May 07, 2008

Chiles Rellenos on salsa, Arroz con Frijoles Negros, Jicama-Avocado salad and Arroz Con Leche!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there, enjoy this Sunday. Sit tight, relax and make others serve you for a change! You all deserve a Nobel Peace prize each for being very very patient and very very loving, even when kids throw their very very fickle mood swings in your face everyday and you still love them to death!!:D

Last weekend, we did lot of yard work, gardening and some veggie planting at almost 80F temp and survived somehow to blog today. Sneak a peek here to see what's up in my backyard! :)

Let me start with a yummy light dessert for all moms today and then a delicious vegetarian Mexican meal!

Arroz Con Leche, with Raspberries:
Arroz Con Leche (Rice with milk in Spanish) is nothing but Rice Pudding which is flavored with nutmeg and Cinnamon and mixed with Raspberries (my addition, frozen will do fine too). I have made it light for moms but traditionally made with heavy cream or whipped cream folded in and even with egg yolks, which gives it a nice creamy texture and taste. Did you know that Raspberries have the highest fiber content of any fruit?! You could add any fruit or chocolate sauce or garnish with sweetened coconut on top if you like.

A delicious low-fat Mexican dessert cinnamon-Nutmeg flavored Arroz Con Leche with Raspberries is my contribution to AFAM-Raspberries, hosted by Dee of "Ammalu's Kitchen" blog this month. Thanks Dee, great choice of fruit!!:)

You need: 1/2 cup quick cooking or medium grain rice, 1 cup water, 2 cups 2% milk or fat free Half and half, 3-4 tbsp white sugar or more to your taste, 1/2 tsp sweet Cinnamon powder, few grating of Nutmeg, 1 tsp Vanilla essence, 1/4 cup Chopped Raspberries, save a few for garnishing and curly Cinnamon sticks for garnish.
To make it:
1. Add rice, water in a glass bowl and microwave for 6 mins, uncovered or you can cook on stove top stirring all the time, which takes a long time.
2. Add all the milk and sugar, mix and MW again at 50% for another 6-8 mins or stir slowly on the stove top until rice is cooked soft and creamy with thickish sauce.
3. Take it out, mix well. Adjust the sugar and if it's too thick, you could thin it out with more milk, must heat again gently.
4. Add nutmeg, vanilla essence, Cinnamon pd, fold in. Let it cool covered in the fridge for an hour. 5. Add Raspberries pieces to rice and milk, mix in gently, chill again. Serve in a individual bowl, garnished with few Raspberries and Cinnamon sticks.

Now a yummy vegetarian Mexican meal:

Chiles Rellenos in salsa or spicy Tomato sauce, Arroz Con Frijoles Negro with Avocado-Jicama salad and serve this meal with Arroz Con Leche with Raspberries for dessert:
Chiles Rellenos means stuffed Pobalno chillies, could be stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and re-fried beans in salsa or any meat fillings as well. Arroz Con Frijoles Negro means rice with black beans in Spanish, a Mexican style dish which makes a great accompaniment with any side dish. All served with very Mexican salad which includes fresh sliced Jicama, Avocado, lemon juice on a bed of ice burg lettuce or thinly sliced fresh Cabbage as sometimes they do in Mexico! You also don't have to fry the Poblanos, can serve it stuffed and sauteed! But fried tastes better with gooey cheese inside!:)

A Mexican platter of Chiles Rellenos in salsa, Arroz Con Frijoles Negro with a Avocado and Jicama salad on the side is my offer to "A.W.E.D.-Mexico" event which is launched by DK of "Culinary Bazaar" blog. Thanks for hosting DK, enjoy!:)

Step by step photos, click on it to enlarge:
You need: 4 large Poblano chillies, 4 pieces of 3-4" long rectangle 1" thick Monterey Jack cheese sticks, about 1/4 cup of Re-fried beans to stuff, 1 tbsp of Queso Fresco or Mexican fresh cheese to garnish.
For coating batter: Traditionally, they use beaten egg white to coat but since this is a vegetarian meal, I used 1/2 cup Plain flour, salt, pinch of baking powder with enough water to make thick batter, somewhat like this snack.
Salsa or sauce: Store bought Salsa or home made as the recipe given below.

