July 02, 2008

Dal Bukhara and how to make Ghee, my style!

Hello everybody,
have a wonderful, safe 4th of July celebration and enjoy!!
Well.....nothing much happened last week over here apart from driving the kids to keep a few appointments, being busy renovating the house one room at a time and trying to empty the fridge as much as possible. As for as the weather goes, it rained for 5 days which was a big relief for us but now back to the usual hot and humid again! Since we have moved here, I have noticed that it rains
every year on 4th of July without fail just before the Independence day fireworks starts at the Lake, looking forward to that this year too!! :P

Updated on the 5th! Told you it would rain on every 4th of July,here are the videos! :D

For this week's post, I decided to make an easy and nutritious Dal Bukhara in the slow cooker. In North India, as the book says, they traditionally cook the whole black gram/Kali dal overnight on a little stove on low heat charcoal embers to get a perfectly cooked, soft beans and lightly season to serve with Parathas or rotis next day. Very few Indian restaurants offer Dal Bukhara on their menu, definitely not as common as Dal Makhani.
Here is a website I found which gives you few Indian dishes you can make in the slow cooker. Check it out for more ideas!

I try to make the same dish about 4 month's ago for the first time trying to replicate the traditional overnight cooking process, I cooked the dal on low heat in the slow cooker the whole night. By next morning the dal had become slimy to touch and to taste although it smelled good and tasted good! :P

Learning from the above experience, last week I started the slow cooker in the morning for evening dinner with soaked Kali dal in it on low heat, cooked for about 5-6hrs. This time it was perfectly cooked, I seasoned it and cooked for half an hr again. Here it is, a perfect tasty Dal Bukhara!! :)

Dal Bukhara:

Unlike Dal Makhani or Dal Maharani, Dal Bukhara is made with just whole black gram without any other beans added and lightly seasoned, garnish of cream or butter as an option.(I didn't add that much of cream and butter as they recommended in the book but just few tbsps for taste and some of butter for garnish. Whole black gram provides chockful of fiber and protein, makes a great brunch or dinner on weekends. This recipe is adapted from a book "Indian Menu Planner" authored by various master chefs of Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi! (I have made some changes to the recipe as I always do!)

Mansi from "Funnfud" blog is hosting an event called "Healthy Cooking" this month for which we are supposed to cook healthy food to send it to her, to eat well and live well. Here is mine!
Dal Bukhara,
a simple dish made of Black whole Urad, also called Sabut Urad, Maah or whole black gram or Kali dal, which is a slow cooked and lightly seasoned dish, is full of fiber, low in fat, high in protein and a very nutritious dish to be served whole wheat Chapatis or Parathas. Have fun hosting Mansi! :)

Health food: Hectic lifestyle makes us all easy to skip a nutritious meal and grab a fast food on the run. But it is very easy a plan a healthful dish if we educate ourself and choose the right kind of meal. Proteins are necessary addition for our health. A cup of cooked lentils has 18 grams of protein and under 1 gram of fat, animal protein comes with bit more fat than vegs and beans. Vegetable sources of protein such as beans, nuts and whole grains are excellent choices and they offer healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals. The best animal protein would be fish and poultry which has naturally are less fatty. For more info, click here, here, here, here and a fun health food site for kids is here! Enjoy reading these and now, let's make some yummy Dal Bukhara, shall we? :)

Dal Bukhara, slow cooker style!
Note: I have changed the proportion than it's given in the book as we need less dal at home. You can also use a heavy bottomed dish or non-stick cast iron dish like Le Creuset Dutch oven /dish instead of slow cooker. Idea is to cook for a long time on low heat without burning the dal at bottom of the pan. It's easier in slow cooker, might even work in the oven at 200F, cooked for few hrs!
You need:

1 1/2 cups of dry Whole black gram/Kali dal/Sabut Urad (click on Dal Maharani to see the Black gram photo), soaked overnight and drained,

1 small onion, very finely minced, and 1 Bay leaf, cooked with dal (optional),
4 tbsp cream (low fat or fat free is fine or use sour cream if you like), (btw books says 2/3 cup cream, if you want to be authentic go ahead and add to the dal or skip the cream altogether but some cream added to the dal makes it delicious!),
1 tbsp of butter for garnish or skip it. (book says 1/2 cup, I bet it tastes good but ain't trying it! :D)
To season:
1 1/2 tbsp butter or Canola oil,
Ginger paste 1 tbsp,
Garlic paste 2 tsp,

1/2 cup Tomato sauce, canned is okay,
1 tsp sugar (optional but helps to reduce the acidity in tomato sauce),
2 tsp pre-made Dhana-Jeera or 1 1/2 tsp Coriander seeds pd+3/4 tsp Cumin pd (my addition), 1/2 tsp chilli pd/to your taste,
Some cilantro and salt,

1 fresh red chilli, sliced as an option, looks pretty in contrast to Kali dal! :)

To make it:
1. Soak black gram overnight, wash, drain all the water in the morning. Add beans to the slow cooker along with 4-5 cups of water, bay leaf, minced onion if you are using, cover and turn heat on low (cook on high if you want it within 4hrs), keep a timer on for 4 hrs and go do other stuff! :D
2. After 4hrs, check the dal, add 1 fresh chilli sliced to the dal, cover and leave it alone for another hr if it's not completely done. Check back after an hour. If it's 90% cooked, cover it and start making the seasoning. Beans should be soft, still somewhat whole when done but not mashed too much like a smooth gravy!

Now the book says, you have to add all the above seasoning ingredients raw to the dal directly and then cook for one more hour. I don't like the raw smell of ginger-garlic in the dal even after it cooks in the dal, so I prepare the seasoning separately and then add it to the slow cooker.

3. Heat a pan with butter, add ginger and garlic paste, let it sizzle for 2 mins. Add Tomato sauce, pinch of salt, 1 tsp sugar, chilli pd. Let it cook for 2 mins or until raw smell of the tomato sauce goes, oil shows a bit on top. Check the dal once more if it's almost cooked.
4. Add all the seasoning to the soft dal now, add enough salt, spice powders and butter. Mix the dal gently.
5. Before adding cream, add some hot dal to cream in a bowl first, mix well and then add all the cream to the dal to avoid curdling the cream and mix the dal well. Turn off the heat, let it cool down. You can take out the dal in a bigger serving bowl now.
6. To serve, add dal in a bowl, drizzle a tsp of cream on top or a dab of butter, along with some freshly made Parathas on the side!

Dal Bukhara and Parathas, a healthy and hearty meal:

Dal Bukhara tastes better the next day. Reheat in the microwave to serve, enjoy buddies! :)

********************************************************************************************************************* After all the wonderful article on Protein and low fat healthful food, why are you making a post on how to make Ghee/clarified butter, did you say? Shhh..!! Just make some ghee, will ya!! :D

About Fat:
"Fat is necessary and a concentrated source of energy. Health institution recommend that we should have not more than 30% of total calories in our daily intake and 1/3 of that 30% may include saturated fat. There are good fat like non-saturated fat, both polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated and bad fat of course is saturated fat. We shouldn't avoid all kinds of fats just because you hear fat is very bad!" Info from here, check out this site.

How I make my homemade Tuppa or Ghee or clarified butter:
Yes, we eat few tsps of this heavenly saturated fat called ghee everyday at my home. My folks have been doing that too for ages and for generations back home in India!:D
This was in my draft for ages now, I have been planning to post but never had the chance until today. This is how I make ghee/Tuppa in Kannada or clarified butter at home every 3 months or so. I add 2 tsp of ghee to the whole dish at the end of cooking everyday, it helps to enhance the taste and keep the fat to minimal. This way there is no need to add individual portions of ghee when we eat our food as we do in India! :)

Flavored butter like this recipe has a very subtle since I add whole spices, is great for adding in any savory dish and some sweet dishes as well, as I served ghee with Sojjappalu in my previous post.
If you like to add ghee to sweet desserts like Mysore Pak, skip all the other spices except salt and turmeric. You can also make just plain ghee without adding any of the spices shown above as well, ghee looks cream colored when done.

