March 07, 2007


I am glad to say that last week's bloggers' protest against Plagiarism went well and hope the concerned parties got the message!! As I planned with Inji Pennu,I will keep the message with the link to her "Ginger and Mango" blog and Sandeepa's logo against Plagiarism in my sidebar to spread the word for few more weeks.Hope this event and the idea of giving the credit where it's due hits home with one and all. Btw,yesterday I got 2 "anonymous" comments with pics of female anatomy created by PC keyboard letters and numbers,both of which I rejected!! Are you proud of yourself,anonymous??!!Didn't your mother teach you manners??!!

Now on to food,there is something for everyone,whether you are a vegetarian,non-vegetarian, red meat eater or a bread lover! Enjoy...

I am posting these fabulous dishes:
Naan,(Indian baked Flatbread)
Dal Maharani, (Whole Black Moong with Kidney beans)
Kesari Murgh (Saffron Chicken)
Chili (Con Corne)

Note: Since there are no step by step photos given to some dishes,read the recipes completely to see what ingredients you need to have first before you start cooking!:D

Naans: from Paati of "en veetu Samayal". Please click on the highlighted Naans to go to the original recipe.

I had tried making Naans once before,didn't like it and never tried them again.That is until I saw Naans at Paati's blog.They were excellent to look at,asked her for the recipe and she graciously translated to English from French.
I made them by hand and baked them in the HOT oven(I don't own a traditional Tandoor people!!Shocker,ain't it?!;D),loved the soft and flaky texture.Not exactly like Dhaba style Naan(mine anyway)but a great tasting Naan bread.

Yes,I made them again with the same recipe and posted new pics to replace the old one's if you coming back to see!:)

I have taken down my bread machine and will be trying again and experiment a little further to get the Dhaba style Naans too.
These Naans taste great with rich gravy,I am glad I tried these.I didn't brush with butter on top since there is enough butter in the recipe as it is.This is the recipe for hand made Naans as I did,not bread machine made.Thank you Paati for a wonderful recipe! :))

Here is the recipe as Paati had posted with little adjustment from me,enjoy!:)

You Need: 3 cups Flour, melted butter 2 tbsp or ghee , yogurt 3 tbsp,1 tbsp Canola or Olive oil ,fresh yeast 1 tsp, salt 1 tsp, warm milk or water about 3/4 cup(105F-115F),1 tsp sugar.Heat Oven at 550F,use pizza stone if you have or thick double layered cookie sheet.Lay a aluminum foil to help you slide the Naan in and out of the oven.

Warm milk to 105F-115F,add yeast and sugar,let it foam.Add flour,melted butter ,oil,yogurt,salt,knead until smooth,cover and let it rise for 3 hrs.Punch down, divide into 6 balls,cover again,let it rise for an hour until double.

Now,stretch with your hand or roll out to a circle and pull one side to form a tear shape.Slap it on the foil,put it in the oven,bake for 3 mins and flip if you can,bake for 3 more mins.Take it out,brush with melted butter,cool,and cover with clean cloth and store.Serve with any veg or non-veg dishes.

Naan, soft and buttery Paati style!:))

Dal Maharani:
Maharani means Queen.Is this dish named thus because it's the Queen of all dals or some Queen's favorite dal?!;D
Whatever it is,tastes fabulous! I made this dal long time ago,was in my draft,thought it's time I posted it!:) It is a very traditional Punjabi dal and nutritious too full of protein,goes well with Naans or Parathas.

You Need these:

Here is the recipe for Dal Maharani:
1. Cook 2 cups soaked whole black Urad(Sabut Maanh),4 tbsp Chana dal,1/2 cup soaked or canned Kidney beans,3-4 cups water,1 tbsp ghee, ground (1" ginger-1 garlic-2 red dry chillies) until soft but not mushy.Mash some beans and keep aside.
2. Heat 1 tbsp oil/butter,add 1 bay leaf,1 tsp cumin seeds,1 onion minced,1/2" ginger minced,1 tsp garam masala,1 tsp Kashmiri chill pd or any you have,1 tbsp coriander seeds pd.
3. Stir for a min and add 1 cup Tomato sauce and fry until oil shows on top.Add cooked dal to this and stir gently until heated through.
4. Garnish with 1/4 fat-free cream and cilantro.Serve with Parathas or Naan.

Kesari Murgh/Saffron Chicken:
Kesari Murgh is highly aromatic rather than a spicy dish and most colorful with the addition of World's most expensive herb/spice Saffron.If you don't have it on hand,add a drop each of red but the flavor you get from the real Saffron is undeniable.You can adjust the chilli pd to make it spicier to your taste. Add Koftas or veggies to the gravy to make it vegetarian.

How to make Kesari Murgh:
Roast,cool and powder all these first:1 tsp Kashmiri chillies or chilli pd or Paprika,1 tbsp Coriander seeds,6 cloves,1 tsp cardamom seeds,1" cinnamon stick,2 tbsp Poppy seeds,1/2 Star Anise,1/4 tsp Mace pd,1 tsp Fennel seeds,1/2 tsp Turmeric pd,1/4 tsp of Saffron pd and keep aside.
1. In a pressure pan or pan,heat 2 tbsp oil/butter,saute 1 onion minced in the food processor until soft,add ground 1 tbsp Ginger 1"-2 garlic paste,fry for a min.
2. Add 1 cup tomato sauce,salt,1 tsp sugar,ground masala powder and 1/2 cup water and cook until oil shows up on top.
2. Add in about 4 cups cubed combination of chicken breast and dark meat like thighs and mix thoroughly and add 1 more cup of water.Close the lid and cook on a medium heat until chicken is cooked.
3. Lower the heat to simmer,open the cooker lid, stir and add 1 can(13 ozs)of Coconut milk/Cream of coconut and mix well.Heat gently until you get a thickish sauce.
4. Garnish with Cilantro,green onions and 2 tbsp of cream.Serve with Naan or Parathas or Basmati rice,Onion relish and lemon slices.

Here is a plate for you:

Yes! The Naan you see here on the plate is not the Naan you see up there.I will post this Naan recipe in my later post.

Chili Con Corne:
Here is my special Chili,one of my best recipes and my family's favorite dish.It's almost like Kheema dish of India but with more Mexican spices like garlic pd,Mexican Cumin seeds and chilli pd..Try it and you will love it.I made this with slow cooker stewed whole night on low heat this time,usually do it on stove top.I will give you both versions.
For vegetarians: Add Soya granules,taste great as well.

