September 10, 2006

Me..Me...Only Me! ..Huh !! Got Tagged ?! :)

Me..Me...Only Me!!!

I was: tagged By Prema..of My Cook Book..and Latha of Masala Magic..Thanks !

I am from: half Mysore and half Malenadu!!(around Hassan ie)

I am thinking about : Tomorrow's routine,New day!! :) ..9/11...sad..:(

I said : "GET OFF OF YOUR ...... AND WALK THE DOG!" in a high pitched voice to my kids!! :D:D

I want to : live and die happy and in peace !! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

I wish : I never had to experience those 18 months of bad times of my life!! BOY!! Am I glad that's over!!! :)

I regret : not trying harder to get into Masters in Psychology instead of Law! (Puke)

I hear : SILENCE !! (10pm) Aaaahhh....Bliss :D :D :D

I am : Stubborn,tough, have rules, must follow but always positive, my glass is always half full :)

I dance : to NOBODY's tune but to my own....

I have: two wonderful,smart,level headed and honest kids :)

I sing : NO singing.... Only reading....BE QUIET!!! SHHH!!!!!


I am not : Mean or rude :I choose not to hurt others by words or actions, unless I have to with no other options ! Rhymes!!

I am with my hands: Artistic, creative , clean and VERY organized :)

I write : My recipes and thoughts in two beautiful books for my kids so they can read after I am gone forever, although they don't care a hoot about them now!!

I confuse :
about the people hating each other so intensely knowing that each of us live only about 75yrs! Can't we just get along with civility??!! SMILE MORE, PLEASE!!

I need : HAPPY, SHINY PEOPLE LIKE THAT SONG ARVIND LISTENS TO ALL THE TIME!! NO freaking angry, dissatisfied ,meany and grumpy folks, get away from me!! :D

I laugh: at myself!! What could be funnier than ME ??!! :D But NEVER at others..

I value: my privacy! freedom and safety of all living beings in every way, shape or form!!

I love: the sounds of the Ocean , Mount Kailash and Rivers Nethravati & Kaveri!

I think: of life as beautiful which can be beautiful if you think it is!! Power of suggestion ??!! Try it!!!


I tag: Saakshi of Annasaarupalya, Vidya of Foodie Confidential, Roopa of Crazy about food and Prajakta of Atithi and Monisha of coconut chutney!!!  Phew!!! :)


Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
Knowing about you is very interesting.
Thanks for playing a lovely meme.

FH said...

Thank you Prema for tagging me!! MEME.. made me think and was easier than I thought to answer them!!Enjoyed it!! :)

Big hug from me to you and your kid! As long as you shower the kids double-triple times than yells,they will be quite alright!!They are lucky to have Indian parents with Indian values..:D

FH said...

You are welcome Praj, and looking forward to see your's! It is fun!!:) Makes you think!!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Asha,
great to know little about you also to see you..looking great..thanks for sharing:-))

Chandrika said...

That was a very good meme! :-)

Anonymous said...

HeY Asha.. thats nice of you to post the pictures!! You look cute-- nice to read about your meme!!! Whats abt 18 months???
I changed to beta blog and it has some problem while commenting-- so did as anonymous

Priya B

FH said...

Thanks Meena and Chandrika for reading my MeMe!!I enjoyed writing about me!Never did that before :)

Thanks Priya!
Well! Mine is not a arranged marriage although we both are lingayats or Shaivas.Married at 22yrs and my "new relatives" thought a "educated" bride is not good for traditional family , gave me LOT of trouble for the first 18 mts. I almost gave up hope.We had to run out of India to escape!! :D

But past has taught me a lot about how NOT to be rude to people, to respect individuality, to be positive bcos there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel! So I am glad that period is over and am in a good place now!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
Nice pictures, you look cute. I enjoyed reading your meme.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Asha,
I had a look at ur pictures.... U look cute.. Ur living room looks great.

Sure there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel and Iam glad u found it.

Rekha said...

hi Asha,thanks for visiting my site.I love the cozy place you are sitting on.Just feel like curling up with a cuppa coffee and a nice book.Enanthira???????

Nee said...

Hey Asha,

It's always wonderful to get a peek into the lives of fellow bloggers - especially so for you foodies, since we're better acquainted with the chef's culinary preparations than the chefs themselves.

Sorry to hear about the dark 18 months in your life, am glad you escaped with humor intact!


FH said...

Thanks Madhu! My thoughts just poured out!

Thanks again Prema for tagging me,I never would have done that on my own !! :)

FH said...

Sonpari welcome! That's exactly what I do and sometimes take a nap too!! I would like more plump pillows on it but Arvind says not enough space to sit!!
Banni namma manege, book , coffee , food ella koduttene!! :D

Hi Nee sweetheart! that's why I posted my photos to put a face to 'Asha' and know more of me than just my recipes!! :)
Thank GOD for MEME!!Strangely,I became weirdly positive while my peers with problems in India became depressed!!
Sometimes I say "God, I have really bad headache, HA HA HA!!" & my kids look at me puzzled and say "Mom! what's wrong with you? you are laughing bcos you are in pain??!!" :D
Take care Nee, let nobody bring you down, no matter what!!Got it?

Roopa said...

Hey Asha,
Nice Meme. Thanks for tagging me. Its really nice to look at you and now I can imagine the face behind the recipe. :)

I am glad that "those" days are gone!

Gotta try raagi muddhe. I donno why, but I am scared to do it. Now with your detailed recipe, I will defly try.

FH said...

Hi Roopa, thanks for playing along MEME! It was loads of fun!!
I am glad I got to share a little part of my life with all you sweet ladies!!