Step by step photos, click to enlarge the collage:
You need:
6 sticks of unsalted Butter or 3 cups of butter,
few curry leaves,
3 whole cloves,
2 peeled whole garlic, lightly crushed,
pinch of chilli flakes or 1 whole dry red chilly,(optional)
4 whole black Pepper corns,
1/2" cinnamon stick,
1/8 tsp of salt,
1/8 tsp of good quality Turmeric.
A clean dry Bottle, a fine meshed metal strainer, a funnel (optional but helps).

How to make Ghee:
DO NOT use salted butter, you will end up with very salty, odd tasting ghee. You can add 1-2 pinchs of salt to unsalted butter to get the grainy looking ghee!
1. Add all the above in a big pan, three times bigger than the butter mix to prevent spilling over, heat on medium until butter melts completely. Turn down the heat medium low ie #2 knob on the oven and let it simmer for an hour.
2. Heat must be on low so it doesn't foam too quickly and spill over. After an hour, check the bottom of the pan for golden bits of solids. Don't let it brown. If it is still too light colored, let it simmer for 15 mins more or until you get golden solids on the bottom of the pan. Got to watch the pan carefully at this stage.
DO NOT BURN the solids! Turn the heat off, take the pan off the heat and leave it for 3 mins.
3. Put a clean dry towel underneath a clean dry bottle (wet surface might crack the glass when hot liquid hits!), pour the ghee thru' a strainer placed on a funnel until you just have solids and spices left over on the strainer. You can throw away the solids now or use it to make seasoned Ghee rice or to temper the sambhar! :D
4. Cool the bottle completely without the lid on the counter top. When cooled, store in the fridge or you can leave it on the counter top as long as there is no moisture in the bottle. Use dry spoon to scoop every time.
5. If you have Ghee pot like above, scoop some ghee in it, keep it outside while you keep the bottle is in the fridge. Replace whenever you need into the ghee pot from the bottle.

Note: Ghee will go rancid outside the fridge if you keep it for months or you have not let solids become golden, have taken the pan off the heat early when the solids are still looking creamish. WAIT until it get golden and do not let it turn brown, that means ghee is burnt, will get a burnt smell! Add a tsp of ghee to any dish at the end of cooking to enhance the taste. Enjoy the super tasty 100% saturated fat, in moderation of course!! :))

No Kannadiga wedding is complete without a tsp of melted ghee streamed down on the hot Bisibele Bhath or a dollop on the hot white rice! As a brand new young bride many yrs ago, I was given a pot of ghee to serve when we were at my husband's estate the day after our wedding, feeding a crowd of relatives who came from near and far to see us! Wish I had a photo of me serving Ghee!! ;D

I tried these dishes last week and my last list here (hopefully!:D) as well until September! I try not to cook too much this week so we don't have any leftovers when we leave home. Thanks to all you for posting these delicious recipes. We enjoyed having them on our dinner table. Keep it up and enjoy blogging my dear buddies! :)

Dosakai Pachadi from Padma's blog (Used regular Cucumber instead of Dosakai! :D)
Baalekai paladya from Ramya's blog.
Stuffed Baby Brinjal from Latha's blog.
Pav Bhaji from Nupur's blog.
Kathirikkai Pithlai for Sowmya's blog.
Cheddar garlic biscuits from cham's blog.
Pindi Chana from Viji's blog. (Private blog)
Paneer Tikka Masala from JZ's blog.(Added some green peas)
Khasta Kachori from Lakshmi G's blog.

Have a fun weekend. One last and a special post to go here next Wednesday. Hugs to all of you!:))


Mishmash ! said...

what a great piece of note on dal bukhara and your style of ghee, simply unique!
SO all set to travel, huh ?:) have a great trip....relax and recharge and come back safe :)


EC said...

Have heard of dal bukhara but didnt know the difference until now...it looks so creamy

Altoid said...

Hey Asha :)

I have the SAME ghee pot and I just made ghee last week! What plans for 4th? Was also gonan post pics of my first "boni" batch of home grown cherry tomatoes. Alright you have a good 4th of July weekend and enjoy the warm sunny days


Priya said...

Happy 4th of July to you and your family Asha. We just celebrated yesterday here in Canada.

Awesome and delicious recipes and nice tips about the ghee. Loved it.

delhibelle said...

Dal Bukhara! You make me miss 'Dilli'..Love the slow cooker idea for dal, yours is rich and thick! Slurppp..

FH said...

shn, thanks. Got to wait 10 more days girl, can't wait but dreading the packing for 4 people and driving 8 hrs! Do need that break though!:)
Ghee is yummy, my ajji used to make similar to this, love it. You too have a fun vacation, eat a LOT!:D

EC, I know. DB is so rare, very similar to Dal Maharani but it's yummy. Slow cooking makes it perfect!:)

Hi A, good to see you girl. Arvind is on call this weekend but bought lot of fireworks for kids and will be enjoying a BBQ and go see the fireworks at the Lake on the 4th. Can't wait! Love to see the tomato plants, post it, will check out!:)

Oh yeah, you have it few days before there in Canada, just India and Pakistan huh? :D
Thank you Priya, Dal Bukhara is yummy.

DB is Delhi/Punjabi(oops!:D) dish basically, isn't it Rashmi? It was great, slow cooker gives that "overnight" flavor!:))

ranji said...

dal bukhara slow cook style!!awesome..the right dish for me to try out my slow cooker with..we had bought one last yr during thanks giving but didnt make anything with it as i didnt have an idea!!!Now i can...am sooooo glad :)..
We,konkani's call ghee Toop :)..ur ghee sounds very flavorful!!or is this how ghee is usually made?Anyhow it sounds gr8....
Whr exactly are u vacationing?for 2 months huh!!really exciting...i will be spending my summer with my parents..visiting this month end and believe it or not its 3 1/2 yrs of reunion so kind of jumping around with excitement :D...

@the_whisk_affair said...

oh the pictures are sooo tempting asha, i dont have words to describe it!!! esp the dal bukhara ones!! it sounds deeelicious!! and thanks for trying out a recipe from my blog - honored!! :-) i really wish u lived near me! :-(

@the_whisk_affair said...

Happy 4th of July to you and ur family!! waiting for the special post :-) see ya next week!!

sra said...

Your dal looks good. I remember you telling me about your ghee last year when I did a post on spiced ghee. Do a post on how you emptied your fridge, I'm sure we could all use it. LOL!

kamala said...

Never heard abt this Ashaji...Love it..We have a relative who cooks mutton in a pot for a long time.This makes the dish more tastier..But I dont have patience like u to cook for a long time.Home made Ghee is always unique..I too make ghee at home.Have a grt weekend!!!

Recipeswap said...

Wow Asha the Dal Bukhara looks so scrumptious.Love the other pics too.
Have a nice holiday.

FH said...

Ranji, going to India? That's great, we just vacation for 2 weeks and then come home do lot of chores,details in the next post!:)
Regular Ghee usually is made in the same way but without any spices at all.I like it this way, it's fragrant,tastes and looks delcious.
Use that slow cooker, you can Chicken biryani with soaked rice and any chicken dish, start in the morning, will be ready in the evening. I make stew and chilli as well, whole house smells so good!:D

JZ, DB was great. First time I tried, I cooked it overnight to death in the slow cooker! Hahaha!
Kids are still eating your yummy Paneer Tikka masala. Tushar even added pulled chicken in the gravy and ate it with Pita bread. Thank you!:)
Enjoy the long weekend and the fireworks. See you later.

