryan...

it was just lamb stir fried on pasta .. :) with some greens.. but the lamb marinade was nando's peri peri lime sauce i think .. neway it tasted yum!!

FH said...

Oh WOW!!! Isha,sounds so good girl!:)) You are a good cook,look at the combination of those fab dinner.Very good.Is JR somebody special?!;D

Ayesha Seerin said...

This is the Naan recipe i wanted to try . but i do not have a bread m/c :-( .. I was tempted to do this by hand ....
Yesterday was my do or die trial ... I decided i will never try naans again if it fails .
So i stuck to instructions....
Am planning to try your way by hand next week ...

FH said...

Great Ayesha!:))
It's the same way for this Naan too but with some variations in the ingredients,that's all.I personally liked this better!:) Enjoy the Naans.

mommyof2 said...

Asha, what if you use maida instead of bread flour? I was thinking of making it but I don't have bread flour. can you please email me.

And I did try ur dal-saag. I was just like dal-palak.. I was hesitating and didn't add too much leaves but next time it will be saag-dal instead of dal-saag;-)Now I ahve to makie up my mind to try beet root sabji:-)

FH said...

Hi MO2! Yes ,you can use plain flour.Bread flour has more gluten which makes the Naan softer and plumper.Good luck:))

Unknown said...

someone urgently has to come to my aid, else I am going to just end eating my laptop :))

FH said...

LOL!! rv, what's up girl? Got some time to browse today!:))
Yes, this Garlic Naan was so good, I had to skip the regular post to post this for Y'all! Hope you try, and leave that Laptop alone!!;D

organic spices said...

I love the idea of making seasoning blend. I made some about a month ago and I really do use it, I am out of it and ready to make some more. Thanks all for the great idea.
Organic Spices

FH said...

Love your site, great spice blends. Thanks for your comment, nothing like homemade spice mixes.