July 28, 2006


Chana dal Chutney:
Chana Dal Chutney , many of you I am sure may not know about,is a versatile delicious tasting side dish you can relish with any kind of bread even with sandwiches !! Pancakes like Rava Dosa , Masala Dosa etc. It is specially made for to serve with Masala dosas which adds to the wonderful combination of potato masala and crispy ghee roasted dosas!! You will have to try it to believe it!! :))

If you want the chutney colored bright red,use only red chillies with some paprika and not much of cilantro.I used fresh red chillies, few dry chillies and little of paprika while grinding to get red color!!Adjust the salt, chillies and tamarind according to your tatse.


1/2 Cup Chana Dal,(red split peas)
Few fresh Red Green Chillies or/and red dry chillies,
1/2 Cup Grated fresh Coconut,
1" fresh ginger ,
Curry Leaves,Few Cilantro
Tamarind juice 2 tsp,
1/2 tsp sweet paprika for color

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2tsp Oil and Ghee,
1 tsp Mustard,
Curry Leaves,
1 Red chilly, broken.

1. Fry Dal and chillies in 1 tsp oil until reddish.
2. Add to the rest of the ingredients and grind to a smooth paste.
3. Season with above and serve with masala dosa or Idlies!!

For Masala Dosa Recipe, Click Here:



Anonymous said...

I never heard of Chana dal chutney. Will try this next time. Thank you.

FH said...

Very homey traditional Kannada recipe, tastes very good with dosas and Idlis. Try it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
We used make urad dall chutney for idlis.Chana dal sounds interesting.Does ginger needs to be fried too?

FH said...

Hi Lakshmi, I am curious about Urad dal chutney now:)

No, ginger goes in raw, no need to fry at all.This chutney is delicious with Masala dosa or Idlis.Try and let me know.
Make sure to check out my new post for Pooris and Avare Gojju, Lakshmi:)

Unknown said...

Hi Asha
I made this chutney tonight with adai dosa..tasted great..

FH said...

I love this chutney too, always make it fir plate idlis as well. Enjoy DV!:)

Kannada Cuisine said...

Hi Asha

Thanks for the recipes.. for me it is on of the long lost ones...i remember they used to make it long back in my granny's place during harvest season when we used to have a lot of labours working for us in the farms!!!!

FH said...

Great to see you ES. My ajji used to make this, I love the taste with dosa or idlis, even with akki rotti. Enjoy.
I accidentally stumbled into your blog last month, loved your Kannada recipes. Very authentic, I will be trying some of those when I come back home.I will let you know when I post them at FH. Hugs to you, see in May!:))