LOL! sra, can you see the list down there, that's where all the veggies went last week! I still have Eggplant dish to go, then I am done. Just buying the basics for next week like milk and yogurt!:)
I make ghee once in every 3 mnts, never thought of taking photos and blogging it until I saw some of the posts including your's and thought I should make one of mine too!:D

Kamala, slow cooker is great meat dishes too. Add everything and forget about it until you smell the great aroma! Try it. It tenderizes the meat too, veggies get a bit mushy if you don't watch it.
Homemade ghee is the best, I NEVER bought ghee from the store ever!:)

Kajal@aapplemint said...

when my mum used to make ghee th edesi style .... we used to run for our lives. It used to stink up the whole place ...yukkk !!!

The bukhara i adore, and even making ghee frm redaymade butter appeals to me ...just one question ... does this smell terrible too ?? i mean while you boil it ?

Laavanya said...

That dhal looks so creamy and good Asha.. I will try with a slow cooker too - smart idea that is.

Your ghee is so flavoured.. i add pretty much nothing except some curry leaves. My grandma used to add drumstick leaves in hers.. they used to turn so crispy and i would get to nibble on them after the process is over :) My grandparents both eat a little ghee with their meal everyday and they are not fat and are pretty healthy and active... i read somewhere that this process of making ghee from butter eliminates the bad fats.

indosungod said...

Dal Bukhar looks mighty tasty. I have never cooked with whole black gram though. With those parathas they do make me terribly hungry.

The ghee making process you have defined is different. Back home grandma used to make it by adding drumstick leaves but I just boil it.

ms said...

hi asha, do the spices add a strong note to the ghee or not so much? I make ghee the same way except for the spices. With the milk solids that stay on top we mix it with rice powder and jaggery as a sweet. I also liked DB.have a great vacation.

Daily Meals said...

Dal Bukhara looks delicious Asha! The ghee looks so fresh...

Pooja said...

Dal bukhara is Interesting , I never heard of it earlier I think . ( he he he ... sometime is got surprised to realize that I have food blog :D ) .
My mom maeks ghee from scrach, she collects rich Malai from whole milks , and then makes butter out of it, and then boil it to make ghee.I have seen the same process every week end at our home , which basically made me aware with the messy utensils too , and thus i never make it oh own :D.
You are adding many things more to that butter , which surely makes it very flavourful ghee, isn't it ?
Does yours tastes little spicy too ?
Your ghee reminded me of my Mom terribly :( . Time to visit India I think . :) .
btw, I left comment yday on earlier post of yours after reading your comment on Bee's post of hate -to -cook. seems like it didn't go through . No problem - its good sometimes to don't share how weird people behave with us ha ha ha... in short i was telling in that that I too had the same exp from my MIL with long stmts about how male in their families don't do home chores... while I had already seen D's uncle helping his aunt in almost all work of their house .
Couldn't help sharing it with you :D. I always try to keep my comment short here , never succeed :))

FH said...

Thank you Neema, hope you try. Enjoy the long weekend!:))

LOL! Kate, that's what my kids say too when I am making ghee but for us India born Indians, smell of making ghee is divine, like a festival day!;D
No, it smells beautiful with the added spices in ghee, and I use the store bought butter, comes from Wisconsin, which is the best butter!:)

Laavanya, my son likes ghee with his rice and sambhar whenever I make it but Trisha doesn't even touch the ghee pot!:P
All this ideas put into our heads that ghee so bad but Indians for centuries have been using it. Of course, you eat it in moderation, not deep fry anything in ghee as some folks back home still do!:D

Indo, Laavanya said the same thing about drumstick leaves too, that is new and interesting to me. I would try if I get those leaves, but no chance. Yes, adding spices is my way of ghee making but my ajji adds curry leaves and salt to cow's butter they make at home. Land'O Lake butter works great for me!:))

Prema Sundar said...

Dal bukara is new to me and looks lovely as usual.I hate the storebought ghee and i too make ghee regularly at home. ur ghee has a lovely colour and looks perfect.

Anonymous said...

good and Thank You Asha for the labels on the top of each dish.

- boy

FH said...

ms, spices give a very mild flavor since they are added whole or lightly crushed, not at all strong. Great for savory dishes. And if I want for Mysore Pak, I make the ghee plain without spices added there!:))

Thank you Vijaya. I make ghee once in 3 mnts, enjoy it!:)

Hi Pooja, long comments and short comments are all welcome here girl, specially from you!Sorry I didn't get your previous comment, blogger acts up sometimes!:)
If you skip the pinch of chilli, it's not spicy at all, I add 1 whole chilli, gives it good color but not spicy. I use just a pan to make ghee, that's it!:D
Yes, some older generation people are very mean, have a set ideas about women and chores. I don't care for such people who don't care for others. Unfortunately, there are still so many like mine, it's sad! Well.. at least we escaped, didn't we? Meanies can't follow us here to USA! Hahaha!!

Pavani said...

Yummy looking dal.. I was planning to buy a crockpot for a while now, but havent been able to decide on which one.. How big is ur crock?? Do you have any suggestions for vegetarian recipes that can be made in it? Thanks so much.. Have a great long weekend.. Cheers.. Pavani

Swati said...

What a lovely dal..Yes, I have heard of it but would have never thought of simmering for so long.. The slow cooker idea sounds awesome..Seeing that you have tried it and recommend it I will surely give it a shot..The texture looks perfect!!

J said...

Lovely dal bukhara, my MIL makes similar kali dal on slow gas but only about 2 hours and it's great! I'm seeing a spiced ghee recipe for the first time! We don't add anything to the ghee, not even salt. I'd love to taste that! I mailed you yesterday, did you get it?

Rajitha said...

the way you make ghee is different..flavoured ghee...bottle it and sell it...yum!
btw. i borrowed the 'tamarind woman' from the library to read....planning to browse on ur collection and pick up more inspiration to read...

FH said...

Prema, even in India my family always made ghee at home, I can't even think buying it. So easy to make at home too, isn't it?:)

Hahaha! Boy, see! Now you know I am not angry at ya!:D

Pavani, I have a medium size (don't know how many quarts)West Bend slow cooker which is great for 4-6 people. You can Bisibele Bhath, Rajma or any Pulao in it too. Just need to get the idea how long to cook by making the dishes. Every crockpot is different. Try once. If you start in the morning, it will be ready when you come home from work to a hot dinner, isn't that great? :)

Anonymous said...

Dal Bukhara is one dish which only a few resteruants, even in india, can prepare the right way. They always interchange it with Dal makhani or maharani. We are having overnight friends this weekend, now I know what they will be eating ;-).
Thanks for the droolworthy recipes and the pictures!

FH said...

Swati, slow cooker is for any beans like Rajma as well. Just don't cook overnight to be sure it doesn't turn slimy, I think it's the skin on the beans which makes it slimy. Split dals cook faster than whole beans!:)

Hi J, I haven't checked my mails yet, been busy, will check later. Trisha got her contact lens today, had to make a trip there this morning!:)
Try the flavored butter, it's yummy with Sambhar or any side dishes. Loved the Kali dal, simple and tasty!:)

Rajitha, sell it? Sure, why not? :D
Tamarind woman makes you sad a bit but makes you think too, enjoy!:)
I had read a book called "Life is not all Haa Haa Hee Hee", by Meera Syal, it's okay not bad. You could try and get that if you can!:)

Cham said...