Cooked perfectly in the Slow cooker all night and garnished with Cilantro:

How to make in Slow cooker or Crock pot:
Add all these to the cooker: 1 lb lean ground round(beef),1 lb lean cubed Sirloin tips,1 small onion chopped fine,1 green bell pepper chopped,1/2 cup celery chopped,1 tsp Garlic pd,salt,1 tsp chilli pd or chilli flakes and Paprika,1 tsp each Oregano and Parsley, 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce,1 tsp Soya sauce,1 tsp red wine vinegar,1 can(15oz)Tomato sauce,1 can(15oz) red Kidney beans drained,1 cup beef stock or water,1 tbsp Cumin seeds powder.Put the crock pot on high for 2 hrs and then turn it down to low, close the lid and forget about it for 12hrs!!When it's done,sprinkle cilantro and adjust the salt and spices.I also add few rings of bottled Jalapenos in the sauce to give that zing.No extra oil is necessary at all!:)
To serve: Ladle into a bowl,garnish with minced onion ,sour cream and some Cheddar cheese if you like.I make some Cheese fries and my kids also like to eat with rice or with some crusty bread or with buttery Naan.

A bowl of delicious Chili:

Here is how to make Chili on the stove top:
1. Heat a pan,brown the meat.Add peppers and onion,saute for a mins.Add all the other ingredients I have given above and heat on high until it comes to boil.
2. Turn down the heat to medium and cook until thickish or put it in the oven at 350F for about 35-45 mins.
3. If you find it too thin,mix a tbsp of Masa Harina or corn flour with water and add to the sauce.
4. Make the chili a little spicier than usual.It tastes great with rice or bread.

Another look and out!!:D

Have a great week and weekend friends.See you next week with more veg.dishes!!;P

Here are some of my "Aroma" dishes you might have missed:

Caribbean Salad

Cardamom-Raisin Quick Buns

Banana Pudding

Hoppin' John

South of the Border Farfalle

Have a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,

I hope I am the first to comment atleast this time. Excellent dishes & I also tried Paati's naan & it came out very well.Next time I will try your Kesari murgh & dal maharani to go with it for sure.You chilli looks very tempting.


Sharmi said...

hey got to comment in this blog yarr! It worked.
waw Dal maharani,what a name. all lovely recipe.I am all hungry and plenty of recipes to try. Hmmmmm my tummy is growling.


Anonymous said...

Hi big sis, lovely looking naan. I have lost count on the number of times I have tried making naan without success. Never heard of dal maharani. Looks simple and flavorful.
I keep getting such anonymous comments too. Frustrating sometimes.

Bong Mom said...

Hi Asha
Great spread as usual
I have had the Dal Maharani and didn't know how to make it, thanks
All the dishes look so great that wished could be in NC/SC :)

Anonymous said...

thats a nice spread Asha. I never made naan at home though I like it a lot, may be I will try to make it sometime. Good chicken recipes, I hope atleast chicken will help me to put on some weight, well I have to gain atleast 10lbs which I lost in last 2-3months(i was already underweight). I love makhani but never tried to cook it at home. Will try these dishes sometime.

sra said...

The chicken is making me hungry! Will try this recipe.

Beccy said...

Not sure I'll try my hand an the naan but am definitely going to attempt the Kesari Murgh, looks delicious.

TNL said...

Those naans look so soft, Perfect to sop up the Daal Maharani with...the other few dishes...well, they won't work for me cos they have meat in it...but even they look good. ;)

Sorry you had some anonymous people doing that on your blog. What morons.


bee said...

asha, we have only one indian restaurant where we live and it is bad. will you come and one in my town? it'll be a smash hit. your dishes are amazing.

Margie said...

Yummy recipes!
I know I will make the saffron chicken and chili con corne, your family's favorite dish...I know my family will love it too!

I am sorry to hear about anonymous!
hope you don't get any more stuff like's good you have comment moderation here!

Well, off to work I go!
It's a gorgeous day here in Colorado...I wish I could stay home, and take a long walk!
I will do that on the weekend!

Hope you have a great day Asha, and a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for all the great recipes!
I do enjoy coming here each week to see what yummmy stuff you have for us!

FH said...

Hi Kate,made it first this time!:))Naan was great ,wasn't it? Enjoy all the recipes,thanks.

Hi Sharmi,hurray!! Try and try again until you succeed,works huh?!:))Thanks girl,hope you try.

Hema tangacchhi,I have tried Naans before,came out like crispy crackers!:D This one was great,I tried another too,will post later.Dal Maharani is soft and creamy,so good with Parathas.Try :)

NC Sandeepa!;D It's so easy,you don't have to go to a restaurant anymore.Make it at home girl:)

Shilpa,I think it's the new job and the stress that's making you to lose weight.You have got to eat on time.Take care of yourself sweetie.Yeah,little meat now and then might help.Try them :))

Sia said...

yum yum yummy... everything looks so delicious. i have another recipe of dal maharani ashakka. its coconut based dal. will try ur dal maharani soon:)
ammana hattira naan recipe keli baredu ittukondiddini:) (also check archana or tries and tested recipes's blog. she has got step by step procedure for making naan using pressure cooker)
i had to download mozilla to leave comment on ur blog. IE dont work here from home:( thats why it took this long to comment.
bhoo to anonymous... and tight hugs to u:)

FH said...

Hello sra,hope you do girl.It's delicious:))

Hi Beccy,Naan is easy if you use the food processor to mix and just make circles instead of the tear shape.Try it at least once,you will love it.Enjoy the recipes:)

You are right T!They are morons,I think they saw the Plagiarism sign there!!Thank God for moderation!:)
Kesari Murgh,you can skip murgh and add koftas.Sauce is delicious.Hope you try the Naan:)

Sure Bee,why not?! I cook and you take care of the business.My son says the same too!;D
You don't need a restaurant now,can cook these at home.

Thank you Margie.Hope you do try those.Weather is getting better and better these days.Thank God.
I just ignore those creeps,I feel sorry for them really.
Have a great rest of the week Margie and enjoy the recipes:)

J said...

Hi Asha! The Naan looks good!! Baking it was a great tip! You can even try placing an old cooker or thick bottomed pan upside down on the stove, it will turn like dhaba style naans!
Dal maharani is a restaurant style name isn't it? :) I've noticed every restaurant has a different version of this dal, some make normal dal with a dash of ghee and call it maharani!!:) I make this dal too, but call it makhani. Try making it mushy, Asha - cook it on slow flame for 1 1/2 hours and see the difference!! Will post a recipe when I make it again...:)
Kesari murgh is great. Anything with coconut milk is fantastic!
Chili - Looks good. Don't prefer beef, so can't give you a tip!!;p

FH said...

Usha said:

Hi Ashaji,
This is comment for foodhope...Excellent Wednesday treat with both veg and nonveg...delicious dishes...i can't range any seperately,,,all the dishes are great in their own way....

FH said...