To make these: 1. Bake or grill Poblanos in the oven with 400F for 20 mins or so until you see the skin starts to get reddish. Take them out on a plate, cover with a bowl to make it sweat for a minute or two.
2. Peel the skin gently, slit one side to make a pocket with a knife or scissors. With a spoon, take out the seeds and the veins without tearing the chillies.Wash gently under the water in the sink, pat them dry.
3. Using a spoon, spread the re-fried beans inside the Poblano, place a cheese stick on top, place some more beans paste, cover it gently and seal it with a toothpick.Repeat with others, chill in the fridge for 1/2 hour to firm the beans paste.
Make sauce: Use fresh Salsa, heat it for 1 minute or blend fresh 3 Tomatoes, 1/2 onion, few cilantro sprigs, salt, 1 garlic, 1/2 tsp Cumin pd. Put it in a bowl, heat in the microwave until you get a sauce.
Coating to fry: Mix flour, salt,enough water and baking pd to make a thick mixture and let it rest for 5 minutes.
To fry: Heat oil to 375F. Dip stuffed Poblanos in batter, fry until crisp, drain on paper towel. When cool, remove the toothpicks.
To serve; place few spoonfuls of salsa or sauce on the plate, put one Chile Relleno on it, sprinkle some Queso Fresco. Serve with Mexican black beans rice and salad on the side.

Mexican rice with Black beans: (my easy way)

1. Cook 1 cup rice and pinch of salt in the microwave as usual until cooked soft and cool. Fluff to make the grains loose and separate.
2. Heat a pan with 1/2 tbsp butter, add 1/4 cup finely chopped onion, 1/4 cup red bell pepper or green bell pepper, 1 Tomato, 1-2 garlic chopped, pinch of salt and saute for 2 minutes.
3. Add 1/2 tsp red chilli flakes, 1 tsp cumin powder, 1/2 tsp dry Oregano, add drained and washed canned Black beans (one can) to the pan and mix well.
4. Add all the rice, 1/2 tsp lemon juice, bit more salt and mix everything well, it will take a darker color because of the black beans. That's it!:)

For salad:
In Mexico, they sometimes use very thinly shredded cabbage instead of Iceberg lettuce. I had lettuce at hand, so I used that. Add thinly sliced fresh Jicama, 1 Avocado pulp, coarsely chopped, 1/2 tsp lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Mix and chill until serving time.
Variations to to serve Poblanos: After you make the sauce in the pan, fried Poblanos are added and simmered in the sauce before serving. I just kept them separate to retain the crunch rather soggy Chiles Rellenos. Your choice!

One more look:

Enjoy and check out another Mexican platter I made last year!! :)

Book: I am still reading the book "Daughters of Kerala", which you can see on the sidebar right now. I will review this beautiful book next week.
Movie? Saw none this week but eagerly waiting for new Indiana Jones movie release and looking forward to this weekend too!! YAY!

I tried these dishes last week, thanks for posting all these yummies girls. Haunting your blogs continues!! :D

Arachuvitta Katrikai kuzhambu from Nirmala's blog.
Aloo(Baingan)Kurma from Anjali's blog.
Paneer Parathas
from Dhivya Vikram's blog.
Toaster Tandoori Roti
from Hetal & Anuja's blog.
Vatana Bateta Tameta nu Shaak
from Richa's blog.
Red chilly chutney from Sumitha's blog.
Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta from Deeba's blog.
Rava Idli from Latha and Lakshmi's blog.
Radish Kootu
from tbc's blog.
Moong dal with cucumber
from Pravs's blog.
Gowdru Pulao
from Namratha's blog.
Tomato-Carrot Dosa
from Laavanya's blog.
Aloo-white peas bhaji for Pooris
from Padmaja's blog.
Kerala Potato stew/Eshtu from shn's blog.
Kerikku dosa/Coconut Aapam from Bharathy's blog.

Chole-Bhatura from Pooja's blog.

A word about shn's Potato Eshtu: I was reheating the Eshtu for dinner y'day. My son came home from school, took a deep breath and says "something smells so GOOD! Mother, what culinary delight are you bestowing upon us today?" ;D
(Btw, the word "mother" comes out of his mouth only when I make butter chicken and Tikka masala, not for anything vegetarian until now! Hahaha! They ate this stew with toast. Thanks shn!)