Slow cook dhal is a cool idea :) Never tasted before (That is a southie, huh!)
Your ghee is very flavorful.... Usually i add some young tiny drumstick leaves which bring an aromatic smell or nothing .... I really turn the white solid into golden brown (very crucial part) but i enjoy making at home :) and stores for months in countertop!
Have Happy Independance day! Enjoy your vacation with family.
My biscuits looks more yummy at your place!
Hugs to you,

Mansi said...

Asha, that dala bukhara looks beautiful! and all that slow-cooker pain must be totally worth it as it preserves all the nutrients! thanks so much for sending it to my event gal! I owe you one:)

have a happy weekend, and your summer break!:)

notyet100 said...

wow,,bbq party,..sounds good,..liked dal bhukhara...nd thnks for gheerecipe,..//can try preparin ghee now,..

Madhavi said...

I never heard abt this dal b4. Very nice recipe and looks rich, creamy, mouth-drooling Asha di. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Enjoy ur trip and have a blasttttt!!!!

FH said...

Sands, that's true! Even in a good Punjabi restaurant, I see only Dal Makhani on the menu! Wonder why?
Check the beans often after 4 hrs, don't want a mushy Dal Bukhara, have fun!:))

Cham, as long as creamish solids are cooked well, ghee will be quite okay on the counter top. I once burnt it to dark brown, it was nasty, had to throw everything!:D
Biscuits were easy and so yummy, thanks!:)

Mansi, you are welcome. Slow cooker is great one dish recipes, add and forget until timer screams!:D
I still got 10days to go, counting down the days. A yummy dessert coming next week, don't miss it. Have a great 4th of July!:)

Priyanka, hopefully it doesn't rain on my BBQ as it usually it does anyway on the 4th every year!:D
Ghee is easy to make, just watch it on the last few minutes, so you don't burn it!:)

Thank you Madhavi, hope you try Bukhara. It's almost like Dal Makhani but lot less fat. Yes, counting down the days for that vacation time now, 10 more days to go yet! :D

ranji said...

no my parents are coming here july end :)..so much excited to meting them after so many yrs :)...we will be going to niagara falls..american side in aug..and hey u can send this entry to sangeeths eat healthy-protein riche evnt too :)

FH said...

Ranji, that's even better girl. We have to Niagara, it's beautiful from Canadian and US side too. My kids were were very young then, we got to take them there again.Enjoy your parents, it's good that they are visiting in Summer, winter will be torture for them!Well.. more mom's dishes to cook and post! Enjoy their company!:))
I am done with events. NO MORE attaching logos and sending thru e mails, I had promised Mansi this dish before!:D

Anonymous said...

The dal bukhara looks lovely!My mom always prepares ghee at home.I love the flavour .
Happy 4th July to you and your family :)

Meeta K. Wolff said...

in new delhi we were at the maurya sheraton and they have a restaurant called bukhara - where the specialty was dal bukhara it was delicious and i have not quite had a dal that tasted so grand. this certainly sounds great asha - thanks!

Archy said...

Asha, ur way of making ghee is so different with so many spices in them !! great !! Shall try this next time, surely :)!!

All set to travel, even i'm getting ready with shopping [:)], i'm so excited to visit India !!

FH said...

Thank you M, we will have a great time if it doesn't rain too much. You too have fun, long weekend to enjoy!:))

Meeta, this recipe is from the Chefs of Maurya Sheraton, Delhi. So you have eaten the real deal girl, sounds yum!:)
I wonder how it tastes if I add all the butter and cream they recommend in the book!
We are always so scared to try the dish as it should be with as much cream and butter. I might try making with half cup of Kali dal with full cream and butter one day just to try!:))

Archy said...

Dal Bhukhara looks so yum, with creamy gravy !!
U have some thing waiting at my blog :)!!

Tee said...

I have been eating this dal as a kid and making it so often and i never knew that it was called Dal Bukhara :) I absolutely love it!!!

Flavored ghee sounds interesting...like you i too make ghee at home (much to the surprise of a lot of friends) , and i cannot give it up , ever !

Anonymous said...

The Dal bukhara looks good Asha! Interesting facts too- i love making dal and chole etc in slow cooker, the taste is far superior!
Have u tried the dal as a soup - i just like to eat leftover dal with some crushed potato chips!
Ghee making pictures are cool!
And so are all the awesome recipes u tried!

So So Simple said...

Hi Asha
Thank you for that very comprehensible recipe for ghee. I have made it before but not been very successful.
I will be off to try again

Shilpa said...

Love that dal bukhara(such a funny name ..hahaha). I have to try the spices you add to ghee, never tried any of them.

FH said...

Archy, you are going to India as well, so many are taking a break this Summer. Enjoy, I am sure you are thrilled!:))
I will check out your blog in a minute!:)

Tee, you never posted the dal girl! See I am doing all the work here for Dal Bukhara!:D
Homemade ghee is the best, can't ever give up that yummy ever! Have a fun weekend!:)

Latha, I always have few chapatis in the fridge, so dal is used up that way!:D
Slow cooker release the flavor slowly, that's why the great taste, similar to pressure cooker but slower. Enjoy the loong weekend!:))

Hi Gilly, I was waiting to post this for you for a long time. Hope the pictures help, you don't have to add all the spices if you like sweet ghee. Enjoy!:))

Shipa, ghe has very sublte flavor beacuse of the spices and great color of Turmeric. Smells so good, hope you try!
Dal+Bhukar=feverish dal! Hahaha!
Have a fun weekend.

Unknown said...

Tips to make ghee was very helpful Ashaji..Have to try it..And have a great vacation..

Richa said...

very true, in the north dal is simmered the whole night ;) ur version sounds good, love dal anyday!
btw i've the same ghee container, my mom got it for me, set of two, the other one has a spout & a small handle for oil :)
Enjoy the wknd!

FH said...

That's my fave way making ghee DV, do try once, very fragrant!:))

Richa, dal was yummy. I bought that ghee pot online from Indousplaza, store is in NY. Love the oil pot you mentioned, feels like having a piece of India at home huh? :D
Enjoy your weekend, 3 days long to laze around!:)

ServesYouRight said...

You are my kannadiga hero! I got many admonitions to use solpa tuppa' in my coking when my mother and grandmother were visiting :-)


Sagari said...

dal looks very comforting ashaji

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

you make ghee at home??!! thats gr8...Naveen loves home made ghee, aadre i somehow cant stand the smell while making it :(. how do you get rid of that smell ashakka?? naanu ond sari try maadi, nanna sofa pillow ella smelt of ghee :((. Had to finish up one whole febreze!!! i stopped making it, after that. glad you liked the paladya!!

deepsat said...

It takes 5 hrs to cook dal bukhara. wow!! what an unbelievable recipe!!

Thanks asha!!

have a great 4th july weekend!!!


TBC said...

I thought DB and DM were one and the same. Now I know.:D
Love the color of the dal.

I wanted to tell u Asha- this weekend I picked up a few books from the library. U had recommended these in one of your earlier posts. I'm reading Shoba Narayan's Monsoon Diary right now and am loving it! I also have Amulya Malladi's "The mango season".

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
got to know the difference between dal bukhara and dal makhani.homemade ghee tastes delicious.
have a happy vacation and come back soon.


Unknown said...

Asha,The dal looks very to close to what I had in Bukhara in Delhi.It was tasting heavenly and I asked them the recipe, he said it is not possible to do at home, as it takes ages.I am so glad u have shared this wonderful recipe.Simply superb.
The ghee sounds great with spice combo.

Unknown said...

nice dal recipe...pitlai looks nice..glad you tried it..