Sia,I got your comment,both of them!:))Make coconut Dal Maharani and Naan this weekend and post them!I love both.I saw Archana's too,got to try sometimes.The second Naan recipe on the plate was from Arab countries,it came out well.IE doesn't work for many now,too slow.Great you got Mozilla:)Boo for that Anon too,coward!!Trying to intimidate everybody!!;D

Hi J! Have to try the presure cooker Naan,little scared that I don't warp the cooker bottom,will try though.Makhani is made without Chana dal and Maharani has it!!;D Just different names I guess.Tastes great though,looking forward to your's too:)

Hi Usha,sorry you still can't get in!Thank you.a nd hope you try atleast some of them!:))

Anonymous said...

Hi always outstanding dishes...I do love the Dal Maharani...I tell you...I think you my dear ben are a Maharani of yummy dishes...thats what I there...~smile~...take care ben...thanks for sharing...

Manasi said...

Hi.... I like those Nans! I have been mmeaning to try them, but kinda kept putting it off for ages coz, no tandoor, but I kept chking other blogs for it ! well, u hv inspired me! Thanx :D
Being a vegetarian, i hv no idea abt the meat dishes..
And a big 'BOO' to the Anon. pest

Mishmash ! said...

Ohhh...I had completely forgotten that its wednesday and you would be ready here with a plate and sometimes a great buffet for all of us !!! Thanks for showing that Naan prep, I like to try any dish that avoids too much of oil and deep frying...hey, that anonymous mail, that was soo cheap!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Asha -
A tremendous spread as usual, I love the beautiful color of the kesari murgh, it looks so rich, will be trying it out soon!

starry said...

Would love to try the naans.Have never tried my hand at it before.sure looks yummy.nothing like the taste and smell of home made bread.I think the chilli would be easy for me right now to throw into the slow cooker.thanks for sharing all these wonderful recipes.I used to get a lot of annonymous comments and thats why I had to add comment moderation.Some people have too much time on their hands to do useless stuff.

Manjula said...

Hey Asha, I am always excited when you post. Its a feast for a foodie.
Steps to make the Naan are very helpful. I have liked Dal maharani at restaurants but never tried at home.
Using slow cooker for chicken is wonderful idea.

Priya said...

Asha: Why do u make me so hungry when I still wondering wat to cook today.

Just gonna grab your chicken and naan for now ok.

FH said...

HAHAHA!! Dilipbhai,you are so sweet to me,I might get high blood sugar!!;D Thank you so much.Have a great week:)

Hi Manasi,same here too until I saw Paati's!!:) It's so hard to get that real Naan taste and texture.Long way to go yet,but give this a try with fresh yeast:)

Hello shn,don't worry,still got time to chow down!;D Naan does have 3 tbsp of butter but it makes about 8 Naans,so not bad.That anon should use that talent for some good cause instead!!

Hi Monisha,great to see you here.You have gone for too long!:))Thank you and hope you do try.Even my kids liked it!;D

FH said...

Hi Lalitha,you can do the dal too in the slow cooker!I put it on in the night,by morning the whole house smells so good,you can't sleep in late!;D Hope you try.
I agree,too much time and waste of talent!Poor thing :)

Thanks Manjula.Actually you make so many dal dishes like Rajma too in the slow cooker.It becomes soft and creamy.I will do more of those.

Okey dokey Priya!!:)) Grab some and have fun.If only that easy,I would grab all those yummy dishes from all the bloggers and never cook again!:D

swapna susarla said...

Hi Ashaji
i have been searching for the dal makhani for a long time.will definitely try urs..its looking amazing!!!perfect nann..

FH said...

Sig said:

Hey Asha, This is for your post in foodies' hope today, I still can't comment there :(
I'm so glad you made some non-veg dishes this time :) The Kesari Murgh looks yummy, but the Chili Con Corne is out of this world! It is a great idea, and I am definitely trying it out.
As usual the entire spread looks wonderful.

Sangeeta said...

Hi Asha,

Drool ! Drool ! Drool ! What a yummylicious spread :) I haven't tried Saffron Chicken - that will be the first thing I make when the Lent season is over .. LOL. Loved the South of the Border farfalle too. Great recipes :)

Anonymous said...

I too tried naan few weeks back. Your dal Maharani looks delicious. Great combo for naan. Waiting to see your next naan recipe.

Prema Sundar said...

Today Iam fasting Asha , and all the dishes makes my mouth to water. They look lovely.. I haven't made naan.. planning to do it soon for coffee's MBP.Dal maharani sounds interesting and got to try it sometime. thanks for the recipes.

FH said...

Hi Swapna, thanks.Do try the Dal,it;s yummy.Tastes better after a day.

Hi Sig,thanks for leaving the comment at Aroma!:)) Hope you try the Chili,it's fabulous.

Thanks Sangeeta.Lent is when you don't eat meat and eat only after sunset,right? Hope you try these after Lent!:))

Hi Jas,hope you post your Naan recipe too.More the better.I would love to try your version.I will post the other Naan in 2 weeks.Thanks.

Li'l Lite said...

Awesome ashadidi!!
love all the dishes...dal HAS to be there everyday for me..all ur dishes look yummy!!!my mouth's watering now...slurp!

indosungod said...

Asha, mouth watering dishes as always. The dal maharani is especially tempting. Can I substitute black beans for the black urad? Naan hmmm may be one of these days might give it a shot.

KA said...

The whole spread looks delicious Asha!
Oh man, I envy your family they get to eat such delicious dishes everyday. Wish I could get a bite of that kesari chicken.

FH said...

Hi Prema,you can try some of these after fast.You know,Coffee's MBP suits this Naan fine bcos you do "roll" this Naan unlike other Naans,where you have to stretch them with your hands.Perfect:)

Hello dear light behna!:))Dal is about 3-4 days per week in my house.We love it too.Hope you try too:))

Hi Indo,I think you very well can use black beans,probably more nutritious too than Urad.I will try with black beans,thanks for the idea!:))
Naan is easy to do if you use food processor,give it a try when you have time Indo,it taste great.

musical said...

Hi Asha,

Enjoyed reading the naan recipe. i am gonna' try this oen soon. Do you use whole wheat flour (i have switched to that, recently-previously i was using 50:50 mix, which makes softer naans.).

I love the slow cookers :). and the essence of any good daal (especially saabut/whole daals) is slow cooking. Even if i pressure cook rajma. chhole or daal -after adding the tadka i always cook it for atleast 15-20 minutes for regular daals and 30 mins. for saabut daals, with frequent mixing-that ensures mixing of all the spices and thickening of the gravy. I'll try the chili recipe without meat (kya karun, i don't eat meat-but vegetarian chili shd. be yum as well).

Praba Ram said...

Wow, Asha! In fact, I saw your Dhal Maharani on Aroma just the other day, and thought I should be making it sometime!

"She" looks gorgeous - the meal you've made is royal - fit for queens and kings - the kesari murgh(i shud try with paneer/soy like your suggestion), chili and dhal maharani! Great recipes - will certainly try.
Thanks for your comments on my masoor dhal/brocolli-carrot post. I know people in India think masoor can cause blindness because of some coloring agents they add to make it colorful. Hopefully the regulations are strict now, and they don't it anymore...

thanks for great recipes! My wednesdays are so interestingat your posts...

