September 28, 2006

I'M IT !! Tagged Again....:))

I'm it!!

I am tagged by Nee of Nee's Nook for this fun 'I'm it!' game!!This would be very interesting with different questions than the usual !! :))

What according to you, is a blog?
A blog, according to me is a portal to express your thoughts, ideas, creativity and musings,is fun as long as you do not hurt others by your actions or words !!:))
My blog is a food blog...mostly traditional, sometimes experimental...

How did you come to know about blogging?
Accidentally!! I was surfing for a recipe, what do I see but recipes with colorful pictures!! I thought "Hey!! I could do this easily?!" and whined until my husband and my tech savvy kids showed me the way!! Now I am almost a Pro!! :))

How far has it changed your perception?
To some extent!! I have come to appeciate the diversity of Indian food,culture and other countries and their culture as well!!
There are so many talented,strong ,intelligent, fierce women and men out there,makes me very proud to be one of the world citizens and bloggers!!:)

Are you true to yourself while blogging?
Absolutely!! I realize that I am not here to get any Pulitzer or Nobel prizes!! :D
There is no reason to be dishonest!!Unless I think my recipes are good enough for other people ,I wouldn't throw it up there in my blog!Does everybody like them, probably not and that's perfectly okay too !! :)

Any blog you wish to be the author of ? Why?
There is one blog (Seema: Walk in the clouds!) which has poems, poems and more poems !! Wish I could weave a poem like that but can't do it!! Now, I can talk and write philosophy until the sun goes down but poems??!! Nope!! :D:D:D

What it has preached you?
Blogging has taught me how fast you get hooked to all the praises you get, and how easy it is to get addicted to blogging, to loose weight:)and worse, neglect the family!!:(
But I came to my senses very quickly and paced myself!! Now my family comes first, my blog next !!:D:D

Two of your favorite blogs? Why?
NEE of Nee's Nook and KESHI of Viva Forever hands down!!:)) I consider myself lucky to know them and their blogs!! Thanks guys!!:)

Nee; because of her ability to laugh at herself, sweet, witty and sometimes senseless banter which are hilarious, I love'em all!! She makes me feel young(hey!I am not THAT old!),brings out my already weird sense of humor!!:D:D

Keshi; this girl is an amazingly good writer, feels every emotion so intensely that I get scared for her sometimes!! I have to go to her blog to read what she is up to now and hurry through her looong write ups!!:D But these days, it seems that she has suddenly found herself,happy, positive and concerned for others! Ahh..I am relieved but not released!!:))

One of your favorite posts by a fellow blogger?
An article about 'Copy Rights' posted by Manisha of 'Indianfoodrocks' blog! It's about how some bloggers are stealing from other blogs and posting as their own without any hesitation!! A gutsy lady who stood up for her rights and voiced it with lot of determination!!Please read this article and the comments!!:))

One of your favorite posts by yourself?
Just one?! I am proud of all my Grandmothers'traditional recipes that I have posted so far!! Younger generation probably donot care abt them! If I don't share and preserve, those wonderful recipes die with those grandmothers, that's how I feel!!

If provided the opportunity, would you like to meet a fellow blogger? Who? and why?
This would be a tough question to answer!Blog friendships are like dating!You are on your best behavior every time you meet, be nice ,joke and loving, which are true emotions, don't get me wrong!! But once you are hooked for life, start living together, you think "What the heck was I thinking?!" :D:D:D
No, I am not saying blog friends are going to move in with you :) but after meeting them face to face ,what if I get disillusioned!! Or may be I start to care too much about them!! Should I keep my distance or may be I should take that risk and meet them! AH..!! HELP!!! :))

Name a blogger, who comments regularly in each post of yours?
This is very easy!! That person would be..ME!!...:)) Sometimes I have to slap my own hand to keep it from reaching my LapTop ever so often and commenting on each & every comment I get!!:D But I enjoy it though!!

A blog, where you comment regularly?
Whole lot of blogs!! There are lot of good blogs out there, not just one!!

How does it feel to be called as a blogger?
Very proud!! I am doing something on my own for myself for the first time in my life instead of taking care of others always, work hard for it,and being accepted as one of food bloggers is a good thing!! But if tomorrow nobody visits me, I will still keep blogging, hoping that in 20yrs down the road, my kids would be interested in my blog!!:D :D

I Tag: Hey!! That was fun!! Thanks Nee!!
Now , I tag Nandita of 'Saffron Trail'! No obligation N, play this only if you like to! I chose you bcos I think you can put down your thoughts very well!! Thanks in advance!! :))


Nee said...

Yay - a tag well done! Hope the people depending on you for their daily grub didn't suffer too much :-)

vasilisa said...

Congrats on the tag!

By the way, I cooked one of your recipes last night (a chole’). A full account is posted on my blog (

Can’t wait for your evaluation! But don’t be too harsh… It was my FIRST time… J

FH said...

Thanks Vasilisa! I will go to your blog right away!!I am flattered that you tried my recipe,don't worry abt my evoluation but more imp.,did you like it?? :D

HA HA HA Nee!! As if they are dependent on me for their daily food??!! NO!! they cook wayyy better goodies than me, I KNOW that for sure!!:)))
Thanks for tagging me! I will post my recipe on sat anyway!

Anonymous said...

hai foodies, u got a cool blog here.going to try ur plantation ennegayi and kodava paputtu today.
hope i dont mess;)

by the way thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
will b coming back for more
watscookingdoc blogger

FH said...