Swati Raman Garg said...

cheeee i missed being d 50th... akka... ok i never know its called bhikara.. and i wud not have gotten to read so much about it anywhere else.. hats off to u .. akka is this actually ur last post or this is d last time u r putting recipes tried from others.... and u will b back when in sep :( :(

Trupti said...

Hey Asha Dal Bukhara looks delicious. This recipe is new to me. I will try this soon.

You have a nice way to make ghee. Love this new way.

Have Happy Independance day! Enjoy your vacation with family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Asha,

Hope you are doing well. Dal bukhara looks very yummy & healthy.I am amazed at the number of dishes you try.

The ghee looks perfect.The aroma of homemade ghee is always divine. I make mine with just curry leaves or drumstick leaves.So I will try with your spices sometime.

Is Paati's blog made into a private one? How unlucky I am. I don't know how to contact her to get an invitation.


Divya Kudua said...

Ashakka..dal bukhara looks yummy!!Cooking overnight/4-5 hrs..??that one is tricky..what with the rising prices of fuel and cooking gas here in India;-)making me drool though,never had it before.we make thoop from scratch-collect malai from milk,churn butter and then make ghee.your ghee sounds quite flavorful,shall try it next and your ghee pot looks so cute!!happy july 4th!!waiting for your special post!!

Illatharasi said...

Dal looks yummy. Thanks for sharing the preparation of ghee:)

Prajusha said...

dal bukhara looks so nice..loved the unique preparation of making ghee.thanks!
Happy independence day to u and ur family!

Meera said...

Loved dal bukhara and your version of using slow cooker. I am going to use mine now.
loved the ghee post too.
Enjoy your summer. I am enjoying mine!!:-D

amna said...

wow! you made so many dishes from other blogs over the past week ? :) nice!! i am too lazy in the kitchen i guess :D

delhibelle said...

You are spot on!
Dal Bukhara is frontier cooking type dal and yep much more popular in Delhi than actual frontier states like Punjab!

Keshi said...

Happy 4th hun, keep rocking!

Ghee btw is not used much in our household cos of the high calorie factor. But I really love the taste n smell of it when my mum sometimes uses it on Dosa. YUUUUUUUUUM!


Sunshinemom said...

Asha - Waiting to give you a jadoo ki jhappi on my blog! Do visit:)

Sailaja said...

Great recipe. I do make ghee but without cloves.

Lakshmi said...

Tuppa procedure is very very very informative. I can imagine the aroma of tuppa..hmmmmahhhhhh......Dal Bukhara looks yumm and phula phula kachori's rock! You have a award on my blog. Enjoy it again if you have already received it.

Indian Khana said...

Lovely Dal...I love black gram dal..and this one looks more like dal makhni to me :)...and visit my blog..There is something for your in there...

SMN said...

Ashakka nice make over for the Blog and Happy independence day! u done wth ur vacassion if not hv a great time and safe travel..

i hvnt heard of sal bukhara..looks nice

notyet100 said...

invite u to my blog at asan khana to collect award...;-)

Sia said...

wow, dal bhukara is a better half of dal makhani i guess;) first i read it as dal bhukar(fever in hindi) and wondered what is it all abt;) he he he... looks gr8 ashakka... a must try recipe for me following ur instruction ofcourse.
spiced thuppa? now i like that one. i usually get 2 big bottle from india and it lasts for long time in fridge which we use it for eating not for cooking:) we have dosa every morning and krish like to have thuppa with rave(melted jaggery syrup, like honey).
so its a long weekend for u? have fun... and can my advace wishes for u know what;) will look forward to ur very special post:) hugs to u...

sunita said...

Gorgeous dal,Asha, and love the ghee, your style...I make ghee at home too, in my style, of course ;-P

Enjoy your break...we are still waiting for the kids' holidays to start :-(

accidental diva said...

thanx for the wishes akka n' the dal looks delish!!will try it this weekend:):)

Aditi..............:) said...

What a yummy recipe !! Love you presentation....;)

FH said...

Hahaha!! Smita, thank you, thank you thank you!
Solpa tuppa everyday is excellent girl,LISTEN to your ajji.She knows what's she talking about, you should have some girl, keeps your skin supple!:))

Thank you Sagari, hope you try!:))

Ramya, I don't get that much smell at all, may be because of the type of butter we use? It's the deep frying and curry smell which needs whole can of neutralizer for me! Hahaha! Paladya was excellent, ate it with Chapatis!Thanks girl!:)

Satish, you can cook beans within 10mins in pressure cooker of course. In slow cooker, yeah, takes 5-6 hrs, gives a creamier texture.Have a wonderful weekend,we are looking forward to fireworks!:)

tbc, they both are almost the same but Bukhara with just one beans instead of 3, tastes great though.
I love that monsoon diary, it's so funny and so realistic too.Enjoy. Glad you got it from your library!:))

Shah cooks said...

HAve a great vacation, Asha..hugs to u too.
Will try ur dal bhukara once i am back!

FH said...

Thank you Shalini. I am looking forward to vacation and a break, so I can finish all the stuff I have been putting off all these days!:D
Enjoy the dal.

Pearl, I think they just wanted to sell their cookbook instead of telling you the recipe!:D
If you add as much cream and butter as they say, it will be heavenly, got to be brave and try one day!:)

Sowmya, Pithlai was great. I made more gravy to go with rice, thanks for the recipe!:))

Swati, try Dal Bukhara next time in Delhi, it's great!:)
I still have one more post to go next week, not cooking from others anymore because no time this week, got to pack!))
Yeah, will be back in Sept. Trisha starts college as a visiting high schooler on 25th Aug and will be driving alone too, so I will be too jittery to come back before that!:)
Keep in touch, e mail, not a problem!:)

Thanks Trupti. Enjoy the dal and ghee too. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!:))

FH said...

Kate, thanks friend, so good to see you again. I thought of you y'day!:) Paati's blog has become private, I found that out y'day.
I was wondering why there are no new posts from her and it showed "access denied"! I don't know how to contact her either, I loved her recipes, wanted to try a few! Let me know if you can contact her, tell her I want in too!:))

Divya, that's true! Everything is so expensive now, it's hard to try new things! I just use Land o'Lakes butter, should try making Malai, never tried it. Post when you make it next time!:)

You are welcome Vani, hope you try the dal, specially good for weekend brunch!:)

Thank you Prajusha, you too have a wonderful time girl!:))

Meera, beautiful weather now to enjoy, have fun!:))
I have one more post to go, then I will be very quiet!Hahaha!
Use the slow cooker girl. I bought another smaller one to take it to vacation too!:D

Bhawana said...

Nice dal Asha, will try this for sure. We are bound to celebrate 4 th July Independence Day as it is my marriage date :)). This time is my second anniversary :).

A_and_N said...

Dear Asha, my stomach gets full just by looking at your blog/pictures. I guess thats a great way of losing weight :D

You serve a hearty meal every single time and this one is no exception! Great recipes, equally great pictures!

FH said...

Nags, while you were getting married, I was cooking up a storm and enjoying the new tastes! :D
I have been listing so many since 6 weeks now, check out old posts on the bottom!:)

DB, I wrote "Punjabi dal" at first, and then thought dish is from Delhi, so let me just say North India to be safe and not get killed by anyone!:D
You should post more Delhi dishes, very interesting to me that there is such huge difference!:)

Keshi, that's true, full of fat indeed. Once in a while, drizzled on special dishes, it tastes divine!:)
Looking forward 4th of July fun tomorrow!Have a great weekend, hugs to you!:))

Hahaha!! Thank you S, will check out!:)

Thanks Sailaja. Whole spices gives it a subtle flavor to the ghee, something special than plain ghee!:))

FH said...