Praba Ram said...

my wednesdays are so interesting - thanks to your posts!

FH said...

Hi KA!Thanks.Wish I could give you some with Naans!:)) Hope you try and make the chicken dish.It was great.

Hi Musical,welcome and thank you.
For this Naan,Paati used Plain flour,so that's what I used.I am still trying experiment to a good balance.Dals are wonderful to cook in slow cooker.You can substitute meat with veggies in any dishes.Sauce is wonderful in any kinda Koftas:)

Hi Praba,I hope so too about red color added in Masoor!It's a wonderful dal to cook.Hope you try some of these.Aroma has some quick and delicious dishes too,that's why I linked some here:))

ChrisB said...

Hi Asha I always look forward to weds as I know you will produce some wonderful recipes. I am fond of Chili but hubby isn't too keen so I don't tend to make it at home but you are tempting me. I would never have considered making naan bread, now that is something hubby likes, and homemade has got to be better than anything bought in the supermarket.

Anonymous said...

I do love your photos. You make the naan look easy.

Surya Hith said...

Wonderful recipes as usual Ashaji.Chili looks colorful.Can I try it with chicken?I have a slow cooker but I am using it very occassionally. By seeing this recipe,I am ready to use my slow cooker.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

hey...i wasn't too excited today 'coz i thought you were doing only non-veg dishes..but you made me happy...will try the dhaal maharani..all those pictures are making me salivate, i am hungry and tired to cook now (too much blogging).....and now i want your yummy dishes, too bad!

FH said...

Hi Chris,this Naan recipe actually from a French blogger which Paati adapted and I did from her!!:)) It's pretty easy,you can roll them instead of hand shaping.Hope you try,thanks.

Hi Pearl,thanks you.Naans are easy,give it a try on a weekend.It will be fun:))

Hello Surya,yes,you can use Chicken in chili too and there is vegetarian chili too with lots of beans.Use the slow cooker with chicken and all overnight and you will wake up to a great aroma!:)

Hi Orchid,I always always give you a veg dish there whenever I post non-veg!I know many of you are vegetarians,so I don't want you to be disappointed.Hope you win the marathon tomorrow!;D

Shionge said...

I do enjoyed naan and I bet it goes well with that chilli too - yum.

Just curious Asha, how long it takes for your family to finish that whole pot? Any left-over kekeke...

Anonymous said...

Naan with dal maharani looks yuuuummmmmyyyyy ! I normally make dal makhani but never tried maharani !!

What was that tip about inverted cooker on tawa by another commentator ? do you put the rolled out naan on tawa and then put a pan/cooker on it ?? Will try anything for a dhaba style naan ;-)

Isha said...

hey hun.. dad bought me all these cooking appliances and pots and pans now that im in my own place.. hopefully i should be cooking something up .. from ur recipes ill keep you posted

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Lovely roundup of excellent recipes Asha.I wonder what was the salad what you had served in the sides with the nan.Dont mind im curious to know as im salad freek

deepsat said...

finally a recipe on how to make Naan!! got to try that!!!

asha give me your house address i am coming over to relish all your cuisines!! LOL!!

you are tooooooo gooooooooooooood!!!!!!


Keshi said...

hey Asha hows it going?

**Btw,yesterday I got 2 "anonymous" comments with pics of female anatomy created by PC keyboard letters and numbers,both of which I rejected!!

thats sick. I cant u'stand why anybody wud wanna that sorta thing. The only reason I can think of is that they havent met with their embryonic needs. I get abuse too and I reject em straight away. No need to waste any time/breath of em.

I love Naan bread and I usually buy em at the Indian restaurant. I cant believe u make em, how nice!


Viji said...

Excellent post Asha, The naan looks so nice and that too with Dal Maharani. The cookies are perfect. Saved it for future reference. :) Viji

Seema said...

Ashaaa - Awesome spread as always dearie !!!!

The dal makhani is so invitinggggggg (the strictly non veggie me is actually drooling at it !!!!) You are really good at setting me ON as far as food is concerned !!

Wishing this lovely lady whose always been an inspiration...a great home maker a wonderful blogger who always sets up a treat for the eyes and above all a lady of feelings and emotions...a great human being...HAPPY WOMENS DAY !!!

Cyberkitty said...

The chili looks simply would go very well with the naans !

KF said...

I tried several times to put a cooment in your blog,most of the times it shows error..I am not sure that there is some problem in my computer.Really Nice spread..Good work.Today I am searching for a good recipe with green peas..Is there anything in ur blog.Let me search..bye for now

Life said...

hello ashaji :)

how ru ? iam fine...

this time menu is not for me...coz its non veg...but i love being here for ur sweet dishes...

ashaji i invite u to my other blog

hope u will like it...its based on my real life

Take Care

Shilpa said...

Jeez, what an array, and such lovely crockery to boot! :) Thanks for the naan recipe! My hubby loves it, so I might attempt some buttery garlic naan some day!

Sorry that you got indecent messages! Some people need to grow up!

Sangita S said...

Came here to wish Happy Holi..Little late though :-) and as usual got bowled over by ur dishes..Man do u nevr get scared what of one day all of them are already listed..seems so much like dadi maa ka jadoi pitara where things never end and they keep coming out..I love it

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, I totally love your ceramic bowl that holding chili!!!
I've made naan from a couple of recipes, I'd like to wait for yours, the photo proves they look good!

FH said...

Sumitha said:

Couldn't comment dear in foodies.Kesari murgh looks creamy and perfect to go with naan,the first pics of naan were not so good akka but that last one looks perfect!

FH said...

Linda said:

Hi Asha! Every Weds. I open the new cookbook at FH and every Weds. it's a slew of recipes I'm wanting to try! Everything looks fantastic as usual. Haven't made dal maharani with chana dal, so must try that... and the chicken gravy looks too rich to be real. Naans, chili, yum yum yum... oh, and I love chayote, too, so it's a big long list of "to-dos" for me now. Thanks for sharing all your goodies!

FH said...

Hi Shionge,hehe!!It serves about 6 and we are only four!!!;D Thanks girl.Naan is easy,hope you try.

NZ,thanks.I have not tried that pressure cooker thingie,little scared to invert a cooker on the direct heat and slap the naan on the inside walls.Might work you know,but use a old cooker or something.I will try one day though!;D

Ish,I am so glad to hear that!You have a whole world of foodies up here to try:)) Go to Recipe Index for a search.Slow cooker are great too.Can't wait to see some photos in your blog!:))

Not at all Sowmya.You can ask me anything you want:) That was Onion relish,Punjabi style.I don't know the right name.Slice the sweet onions to very thin rings,sprinkle salt,chilli pd,cilatro and mix well and keep it for 15-30 mins.Tastes good with Naans,parathas.