Lastly, I received few lovely surprises one Sunday morning two week's ago, a YUMMY BLOG AWARD (award pic attached in my side bar) from my blog buddies Dee, Dhivya Vikram and Meera. Thank you both so very much dear Dee, DV and Meera, very cute award for my blog which I proudly accept, appreciate and display!
I also thank Latha N of "The YUM blog" for giving me the "Forever Friends" globe. I am your friend forever Latha, thank you sweetie, hugs to you! Blog more please, twice a week sounds great too! :)

"The YUM blog" award has been crated by Roopa of "My Kitchen treats":
"Yummy blog award is the award given to the blog with most yummy recipes/photos", I thank you as well Roopa! :)
As per the rules, I have to "list four of my favorite desserts that I have prepared or eaten and pass the award to four of my fellow bloggers".
Here are four of my most favorite desserts I have blogged so far......
1. Mango Cobbler,
2. Ricotta Cheese Rasmalai,
3. Texas Sheet Cake,
4. Strawberry yogurt Pie, also called "Mustikkaiiras" in Finland.

I am forwarding this award to four more yummy blogs. If you have received it already, enjoy it again! :) I hope you follow the same award rules as listed at Roopa's blog ie to display the award, list 4 of your favorite desserts and forward the award to 4 more yummy deserving blogs! It's very hard to choose among hundreds of yummy blogs but here are 4 of them.
Yummy blogs:
Maheswari's "Beyond the usual",
Lakshmi G 's "Taste of Mysore",
Ramya 's "Mane Adige",
Pooja 's "My creative ideas".
Enjoy and I will see you all again next week!:))


ms said...

Hi asha, cool post on Mexican food. I am also doing chiles rellenos this week- with anchos!

Deepa Kuber said...


Srivalli said...

wonderful and wonderful!...great to see those entries and of course so nice of you to try from other blogs..thats so much of an inspiration!...and congrats on the mention or not, yours is so yummy!

Anonymous said...

And a very Happy Mother's Day to you, my friend! I hope you enjoy your day :)

FH said...

Hi ms. Mmm..!! Ancho chillies sounds great too. My kids went to Outer banks on school field trips but we haven't been there yet, bit far from here.We ent to nearby cities.
All the hotels fill up quickly from this month,so better book it early.Internet search will help you more finding a hotel than me. There are Museums and many Light houses, so you will enjoy!:))

Thanks for tagging me Anjali. I did my last MeMe few months back at Aroma, not doing them anymore!:))

Thanks Sri. I am enjoying all the new dishes, have a great Mother's day there this Sunday!:)

Same to you too Kristen, have a wonderful day on Sunday!:)

Purnima said...

Asha..lovely Mexican spread there! Happy Mother's Day to u as well! U r a Rocking Mom! Tks for sharing that beauty..loved ur garden patch curry leaf passed away in the pot..:(
I will try again..:D Thumbs up to u for the collage-dishes basically!

kamala said...

Congrats on ur award Ashaji.Nice post on the mexiacn food.I hve bookmarked it.

Daily Meals said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Asha!
Vegetarian Mexican meal looks delicious. Congrats on your awards Asha!

kamala said...

Thank u so much Ashaji for correcting me.So nice of u

Uma said...

wow, that's a wonderful array of mexican dishes, Asha! You're great that you make everyone happy by trying out their recipes. You truly deserve both the awards! Congrats!

FH said...

Purnima, cheese bajji on salsa! :D

Thanks Kamala. Enjoy!:))
You are welcome. We are all busy, mistake happens sometimes.

Vijaya, looking forward to fun Sunday, will be eating more! :P

Thanks Uma. My biggest award is when I see you all here, saying hello, caring and encouraging me. What more could I ask for? :))

ChrisB said...

Asha that looks such a wonderful raspberry dessert. My girls only call me mother when they are cross with me!
Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday~ we had our celebratory day here in the UK back near the beginning of March. :)

Suganya said...

Hi Asha....
Great poste.... I loved ur version of the Mexican rice.... Nice recipe to give it a try... Raspberry rice pudding looks awesome... Love it...

Sagari said...

mexican feast to eyesss yummmmm ashaji

I am happy u liked pulihora recipe

FH said...