LG, I love the smell of tuppa, feels like I am at my ajji's place!:))
Kachori was so plump, we ate it for dinner!Hahaha! Thanks, I will check!:))

Priti, Dal Makhani/Dal Maharani has other beans added like chana dal or kidney beans, Bukhara is done only with black beans, very similar recipe but not the same! Dal Bukhara is lot better tasting too!:)
Will check out, thanks!

Sushma, I am still searching that great color for my blog, it's hard to find!:D
I will disappear after next Wednesday's post, will tell you about vacation in detail next week here!:)

Thanks Priyanka, will do asap!:)

Sia,with Obbattu and BBB, ghee on top is a must, otherwise I add to saaru after cooking. K likes dosa everyday with tuppa, sounds good to me! Yeah, Dal Maharani and Bukhara is almost the same except just with kali dal, try it!:)
Thanks, will be packing next week which I don't like but got to do it. Last post is ready to go, waiting to post!
Have a great weekend, lots of pataki blasting tomorrow!:D

FH said...

Sunita, thanks. Ghee making is always comforting for me,love it!:)
They still have school, it goes on and on doesn't it?
It will be fun here tomorrow, lot noise and parties everywhere. Enjou your weekend. I still have to wait 10 more days for vacation!:)

Have a wonderful weekend aa, wish you the best! Hope you try the dal!:))

Thank you Aditi, try my best girl. Enjoy!:))

Shaheen, thanks. Have a safe flight and enjoy India girl. Hugs to you too!:))

Bhawana, that is so wonderful, two in one celebration! Congratulations to you both and wish you all the best in life! Enjoy the weekend as well!:))

Thanks N, just inhale the photo and you never have to eat ever again! Hahaha! Have a wonderful 4th of July!
I have a surprise for you next week!:))

ranji said...

Asha dropped by to say i have posted lavash with chicken curry today :)..thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhh..i am so happy i made this..now wondering what took me so long :)

ShellyH said...

Happy July 4th! Love your blog. I found your blog today via the foodie blog roll.

Kalai said...

Never tried this type of dal, but it looks so creamy and delicious! Have a happy 4th! :)

Thistlemoon said...

That Dal looks delicious! Thanks for the slow cooker tip! Hope you have a great 4th!

Deepthi Shankar said...

Dal Bukhra looks good .. lovely write up on Ghee Asha .. i have never made ghee .. Amma always makes em.. Luv eating ghee though :)

FH said...

Just saw it Ranji, looks wonderful girl. Chicken is mouthwatering too, bookmarked!:))

Happy 4th to you too Shelly, glad to see you here. Enjoy browsing and have great weekend!:)

Hope you do try Kalai, it's very nutritious too. Enjoy the fireworks!:)

You are welcome Jenn. Slow cookers are wonderfully convenient once you learn the tricks and tips! Have a safe and fun weekend!:)

Suma, you are one lucky girl.Mom makes ghee and you get to eat!:D
Enjoy the weekend, see you later!

Rachel said...

Beofre you go on your vacation...come and get something that I have for you on my blog :D

Sum Raj said...

luv all ur recipe...dal makhani is just mouthwatering....somthing for u on my blog...check out

Unknown said...

Loved the post.Dal bukhara is new to me.I have tried dal makhani before.I also make ghee at home.But adding all those flavours is new to me.Will try your version next time.Have a fun $th of july.We are expecting T-strom..

Uma said...

everything is awesome Asha!

Check out my blog...something is waiting here!


FH said...

Rachel, will be there in a minute girl!:))

Thanks Suma, I will be there asap!:)

We might get T-storms too Mahesh, just like every year but it will pass quickly before the fireworks starts. Enjoy all the dishes and the weekend, hugs toy you!:))

Thanks Uma, will check in a minute!:))

DK said...

You have been cooking a storm as always. The dal looks utterly delightful both for sight and taste! It looks yummy! I havent tried my hand at cooking more than 1 hr - slow cooking is alien to me as of now! It luks delicious though - one quick doubht - wont the nutrients get affected with long cooking? do lemme know so that I can try too.

As for the rain - I think its the same phenomenon like in Chennai - It rains without fail during Diwali! :) You have safe trip dearie - would miss you and your looong list of recipies. I cooked one whole month with only your recipes and I am still lagging soooooo far behind! I think it will take me years to catch up with you even if you take 100 such breaks! hehehe :)

Have a great vacation

Cynthia said...

I have never tried making ghee and I like your spice-infused version.

By the way, you make me want to go get a slow cooker just so that I can make dal bukhara!

FH said...

Hi DK,good to see you girl. Yeah, as usual, trying to catch up everything and blogging!:D
But looking forward to long weekend and the break from next week!:)
Slow cooker on low is probably about 170 to 200F, so it cooks slowly but doesn't boil the beans,so nutrients will be intact, beans gets creamier. I only cook with slow cooker occasionally, so I think it's okay.Hope you try DK.Glad you are cooking up a storm too, keep it up!:)
Have a great weekend, I am looking forward to BBQ and lot of noise!:D

A_and_N said...

Aaah, Asha, that was A who commented. He kind of loves ghee and all that ;) and he adds a spoonful of ghee to everything he cooks, but other wise is a health freak! Men, sigh!

So, ya, I think I can guess what surprise you have for me :D I do not want to reveal it here ;)

- N (the more sensible one;))

Dibs said...

Hello Asha, Found your blog in a random food blogs browse. I really learnt some new things with ghee preparation. Never knew or thought of adding spices while making ghee, except for adding a betel leaf for flavour! I have a blog for my mother's recipes, and most dishes end with "serve with a dollop of ghee". Will link all the 'ghees' to this post. :-) Dal bhukara is interesting as well. Will look out for your new posts... keep posting!

Viji said...

Lovely Asha as usual your write up and the recipes. You take too much effort to explain in detail. Appreciate your interest. Viji

Ramya Bala said...

Thank u Asha for dropping by and I have special notes for you in my blog..chk it out...

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Slow cooking really brings out the flavours in dishes like these, doesn't it?
Have a wonderful holiday.
Can't believe I'm hosting my first event, and you won't be cooking up something for it.:(

FH said...

Cynthia, do try. Nothing like homemade ghee, I love the aroma. Little bit of fat doesn't hurt anyone, does it?:D

HeHe! Good for A, my kinda guy! you go boy and eat tuppa, a bit everyday!:D
You do know your surprise, do ya sensible girl? I think it's easy for a Kannadathi to choose,right? HeeHee!
Happy 4th, enjoy all the fireworks and food today, see you both on Monday!:)

Dibs, gla you found me. I think your mom is the best! I will check your blog later today. 1-2 tsp ghee a day is quite okay I think, you don't want to get rid of that too from your diet, that's my opinion. I have one more post to go here, then I will take a blog break until September but I will add you to my blog roll and will keep in touch.Feel free to browse while I am gone! Have a great weekend!:)

FH said...

Hi Viji, thank you but I still can't match your traditional dishes and knowledge girl. I do admire you for that. I will visit you today, got some in the afternoon. In evening it gets busier, food and fireworks and all! Enjoy your weekend!:)

It was a pleasure to be in your blog Ramya, cute kid in your profile too!:)
I will check your blog today! Enjoy the weekend.

I know darling Aparna, so sorry about that and I love nutmeg too! Wish I had more time. May be next time when you host, you know I won't miss it for the World. Hugs!:))
Slow cooking does bring out the flavor without losing nutrients since it cooks on very low heat, makes it creamy!:)
Enjoy your weekend.

Unknown said...

