September 24, 2006


Eggs make a valuable contribution to a healthy, balanced diet.They are a good source of high-quality protein. Although eggs contain a significant amount of cholesterol, most people can eat eggs in moderation.You can include eggs in thousands of ways in your everyday cooking, an easy product to keep in your fridge atleast for 1-2 weeks if they are fresh when you buy them!

Some of the most delicious dishes you can make with eggs would be Egg salad, Egg rolls,Omelettes,Quiche ,Frittata,Egg Benedict ....oooh ..let me stop there!! :) Well!! since I am Indian, I posting today what else but Masala eggs!! :D :D

I always cook something special on sundays for afternoon lunch for my family since that's the only time we all sit together at the table relaxed! (not me,I have to cook!:)) So this sunday, I cooked Masala Eggs which goes very well with cumin flavored green peas rice served with onion-carrot relish and some crisps !! Yum!! Perfect dish for a sunday lunch with your happy beautiful family!! What do you say?:))

You Need: (Serves 4)
8 Hard boiled Eggs,peeled and sliced halfway
Cilantro , Salt
1/2 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 tbsp cream to garnish on top(Optional)

Fry All These In 1 tsp Of Oil:
2 Onions (sliced & fried until reddish with 2tsp oil)
1 tbsp Coriander seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 dry red chillies(to your taste)
1 tsp sweet paprika for color
2 tbsp Dry dessicated coconut
1 tsp Poppy seeds ( Khus Khus)
2 tsp Chana Dalia
1" Cinnamon( Dalchini)
2 cloves
4-6 Pepper corns
1-2 tbsp walnuts to give it creamy richness

Grind With these:
2 Plum Tomatoes
1" fresh ginger
2 Garlic Cloves
1/2 tsp cardamom pd
Few curry leaves
1 tbsp sour cream

Season With:
1 tbsp oil/butter
1 tsp Mustard seeds

How To:
1. Fry from onions to walnuts each seperately in a tsp of oil.Add it to the tomatoes,ginger ,cardamom pd and garlic and grind it to a smooth paste.
2. Heat oil/butter, add mustard and curry leaves. Add the ground paste, fry on a medium heat until oil shows on top. DO NOT burn the masala.
3. Add enough water to thin , probably about a cup or more depending on how thin you want the egg curry. Add salt to taste.
4. Turn off the heat, pour it in a serving dish, gently slide in the eggs. Garnish with cilantro , lemon juice if needed, some cream on top.

Cumin-Green Peas Rice:

How To:
1. Cook 2 cups of rice, cool & fluff with a fork to keep the grain seperate.
2. Heat 2 tsp ghee or oil, add 1 tsp cumin seeds. put in 1/2 big onion finely chopped, stir until reddish. Add in 1/2 cup frozen peas, pinch of salt.Turn off the heat.Stir and add it to the cooled rice , mix well and serve.

Our Sunday Lunch:

NOTE: Usually I take pics of ingredients and masala paste etc. but totally forgot while cooking this time!! Dunno why!! Next time I make this dish, I will add the pics of ingredients to this post, I promise!!
Enjoy!! :D


indosungod said...

Curries with eggs are my favorite, this one is defintely added to the Todo list and knowing me it will be on the menu pretty soon.

indosungod said...

Curries with eggs are my favorite, this one is defintely added to the Todo list and knowing me it will be on the menu pretty soon.

Prema Sundar said...

First to comment.. good u fixed the problem.
Masala eggs looks great. ur recipe is different and very rich. My mom makes a simple egg curry. Iam going to forward ur recipe to her.
(I dont cook NV here in my house as my hubby and daughter are pure veggies.) I will tell my mom to prepare this when I visit her next month. Thanks for sharing ur lovely recipe.
Picture looks wonderful as usual..

Anonymous said...

the food is mouthwatering... asha ...the lunch was great but its bad u didn't invite us!..i look forward for the invite next time !!!!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Asha..your next blog i thought to be on soon agai with another..sunday blog is very nice..egg curry is too good.Thanks for sharing

Vaishali said...

It's already a lot that you have cooked and photographed. We are not complaining about the lack photos of ingredients. :)
Btw, you give me the impression of a fast cook. I am not trying to flatter; I am just registering my observation here. I am sure, you did not take very long to put that lunch together.

FH said...

OH Monisha! Come on!! You just flatter me!! Never mind Bobby Flay, I can't even match one of your photos! BTW,shall we form a 'mutual admiration society'?!:D:D

Vaishali, thanks for understanding! I know what you mean ..time stamp..right? That is not accurate at all, I can't find proper time zone.Arvind was on call today,didn't go anywhere, had plenty of time to post.Watch out for next one , Thari is coming your way!! :)))

FH said...

Thanks Indo! make sure to adjust the spices, I make mild curries!! Kids..:)

Okay Maneka! you are always welcome girl!!I will make you better dishes than this!!Thanks!!:D

Meena! I know!! Usually I do post on Monday, today had lots of time.Besides I am preparing a very traditional recipe to post shortly,so I thought I will post this early! Thank you for taking time to visit me on sunday! :)

Chandrika said...


Your egg curry is soooooooooooooo tempting!! YUMMMMM!!!

FH said...

Thank you Prema! I had no clue until you told me! I wouldn't have known at all really!! :)))

It is very rich bcos I add walnuts which makes it creamy. Walnuts are healthy too in can add cashews or almond instead but adjust the spices to your taste.Hope your mom likes it,fingers crossed! :)))

saakshi said...