LOL!! Chris, hope they didn't call you "MOTHER" too many times! You do not deserve it at all!
I remember, you celebrate in UK at different time than US. It's too commercialized here anyway, hawking diamonds and 5 stars dinners etc. A hug from my kids will do for me!:)
Pudding is really tasty, hope you try. You could add 2 egg yolks but without it is quite okay too, less fat and cholesterol!:)

Dee said...

Happy Mother's day to you Ashakka. The rice pudding lookes awesome and also the mexican platter!! Thanks for participating

Cham said...

Beautiful entries! I want right away the chile rellenos.. Congrats on your award :)

Sreelu said...

Asha, love the stuffed pablanos. I look forward to reading Daughters of kerala too. Enjoy your mothers day :)

FH said...

Sukanya, Sagari, Dee, Cham, and Sreelu, thanks girls. Enjoy and if you are mothers already, have a peaceful and loving Sunday!:))

Swati said...

Hi Asha

The Mexican food makes me very all vegetarian and will surely give it a try..My son loves it!!

Congrats on your award and wishing you Happy Mother's Day :))

Recipeswap said...

I Cant stop drooling :)I have got to make the Chiles Rellenos today or I need to go to some Mexican Restaurant.
Happy Mothers Day to you too.

Pooja said...

I knew ,that you will cook something very nice for AWED too :). You are such a versatile cook. Any plan to open a restaurant in partnership with me ;) ??? I am all in for that :D.
I just sent something to DK one of already posted it is :)). Not in to much Mexican cooking yet except Salsa :)).
I wish i could be your next door neighvour to come and peak some curry leaves from your garder , just as we used to do in India :). Oh I miss those days :(( .
I love all your plants ,and waiting to see little okras and all others on those posts soon :) .
I am glad that you make chhole bhature , hope you liked it :).
And thank you for passing on award to me , I will post that soon.
Hugs to you . take care.
P.S.- I am glad to see you following the resolutions for blogging :).

FH said...

Hi Swati, thanks. You too enjoy the Mother's day Sunday whether you celebrate it or not there!:)

Neema, thanks, hope you try. Takes a bit of work but yummy. Going to the restaurant is easier!:D

TheCooker said...

I'm surely going to treat myself with that pudding!
This mw version looks quick n easy.

ranji said...

hi asha!!great entries..i love it love it love it:)..I was drooling seeing the mexican plattter..its my fav:)..raspberry dessert is also looking delicious..sooooooooo many yummy recipes to try out from ur blog..i bookmark almost everything i see here..:)

ms said...

thanks for the tips on outer banks NC

Unknown said...

Mothers day wishes to u Asha..lovely mexican platter and I love this rice pudding topped with raspberries..Great entries..

bee said...

phew. i saw many arroz's in there, and my fav chilli rellenos. take some rest now, ash.

TBC said...

I like your poblano peppers prepn but it sounds like so much work! at least for a lazy peson like me it does!:D

You cooked all that from others' blogs in the last week?! Wow!

Congrats on the awards, Asha.:)

Rachel said...

Lovely mexican platter there..I love the way how you try a lot of dishes from fellow bloggers :)

Madhavi said...

Excellent post asha, mexican dishes looks awesome, very nice recipes. congratulations for ur well deserve award and happy mothers day to u too!!!

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Wonderful mexican dishes asha.
Congrats for the award.
Happy Mothers Day to you too.

Paru ... said...


I have always been an admirer of your blog. It is vibrantly beautiful with very special recipes..
Your Mexican Fiesta looks delicious..Cant wait to try some..


Garden Dreamer said...

Hey Asha,

Your blogs are one of blogs I look forward to for vegetable gardening. Excellent work. I couldnt get the link where you got the curry leaf plant from. Anways nice blogs, recipes, photos and ofcourse your garden. Thanks for everything.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Happy Mothers day to you too, Ashakka....I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!! And those Chiles Rellenos looks so good! quite similat to our menasinkai bajji!!! :D
And hey, congrats on the award and thanx sooooo much for passing it on to me!!!! I'm honored :)

Mallika said...

You are BACK! WOOOO HOOO. I've missed you tons. This meal makes a brill comeback - it brought back meals I've eaten in Cuba and Peru all at once. Yum!

Priyanka said...

Asha this is a great post- all vegetarian- will try them out soon. the Con leche dessert i will probably use custard instead of eggs.

FH said...

OH, 15 comments at one time!! Thanks to all of you, glad you liked it. Rellenos are a bit work I must say, but taste great after all that work.