Hi Deepsat,thanks man:)Hope you do try,it's not hard.Oven should be at 450F to bake it quickly.Have fun.

FH said...

LOL @ *they haven't met with their embryonic needs*!
Keshi,some people are harassing everybody who got "protest against plagiarism" sign.It doesn't bother me either,but if he or she comes back to peek,I want them to read that.Naans are tough to re create,still trying:)

Thank you V!:))Hope you try both which go together perfectly.Any more Naan recipe from you,I would love to try.

Ahh..!! Seema,you are such a sweet girl.Thank you for all that ,coming from a poetess like you,I am truly honored.Go girl power,indeed!:)
Make sure you make time to cook something,it's a skill.

Finally,Cyber Kitty!!I have got something you like,you fussy child!!;D Enjoy,hope you make them.

Patience Kitchenfairy ,is the key!:))Wednesdays are traffic day here,PC takes it time.Glad you made it.Thanks and I do have two fab. recipes with peas.One in Aroma and one here.Go to recipe index and find them in side dishes.

Menu Today said...

Hi Asha,
Everything looks fantastic!!!!!!
I will try this version of Naan some time. Excellent pictures of all dishes.
Thanks for sharing,

FH said...

Hi Vikas,thanks but Dal Maharani and Naan are not non-veg man!:))Got to read properly before commenting!;D I will make a sweet for you next time.

Thanks Shilpa.You can add garlic pd to the dough after it rises or just brush on top after baking.Enjoy the recipes.Some people are not raised well,that's all:)

Thanks Gattina.I bought that soup bowl in Florida,love it.I have got your Persian Naan recipe too,I will try that as well one of these days!:)

You are welcome Linda.Sorry you still can't get in.Hope you try some of them:))

Hi Sumitha,first Naan is almost like buttery soft bread,tastes great.That second looks better but little harder than the first one.Can't win!!;D Thanks for leaving the comment at Aroma.

Vini K said...

Asha,dal and naan look delicious.I wish I was staying somewhere close to you!Will try out your chili too.My Hubby loves soya too.

Latha said...

Hey Asha,
Yummy looking meal! I will try your kesrai murgh for my family! Thanks to all you guys my repertoire of non-veg dishes is fast growing.
Way to go about those anonymous comments! Some people just are plain sadists! Well, what can u do the world is full of weirdos!

karmic said...

Note to self.. Do not visit this blog while hungry.
Great recipes and dishes.

Anonymous said...

Dal maharani indeed is a "maharani" of all dishes,great presentation with sumptous spread,very tempting indeed :)

Chickoo said...


You are so innovative, I am going to try your method of making naans.


FH said...

Thanks MT.Paati's Naan looks better than,hope you try.

Vini,I have never Soya granules before.I think they taste similar to meat like beans.Try it,thanks.

Hi Latha,enjoy the recipes.I make non-veg almost every sunday.Kids love it.I made your Aloo methi too,it was yummy.Tasted almost like Saagu,thanks for that.I will post it next week:)

FH said...

Hi Sanjay,good to see you smiling!:))I am busy today,I will visit you later.Cold Virus is upon us this week!:P

Thank you dariling girl from B'lore! I loved that dal,become thick and creamy to scoop up with buttery Naan!Next week,all K'taka veg recipes!!:)

Hi Deepa sweetie. If you use the food processor,it's cinch to make.Make sure you use fresh yeast.Have a great week:))
I need some authentic K'taka recipes if you know,I will not publish it if you leave it in comments.Thanks.

Anonymous said... always!
The slow cooker recipe sounds interesting.
Do you use slow cooker a lot? May I request you to do a post on slow cooker recipes?(preferably Indian style, but I would love to know the non-Indian recipes too) I know if I request you one post, it will come with many recipes! :)

Chickoo said...

I will start a food blog soon and try to give you recipes for as many karnataka dishes I can. Thats a promise!


FH said...

Hi rp, you clever girl,you know me better than I know meself!!HeHe!!
Yes,I will post Indian slow cooker recipes but little later bcos I have to experiment with some and like the dishes.I will start next week one by one and then see it it's suitable for Indian dishes veg and non veg.Usually,I make stew.Btw,I love the JFI logo.That will be up too.Phew!So much to do.Thanks:))

YAY!!!:))) Thank you Deepa,I am happily looking forward to savor your home dishes.Can't wait!!

Lisa Johnson said...

I love Naan and always have a ton when I go to Indian restaurants. I tried some from Trader Joe's, but it was rather disappointing and I'm a big TJ fan too. This recipe looks pretty easy. I'm going to try it!

FH said...

Hi Anali,I don't like the store bought Naans either.This one pretty good,little buttery than the regular Naan but tastes great.Do try when you have time.I am still in persuit of a perfect Naan..well.. almost perfect Naan!;)
Have a great weekend.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I love naan bread and have always wanted to make it. And you say you're going to share another one later? I can't wait!

P.S. Asha, I've had trouble commenting on this blog several times. Any thoughts as to why? When I try to open the comment box, usually it won't open. Thought I'd let you know....

Unknown said...

Hey Asha, the pic.s did spoke for themselves though you didn't give us detailed recipe here..and again where exactly you didn't write about the recipe..huh?.Because i got perfect recipe for kesari murgh,naan and dal mahrani from this post.That Kesari murgh pic.s is mouthwatering...

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Thanks for visiting my blog :) You too have a nice recipe for Naan here and the dal maharani. I will try your recipe too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
I tried ur daal Maharani. It turned out delicious,I just loved it.Thanx a bunch for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

The Dal Mahrani and Naan ..what a lovely combo...Naan looks wonderful... I liked the Kasuri Murgh recipe most...fantastic color...Thanxs so much for sharing Asha...:-)

Mallika said...

Only yesterday I answered a query on nan, saying I had never tried making it. Thanks so much for the recipe. Your first three recipes are absolutely glorious... my colleague has just gone to Abu Dhabi and I've placed an order for the best safforn she can find. I love cooking with it.

FH said...

Hi Susan,this naan is buttery bread,tastes great.Other one I made is Arabi style,I will post that too.
I don't know why some can't get in at FH,my settings are okay.Sometimes Firefox browser works too.Thanks for trying Susan:)

HAHAHA!!! Mahesh,I tend to blabber in the first para itself,sometimes 3 paras!!;P
With lot of photos,it's gets longer and longer like Hunuman's tail!:))Hope you Kesar Murgh.I baked yesterday with Pineapple,willpost on Monday.

Hi Archana,yesterday I got confused betn you and Spiceyana's Archana,was looking all over for your Naan recipe!!Glad I found you.I will try your's too,thanks.

FH said...