This style of making ghee is unique, I have seen my mom make it, its a bit diff, i havent made ghee myself, coz iam not so fond of its smell (surprising right? ;)....i like it when its taste is overpowered by some other ingredient:)

FH said...

Roopa, that's why I add just a tsp to everyday dihses, makes it tasty without overpowering it, unless it's obbattu! For that I must have a dollop on top! Hahaha!!
You can skip all the spices and make just plain ghee as well.
Enjoy your weekend!:)

Jaya M said...

Dal Bukhara looks great .
Your way of making ghee is very different and unique , I am sure with those added cinnamons , it smells great ..
enjoy ur summer and have great relaxing break .
hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for all these great photo's and links!

FH said...

Thanks Jaya. Just something to jazz up the plain old ghee!:D
Enjoy your weekend!:))

You are welcome W,enjoy all the links, Infos and recipes.
Happy 4th to you, have fun today!:))

mirage said...

Great blog on food recipes yummy yummy:))

FH said...

Thank you Mirage, appreciate it. Have a great weekend!:))

Anonymous said...

happy 4th of july to u too
n miss ur posts
btw havent heard anyone make ghee with that many ing.
have a great weekend

EC said...

I have something for u on my blog Asha

FH said...

Hi Anusha, bet you had fun last night! It was noisy here, enjoyed it!:)
I know! That's why I said "my style ghee"! HeeHee! I love the flavor, very subtle, doesn't taste spicy at all, hope you try it once. Have a great weekend.

Thanks EC, will come and get it asap!:)

Hetal said...

I have a treat for you in my blog,check it out..

FH said...

Will be there Hetal, thank you!:)

Anonymous said...

Wow Asha...the dal bukhara looks great! And the ghee preparation looks wonderful. I should try this at home.

FH said...

Hi HC, good to see you!
Ghee is yummy, can't use this for desserts but for everything else it's excellent, do try!:)

Deeba PAB said...

Indian Menu Planner is one of my fave Indian cuisine books...love the way you cut the fat out of it!!! I love Dal Bukhara & your adaptation is even better!!! Great post Asha...YUM!!

FH said...

Isn't that book great? It has such simple and delicious recipes. I don't think I can bring myself to add 1/2 cup ghee in any dish although I love ghee!:P
Have a great Sunday!:)

Sunshinemom said...

Looks so tasty! The last time I was here, did not read the post properly - so came over for a dekko again:)

FH said...

LOL! S, I don't blame ya girl. My weekly posts are aways long, got to get a cuppa and then sit down to read everyting!
Last 2 days were so busy for me. I am just relaxing and browsing blogs today for a while before I start cooking lunch again. Enjoy another dekko, see you tomorrow!:)

ChrisB said...

Hi Asha I just looked at the videos and I guess you had a great 4th July celebration despite the rain!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

hi asha
an interesting subject to dwell upon..dal is always on the table during hurry afternoon lunch.Will try your way !

Padma said...

Hey Asha,

Thanks for your warm welcome message. I am glad you made dishes from my blog, hope you enjoyed them...

I will miss you when u are away for a vacation, meanwhile I will make up all the time I left behind...

Seena said...

Hey Asha, am here.. :)
Just went through your "Life blog"!
Hope to come back again.. now bye.. :)

Indranee Batabyal said...

Thanks Asha...I'm glad you liked the khichdi.Hope you enjoyed a nice 4th of July:)BTW, this dal bukhara looks yummy!

Deepthi said...


Just stumbled upon your blog on saturday..Its simply too good..Loved your style ..Waiting to try some of your dishes :)


Srivalli said...

bhooo..how come my earlier comment is not here!!!!...I came back to check on your fireworks...great vidoes..good to see you enjoyed..hheeh...and yeah adding red chili to ghee is so new..my mom adds the other spices..:)

krystyna said...

Thank you Asha for sharing your beautiful video. I'm in USA since 8 years and it was beautiful, sunny 4th Day every year.. Never with rain.

krystyna said...

Thank you so much for showing how you do your homemade Ghee.
I did it (not offten) when I was in my country Poland (from Ayurveda)
but now I almost forgot about ghee.
Your recipe is gtreat!

FH said...

Yes we did Chris! It poured and it stopped just before the fireworks!:D

Anamika,Dal Bukhara is not an quick dal to make unless you use the pressure cooker!:D

Padma, each one of them I made from your blog were very delcious, looking forward to cook more whe I come back. Enjoy blogging, glad you are back!:))

Hi Seena, I have one more post to go, then I will be gone. I will see you later, hugs!:))

FH said...

Hi Indranne, thanks. We had fun on the 4th, long busy weekend too!:)

Deepthi, great to see you here. Enjoy and find the recipes in the recipe index. I will be on break for few weeks, hope I will see you again!:)

Sri, I didn't get your earlier comment, just thought you were busy!:))
Red chilli is optional, just for flavor!We had fun once the rain stopped!:D

It rains here on the 4th every year Krys!!:D
Hope you make ghee again, it's a nice addition to dishes, with sugar mixed, you can add to sandwiches too!:))

Deepthi Shankar said...

hey did you live in Hospete too??

FH said...

Didn't live in Hospete VP but visited on the way to see Hampe and Tungabhadra Dam many times. We lived in Chamarajanagara, near Mysore until I was in 4th grade and then moved out. My Thatha's farm is still near Chamarajanagara at the Koyambattur border!:)

@the_whisk_affair said...

there's an award waiting for u in my new post! :-) and where's the no-knead bread?? :-)

Miri said...

The Dal bukhara looks amazing, must have tasted even better being cooked slowly...have a great break!

Trupti said...

Hey Asha, How was ur long wkend? Check my blog for award.

FH said...

Hi JZ, got the awards, thank you!:)
"No knead bread" is coming on Wednesday, just a photo with link to the original recipe at NY Times edition.

Thanks Miri, need a break,lot of work to do at home!:))
Yes, slow cooking gives that creamy texture, try it.

Hi Trupti, weekend was very busy. It rained but stopped just before the fireworks!:)
I will be there soon, thanks.

bha said...

You are going to be out of action for sometime it seems, have a wonderful trip.....:)

And it would give many a tip to smile with your write up on fat and ghee....:)

FH said...

Bha, one more post to go and then I will start packing, leaving next Saturday. You will know why I am waiting until next post in 2 days!:D
Love Ghee, eat a bit almost everyday, keeps my skin supple! That's my excuse! Hahaha!
Yes, need to take a long break, LOADS of home improvement projects lined up this Summer, been postponing for a year now!:)

Beyond Curries said...

Lovely Dal bhukara Ashaji. Thanks for giving the link to the site which has slow cooker recipes for Indian cooking. I was also thinking about it for quite sometime.

I also prepare ghee at home. Back in India my grandmother used to add betel leaf. Here I don't add anything, but it's really better than the store bought ones.

Going to miss you dear and all your posts for sometime. Have a wonderful vacation.

ranji said...

hey thr asha..must be all excited to go on ur vacation :)...waiting for ur next post :)...now i have a couple of awards for u waiting in my blog....come and collect it soooooon :)..congrats ..hugs to u :)

FH said...

Thanks Madhu, enjoy those sites while I enjoy my break. I loved that site too but will wait until I try some of those. I agree, homemade ghee, plain or otherwise, is way better than store bought one!:))

Ranji, I can't wait for vacation but still not packed anything at all, got to start on Friday, otherwise we can't leave to anywhere!:D
Thanks, I will be there in a minute!:)

Foodie said...