Happy Sunday to all of you, call your moms to say "Hi" :))

Bee, I am off now until Friday! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Asha,
you have a beautiful backyard.wishing u a happy mother's day.


Kalai said...

Awesome!! Was thinking of doing chiles rellenos, too. We'll see if it happens! Delicious dessert to boot. Nice entries, Ashakka! :) Congrats on both awards as well! :)

Richa said...

true, fruits go very well w/ rice pudding! love mexican cuisine, u sure hv cooked a lot many dishes :)
glad to know u enjoyed my vatana bateta tameta nu shaak :)

indosungod said...

Asha, the rose tinted Rice pudding - delicious. Mexican Bean rice and the Chiles Rellenos looks awesome. Have a great Mother's Day and Hugs!

Suganya said...

This is the way I serve my mexican platter too. Takes time, but worth the effort.

FH said...

Thank you Shalini. Now I have space to stuff my pots and pans!:D

Enjoy Kalai. Make Rellenos, more the better. It's yummy to eat!:)

Richa, your dish very tasty, great with Chapatis. Thank you!:)

Indo, enjoy this Sunday, I am DD makes something nice for you!:)

Suganya, Mexican food is the most satisfying meal, we love to go to Mexican restaurants every chance we get!:D

Namratha said...

Well you deserve the Noble Prize for being a wonderful mom yourself!! :) Loved the Mexican dishes, esp the rice pudding, can imagine how could it was with those raspberries!

DK said...

Its no wonder I love u sooo much...You are such a darling and your blog is a Foodie lover's haven! I am spell bound once again by your feast and as always am drooling :)..if u dont mind I am gng to take ur previous posts too! Cant afford to miss out on any...They all are YUMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOO


Susan from Food Blogga said...

Welcome back, Asha! And thank you for a delicious post. I'm most attracted to that Mexican raspberry dessert. Something that creamy and luscious can actually be low-fat? ;)

Pravs said...

hey you tried my cucumber dal :D Happy to see the picture :) Wow you have been cooking a lot. Love mexican food..but have not tried any of those dishes you have prepared.Lovely pics.

Manasi said...

Woo-Hoo!!! As usual a wonderful array!!!
Happy Mother's Day to u , U Superwoman!!!

P.S: I removed that live feed from my blog

Keshi said...

Happy MUMS DAY to a wonderful mum and a dear friend! HUGZ!

I so want that Mexican rice!!!!

Asha did u check my saree pics in my Sunday post? LOL! hv a look.



Unknown said...

the pudding looks delicious...mexican platter is also good...happy mothers day !!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome platter of Mexican delights, Asha. Did I tell you that Mexican cuisine is one of favorites?-:)

Congrats on the award and now its time to relax, Happy Mother's Day!

Lakshmi said...

Hi Ashakka, Happy Mother's Day to you. Thanks for giving the award to my blog. That raspberry dessert made me drool, could not take off my eyes from it! Mexican platter looks good.

Meera said...

What a lovely spread, Asha!! I am loving it. Awesome entry.
I too planted some seeds. You inspired me to plant gourd/lauki/dudhi. I don't know what's going to happen. kept my fingers crossed. :-)

Have a great Mother's day, dear!

Raaga said...

I love mexican food, S is not too much of a fan... so we've not really eaten much mexican food... had nachos on Sunday and they were a disaster at that restaurant!

Sig said...

Asha, you are a big Mexican food fan, aren't you? :) Lovely spread as always... Have a great mother's day weekend... Be ready to be pampered :)

Prajusha said...

Congrats on the award..mexican dishes looks lovely

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Its nice to be back to see that you have cooked up enough lovely food for a party.
Happy Mothers Day, Asha. Where would the world if it wasn't for mothers? :)

J said...

Lovely!! It's making me hungry tho' I just had lunch! Happy Mothers Day!!

FH said...

Another 15 comments at one go, so I am thanking you all collectively for your support and wishes! :)

All moms, have a wonderful day and if you are not a mom yet, then call your moms to say hello, wherever they are. Believe me, they love to hear from their "big" girls too!:))

Pravs, I enjoyed Cucumber dal, very different from what I cook everyday!:)

Kesh, I will check it out and see you tomorrow!:))

DK, go ahead and take the other Mexican platter too. I am on break today, will not be blogging until tomorrow!:)

sra said...