Hi Deepa,great news for me,thank you:)) Always save the recipe when you find a good one,don't rely on theses web sites and blog.who knows what goes wrong and when!Glad you enjoyed it:)

You are welcome Sushma:)
They do well together,hope you do give a try this weekend.Thanks.

Hi Mallika,thanks girl.I will still keep on trying diff. Naans unitl I I get a great tasting one!I know,a good Saffron has great aroma and color just like root Turmeric than the powder we get.Here,you don't get good Saffron but some pd which looks like Saffron!!I have to look in Whole Foods for a authentic one.Enjoy the Saffron M!:))

Priya said...

Asha: Just curious. Was looking for a recipe of stuffed chicken indian style. Any suggestions??

FH said...

Hi Priya,
I do have Tandoori chicken recipe but after it was sliced in the photo.Go to my Recipe Index 'Non-Veg' to get it or 'Our 20th' post in Dec archive.
Use the same masala for whole chicken or make a pocket in large skinlees boneless chicken breasts and stuff and bake or grill.
Hope that helps:)

Anonymous said...

happy you liked the naan recipe asha:)your saffron chicken looks good,got to try it sometime. followed your advice& didn't buy the peddatha cookbook,but instead got a sreedharan das book( the recipes are ok!)blogger is not allowing me to post anything on my blog:( but asha i didnt cook the naan on both sides, as soon as it puffed up i removed it from the oven,explained it in detail for kate!looking forward to some authenic karnataka recipes from you:)

FH said...

Hi Paati,good to see you.I was going to visit you and leave you a message to check out the Naan.
I know you didn't flip looking at your photos,but I just flipped them to get the color on both sides,my style!I think my yeast also was not that fresh!;P I will try again with new yeast.Thanks Paati.
I just baked another Naan recipe,it's so good that I am thrilled to bits,will post next week.Peddhata book is okay,buy it when the price and all the hoopla goes down a little!:)Enjoy the new book.Hope your blog get fixed soon,missing your non-veg recipes.

Aahaar Vihaar said...

Hi Asha,
I have heard of dal makhani , but not dal maharani. I love chilli, but haven't tried making it at home. Thanks for the recipes.

FH said...

Hi AV,you are welcome.
Sometimes in Indian restaurants they do serve Dal Maharani,just creamier with chana dal compared to Makhani which buttery.That's all the difference!:)Hope you try both chii and dal too.

me said...

I am going to have to try this chili on my crocpot!!!

Lotus Reads said...

Asha, honestly, I am going to have to start a little recipe book just for the recipes I scribble from you every week. Today I helped myself to three recipes:

Kesari Chicken ( it couldn't have come at a better time because I just asked my hub to buy some saffron from Iran where he has gone on a business trip)

Caribbean Salad: It looks so YUMMY I couldn't resist

Banana Pudding: We are a banana-loving family so this is bound to be a huge hit.

Oh wait, I have to go back to your post and copy the Dal Maharani as well...

Thank you, Asha!!!

FH said...

Hi ZUZU,hope you do.It's taste wonderful slow cooked and what can I tell you about the aroma which fills up the house y morning!!YUM!:)

Lotus,you are lucky to get real Saffron.I try to find some good ones but you know these Indian stores.God knows what they put in there and how long they keep it,it doesn't even smell like Saffron!
Hope you do try all those!!:))
Have a great weekend.

Deepz said...

Gr8 recipes and the naan looks perfect. I've never heard abt Dal Maharani before but will definitely give it a try.

FH said...

Hi Deepz,how is new marriage going?:)) Thanks,Dal Maharani tastes excellent,hope you try for your honey!;D

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just purchased a book on vegetarian Indian cuisine. After reading your post I'm doubly excited about giving those recipes a try!

Ari (Baking and Books)

FH said...

Hi Ari,great to see you here.I was just thinking about you,will visit you later!
Great news and I am looking forward to Indian cuisine in your blog:))
I am in to Naan making these days,baking like crazy to find that perfect Naan!;D

Richa said...

Hello Asha, the spread looks great! I make Dal Maharani (aka Makhani) very often it is loved at our house by all.
I'm amazed at your detailed postings, too good!
BTW how did you make the button for - Wud it kill ya to comment
It's neat.

FH said...

Hi Richa,welcome and thank you.Yeah,little variation here and there makes a different dal!;D
I borrowed that button from Kalyn's blog,you can copy it if you like,it's for all who wants it.Hope it works on ghost readers!:))

vasilisa said...

Asha, Asha -- how do you manage to cook so much so well!

I'm definetly trying the dal recipe, cause it's a dish I always order when I'm out. I might try the naan as well... But bready things and me do not mix too well :-) I'll probably just ask my father-in-law to get me some and eat it with my dal :-)

Anonymous said...

The dal maharani and kesari murgh are being bookmarked. Awesome spread as always!

And don't let the anon comments get to you. IGNORE THOSE CREEPS!!

Shah cooks said...

maharani, ur recipes are all mouth watering. waitng for the batura/naan in the photo to materialise too.

FH said...

Hi Lisa,I know.I have been baking too many Naans these days too,got to STOP!;D Dal is great for any bread really,doesn't have to be Naan.Relax for a few weeks,after that ,you can start.Hope you didn't miss my Potato post,your fav!:D

Hi Sailaja,nope.Those anon comments just irritate me but don't get me down.They need to get a life!;D
Guess what a beautish dish we ate for Sunday lunch?!Surprise,will post next week!!;D

Shaheen,good to see you girl,thanks!:))
This Wednesday,I will post a better Naan than that Arabi Naan you see there.I hit the Jackpot with a great recipe.I can't wait!!:D

Anonymous said...

Ashaji, thanks for that link to the pressure cooker naan - tussi great ho :-) ( thats 'you are great' in punjabi :-))

FH said...

Hi Abha,I know little Punjabi too!! All that B4U I watch everyday,I better be understanding at least some!!;D
You are welcome and there is another Naan recipe coming your way next wednesday from me!:))

KCS said...

I love Dal maharani but i can't eat such yummy food for another 3 months untill my medication period is not over :(

Sri said...

Delicious spread of dishes Ashaji...Those naan are really soft ...i have tried Archana's naan now will try your version too.
Dal maharani is looking yummy too beautiful color.
Ashaji i tried your Kofta as well as butter chicken....have to tell you i was literally licking my fingers. The only problem I faced was while making kofta's have asked to add 1 tbsp of besan but Ashaji i think i had to add more then 1/2 cup but still kofta where not of the right consistency however i made them, it tasted really good ...what could be the problem?

Dalicia said...

nice to be back and check your blog again :) hmmmm more yummy posts!

Kalpana said...

Lovely recipes. I will try Dal Maharani 1 day since I was thinking of it from a long time. How are you?

FH said...