Revathi said...

Got to know you really !!! You look great nice to tie a face to a name and blog !!!

Revathi said...

Got to know you really !!! You look great nice to tie a face to a name and blog !!!

Vaishali said...

I thought you were talking about two pregnancies, hence 18 months. Honestly. :)
Great to see your pictures. Btw, you have 'photographed' the first photgraph so well, that it takes a second look to know that it's a picture-in-picture. And hey, you are such a smart and confident looking woman!!

Vaishali said...

One more thing: Do you really use those words in front of your children? For example, the one rhyming with 'masses'? Bad...very bad!!! ;-)

Nee said...

Yes Ma'am, I got it! :-)

FH said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
FH said...

You better, Nee!! Do I sound like your Mommy??!! :D :D :D

Thanks Revathi, wish evevrybody would put up their photos for a short time , so we can see who we are talking to! That would be wonderful!! :)

FH said...

Vaishali, you are smart enough to find out pic-in-pic :D I didn't have any photo in Picasa so I took from album, clicked those, that's why the hazy pictures.My babies came very easy, Trisha 15 & Tushar 11.Still easy,honor students and honest kids.Play video games too much. Grrr..

Oh Vaishali, if you think ****es is bad, you have NO CLUE abt America, girl!!That is like 0.0025% of 100 in scale!!:D

Rekha said...

pakkadmaneli iddidree eegle odi bartha iide!!!!!!

FH said...

Bummer! Sonpari, wish you were near somewhere!! Keep visiting!!:)

Smitha said...

Hey Asha,

I can relate to what you have to say about your thatha and Ajji. I think they are all the same. My thatha always wanted me to wear a Bindi :)) to look more like a Indian Girl :))

This is a new recipe for me. I will try it for sure and let you know.Raagi mudde is my favorite.

FH said...

Thanks Smitha! I think we always miss our grandparents after they are gone! While they are alive ,they are usually pain in the you know where! :D :D

Anonymous said...

Asha, great to know a lot more about you thru your Meme' ,not to mention, you look lovely ....great pictures.Happy weekend with your family ! cheers..:)

FH said...

Thanks Lera for visiting and the compliment!! Half way through my weekend already!! :)

Mona said...

Asha, you look so Young and beautiful! And it is nice to know.' more about you'!This is a great post!

FH said...

Hi Dizzy, thank you girl.Not as beautiful as you though!:)It was fun thinking and writing about it.

Kalpana, thanks girl for taking time go through it:)

mystic rose said...

I loved reading this..u should do more posts like this. you made me laugh several times. good.

Anjali Koli said...

Wow Asha after 2 babies and 20yrs of marriage you are still slim and trim and I guess it hasn't come easy.

FH said...

Hi Mystic rose,thanks girl.I try my best to bring some smiles!;D

Hi Anjali,thanks but I am not that slim now;D

RML said...

Hi Asha,

Today I spent a lot of time on your blog and was happy to know about u and your kids and I saw your beautiful wedding pics too.U were sooooo cute.

Have a wonderful Day!

FH said...

Hi Madhuri,thanks girl.Glad to hear that.
You made me smile today.I am still cute you know but in a bigger body!!Hahaha!!Have a great weekend.Hugs:)

Mishmash ! said...

OHHH thank you so much and I am sooooo happy to put a face to the SUPER WOMAN of the blogosphere :)
U re a SMARTIE, looks wise and cooking wise :) Cozy couple and two cute kids :)Wishing you all the happiness dear. HUGS :)


bee said...

yay. nice post and pics. but where's your doggie? i wanna see him/her.

Anonymous said...

Asha, Very Nice Pics!!! You are a very lovely lady with a very adorable husband & sweet kids!!!

I feel happy when I look at a perfect family!!! Hugs.

FH said...

Hi shn,glad you finally got to see old me!!;D I added two more pics,lot of ppl have missed this post.You don't have to break your head any more!!

Hi Bee,this is an old post too,you know that right? Shn asked for me newer pics,so I added them here.AJ(Arvind Junior!;p),our Bichon Frise, a boy,was in the kids B'day post,you forgot!!:D

Thanks Aruna.I don't know about perfect but yeah, we are ok family!:D Thank you for visiting:))

Roopa said...

wonderfull photos Asha, i never saw these before. u''gh did you update these today again gottu see something that i missed before!!

nice photos .... well u know i studied in hassan for 4 long yrs......

FH said...

Roopa,did you study in Hassan?! I went to PUC for 2 yrs there in Women's college(Forgot the name,Kanthamma?!)when my dad was a judge there.
Lot of ppl asked me yesterday to post the our new photos after seeing the baby photos,so I added 2 more here and told them to look!:D

Sig said...

Asha, hey you still look the same :) Beautiful family... Happy Mother's day Ash...

FH said...

I don't know about looking the same but thank you Sig! ;D
Have a great weekend.

Srivalli said...

wow feels good to finally put a face to the most loved blogger..I don't think I have to say anything about your looks..others have already done so much...:)..its very nice of you to post these....thanks...I was able to find this page after much difficulty.


FH said...

Hi Sri,thanks!:))
Everybody asks for photos,so I put some up.Thanks for taking time to find it,it's lot easier to find thru' the recipe Index or you can search in the side bar too.
Have a great week.

Arun Shanbhag said...

Asha - this is such a beautiful post.
Wishing you a wonderful 21st Anniversary (in advance).
The pics are very cute! and was really heartened to read all this abot you and your family
Congratulations on a beautiful family!

FH said...

Thank you Arun. Yeah, in so many ways I am lucky. I loved to see your family too, weddings are great fun!:))