Happy Mummy's Day to you! I like the looks of your raspberry rice pudding!

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hello dear! Visiting your blog after long! :) Chiles rellenos sounds delicious! I must try it out.
I am unable to visit many blogs due to internet problem in our locality since 2 months. Your blog took 10 minutes to load! :D
Will send you a mail in detail! HUGS DEAR!! :))

By Deepa and Supriya said...

hey asha,
chiles rellenos is awesome..esp in a restaurant called gloria's I can make it at home??
i am going to talk to you later this yr about gardening....plan to start next spring :)
happy mom's day to u too!

EC said...

You have been quite busy in ur vacation too..looking at the list of recipes you tried....congrats on the award

Rachna said...

can i use jalapeno peppers in the chile relenos recipe?

Rajitha said...

Asha..congrats on the award:)..the food looks delicious as usual...and a happy mother's day in advance..have a fun and relaxing day...

Siri said...

Thats an amazing platter Ashaji.. U are a super woman I must say. Here I am slogging in the kitchen to make one proper meal a day, and there u are whipping up some of ur own and from others blog too!!!

Lovely goodies ashaji..:D


FH said...

Thanks sra, I will enjoy on Sunday, can't wait!:)

Latha, great to see you. Take your time, you don't have to comment if you don't get time. You already have too much on your plate.See you later!:))

Hi Orchid, EC, Rajitha and Siri, thank you girls!:)
I am really enjoying cooking from other blogs.One of these days, I will not have anything of my own food to blog about!!:D

Rachna, you can use JalapeƱos but dish will be very very spicy. Poblanos and Anchos are milder taste after roasting and also have large space inside to stuff.
But if you can handle the heat and get larger JalapeƱos, then yes, you can use those chillies!:)

AnuZi said...

I love chiles Rellenos and yours look absolutely delish!

FH said...

Thanks Anu, hope you give it a try!:))

Anonymous said...

Hey Asha
great Mexican Food. You have been cooking up a a tornado dear

Happy Mothers Day to you too

sandeepa(Bong Mom's Cookbook)

Shionge said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Asha and you truly deserved the yummy blog award....I craved for your cuisine and hope one day I'll let to eat it hehehhe...

Mandira said...

wow, that platter looks beautiful asha, and the dessert captures spring for me :)Happy mother's day to you

KonkaniBlogger said...

Wonderful Mexican food Asha..Love that Rice you've made. Congrats on the very well deserved Yummy Blog Award!! Btw, went thru all the 4 desserts you mentioned, am goin to try the mango cobbler soon :)..The lemon streusel cake was a super hit, am goin to make again soon..Nice collection of plants too!!

Viji said...

Hi Asha, Hope you are doing well. New names with new recipes. Very interesting. saw your plants. Beautiful they are. Take care and congrats on the awards. Viji

Sia said...

hello super mom:)
gosh, u r bk from ur trip and already in full swing. very beautiful mexican platter ashakka. i am glad to know u enjoyed sajjige rotti(donno hw u manage to cook so many dishes from bloggers) will come bk later to chk ur rajasthani thali.
till then have a wonderful mother's day celebration:)

Kajal@aapplemint said...

I love your mexican food spread Asha.
the dessert has won my heart :)

bha said...

I always get to know many new dishes on your blog....nice mexican spread. Nice entry..

Shilpa said...

Thats an awesome spread Asha (I am not checking TOI regularly, and for whatever reason, I thought u haven't posted anything here this week..uff).

Wish you a happy mother's day. Enjoy your day.

I love Mexican food but yet to cooking one.

Pavani said...

Love the chile rellenos. I was actually going to make it for AWED, but ended up making a chile rellenos inspired pasta dish.. I'm going to post it today.. Check it out on my blog when you get a chance. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Asha..

FH said...

Haha! Thanks Sandeepa. We nearly missed a real Tornado last night! It was miles away and then turned to North! Phew!! Happy Mother's day to you!:))

Thanks Shi, I will freeze these until you come! :D

Maya, Mango cobbler is my fave too, try it, not very hard at all to make! Use ripe sweet mangoes :))

Ho Viji, good to see you. Are you back? I will check your blog today. Happy Mother's day to you!:))

Hello sweet Sia, great to see you girl, missed you.
I will enjoy, thanks. Sajjige rotti was fab, made some chutney as well. Will try other dishes too, takes time. I am having a ball cooking rom other blogs!!:))
Trisha has 3rd AP exam today, got to go to school and pick her up in few hrs, trying to catch up with posts today. Send me few photos of the wedding!