Hi KCS,take care of yourself first,you can always cook and enjoy later!:))

Hi Sri,glad you enjoyed the recpes.With Kpftas,it depends on how dry the Kaddu etc is.If it's wet and soft,you need to add as much as besan you need(I think I wrote that there) which makes it harder than usual,almost like Pakodas.Next time,steam them in chunks with a tbsp of water in the cooker pan,not directly in water.Peel and then mash when cold.You can also add a aloo to balance.Hope it helps.Don't give up,try again with small amount first,takes a little practice:))

FH said...

Hello Dalicia,you had some holiday girl.Good food ,good times!:))
Thank you,hope you give it a try.

Hi Kalpana,good to see you.I am doing well as usual,nothing special happening!:))
Hope you do try the dal,it tastes great.Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

I love dal maharani and kesari murgh...:)

FH said...

Hello SouthPaw! At last some free time for you!!:)) Enjoy every moment and thanks for saying hi!

FH said...

ShivaPriya said:

I saw it in your post, I tried to leave a comment and as usual I’m not able to. All dishes looks delicious except for chicken, you know why;)


FH said...

Thank you P!!! You could make the non-veg sauce and add veggies you know!;D

Mythreyee said...

I too tried Paati's Naan and It came out well. Though it din't look good, atleast tasted well. Yes, I am happy that Yahoo Apologised. Great News. Also, About the Anonymous, I too got something like this and after I put word verificaion for comments, After that till now nothing of this sort I recd. The Dal Maharani is real Maharani.

FH said...

Hi Mythi,you are right.It doesn't look graet but tastes good.But Paati's Naan looks good too,I wonder why?:D May be yeast I used was not that fresh.I will try again with new yeast this week.
Wait until Wednesday,I will give you a fab.Naan recipe,my own this time!:)

Sri said...

Ashaji I have updated my blog and added your butter chicken recipe with a pic and link.

Priya said...

Asha: Me too got such comment 2 days back and just rejected. Some morons are always ther to make things mean.

I to keep trying for good heaer image but since I have rounders template, I cannot stretch the whole lot.

Anonymous said...

Aha!!!!!!!!!!! finally i'm able to access ur comment link.

FH said...

Thanks Sri!!:)))I will check it out.

Padmaja,good to see you here,thank God,it's working!!:))

Hi Priya,yeah.Some ppl have too much time on their hands!;D
I changed my Template again so ppl can access since other things I tried didn't work at all for them to leave comments.It seems to be working now,thank God!:))
Priya,post some good blog header design link and how to do it in your blog if you can.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It is only 8.57 a.m. here in Barbados and I am not usually a breakfast person and therefore do not eat in the mornings, but after looking through your blog, I have to go find something to eat.
I'm coming back here regularly for my meals :)

Sia said...

u've changed ur template? i loke this colour. very pleasing:)

Rachna said...

Hey Asha,
thanks a million for dropping by... i hadnt posted for a long time and to see yur comment just made my day!! i had an emergency operation, with a little one at home and masters degree dissertation to finish, with cooking and taking care of family, I have so much to do in life...!!! anyway will try to keep taking part in JFI, coz that keeps me posting! thanks so much again and keep visiting!!!

FH said...

Hi Cynthia,great to see you here!:))
People accuse me of making them hungry when they are at the office too!;D
I have never met anybody from Barbados before.I love to to learn your cuisine.Thank you for visiting,and I will see you later:))

Hi Sia,yup!I got lot of e mails yesterday because they couldn't log in at FH!Linda told me may be it's my previous template.I thought why not get the similar one to Aroma,since everybody can log in there!:))
Hope it works now for others too.I need some info how to get a blog header design and how to install it.Do you know?

Maneka Nirmal said...

hey ashaji..
I am back .. First time I am visiting ur blog since u changed the template. its nice ..but it lack something...may be u should consider changing the back ground color or may be the fond ..i am sorry if u don’t like my comment ..
I love dal makhani and i have tried different recipes. The pic is really tempting .. kudos!

USHA said...

Hi Ashaji,

Wow!!i'm happy after long time i tried to entry your foodie's hope blog,it worked out...

Convey my advanced B'day wishes to the Trisha and Kid...

FH said...

Hi Dumela,Thanks.Glad to see you here.That's okay,you have too much on your plate to blog frequently.Take it easy,life is stressful as it is with work and kids!:))

Hi Maneka,thanks girl,hope you try some of these:))
Old template was pink and second was giving lot of trouble for some regarding commenting.This one seems to be working, although little bland I know.Trying to get a colorful header,will see!:))

Hi Usha,YAY!!:)
I am so glad you can get in here,that means new template is working!!Thanks for telling me,I was hoping it would.
Thanks for your wishes,I will let them know!:)

Anonymous said...

Its a very nice blog you have here with lotzz of good recipes.But its so difficult to search your blog.I have come here many times searching for something,but there is no recipe index based on categories.I search using your search box but most often dont get correct matches.Then I start searching in other blogs and its happened twice that i have got links to your blog for the same recipe.So its like you have the recipe but we can't search for it easily.Only a few bloggers maintain a list of recipes posted bases on diff categories(like a drop down box or list of recipes in a seperate page).I really wonder why everybody don't do it.It makes searching so quick and easy too.Please do let me know if there is some other way I can search your blog other than the present recipe index which is very time consuming.Dont want to miss your tasty dishes.

FH said...

Hi Uma, glad to see you here girl.I never seen you here before if I can remember correctly.But take a deeeep breath,help is here!!:D

I do have a beautiful recipe index with photos like none other!!I have worked on it for months and you can search every recipe I have very easily.Take a look at my side bar,there are links for Aroma ,my other blog and link for Recipe Index as well.Click and you will be there and choose your category and choose your dish and go there.

Problem with lot of readers is that they don't look at the sidebar and get all stressed for nothing.Hope this works for you and hope you come back and comment and give me feedback on the dishes you tried too.

Ghost readers do not help any of us bloggers,we need encouragement! Also it's our choice to design and maintain our blogs as we please! HeHe!

Anonymous said...

i wished to comment last time itself on aloo kadhi, but site was not allowing me...I was in search for that recipe. You have got many toothsome recipes which i would like to give a try!

Anonymous said...

Hi,Uma here.I had commented before but had forgotten to leave my name I guess.Now that you have guided me,yes...your recipe index is indeed very beautiful.I would just see the pictures and click on links.Had totally missed the list on the right side!!But good I asked you to help me or else maybe i would end up browsing through your numerous recipes every time to find the one I want!You havent posted for sometime now.. How many recipes are you going to post this time to shock your readers?:) I am new to cooking.It takes me time to check the recipe and cook.I guess you must be having all the recipes in your head so that you can cook soo many tasty new dishes.And thanks for replying.You always reply to everybody ,that's very sweet.

sallywrites said...

Fantastic Asha as always. Love the comment to your anonymous person!!!!

FH said...

Dhanya,I think something was wrong with my last template.It wasn't allowing many of you to comment.I changed the template yesterday,it's working!!:))Thanks ,hope you try.