Welcome to my blog, Jaya!! Give me a feedback when you try , any improvement advice is always welcome! :))Thanks!!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Asha..again a nice meme.Your thoughts almost macthes mine too....blogging should be informative, acquiring knowledge from others..rather any competition or hurting others.So fellow bloggers enjoy blogging....only enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

wow... i found your blog after some random blog hopping, your recipes and pictures are quite awesome. am going to try the kaaram today.. your's looks delicious...


Keshi said...

Neat tag. Seen this b4 and I have taken it up in ME's blog. Was eye-opening.

** I realize I am not here to get any Pulitzer or Nobel prizes

LOL! Thats so true. we r not hear tp win any prize. So there's no need to impress anyone. blogging is all abt being who u really r.

OMG u mentioned me? gee tnxxx! Im honored. Cos to me, u r one of the great and amazing bloggers who arranges her posts so neatly along with FANTASTIC pics. And for me to have been thought of by u as a good blooger really is an honor, TY!

**this girl is an amazingly good writer, feels every emotion so intensely that I get scared for her sometimes!!

lol why does it make u scared? U know something, ur spot on. Cos I fear for myself too. not cos I write good but cos I feel too much. I really do. I dunno if thats healthy. Cos sometimes Im sooo happy and then something upsets me and I hit rock bottom.

**Ahh..I am relieved but not released!!:))

Nice one. So I keep u arrested ha, lol good. As long as u keep me imprisoned with ur yummy posts, I dun mind being ur jailer too ;-)

And NEERS is HOT. She's a terrific writer, a true poetess and a beautiful soul. Im so honored to her and u and many other GREAT GREAT ppl here. I absolutely love the blog world! Surreal world with so much wisdom and love. Wudnt trade the experience for anything in the world!


Unknown said...

Hey girl!
That makes two memes pending for me to write about...the 5 foods before i die- i simply cant figure out what to write, and i've been tagged for that by God-knows-how-many people...because everyone finds that only Im the one who hasnt written about it yet-- and this one too...shall probably dash off both this weekend, then there is my pending breakfast blogging round up and announcement, Phew so much to do!

Thanks for remembering me anyway- tagged or otherwise

FH said...

Thanks for supporting, Meena K!!You know, we all work so hard to put up a post and for somebody it takes a minute copy and claim for their own!!It's not fair at all! But evevrybody is welcome to cook and enjoy and even put up a pic giving the credit to the owner, that is PERFECTLY fine!!You are right!Cook, eat,enjoy,post pics and give CREDIT!!and ENJOY blogging!! :)))

Welcome Matangi!! Glad you found my blog!! Kaaram recipe is wonderful , you will enjoy and it's not my own recipe but the credit goes for a fellow blogger!!:)) Let me know how did you like it!!

Harmonia said...

I really like your blog and hope you don't mind I linked you this morning. Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them!

FH said...

AHA! Keshi!! SEE??!! I know you better you know yourself!! :D
I get scared for you bcos I CARE!!Rock bottoms aren't good at all:))You are my oldest kid, now!My own kid(15Yrs) is like you, up & down with emotions like dad,ME always flat lined!!No shake ups!:D
You should use ur writing talent as a carrer, seriously!You might win Pulitzer,who knows?
I will be visiting you, but you & I are always be free birds!!:))Poetess is Seema! Not Nee!!
Thank you for just being you and glad that I know you!! Cheers and enjoy ur vacation!!

FH said...

Hi N!! I know how busy you are, do only if you can!! Absloutely no obligation!! Actually only out 5 did my tag for 5 things..:)) I don't mind really!!It does makes think and spend some time!

I forgot abt my entry to ur Breakfast event!! You can take my pumpkin breakfast if you like and include! May be I will send it today if it's not too late!

Hey!!why are thanking me for remembering you??!!You are one of my fav bloggers, I like strong women!!You came first in my mind to tag this!! :)))I am glad to know you!! Fondly...Asha

FH said...

Welcome to my blog, Harmonia!I liked your article abt trans fat ban,glad they are doing it!
I have linked you too, thanks for adding me to your's!!:))
Looking forward to see you more here!!

Lakshmi said...

such a nice and beautiful blog. liked it a lot.

FH said...

Thanks Lakshmi!! Welcome back!! See how many new bloggers since you have been gone!! :))

Anonymous said...

Nice reading your Meme ,I am really in sync with what you've written ....great minds think alike..;)

FH said...

Thanks for reading it, Lera!!:))I enjoyed writing it!
I pity people who think thay can just copy and claim for themselves!
Why can't they just enjoy blogging, It's pure fun!!

Anonymous said...

Asha, thanks for linking to my copyrights post! The more awareness there is, the better!

And amen to being true to yourself while blogging. What is really cool about food blogging is that it expanded my horizons . For me, South Indian food was idli-sambar, Andhra food did not exist for me, Kashmiri food was a dream, Bengali food was difficult to pronounce...and so on. Not anymore. Thanks to foodies like you who share from the heart!

FH said...

You are welcome, Manisha!! I just wanted as many people as possible to see your article!!Atleast it will educate some not to do it hopefully!!

You are right!! Food blogging should be fun and you will learn somuch from others, get to share your culture too!!

Thanks again for penning that article, Manisha!!:)))

Anonymous said...

Asha...When I was visiting another blog, I read you happened to have my book AM I A HINDU?

Since just like me, you love Narayan's books, I would appreciate your comments about my book. Currently I am writing a book ABOUT Gita and your valuable comments will be help me a lot in my latest adventure....Thanks

FH said...

Thank you for visiting me! I did read the book,very helpful for US born kids to make them understand.Good luck with new project!:)