FH said...

Hi Kate, thanks girl Hope you try the pudding this weekend, really creamy and delcious!:)

I am learning a LOT from other bloggers too these days Bha, it's wonderful to be one of you. Thank you!:))

Shilpa, take your time, no worries. I depend on my own blog roll, it's easy for me. I am blogging 3 days a week now, so I will be late in other blogs too but will catch up eventually!:))

Hi Cooks, I will check it out later, sounds interesting. It's fun to cook new dishes, enjoy!:))

Dalicia said...

hi :) wow more lucky of us. happy mother's day to you.

i get allergies too! but i got cold this time. horrible feeling

FH said...

Thank you Dalicia!:))
Hope you feel better soon. I had a allergy shot already, so feeling much better now. Have a great weekend.

Richa said...

hey, just dropped by to chk if things r fine at ur end, what with the tornadoes and all!

Miri said...

I love the dessert Asha - seems like the perfect cooling recipe for the 40C weather here!

Jaya M said...

Lovely spread of Mexican dishes ,Asha ..
Happy mothers day ..
enjoy the weekend with kids ..
hugs and smiles

Anonymous said...

allergy shot!
take care
and have a great weekend

nipsum said...

How do you do.
I hope to see blog.
Please link to this site.

deepsat said...

Nice post on Mexican Yummys!

I havent had Mexican food in a long time!!!

Take care!!


FH said...

Thanks Rich!:)
We are okay. Tornado just passed by our city and hit the next city, caused lot of damage but nobody is dead or anything. I was worried about Trisha's car which is parked outside but nothing happened, thank GOD!:))

Miri, 40C! Scary! Yeah, chilled Raspberry pudding will cool down, try it!:)

Thanks Jaya, kids get up very late in the weekend! :D
When they appear downstairs, we might plan something!:)

FH said...

Anusha, I wait until I can't take it anymore, and then I ask for a shot which makes alright me within a day!:D
Have a fun weekend!:)

Hi Nipsum, welcome to FH. I will check you out on Monday, I am off on weekends!:))

Hi Satish, great to see you. I took a month long break too, just got back blogging last week. Enjoy the weekend, see you later!:))

Swati Raman Garg said...

my first time here.. dont know how i missed it... you r rocking... read abt ur daughters verbal diarrhea.. :)
that was funny... u seem to b a rocknig mother to a 17 yr old.. shes lucky... wish you a very happy mothers day :) u r d first one iam wishing ...

Nanditha Prabhu said...

happy mother's day to you too....
your blog is sure an inspiration.....
hats off to you for the wonderful spread and for all the love you spread through your lovely space here:)

Susan said...

Fabulous Mexican feast, Asha! And a hearty thanks for pointing up a source for Indian seeds.(Right in my own backyard, too.) I'm growing okra this year, but now I want chiles, gourds, curry plants...; )

Have a lovely Mother's Day!

FH said...

Thank you Swati, you too have a great Sunday. Yeah, all that verbal stuff have stopped long back, now need a appointment to just to talk! ;D

Thanks NP, hope you try some of them today. Have a wonderful Sunday!:)

Thank you Susan, you too enjoy today!:)
Plant Gourds directly in the ground or in the pots with a big hole in the bottom, so the roots grow into the ground.They don't seem to grow well just in the pots. Good luck. I still have to plant them, may be today!

Lissie said...

great post, asha! the black bean rice is similar to the rajma pulao which i love...

So So Simple said...

Hi Asha

Once again, I marvel at your blog.
Delicious looking food. Even here is NZ we celebrate Cinquo du Mayo
Good excuse to have Margaritas!!!Happy Mothers Day by the way. Hope you had a nice time with your family.

delhibelle said...

Been browsing your site for a while now and amazed at how you manage to put up such elaborate meals every time ? And this one is all veggie ..Yay !

Anonymous said...

Wow.....really great post.So many new dishes to try...yipee! Happy Mothers Day.Hope it was special :)

FH said...