Hi Uma,you probably are right,anonymous comments had to come with the name,or else it's hard for us know who you are.Glad you could find whetever you want now,I am happy for you:)
I post once a week on every Wednesday and I post few recipes I cooked during the week.Have fun cooking,if you have any q's,don't hesitate to ask.I post at least 3 dishes per week at Aroma!!:)

Hi Sally,thanks.Yeah,some people think it's funny to send comments like that which irritates me to no end.Thank God for moderation!;D

Sai said...

Excellent dishes! I will try the naan sometime and let you know. I absolutely love dal maharani.

yum said...

Again, a delicious collection! Love dal maharani, but I think I will try Kesari murg first! Whenever I get around to cooking nonveg that is. hehe

What I wanted to ask you abt NC, do you find most of the indian veggies there, besides basic ones? Will the groceries be fresh(like flour and tea)? Do you get all varieties of dal, flours, rice? Basically I am moving from NJ where we get almost everything! Wondering what to expect and what to pack with me.

I know youre very busy, thanks for replying :)

FH said...

Hi Sai,wait until you see the new post to make Naan,which is my own creation and I think it's great tasting than this one.Dal goes very well with that Naan too:)

Hi Yum,that depends on which city you are moving into.If it's Raleigh or Charlotte,no problem.There are lot of Indian grocery stores you can go and get all the groceries.Don't expect to get all the veggies you get in NJ,no madam!:))
You get most of them if you ask them when they get fresh produce and go grab them on that day.Other than that you do get rice etc.I live 100 miles away from Raleigh and we go to Cary once in 3 months to do major shopping,but for veggies you have rely on whatever you get in the nearby stores.Hope that helps.I have seem red rice from Tamilnadu in Cary too.Hope that helps.If not,you can ask them ship them to you from NJ to here too:)

Deana said...

Hi Asha!

My hubby keeps asking me to make your dishes. I'll ask him what he'd like for dinner and he says, whatever Asha made. ha ha ha!

I guess I need to get to the grocery and try a new recipe! Thanks for the inspiration!

FH said...

AW..!!! That's very nice to hear,you made my day! Thank you Deana:))
Hope you didn't miss my new post,got garlic Naan recipe.Hope you try.

Me said...

I hope my future wife-to-be cooks as well as you. Your food looks good enough to make me drool.

FH said...

I hope so too Orhan,wish you the best finding one like me these days!;D
I am sure there are some out there,still old fashioned like me who take pleasure in cooking and caring for the family and be content doing that too.Thank you for that Orhan,you made me feel good!:))

Ayesha Seerin said...

Tried ur Kesar Murg .. It was awsome .. used a cup of saffron milk instead of coconut milk ....
U should have also given the risks of making this dish , like burning ur nose while trying to inhale the irresistable smell :-) .... I literally burnt my nose while smelling it and i couldnt controll the tempation to smell....

FH said...

HAHAHA!!! That made laugh Ayesha,hope your nose is recovered now!;D
Saffron milk is a great idea,thanks for telling me that,cuts down some calories too!I learn every day and I love blogging!Enjoy.

Manjula said...

Hi Asha,
I am planning to make Kesari Murgh tomorrow. Had a Question, hope you will reply soon.
For Kesari Murgh, you have mentioned powder all the spices first. Should they be roasted with/without oil to begin with, before powdering?

FH said...

Hi Manjula,answering you as soon as possible.
Yes ,do roast all of them without oil just until crisp,cool and powder.I think I have forgotten to add there.I will and thanks for pointing that out.You are genuine reader,hugs:)

Manjula said...

Not yet made your Kesari Murgh. Have some more queries before I really get to start.
When I make any chicken curry with chicken breast pieces, they get very hard and chewy. But the bone-in pieces are tender and juicy. How do I get those tender & succulent boneless chicken pieces?

Another Query is on the Naan. I do not have a pizza stone. Was wondering if I could use a cast iron griddle instead. Any idea, will it work?

FH said...

Hi Manjula,I always mix thighs and breast meat to get the best flavor.I also cook chicken separately,make sauce and then mix both together.Garnish on top.Breast meat are very tender,they get tougher if you cook for long time.Pressure cooker works well too,cook on low heat for about 6-8 mins after it reaches pressure.

Yes,you can use griddle,can make Naans one at a time.Works well.Some griddles break when heated on high heat.So be careful when you are using your fav. Tava.One of my dose henchu which I had it for a long time from B;lore split on the stove top on high heat!!Hope it helps:)

Amanda said...

Hi Asha,
I was hoping to try out your Kesari Murgh, but before I do, I was wondering what you meant by "tomato sauce"? Do you mean just the canned tomato sauce you get at the supermarket, or diced tomatoes, or tomato ketchup?

Just want to be sure I don't mess this up so I thought I'd ask! Thanks!


FH said...

Hi Amanda,glad to know you would like to try Saffro Chicken:))
Tomato sauce is just what you get in the supermarket in a Hunt's can, not ketchup or diced or Tomato puree.Hope it helps.
You can grind fresh tomatoes in a blender and strain to use in the dish as well.

Amanda said...

Hi Asha,
Finally had time to try out the Kesari Murgh last night and it was just amazing! We couldn't get enough of it.
Your directions were great too. I added a little more onion and didn't have any anise seed on hand, and it still turned out awesome. Looking forward to trying out more soon.
Thanks again,

FH said...

Amanda,good to hear that.Glad you liked it.
Fennel seeds just gives it some extra flavor,that's all.You can add it next time.Thanks for the feedback,I appreciate it.Enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

Hi there...just seeing this site for the first time. What draws me most of course are the photos..whoever is doing the photos they are beautiful and make one extremely am going to try some of these recipes just as soon as I move to my new place in a week or so and start entertaining again for the first time in years...your photos really caught my eye...very well done...and in seeing them, I studied the recipes..some I have never tried and can't wait...Well Done! IN DO MANY WAYS...THANKYOU...I will post when I serve this for the first time...

Anonymous said...

from above.....
"well done in oh so many ways is what I meant to say...and just to identify myself...My name is Anita..from Nova Scotia, Canada...great work!

FH said...

Hi Anita, nice to meet you!:))
Thank you.I feel the same way too that posting good photos of what we cook are very imp. for readers to see themselves how the end products look! Enjoy. Yeah,I do take all the photos personally!:)
Good luck with your move and looking forward to seeing the dishes in your blog if you have it.Let me know.Have a great weekend.

Annu said...

WOW........ extraordinary Asha.First time I logged in to gravey section.No words to say.I am so happy.All lovely recipes.Will try all - Annu

FH said...

Annu, glad you found the recipe Index, easy to see what you want at FH and Aroma too! Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!:)

Cham said...

Sorry there is another pict of ur post copied by KK.

FH said...

Damn them, can't believe this. Will mail them again.Thanks Cham.