Hey Asha, the egg curry and rice looks yummy.....i'm so hungry and wish i could just take it right out of the picture. Will try it out soon.

Latha said...

Looks yum Asha! I loev your Sunday meal. This weekend has been so hectic for me, I would have loved to come over for lunch ;-) Nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch with our precious family's!
Keep these going!

Keshi said...

simply mouth-watering!

Where d u get these great pics from Foodie?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...platter with egg curry, jeera rice and chips. Looks gorgeous,Asha am I invited....? ;)

FH said...

Yes Lera! You are always welcome !!:) Tahnks!

Hello Viva Forever!! What do you mean girlie??!! I take about 15 pics with a digital camera of my dish to get 1 good pic,with the help of great Picasa tuning!!:)) All my own!!:D:D
Btw, eat well and be happy!!Thanks for your great article with some scary pics!!

Hi saakshi! atlast you are free!!You are tagged for 5 things to eat,do you know? Thanks!

FH said...

Thanks Latha! I would have loved to have you over, I had lots of time this weekend!!:)

Chandrika! It tastes even better if you keep it in the fridge for a day and have it next day!!Hope you will try!:)Thanks!!

wheresmymind said...

Oh wow...what a great brunch dish!

Anonymous said...

Asha, that looks yummy lunch..may be i will come over..what say?

Nee said...

Hey you,

Not a comment, but a note to say, you've been tagged!


Anonymous said...

I dont cook eggs at home, but this recipe might change my thinking. Nice pics.

FH said...

How right you are Mister W!! Perfect for a brunch on a lazy sunday! But will you try??!! :)))

Alrighty Sudha!! You and the whole bunch of ladies & a gentleman are invited to have a groovy eggy time!! Come on over!!:D:D

Hello Nee! Tagged for ...?! Okay! I will come to your nook and take a look!!:))

Anonymous said...

this is my winter comfort food. Loved the picture... it's making me hungry :)

FH said...

Hi Hema! you could use the same recipe with veg. koftas instead of eggs! Sounds good, right??!! May be I will try that too!!Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Asha, your Sunday lunch looks lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

Deepa Culinary World said...

The egg masala makes me hungry.thanks for sharing.

sra said...

Hey, I left a comment last night, looks like it got deleted somehow. Waiting for your next post.

FH said...

sra, I didn't get the last message but it's okay :) Tomorrow is the next one!!

Deepa, Thanks! your baby so cute, I cannot help looking at the photo everytime!! :))

Thanks Linda! hope you will try!

Hi Mandira!! Make it a fall comfort food too !:D:D

Anonymous said...

Oh Asha just feel like tearing my laptop's monitor and digging into the bowl that has the egg curry! Yummy! the quality of the pictures are splendid! Nanage bayalli neeroortha ide :)


FH said...

Thanks Deepa! :D:D
Slow down girl!! somebody has to pay for your damaged LapTop and then you will miss all my future posts! Namma Manege banni, ellanu nimage kottu biduttene!!

Keshi said...

omg these r ur own food pics? WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


FH said...

:D:D:D Keshi!! You got it finally, OMG!! :))

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting my site and appreciating the rising sun photos that i have taken.
that seems to be a yummy egg curry
and your whole plate looks yummy too
you know i had posted my lunch plate in one of my posts and i had suggested that bloggers should click the food plates before they eat and just show them to us so that we know what people eat everyday . as the dishes that we post are the special ones but i feel that the regular food in each house is different from each other and thats what makes it unique what do you feel?

FH said...

I loved the photos, Mahek!! I am missing the beach now!!:))
I am going to take a look at your lunch plate, I love the idea!
I agree,I made this egg curry without thinking of blogging, then it looked so good I took pics and posted the recipe!:)) That's why there are no pics of ingredients!! I love to see what everybody eats everyday!!Hope others would take up on this idea too! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Looks Yummy & delicious !! Will srue tyr out this Egg Masala !!
Keep coming with more :)
Take Care !


FH said...

Thanks Sangeeta! Try and let me know how did you likt it!!:)

Anonymous said...

Looks really tasty, I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing. Photographs are excellent !!!!

FH said...

Thanks Monica, do let me know , love feedbacks and any advice:))

Kribha said...

Asha, Your blog is loaded with so many good dishes and tempting pictures that it's hard to choose a dish to comment on. I'm looking forward to cook them in my parties.I'm so glad that I found your blog.
BTW, I'm a new blogger and you are such an inspiration to me.

FH said...

Hi Kribha,thank you!:))

Nice to meet you and welcome to blogging,more the better ,right?Enjoy the recipes and hope you come back!:))

Pooza said...

I read it today and tried it immedietey .. My husband loves egg curry , this new recipe adds variety to it. It tastes so good. Awesome recipe .. Thanks a lot.

FH said...

Hi Pooza, we as a family love Egg curry too. Glad you liked my version as well. Enjoy:))

Anonymous said...

photos are very nice food looks very yummy

Seena said...

I have checked your recipe index before, really the pictures are looking great! and so easy to find out the recipes..
thank you for the comment dear..

FH said...

Thank you Sagari. Enjoy the recipes!:))

You are welcome Seena. Most of them don't even check it and then say it's hard to find the recipes in my blog!!:D