Lissie, similar to Rajma girl, just use black beans!:))

I did Gilly, it was a fun Sunday. Margarita sounds great too, we had Wine and cheese puffs!:)

Hi Delhibelle, great to see you here, enjoy and say hello to me now and then. Got to make something special for Sunday lunch every week for the family anyway, so I cook these meals! :D

It was great HC, we enjoyed the Sunday with Dinner and gifts. No good movies were out unfortunately!:))

Mishmash ! said...

I am honored , Asha....many thanks to ur young man :)Was really happy to read that early in the morning itself....i had not seen this post , so would have missed the beautiful part :) Thanks a lot again :)

I have tasted stuffed poblano chillies and i love looks tempting on a bed of salsa....great combo, isnt it? :)


FH said...

Thank YOU shn.Usually kids don't like veg dishes but he was taking his own sweet time savoring it! ;D
It was really delcious, thanks again. Have a great week, hugs!:))

Prema Sundar said...

Happy Mother's day to u too Asha..saw the pics in ur garden... nice to see the young plants there.. good job.
Nice entry and the mexican foods look great. love the dessert too.

FH said...

Prema, thanks gril. I had a fun Sunday!:)
We sowed some more seeds too, can't wait for the Summer to get all those veggies.

Pooja said...

happy mothers day to one of the greatest mom I know :)

FH said...

Oh thank you Pooja, you are the sweetest girl I have ever known too! Hugs to you. Yeah, we went out for dinner, didn't have any good movies to watch, got some gifts, did some gardening and the day went smoothly. Not bad for "Once a year" celebration but back to routine now! ;D
Have a great night,hugs. I am off until Wednesday, see you then!:))

Lisa Johnson said...

Congrats on the awards and I like your new blog too! Nice pictures! It's good to see you around again. I missed you Asha! ; )

And Arroz Con Leche is one of my favorite desserts! Oh and belated Happy Mother's Day!

Seema said...

Happy Mothers day - though belated, congrats on the award & what a mexican fiesta!! Loved it all!!

Cynthia said...

As I read, I had this broad smile on my face :) Asha is back in the swing of things. I have missed these spreads!

Unknown said...

Hey one more thing, where did you get that photo of hibiscus? It reminded me of Kerala:) We had lots of Hibiscus flowers in our garden at my place :) Do they grow here too? I am looking forward to your review about the book you are reading now :)

FH said...

Thank you Anali. Took a ery long break this time but great to be back. Have a wonderful day!:))

Thanks Seema. We love Mexican food, almost like Indian but different flavor!:)

Hi Cynthia, so great to see you. Yeah, I am back, trying o catch up with everybody. Have a great week, will see you ater!:)

Purnima said...

Asha, I hv a lovely award waiting for u to b picked up at my blog-today's post..pls chk! Hugs!

Swati said...

Hello Asha, its me again..I have an award for you at my blog..:))

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Asha! Hope it was a lovely one. I love love love chiles rellenos -- yours look so delicious with the tasty salsa! And avocado-jicama salad, that's a great idea! Enjoy the spring weather without too many sneezes I hope :)

Gattina Cheung said...

Congrats on the award! And these hispanic dishes are so delightful, wish I have them everyday!

FH said...

Purnima and Swati, thanks girls, will check!:))

Linda, I did enjoy the Sunday, hope you did too.
2 weeks ago, I took a allergy shot, so I am all set for the Summer!:D

Thanks Gattina. Mexican dishes are are so yummy compared to other Latin countries, love it!:))

Unknown said...

Hi asha!! Read your very good review and also thanks for the reply about the flower:) I am surprised to know they grow here in US too :-0 ...Maybe its because of the cold weather here on the New England side:) ...

FH said...

New England is very cold for Dasavala. I don't have that in my garden right now, I saw many plants at Lowe's, got to get one or two. Don't know whether they survive the frost and snow etc. Some years we do get those icy weather in the south too!:)

Ramya said...

hi asha, nice mexican food. Have u ever tried on thai freid rice.if u have can u make a post.

FH said...

Thanks Ramya. No, I haven't made That fried rice so far. I will research a bit and will make it!:))

Anonymous said...

I have been searching extensively for a curry leaf plant in Canada, but I'm unable to till now. I just love it a lot! I hope I find one here. Your plants looks so good, I have planted only Mint, Methi and Coriander this year!

FH said...

It's available here online fortunately Mona, love the curry plant.