Hi Asha,
I know I have been missing from the blogsphere for quite sometime.
I was in India for 3 months and when came back was busy with my 2 boys and job and all other household chores. My gosh, Asha, what a lavish spread you have of worldwide dishes, are you on a mission or something dear?
Just kidding!
I have started updating my blog which I was not able to due to all other stuff going around.
I am very upset with you, because you were the first one to comment on my blog on every new post. I miss that, and the other thing is you never tried any recipe from my blog?? Well I know since food blog desam is no longer updating blog posts, I don't know how you can have people visit your blog, when there is a new post? any suggestions dear?
Hey loved all your posts and the dal bukhara is just fabulous. Ghee looks so gorgeous! Hey loved that barn too, my god that red color is so beautiful. Saw the deck too, looks too good.

FH said...

Hi Pintoo, so good to see you girl. 3mnts in India, that must have been fun. Glad to see you back. FBD is gone now, we have Taste of India blog to alert the new posts, look in the sidebar to go there and register your blog too, easier for us!:))
I will cook from you when I come back from blog break and I will visit you of course. If I don't get your new posts, I tend to lag behind, that's all. Enjoy all the dishes, see you in a minute!:)

Kannada Cuisine said...

My Gosh!! This looks like a piece of heaven!! Reminds me of Bukhara restaurant in Delhi!! Yummmm...

Also Thanks for the info on adding stuff to the blog!!

Indian Khana said...

Thanks for your nice comments, trust me its much more less work compare to chawal ki roti recipe..and taste more better...

Red Chillies said...

Hey, I missed your posts Asha. So it rained huh? We had good fireworks show here. I have never heard of daal bukhara and your version of ghee is fantastic.

Deepthi Shankar said...

Thatz cool .. I was in Hospete for abt 4 yrs when my dad was transfered .. I have never been to chamarajanagara, but i really love Mysore .. Very quiet & calm

Anonymous said...

Asha, Excellent step-by-step description to make ghee.

I usually make ghee using the malai (heavy cream on top of milk). I freeze it over the months, then heat it one fine day to extract ghee.

FH said...

Eco, thanks. Dal tastes reat when done slowly!:)
Hope you stick your stuff on the side bar too!:D

Priti, I LOVE chawal ki roti! I use my stand mixer to mix any dough, any dish so not a problem for me!;D

RC, ALMOST missed you here but gotcha now!:D
It rained heavily an hr before and then completely stopped. We had fun after that, it was lot cooler and perfect. It happens EVERY year, strange!!:)

VP, Mysore was very beautiful city and now, I hear that it's becoming like B'lore too, hope not, haven't been there in a long time.Once we moved out, my dad was transferred to diff. cities to all over K'taka, been a nomad ever since!:D

Roma, making ghee out of Malai sounds good girl. I have never made it that way, just buy butter. I don't get much malai anyway, mostly use fat free milk. Got to try with malai one day!:))

Indian Khana said...

Stand mixer and still complaining of hard work...mymy...and am not south indian..nor did I grew up in SI ..hehe

ST said...

Dal Bukhar looks mighty tasty and delicious. I have never cooked with whole black gram though. With those parathas they do make me terribly hungry .The pics are very tempting.

The ghee making process you have defined is different. Back home my mother used to make it just boiling it.

Susan said...

That spiced ghee looks wonderful. I would love to scramble some eggs in it. It reminds me a little of niter kibbeh.

FH said...

Got to boil, shape,cook and bake etc etc, don't I Priti? Hahaha! No, I am not afraid of hard work really, got to work if I want toot eat well!:)
Read in your MeMe that you lived in Chennai, H'bad, so I thought you are either a southie or grew up in there!:P
I guessing now that you went to school, college or worked there!:)

Thank you Sireesha. Yes, plain ghee is just boiling, great for making sweets etc. I jazz up things a bit!:D
Never cooked with kali dal, time to try then!:))

FH said...

Hi Susan, I love this ghee too, great with any dish.Scrambled eggs in that sounds yummy, I will try that!Thanks.
Yes!! I never thought of that but it is somewhat like Niter Kibbeh,they have even more spices in there I think, never made that at home!:))

Indian Khana said...

You are thinking too much and didn't go through my blog properly I guess. Cause Kedar is my nephew!! I didn't work in south ..hehe....if you need other details scrap or mail me !

Dalicia said...

i'm all for healthy cooking! happy belated 4th of july

Shreya said...

Hi Asha, lovely recipe for Dal bukhara. I have never made ghee myself, I always rely on my mother to make it for me and pack for me when I go home. This time, I will try your way of making it:-). Regarding the beet rasam, I searched the blog, and was unable to find the recipe here. If you can, pl send the link to me. Thanks.

FH said...

UH OH!! I give up Priti!!Hehe!
Kedar is your nephew! Okay, I understand now, he is just bugging his aunt!;D

Thanks Dalicia. We had fun, it rained a little but stopped just before the fireworks!:)

Shreya, I will get you the link ina minute, I posted it last year!:)
As long as mom makes it for you, why bother making it at home, enjoy! Hope you try the dal!:))

Jamie said...

Hi Asha. Great post as always! The dal looks really wonderful. Its been a while since I have had some, so I am definitely bookmarking it. Your vacation is coming up pretty soon isn't it? Have a great time!

Indian Khana said...

Kishiore is my friend !! :-)

Indranee Batabyal said...

Thanks Asha!I love your other blogs as well.

FH said...

Hi Jamie, hope you try this Dal, pretty good even it's made without slow cooker! Enjoy!:))

Priti, that's why I didn't try to guess this time! Hahaha!!

You are welcome Indranee. Enjoy and I will see you later!:))

Pragyan said...

Dal Bukhara..something new for me. Will definitely try it one of these days. Blogrolling it. Flavored ghee sounds interesting. I always make the plain ghee once a year .. my Memorial day ritual! :)

FH said...

Your memorial day ghee ritual sounds great P. Good to see you btw. Enjoy the dal!:))

Anonymous said...

hello ashaji,
do u knw any other options for slow cooker. like if i cooked it in avessels with a tawa with water underneath it will it do. thank u.

FH said...

Hi Anon, you know slow cooking in a slow cooker is almost like what we call "Dum" in Hindi. Put everything in a thick bottomed dish, cover it and seal the edges with chapati dough so steam doesn't escape and simmer on a very low heat for a long time, so it cooks in it's own juice SLOWLY.
That's what slow cooker does essentially, try that. Water in the Tawa, I never tried that method,so can't tell you whether it works but might. Experiment with different methods. Good luck! :))

Pravs said...

Hi Asha, Thanks for checking on me. I am in India and away from all things happening in NO.
Trust you are doing well.

FH said...

Hi Pravs, so glad you missed all the stuff in NO.They scared us like it's end of the World but it missed NO all together. Thanks God for that.
Enjoy India, lot safer there than here, right?
I am doing well, renovation coming along nicely,might take until December though.See you when you come back, take care!:))

Sanghi said...

You have a great blog.. Huge lot of recipies... wow!!! Do visit my blog and leave ur comments!

FH said...

Thanks Sanghi, I do my best! :))

Cham said...

Hi Asha,
Hope you re settled down with ur new kitchen. Just came to wish you:
Wish you and your family a Happy & Prosperous New Year! Hope to see soon in 2009 with lots of flavorful dishes..

FH said...

Hi Cham, happy new year to you too. Thank you for your wishes as well.I will start blogging from next Wednesday. I didn't realize 1st Jan. was holiday, enjoyed a day off y'day! :))

Take care, see you next week.

Isopure Protein Fan said...

You have really got some tasty and healthy meal ideas here! thanks for the awesome food ideas, I noticed allot have high protein and that is always a plus being that I am A bodybuilder. I will have to give some a try. Thanks you and great work!

FH said...

Thank you very much, I appreciate your comment. Please do try and enjoy the taste!:)